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Anal Awakening: Buried Deep Inside

I fell asleep dreaming about the wonderful lovemaking experience Jared and I had just shared. Although we never got around to engaging in anal sex we both experienced mind blowing orgasms. Once the climax concluded we fell asleep in each other's arms; me thinking about him penetrating my awaiting asshole with his magnificent brown tool, who knows what he dreamed about. My dream felt so real; however, when I awoke a couple hours later Jared was sleeping soundly next to me. As I gazed down admiring his body with the limited amount of ambient light in the room I saw he already sported a morning woody. Oh, I wished it was buried deep inside me. I was tempted to impale myself on the waiting wood.

God, I so wanted Jared's swollen schlong inside me; filling my anal cavity with the entirety of his engorged manhood, and then have him fuck me much like a Bourbon Street whore all morning long. The morning sun had not yet crested the horizon so the bedroom was still mask in nebulous darkness. I was hard, not necessarily from lust, but a morning piss hard-on. I needed to take a pee in the worst way, so I began wriggling free from Jared's grasp not wanting to wake him yet.

Once I slithered free from my lover's clutches I was out of bed and into the bathroom. After urinating silently I then washed my crotch area and gargled quietly before returning to bed. I took the washcloth with me to prepare the sleeping Jared for a morning blowjob. In the predawn darkness I quietly slid back into bed next to my new sex partner, who by then was lying flat on his back with his hands clasp behind his head; the front of his naked body fully exposed. I began washing the front of him and his crotch area as gently as possible so as not to wake him.

After the cleansing my finger tips began delicately circling his brown areoles, and then I began gently flicking at each little bud in the center trying to awaken them to delightful erections. Once they were erect I gently licked and sucked on each one. In the obscure morning hour my tongue tantalized those nipples as my left hand crept down his tightly muscled midsection in search of more treasures. I found his black bush and began playing in it with my fingers. Then I fondled his scrotal sac before taking his manhood in hand slowly stroking the entire length of it. I wanted to give Jared a wakeup blowjob he deserved.

I was sure my warm wet mouth on his manhood would bring him to life immediately that morning. For me I was sure there was nothing quite like a knob job to kick-start the day; however, as a neophyte homosexual lover I found myself secretly jacking off to satisfy those yearnings. Many times I used spit to lubricate my cockhead to bring those fantasies to fulfillment of a morning. I had even tried to engage my own cock in oral sex, but I wasn't able to reach it with my mouth. I was sure nothing could take the place of good early morning blowjob and I wanted it to become a ritual in my young life.

Since my first sexual experiences as a young boy I think that I fantasized more about oral sex than anything else, especially the morning blowjob. Maybe, that's why I'd had such poor luck with women. My experience, with the less than a handful of women that I had been with, was that they just didn't care to suck a dick first thing in the morning, nor did they know much about giving a good blowjob anytime of the day. The art of administering a good BJ is learned behavior; however, in my opinion, for guys, sucking a dick is almost a natural act. I guess that's why I looked forward to male oral sex so much, and wanted to orally pleasure Jared to fruition that morning.

The first faint rays of sunlight began breaking over the horizon, filtering through the curtains into the bedroom. From where I lay I could see Jared's erect cock standing at attention, waiting for relief. His cock was a truly picturesque thing of beauty standing tall in the shadows of the ambient early morning light. I was irresistibly drawn to his plum colored cockhead like bugs to a porch light. Jared's glistening glans gleamed under the initial rays of early morning sunlight. I moved towards the awaiting member with great stealth. Finally, I made it between Jared's legs unnoticed, facing his mid section ready to launch my surprise attack on his manhood. I didn't want him to wake up too soon.

I lay there between Jared's legs for a few moments admiring the beauty of his brown pole; it appeared as though it was a naked flagstaff awaiting a flag to be flown from it. I cleansed the pole, now it was time to do the same to his ass crack. I spread the crevice of Jared's ass and with sensual strokes of the washcloth prepared the area for a mouthful of cock and a taste of taint. God, it was such a majestic looking piece of manhood standing straight and tall with just the slightest curve back towards Jared's stomach. His pink cockhead tip back too. I carefully reached for his fuck stick; the fingers of my right hand closing around the dark hard shaft of his cock. As I held it I could feel it throbbing with anticipation. I wanted that hot pulsing monster in my mouth as quickly as possible, but I restrained myself. With my hand wrapped around the base of Jared's cock I began lowering my head towards the glans in preparation to engulf the magnificent looking dome.

