Warning! The following story is a work of fiction and contains scenes descriptive of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter contained herein do not read any further.

Anal Awakening

I awoke naked, wet with sweat and a sore asshole that sultry summer morning. My heart was racing and my head was pounding. I found my bed wet. The bed linens and pillows were scattered on the floor. The air in the room was filled with obnoxious odors of fecal matter and perspiration as well as the sweet scent of raw sex. My abdomen and crotch area was covered with a sticky substance that was drying. As I tried to get up and sit on the side of the bed I became aware that there were sex toys strewn around the bed and on the floor at my feet. I had just finished another of those very vivid dreams. A surrealistic dream of being ravaged sexually by another man; the surrealistic episodes had been occurring for a while and were becoming more realistic with each occurrence.

For weeks I had been plagued by sexual fantasies and night time dreams of me being seduced by very good looking men. We engaged in all sorts of sexual acts together. I didn't think that I was gay because I had a girl friend, so I was curious why I was having these erotic dreams that always seemed so incredibly real playing out in my head. Roseanne was ravishing redhead whom I had been dating since I was a junior in high school; however, a prudish girl who was not putting out for me, no pussy not even a hand job. A year younger than me she was a senior in high school; moreover, a chaste Catholic girl who was saving her virginity for marriage. Hell, she wouldn't even French kiss. As I look back I think my dreams all began earlier in the year.

At nineteen years of age I was a year out of high school and had just finished my freshman year at college. By all accounts I was still technically a virgin; a virgin it would seem with a very active sexual imagination. I had never experienced intercourse or any type of sex with another human being, male or female. I had never given or received a blowjob, something I longed for. The extent of my pent-up sexual desires had been fulfilled thus far in life by hand. For years I had satisfied my sexual desires by way of masturbation; masturbating to thoughts of fucking my girlfriend or having her suck my dick. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if my masturbation had become somewhat obsessive. Since moving into the apartment I was whacking off three of four times a day, sometimes more.

After graduation from high school my parents paid the security deposit and help me with half the months rent each month on a small apartment close to college. Although the college campus was located in my hometown my parents thought that I needed a place with some privacy away from my younger brothers and sisters so I could concentrate on my studies. The apartment was located about half between home and the campus. I would be carrying a full load of classes my freshman year, so I need quite space to grow and do homework and projects without interruptions.

My goal was to graduate with a dual degree in Journalism and Media Communication in four years; therefore I would be required to do much writing and numerous projects. So, in August I moved out of the bedroom that I had shared for years with two other younger brothers. I packed up most of my belongings, including my new Dell high end computer, and moved into the one bedroom apartment. The Dell computer and monitor was a graduation gift from my grandparents; a very expensive set-up with a nice big flat screen monitor so I could do editing and homework. Although I slept in my new apartment I didn't completely move out of my parent's home.

I still kept a few things there. I would sleep and eat breakfast in my apartment much of the time, but was always home after classes for dinner with my family. Mom still did my laundry. I washed my car in the driveway and swam in the family pool. Any meetings with my girlfriend were at my parent's home or her parent's home. She was not permitted to visit me at the apartment. Basically, the apartment was nothing more than a bedroom and a place to do my homework; furthermore, for some unknown reason her parent's referred to the apartment as the den of iniquity. Maybe it was; maybe I secretly wished that I would lose my virginity in that place, maybe both of us would do that together. The apartment was where Phil and I first exposed our genitals to each other comparing erections and size.

As I sat on the side of the bed my mind reeled back to that day not long ago. That meeting where we first compared cocks was an afternoon during spring break semester. Nothing to co that day Phil dropped by the apartment to chill. Phil was my long time best friend. We had gone to school together since junior high school. He opened the door to my apartment and walked in unannounced. He caught me red-handed watching a bisexual porn website that afternoon on the computer. The site was full of photos and videos of both men and women involved in different sexual acts. Phil settled in on the couch to get an eyeful of what was on the large flat screen monitor. Every once in a while I would glance over at Phil noticing that he had his hand inside his pants apparently playing with himself. I finally turned to him and ask, "Dude, what you think of the site?"

