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Anal Awakening: Friday Afternoon with Jared

As Jared and I rode silently back towards town my mind raced with thoughts and images. I was attempting to visualize what my black riding companion might look like without any clothes. I'd seen him in swim wear before and he did have a fanatically well-developed upper brown body. I was trying to wrap my mind around our earlier discussion; a discussion that had caught me completely off guard. Jared had surprised me when he casually announced that he was gay. I don't know why but I never thought about black men being gay. From what I'd seen on television and in films black men were depicted as hardcore gangsters, thugs, and womanizers who had absolutely no respect for woman, including their mothers. In the media events I'd viewed black men were not portrayed as gay men; in fact, they were disrespectful of gays. Those blacks that I knew from the hip hop culture in my area and those who listened to rap music seemed to reinforce that viewpoint. One day I was going to approach Jared about that subject and get his take on my thoughts.

 Jared didn't behave or speak like other blacks that I'd known from high school or knew around the community. He spoke articulately without lacing his language using four, six and eight letter words, many of them hyphenated. I'd never heard him use the "N" word nor had I heard him refer to a woman as a "Ho," "Bitch," or any other unflattering slang terms. His speech pattern and actions were more closely tied to that of white man's world. Of course, I really didn't know Jared all that well. All I knew about him was the few brief visits when we spoke casually to each other around the apartment complex or on campus. I sensed that he was a very low keyed individual. A guy from what little I knew about him played tennis was into swimming, and bicycling.

The few times we'd met I'd already taken notice Jared nicely proportioned body. The riding tights he wore revealed a bulge of undetermined size in his crotch area. I'd heard and from what I'd viewed all black men were extremely well-endowed; most having cocks eight to ten inches long, and as thick as baseball bats. The few porn films and videos I'd watched illustrated black men with ungodly huge cocks.  I'd seen a couple naked black teens in the locker room during my time playing sports in high school and they all appeared well-hung, especially the flaccid state. All African-Americans I'd observed previously were uncircumcised like Phil, so I could assume that Jared was well-endowed and uncircumcised. Everything and anything I knew about Jared and other blacks were based on assumptions. I looked at my watch as we rode up in front of the apartment complex; it showed a little after noon. We dismounted our mountain bikes pushing them inside.

Once inside the common area we stopped by the clubhouse snack bar for a cold juice drink before parting company, Jared saying, "Don't forget our discussion on the bike ride. Even if all you want to do is talk about things let me know."

"Sure thing, you comin over for the party later tonight?" I asked.


We broke and went separate ways to our apartments. As I entered my apartment the landline was ringing. I answered; it was Mom asking if I was coming by for dinner tonight. I assured her I'd be there. I asked her if she'd heard from Phil and Janie, she told me they were with Dad. I asked about Ian, she said that she hadn't heard from him. She wanted to know what I'd been doing all morning, so I told her I'd been on a bike ride with a friend. I hung up and decided to go back to the clubhouse to see what was going on.

I entered the clubhouse scanning the large room for Ian and Lisa; there was no sign of them. There were only a couple of people in the room and both were watching Days of Our Lives on the big screen television. I spotted the apartment complex super, so I ask, "Sir, do you mind keeping the clubhouse open a little late tonight?"

"Why? What's going on?" He asked me.

I explained to him about Phil leaving for the Air Force and my folks throwing a going away party for him on Saturday. He agreed to leave it open and gave me a key to lock it up when we were done. He wanted me to know that all clubhouse rules had to be adhered to and if he got a complaint about noise or rowdiness he'd close it down. I told him that I'd police the party making sure that it didn't get out of hand. I turned to leave and spotted Jared entering the clubhouse.

"Hey, what's up," Jared asked.

"I just got the key to the clubhouse for the party later tonight. I'm heading back to my apartment, want to come?"


Jared had never been in my apartment before. We entered my apartment heading straight to the kitchen table. Jared seat himself, so I asked, "You want somethin to drink?"

"What you got?"

"Soda, juice, cold water, and a couple of beers?"

"I'll take a beer," Jared replied.

