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Anal Awakening: Changes

Phil and Janie quietly slipped off together for a movie Tuesday evening after dinner, while the rest of my family ended up swimming out in our backyard pool. For me the day had ended with some startling revelations that would lead to changes in my life and the lives of others in the family as well as my best friend. Phil drug his ass into my apartment and crawled into bed beside me about two in the morning. I'm sure Phil and Janie had enjoyed a good movie together, and then there was a make out session that followed where she'd given him a hand job before he took her home. I was having a hard time envisioning my little sister playing with my best friend's hard penis. Apparently, that scenario had been happening for a while. Wednesday morning came early and I was up and out of the apartment, leaving Phil asleep.

My best friend was getting more action with my sister than I was getting with my girlfriend. In fact, I wasn't getting anywhere with my girlfriend and wasn't going to be seeing her anytime during the summer. We had not been a really hot item for a few weeks. I think we had curtailed our dating due to her senior projects and my hectic workload at the university. She would be leaving with a group from her church the day after she graduated from high school. She was scheduled to start a summer excursion throughout Europe with a stop in Rome to visit Vatican City before beginning college in the fall.

Roseanne hoped to get to see the Pope on her visit to Vatican City. She definitely was more involved with her church than I was with mine. My family didn't attend church on a regular basis, only on special occasions. I think the major problem my girlfriend and I experienced was the difference in religions; she and her family were of Catholic faith, whereas my family was Protestant. Anyway, we had been drifting apart since the summer I graduated from high school; mainly do to the fact that she didn't want to engage in or show any physical signs of love or affection towards me, or let me show any affection to her. We were still friends and our families were still friends, but that was about it.

Wednesday morning I woke up knowing that I had a working lunch date at one in the afternoon with my new supervisor at the local television station where I would do my summer internship. We had already had a couple of earlier meetings where I had given the lady in charge of my internship at the station a couple of video tapes showing me as a broadcaster and moderator. Then there were the two audio tapes of sports interviews I'd done for the campus radio station. Finally, I handed over copies of all the written articles I'd written for my high school and college campus newspapers so she could make a decision how best to use me and my talent. Thus far, she seemed very impressed with my skills and work. At our last meeting she had assigned me a work station with computer at the television station. Today's luncheon would be our final meeting before I went to work for the station the last week in May.

The meeting came and went without a hitch; everything went satisfactorily. Before the meeting broke my new supervisor surprised me with a brand new Macintosh laptop computer. The television station had bought it and was loaning it to me for my work offsite. The MacBook Pro with seventeen inch screen was the latest and most powerful laptop put out by Macintosh. She gave it me early so I could familiarize myself with the MacBook before I arrived for my first day of work. So, I was all set to start work on the weekend before the last week in May.

I would attend summer classes in the morning and work for the television station in the afternoon and early evenings. The schedule wasn't going to leave me much leisure time during the summer, but it would all be worth it in the end. As I made my way back to my apartment I stopped off at the adult book store. I entered the store whereby Mike the manager waved at me and said hello. There was one other person in the store. I noticed he was browsing the DVD selection of porn under the banner "Bisexual."

I walked up to the counter and spoke to Mike, whereby we greeted each other exchanging pleasantries. Mike said, "Randy, I want you to meet my wee nephew from Glasgow."

"Ian lad, bring your bonnie bumbaleerie over here."

The boy browsing the bisexual section of the porn videos turned and walked toward the counter answering with a, "Yes, Uncle Mike."

At first sight my thoughts were that the boy was one gorgeous lad about my height and weight with dark hair. As he drew closer I noticed his stunning green eyes. I became a little aroused by the sight of him standing in front of me.

"Ian, this is Randy McGowan. Randy, this is Ian Mackenzie my nephew from Glasgow, Scotland."

I stuck out my hand accepting Ian's greeting hand. Ian had a firm manly handshake, but his hand felt so soft and gentle to the touch. The lad presented a beautiful white smile as he opened his mouth saying, "Glad to meet you Randy McGowan, son of Smith."

"Same here Ian Mackenzie, son of the fair one."

Mike spoke up saying, "Now that you two Scottish lads have challenged each other let me say that Ian is over here to attend college. He's already signed up for a couple summer classes to get him accustom to America and the American college culture."

"So, what's your major going to be Ian?"

"Computer Science and Information Technologies."

"Heavy subject matter," I replied.

Ian asked, "How bout you, what's your major?"

"Communication Studies and Journalism."

"That sounds like a really cool double major," Ian said.

"Maybe I can show you around?" I asked Ian.

"Sure, I'd enjoy a tour of the campus tomorrow if you have the time. I'm going to have to get an apartment before long; I'm staying with Uncle Mike's family right now."

Mike spoke up again saying, "I told the lad he was welcome to stay with me as long as needed."

"Uncle Mike, I just don't want to be an imposition on you and your family," Ian replied.

"Why don't you come hang with me the rest of the afternoon? I'll show you around the neighborhood and my apartment complex, and then tomorrow I'll show you around campus. I've got to check on my summer classes."

"Sounds great. Okay with you Uncle Mike?"

"Yeah. Call me and let me know what you're doing for dinner and if you'll be home later tonight."

"Will do Uncle Mike," Ian said as we exited the adult book store.

As we walked towards my apartment complex we talked and further acquainted ourselves. I discovered that Ian was not a stranger to America that's why he had only the slightest Scottish brogue. He had been born in Australia, but attended school for six years in America while his Dad earned his post graduate degree. He returned to Glasgow with his parents to attend high school and had just graduated. His Dad was a graduate professor in the School of Computing Science and Mathematics at University of Glasgow. We arrived at my apartment complex whereby I showed Ian around.