"Cool!" he said, "so this is what you use that expensive computer for?" Phil said with a laugh.

"No Dude, I use it for other things. I just found some of these websites a couple of weeks ago and thought they were neat. Gives me something to watch while I jerk off besides nude magazines."

"So, what do you like best Randy, lookin at guys doing guys or girls doing girls?" Phil asked.

"Both I guess. I like looking at the great bodies, the tits, that ass, nice big cocks, you know, all of it. You know, some of these guys have really huge dicks."

"I wouldn't know about that I've never had sex with a guy, just girls," Phil said as he held his engorge member tight in his hand that was buried in his crotch beneath the Levis he was wearing.

"Dude, I see that the site has got you excited," I said to Phil.

"Yeah, if I watch much more those two chick licking each other's pussies I'm going to have to use your bathroom to go whack off and get a load off," Phil said with a little giggle.

"You don't need to use the bathroom. If you want to whack off go ahead. I jerk off on the couch regularly while watchin these websites."

"So, what turns you on most? You know, guys or gals, the suckin or the fuckin?" Phil asked.

"All of it. Unlike you I'm a virgin, never experienced sex with anyone, so I don't have anything to compare."

"Wow, sorry to hear that Dude. You don't mind if I haul out the old sausage and massage it do you?"

"Naw, in fact, I'll join you if you don't mind."

I watched intently as Phil unbuttoned his Levis and pulled the waist band down on his underwear exposing his hard uncut cock and dark bush. Damn, Phil's cock sure looked big from my viewpoint, bigger than mine erect. We had seen each other's naked bodies in a state of non arousal numerous times before during our youthful years. We had gone skinny dipping with others down at the river, and of course seen each other naked in the shower facilities while participating in sports at school. Since the first time I saw Phil naked in high school I was aware that he was hung a little better than me as far as his flaccid length. His limp uncut cock appeared to hang about four or five inches long; whereas, mine was about half that length, but we were both about the same girth. I had never seen him hard before.

"You gonna join me Randy?"


I moved over to the couch opposite end from Phil. I dropped my cargo pants and drawers around my knees exposing my hard circumcised cock as I sat down. We were both eying at each other's meat as we continued stroking our cocks.

"So, how big is yours?" I asked sheepishly.

"Last time I measured, it was right at seven inches long, and still growin. How bout you Ran?"

Embarrassingly I replied, "Five and half inches, but we both look about the same size as far as thickness."

Neither one of us said another word for a while as we stared at each other's hard dicks. As I studied Phil's dick I noticed that his foreskin appeared to be very tight, so tight that he could not skin it back exposing his glans. That must have been why he manipulated his manhood so gingerly. All I could see of the hidden head was about the first third of the glans, only the piss slit and the tip of his dick were visible.

"So, what's the problem with your dick? How come you can't pull the skin all the way back exposing the head?"

"No problem, that's the way with some guys that are uncut. Some guys can skin it back and others can't," Phil replied nonchalantly.

"Does it hurt when you jack off?" I asked.

"Yeah, sometimes when I'm really into heavy jerkin, but the neat thing is I can stroke it anywhere anytime and don't need no lube."


"Yeah, I sometimes sit in class and stroke it and nobody even knows."


We continued stroking our dicks as the images of nude men and women engaging in different sexual acts flashed on the screen. I secretly yearned to touch Phil's dick, but I knew he was a straight guy that dated dynamite looking chicks so I refrained. Phil pushed his Levis down to his ankles kicking them off to get more comfortable. I got up stepping out of my cargo pants and drawers, and then walked over to lock the door. As I returned to the couch Phil reached out and took hold of my dick saying, "That is one nice looking dick, especially the head. I wish my foreskin would peel back so I could see my cockhead."

"Yeah, from what I can see it looks like you've got a really nice looking dick head underneath all that foreskin."