As I moved forward towards the target my olfactory senses picked up on an inviting scent, yet slightly offensive musk odor emanating from his bushy crotch. My sensitive nose rooted around the undergrowth of pubic hair that surrounded the base of his towering tree, inhaling the scents; I savored the smell before engulfing that first mouthful of morning delight. As I held the trunk of Jared's tree in my hand there was an overwhelming temptation to immediately devour the entirety of it, and then begin bobbing up and down on it at a feverish pace to finish him off. But that was so amateurish.

I lowered my mouth towards Jared's cock with great stealth; however, before taking it full into my mouth I kissed it tenderly, and then let my lips carefully close around the shining dome savoring it. Once I had the head enclosed in my mouth my tongue searched slowly around the crimson colored coronal band. As my tongue circled the cut knob a top Jared's tree I began to lightly tease the piss slit.

My tongue tantalized Jared's helmet flicking at the piss slit. I could taste a bitter tangy residue of dried semen from our first session a few hours earlier and fresh flow of precum. The bitter yet tangy taste was intriguing my taste buds. My tongue diligently bathed the magnificent looking cockhead before I tired to inhale anymore of it. Of course, I knew that there was no way I would be able to swallow the entirety of his steely hard cock, so I would continue concentrating my efforts on the head and first couple of inches the most sensuous portion the penis. My tongue found the frenulum, that sexually erogenous zone of the penis, whereby I began teasing it. I applied light suction and then began slowly moving my warm wet mouth up and down on the first couple of inches rubbing the frenulum with my tongue. Sensing a need for change I let my tongue explore the underside of Jared's cock shaft licking and kissing, working my way towards his scrotal sac.

I gently nudged Jared's inner thighs spreading his legs further apart to allow me to suck on his balls and let my tongue work its way towards the taint. I had tantalized Jared's cock from the glans, licking and kissing my way down the full length of the underside of his dick to his nut sac. I was going for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I took each nut into my mouth rolling it around and spitting them out. Then I began kissing and teasing his taint with my tongue. Finally, my tongue found his brown eye in the morning darkness. My tongue coated his pucker with a goodly amount of saliva. By that time Jared was moaning softly and stirring on the bed. I continued tonguing the hairless wrinkled opening to Jared's ass. I coated my finger with more saliva and continued rubbing the rosebud entrance to his rectal cavern with my finger tip as I continued slowly stroking his saliva slick hard cock with my right hand.

Although Jared had finger fucked me earlier I was curious as to whether he had ever been digitally drilled before. He had never shared with me much about his earlier sexual conquests and experiences. However, I knew from his earlier disclosure that the twins hadn't fucked him, but he had deflowered them. I wondered if Jared was strictly a topper or versatile lover.

I had read and heard that some guys found anything penetrating their assholes to be offensive and unmanly; however, others found anal sex play to be very sensual, and would cry out in ecstasy when getting fingered fucked or corn holed. My limited experiences told me that I was one who found finger fucking and cornholing to be very enjoyable and sensuous; furthermore, I had discovered that for me to be finger fucked while receiving a blowjob was pure explosive bliss.

Not knowing how Jared might react to an intrusive finger shoved up his asshole I took my time working my finger in his asshole. I didn't want to awake him up suddenly and in turn have him wake up the entire neighborhood as he went ballistic, screaming for joy. I refocused my attention to Jared's magnificent looking cockhead concentrating on completing the early morning blowjob while my finger slinked its way into Jared's asshole. I began kissing and licking the tip of his cock while I finger fucked him.

Jared began moaning and groaning as I continued working him to the point he was fully awake. He looked down at me and whispered, "Randy, eat me and then fuck the shit outa me."

With that Jared lifted his legs high in the air while reaching around with his hands to spread the cheeks of his buttocks wide, giving me greater access to his ass. I looked up and said, "You really want me eat you and fuck you?"

"Oh Hell yes, slip your tongue in my ass and then fuck me silly."

"How do you want it? I've never done it before."

"Follow my instructions."

Jared told me he didn't want me to finish the morning blowjob because he wanted me to make him climax as I was buried inside him. He wanted to do the deed face-to-face, missionary style, so he could enjoy seeing the expression on my face as I fucked him to climax.

"Oh shit! That feels so fuckin good," Jared moaned as I began eating his asshole.