I gave Ian the nickel tour, showing him all the amenities that came with an apartment. There was the large pool and spa area, the exercise and weight room, the entertainment room with large wall mounted plasma screen television, plus drink and snack bar. The snack bar was really neat as they offered a continental breakfast of every morning except Sunday from seven until nine for two dollars. I told Ian that I took advantage of the breakfast many times before heading off to classes. Ian was impressed with where I lived.

Once inside my apartment Ian was impressed by its size, and also thought that I had a dynamite computer system. He had heard about the computer brand name I owned. I took a few minutes to inform him all about the computer; explaining the lighting speed of the duel-core processor, the significant amount of space on the two hefty hard drives, the monumental amount of memory, plus the NVIDIA GeForce video card. All during my explanation he seemed to be eying me lustfully with those beautiful green eyes. His looks my way made me wonder of he was gay or bisexual, but I let it pass and didn't play into him.

Ian seemed to be really excited by the huge widescreen display monitor. I also pointed out that my computer was connected to high speed via the cable company. Ian appeared to be truly impressed with my computer setup, and remarked that his Dad had set aside money so he could purchase a computer once he started college. I told him he was welcome to use mine until he got one of his own. I said that I wasn't going to be using it much now that I had the new laptop. Ian already had a Yahoo e-mail account, so he asked if he could e-mail his Dad in Glasgow. I powered it up and brought up the Yahoo page, leaving Ian alone to compose his e-mail and send it home.

I left Ian alone while I went to check my bedroom to see what condition Phil had left it. I was surprised to find the bed made and the bathroom clean. As I looked around the bathroom I noticed my two dildos stuck to the shower wall. I removed them storing them in my dresser drawer. Sure didn't want to shock the shit out of my new friend from Scotland if he were to look in my shower. Ian entered the bedroom as I completed the job of hiding the two sex toys saying, "All finished. Thank you for allowing me to use your computer, Randy."

"No problem," I said, "by the way you can just call me Ran. Hey you want to go by my house and meet my family? I got to head that way."

"Sure," Ian said.

I called Mom and explained to her about my new friend from Scotland. I asked her if Ian was welcome to come home with me, and asked her if he could stay for dinner. Being of Scot decent she said she'd love to meet Ian and gave me the menu for dinner. After I hung up talking to Mom I said, "Ian, guess what Dude, you're invited to dinner."

"Hey, I don't want to impose on your family."

I assured him he was no imposition and told him Mom wanted to meet another Scot as her ancestry was Scottish. I told him that she enjoyed cooking and having people over. He made a call to his uncle telling him of invitation to dinner and plans for the afternoon and evening. I closed the computer out and we left the apartment for the bus stop. Once we were settled on the bus we began to converse again. We discussed things like where the best place for Ian to buy his computer; how much rents were for apartments in the area, and what college life was like as well as other topics to pass the time. All the while I was eying the hottie from Glasgow sitting beside me.

I secretly wondered what Ian looked like undressed. He appeared to present a great physique from what I could see with clothing covering his body. His short sleeved T-shirt revealed a nice biceps and set of forearms. Ian had a great personality; presented a great white smile, and had paralyzing green eyes. I tried to get a glimpse of his crotch from where I was sitting to see if there was a discernable bulge. I was almost sure that Ian would be uncircumcised being he was born in Australia and lived in Scotland. The bus came to my stop and we exited heading up the street to my house.

"So, do you ride the bus everywhere?" Ian asked.

"Yeah, pretty much or ride my mountain bike. I've got a metro pass that I buy every semester. I just never really had much of a need for a car, but when I do I just asked my dad and he fixes me up with one from his dealership. Dad owns the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealership in town; plus he owns part interest in the Toyota dealership, so when I need a car Dad can usually get me one from the used car lot in a matter of minutes for me. I found that I needed to focus on my studies and not all the bullshit and worry that comes with owning a car; besides, if I owned a car all my friends would want me to take them here and there."

"I think I understand your thinking. Sounds as though you know exactly what you want and where you're headed in life," Ian said.

"Yeah, I've been pretty focused on my studies since I started at the university. Not much time for anything else. Hell, I don't even have a girl friend any longer." I went on to explain the girlfriend thing and noticed smile come across Ian's face when he found out that I was no longer encumbered with a girlfriend.

"I've discovered that sometimes girlfriends can become too clingy," Ian said.

"You got that right," was my reply.

"Anyway, I'm sure lucky my uncle knew you and introduced us. I'm sure you're going to be a valuable resource for me getting acclimatized to the college culture in America."

We entered my house and headed towards the back and the kitchen. I introduced Ian to my Mom and younger brothers. My Mom and Ian chatted for a few minutes about Scotland. Mom told Ian that her family was Maclaren's, and then Ian told Mom that his mother's side of family was Maclarne's too. They joked about the possibility that they may be related. My sister was out some place with Phil and Dad wasn't home yet. Mom had Swiss steak prepared along with mashed potatoes and gravy and peas for dinner.

"We'll eat as soon as your father arrives, so go ahead and wash up," Mom said to us.

With Phil leaving next week for the Air Force I was glad to have made another friend with whom to share summer activities. I showed Ian to the bathroom where we washed up for dinner. I continued to admire what I could see of my new friend's physique. I thought to myself, maybe the coming changes for the summer and my life were going to be for the best and positive.


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