"Maybe one of these days I'll get it snipped and you'll get to see it."

"That'd be cool. So, what's it like to fuck a gal or get blowjobs?" I asked.

"You know, sex is sex, pussy or mouth, whatever the chick wants to do to get me off."


"So, Ran, you ain't never had a blowjob yet?"

"Nope, no blowjob and never fucked a girl yet either."

"I'm gonna have to take you downtown and get you laid one of these days," Phil said with a laugh.

"So, can I touch yours," I asked.


I reached over and began touching Phil's dick; it felt different that touching my own, so soft, satiny, and warm. I hoped that my touch felt as good to him as his had to me a few seconds earlier. Phil warned me to not pull the foreskin back fast and hard as I stroked it. I gently manipulated Phil's dick not wanting to cause him any pain. Within a few seconds Phil was once again touching and feeling my cock. Oh damn, I watched as he touched my hard cock. The feeling of his hand and fingers on my dick was overwhelming pleasure. Slowly, we turned on the couch facing each other to get more comfortable.

"Feels good huh?" Phil asked with a smile, "I love it when my girl friends plays with it; it feels better than when I stroke it."

"Yeah, feels great."

Both of us were enjoying each other's touches, making light moaning sounds of pleasure as we manipulated each other's rock hard cocks. I let my fingers roam to the base of Phil's long dick through the dark curly hairs of his bush before advancing to the scrotum. I began feeling his balls gently rolling each one of them around in my fingers as I gazed upon his smooth body.

Phil's olive colored skin was dark, well tanned with not a blemish on it; whereas, mine was more pale and white. I had found that Italian male's skin was darker, while Irish men had considerably lighter skin color. His emerald green eyes were stunning. Both of us were just over six feet tall and weighed approximately the same, around one hundred and fifty pounds. We sat there in silence looking at each other's bodies and exploring each other's the genital areas. As I looked down I noticed that my pink nipples were engorged and standing at attention on my chest.

Phil's nipples on the other hand were small brown dots on his chest that didn't seem to be standing erect. I had read on the Internet that some guy's nipples immediately became erect with sexual stimulation; whereas, other men's nipples did not become erect by sexual stimulation or touch. Some men found nipple play not to be masculine while others found it to be a major part of foreplay. I had a deep desire to bend forward and take Phil's cock into my mouth and try to give him a blowjob, but held off for fear of being admonished by him as being gay. I sure didn't want Phil to out me and tell our friends that I had given him a blowjob so I said, "Phil, I hope you won't tell anyone what we do here in my apartment today."

"You kidding, I ain't gonna say word about this to nobody. Hell, I ain't no queer, you know."

"Thanks. So, this will be our little secret."

"You got it," Phil said.

We continued slowly stroking each other. I didn't want the experience to end. I was enjoying playing with my best friend's dick. I though to myself that maybe later I would work up the courage to approach him about us trading blowjobs. After what seemed like hours both of us finally exploded in powerful orgasms shooting spooge all over our abdomen and chest areas. I got up and getting a wash cloth from the bathroom to clean up.

Phil and I would engage in about a dozen more secret mutual masturbation sessions. A couple of times we showered together after jacking each other off, and would replay a second session in the shower under the water fall. As we moved around in the shower our bodies touched and Phil's hard dick would brush against my buttocks at times. That touching sent shivers through my body. One time Phil was standing behind me and his hard dick was positioned at the bottom of my ass crack as he reached around stroking me. He never knew how much I wanted him to take me anally that day. I could almost feel his seven inch steely schlong sliding smoothly up my ass and then begin to piston in and out of my ass to completion, feeling his hot cum coat the insides of my bowels. I would dream about him slow fucking me with his uncut cock night after night.

Maybe that was the roots of my surrealistic dreams, something I wanted so much but something that never came to fruition. I snapped back to reality. I got up from the bed and proceeded into the bathroom to take care of Mother Nature's call and a warm shower.


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