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Anal Awakening: The Clean up

Totally exhausted I arose from my bed and slowly headed towards the bathroom to take care of Mother Nature's morning call. Once in the bathroom I tempered the water for a warm shower to clean the cummy mess off my body; however, before I could shower and clean up I needed to remove something from my aching ass. I reached between my legs to find the base of phallic butt plug still wedged in place inside my sore rectal cavity. I had come to love my special flesh colored butt plug; it was realistic appearing, about four inches long and five inches in girth with a beautifully circumcised head. The shaft of the phallic toy became smaller at the base so once it was in place the outer anal band of my asshole would close around it so as to not let the toy accidentally slip out of my asshole. As I stood in the shower fishing the little butt plug out of my ass while the rain of warm water cascaded down my body. My mind recalled how I began my collection of sex toys and enjoyed using dildos to fulfill my sexual desires.

In a year I had managed to amass quite a collection of phallic sex toys; at least a half dozen, all of different sizes, two of the larger dildos had suction cups on the base so I could mount them on the wall of the shower. Since moving into my apartment I discovered one of those adult stores that sold everything from adult magazine, video, to sex toys just a block down the street from the apartment complex. I soon became friends with the manager and he told me the times he was not busy so I could come in and browse around unnoticed. When there were no customers he would quietly educate me about the ins and outs of adult sex toys. I had also discovered a few websites dedicated to the education and sale of sex toys on the Internet. So, between both venues I had become a connoisseur of dildos, anal butt plugs and other sex toys. Thus, the use of sex toys and masturbation had become the sole source of sexual pleasure for me.

As a nineteen year old heterosexual male I couldn't believe that the top of my dresser and night stand were cluttered with dildos, condoms, anal lubes, and a small anal duce bulb. I used those realistic appearing sex toys as I masturbated, seeking sexual relief and pleasure. I was beginning to think I was becoming addicted to dildos; a sex toy junkie, a pervert. I couldn't believe I was having artificial anal sex with phallic shaped objects to enhance my sexual pleasure. Sadly, I was enjoying it. I couldn't understand why I enjoyed inserting dildos in my ass. Between educational websites on the Internet and the manager at the local adult store I had become educated in the dos and don't in the use of sex toys, especially when it came to anal pleasure. Early in my youth I had started out finger fucking my asshole while I jerked off and found it to be pleasurable. Then one day at the adult store I spotted a little pink battery powered dildo. After all the customers left I asked the store manager about it. With an explanation under my belt I left the store that day with my first battery powered dildo and some anal lube.

After consulting a couple of websites about anal sex I prepared for bed that night. I lubed the little dildo up and gingerly inserted the realistic looking little dong into my asshole not wanting to injure myself. Even though it was small, about the thickness of a hotdog, there was still pain that accompanied insertion. With some time and work I managed to manipulate it all the way inside, and then I turned the power knob at the base up a few increments. Wow, what a feeling. As I worked it around in my rectal cavity the head of the phallic toy would brush against a spot that delighted me; the head of the dildo was touching my prostate. Along with the touch and buzzing of the vibrator it was producing an exhilarating feeling inside me. From that night on I experimented with different styles and sizes of dildos seeking the pleasures thereof. The use of sex toys had taken control of my sex life, and every night I dreamed about my ass being filled with dick.

I couldn't believe it, my active sex life revolved around the use of dildos and anal sex while I masturbated. As I stood under the warm shower I reached between my legs and pulled my beloved little butt plug buddy from my asshole; it popped out a little painfully. I washed it thoroughly and put it on the shelf in the shower, and then I finished cleansing my asshole and the rest of my body. I had been known to insert my little buddy of a morning and let it stay there all day. Sometimes, if I sat a certain way in class I would get an erection and a few times the rubbing of the head on my prostate caused me to cum. I also like to insert the butt plug of a night and sleep with it inside me. As I was finishing my shower I took time to admire my body and cock. I was not ashamed of my body, but always found myself wishing for a little more of this and that to make it more desirable. Like all men I secretly wished for a bigger cock, both flaccid and erect, but knew I was stuck with what I had been issued at birth and the one that was presently hanging between my legs.

The gene pool had not blessed me with a large penis, just an average one. At just over five and half inches my erect dick seemed to be the epitome of the average length and girth of a Caucasian male's penis; flaccid it was average too. So, I had always blended into the average crowd in the locker room. Some guys drew attention in the locker room and showers because of the size of their penis. The guys that were the object of cat call shouts in the locker room were either very small or extremely well hung. So, for me there were no rooster shouts in my direction; I moved about unnoticed in a naked state. There were no stories circulating around school about my genital size or the lack thereof. I guess there is nothing wrong with being an average guy, but I still dreamed about having a huge cock that hung to my knees, swinging back and forth banging my knee caps as I strode to the showers with a swagger.

Since my early days in high school my dream was to be noticed for my huge endowment and discussed around campus, so that girls would follow me around swooning at my every move and hanging on every word. I just knew that if I was hung like a stallion my girl friend would fall to her knees and put out more pussy to me than I would be able to handle. How would she even know what my penis looked like, she had never seen it, and she didn't want to look at it until after we were married, on our honeymoon night. I would awaken many times after nightmares of that honeymoon night. A night my new wife would look upon my average size dick and laugh uncontrollably at the pathetic size of my manhood.

Maybe those nightmares and the few times that Phil and I had compared and touched each other's cocks a few weeks earlier were the roots of my surrealistic dreams. In my dreams the face of man who was perpetrating sex upon my body was none other than Phil. The dream sequences of Phil fucking me were so very life like; his seven inch cock would fill my mouth or ass. I especially enjoyed the dreams where he would slide his well-lubed uncut seven inch cock in and out of my asshole. He took his time and slow fucked me. He would push it all the way in and withdraw it slowly until I could feel just the bulge of the glans at the inner ring of my rectum, and then he would push forward again, repeating the process for what seemed like hours. Strangely, I enjoyed and never tired of feeling his cock piston back and forth inside my rectal cavity.

Suddenly, I snapped back to reality. As I stood there under the water cascading onto my body I felt my stiff dick. I needed to jack off before I finished my morning shower. I soaped it up and began stroking it to fruition spraying spooge on the shower wall. I then pissed and stepped out of the shower to dry off.


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