I continued licking the brown wrinkled pucker, licking it, preparing to enter the dark side. As I worked towards the goal of getting my tongue inside Jared he rolled around uncontrollably. His hips were moving back and forth, bucking up into my face. Finally, my tongue found its way into the first ring of Jared's asshole. I thought he was going to go wild and explode right then.

"Oh My God, fuck me now! Jared yelled.

He grabbed the condom and lube, passing them to me telling me, "Use a lot of this Astroglide."

I tore open the package that contained the condom, withdrew the sheath, and rolled it onto my awaiting cock. I then squeezed the plastic bottle, letting a goodly amount of lubricant run down the crevice of Jared's ass. I began pushing and massaging the lubricant into his asshole. Slowly, I pushed my finger in and then withdrew it until I had his ass cavity thoroughly lubed ready for penetration. I got up on my knees to prepare for the assault on Jared's awaiting asshole. As the head of my cock touched Jared's pucker he said, "Take it slow and easy. When I tell you to stop, stop and wait till I say go ahead."


I squeezed out more lubricant and pushed forward, trying to be as gentle as possible penetrating my lover. Suddenly, the head of my cock popped in and Jared yelled for me to stop. With my engorged cockhead lodge between the first and second ring I ceased entering him so he could get accustom to my member. After a few minutes he told me to go ahead and try to finish penetration. Before I pushed forward I squeezed more lube around the area of penetration. I then eased forward gently and finally felt the head of my cock breech the second ring. I stopped and put some more of the liquid lubricant on the shaft of my dick and Jared's asshole. I pushed forward easily until my cock was fully buried deep inside Jared. I began slowly pumping my cock in and out of Jared's ass much like a Texas oil drilling rig searching for black gold.

As I slid my cock in and out of Jared's tight ass I saw there was a noticeable amount of precum flowing from the head of Jared's dick. Once again I wanted to taste his love juice. I thrust forward and then slowly pulled completely out of Jared's ass. I didn't want to jerk my cock out of Jared's ass as I had heard that was painful, especially when the fucker had a large cockhead. The corona of my cockhead was much larger in diameter than the shaft of my dick, so I wanted to be careful not to cause any pain on withdrawal. Once my cock was dislodged from Jared's ass I leaned forward licking the precum from his cockhead before swallowing half of it. I bobbed up and down a couple of times before returning my attention to Jared's pulsating asshole.

I squeezed more lube onto my cock and into Jared's ass before entering him. The second time entering was easier than the first. Jared squealed with delight as my cock slid into his asshole as I pushed forward easily. Once fully inside I pumped back and forth until I established a good rhythm. Jared was moaning and groaning with delight. Each time I thrust into his anal cavity he would cry out, "Oh baby fuck me."

My lover kept begging me to fuck him hard and longer, telling me not to cum. I looked down into his eyes and smiled. I stopped when I was all the way bottomed out, leaning forward he lifted his head to meet me. We grabbed each other in a torrid embrace, kissing soulfully. I was buried deep into Jared's bowels, as deep as I could get. His insides were on fire. I could feel his ass muscles tighten around the shaft, constricting my hard cock.

We continued kissing and holding each other. I could feel an explosive orgasm building inside me and whispered into Jared's ear, "I'm about ready to cum baby."

"Me too."

I began pumping Jared's hot ass feverishly and in a matter of seconds my body arched stiffly, our cocks swelled and stiffened, and then we exploded almost simultaneously, unloading shot after shot of whitish spooge. I shot into the condom while Jared shot his load onto his face and chest. I continued pumping my lover's hot ass until he told me to stop; however, once I stopped I left my cock buried inside him. I eased forward licking the cum off Jared's chest and then moved to his face cleaning it. We lay there in each other's arms as our wangs withered. Finally, my deflating cock slipped out of Jared's well fucked ass. I looked into Jared's eyes and ask, "So, did you enjoy the ride babe?"

A sexually exhausted Jared lying on his back replied hoarsely, "I'd like ta stay here in bed all day with ya and keep doin that."

"Me too."

Both of us were totally exhausted and Jared was well fucked. Once again we fell asleep in each other's arms. Again, I drifted off to dreamland fantasizing about Jared fucking me. I dreamt that we were camping deep in the woods and Jared was fucking me savagely. As he drilled me deep I was screaming for him to fuck me faster, harder and deeper. I was finally achieving my goal, getting fucked in the ass by a real person with a real dick. Alas, it was only a dream.

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