I handed Jared a bottle of beer and twisted the cap on one for me. We sat together across from each other swigging on our beers making small talk. As I became more comfortable around my black friend, so I began explaining in detail to Jared about the dreams I'd been having and my secret fantasies. I then went onto tell Jared about what Phil and I had engaged in as well as feelings I had for Ian. I informed him that I considered myself a heterosexual, but was having doubts of late. I also briefed Jared about my deep seated suspicions and fears regarding blacks; their sexuality, their rap music and hip hop culture, and that they were gangsters and drug dealers. When I finished telling him all that I noticed him sitting across from me in a stoic state, and then I thought he was going to fall out of the chair as he burst our in hysterical laughter.

"What are you laughing about?" I asked.

Jared finally brought himself under control to speak saying, "White bread, you one crazy dude you know."

"I guess, I don't know," was my reply.

"I'm curious, where the hell did you get your education about black people?" Jared asked.

"Most of what I know about blacks is what I've seen on television or in films, and of course observations on the streets. I've never had a close friend who was black."

Jared finally got himself under control and then began explaining to me about his race and culture. He assured me that not all black men fit the stereotypical images portrayed on television or in films. He told me that he had been raised by a loving Italian mother and black father. He explained to me about his mother, whose roots were in Sicily, and then his father roots, he then shared with me that he was an only child. His told me his parent's were college educated hardworking middleclass people; people who'd taught him to respect all people, cultures, and religions. He confided in me that he was not a big fan of the hip hop culture or rap music; furthermore, Jared felt that media and music sometimes fostered much of the racism in America. Then Jared shocked me saying, "Randy, it's a myth, not all black men have cocks hangin to their knees that looks like baseball bats when erect. I wish I did, but don't."

"Really, so how big are you," I asked.

"You want to see?" Jared asked sarcastically, "I'll put your mind at ease, ain't no black mamba in my pants."

"I..." My voice trailed off not finishing the sentence.

"Randy, I'm just average Dude, no meat pole, but it's always been big enough to get the job done, bringin pleasure to my partners."

"I'm sorry if I made an error in judgment or made you feel uncomfortable. You know, about you being black and all the stuff I said earlier sure makes me sound like a bigot."

"I don't consider you a bigot or racists, just uninformed," Jared said, "another thing, don't ever be ashamed of your manhood. I'm not ashamed of mine and I hope you're not ashamed of yours."

"No, not ashamed, but I sure don't have no huge cock," I replied, "You know, like all them guys with huge dicks I've seen in porn films."

"So, besides the dicks you seen in porn how many real life hard cocks you seen in your life white bread?" Jared asked.

"Well, I guess Phil is the only one besides mine. How many you seen?"

"A few, but remember, I've been sexually active with guys since middle school," Jared said.

"Wow! I wanted to, but always scared to do anything," I said.

"That's not unusual. I would say from my experience I'm the unusual one," Jared said in comforting tone.

"You know, the most I've ever done is jack off with Phil. I wanted to do things with Phil back in high school, but never had the courage to approach him about it until a few months ago. How'd you get started doin things with other boys at such and early age?"

"Maybe I was an early bloomer. I entered puberty when I was eleven," Jared said as he began explaining his life story to me about his first sexual experience and then onto others. He told me he knew he was gay in grade school about the time he was eight or nine. He said that when he played little league and Pop Warner he was more interested in the boys on the teams than the game, and how he fantasized about them as a young prepubescent boy. He painted vivid mental images for me about those early life sexual encounters once he reached puberty. Jared related to me in detail what it was like the first time he ejaculated and exhilarating thrill of it. He told me about how clumsy things were the first time he had oral sex and anal sex. Jared told me that he made many mistakes along the way, but mainly he learned by experience, learning new techniques with each new experience and partner.

I asked him how many black partners he had engaged in sex. Jared said there were only a couple of African-American boys that he did anything with, and that was back in middle school. He said that he enjoyed doing things with white guys in high school and since he'd been in college enjoyed sex with Asians too. He told me about an on and off relationship he was having with a Korean-American guy at the college. He assured me that the guy dispelled all the myths about Asians being short in stature and having small dicks, saying his friend was tall, muscular, and fairly well-hung. Needless to say, as I sat across from my black friend I was spellbound by accounts of his early sexual experiences; moreover, my dick was hard as a rock as he talked.

Listening to Jared's erotic tails about puberty as a teenager and college life had my rock hard cock straining to escape the restraints of my cargo pants. I was sure there was a noticeable wet spot from precum on the front of the J.Crew camo cargo shorts. I could feel my heart rate had increased and felt a little warm and flush in the face. I'd never had a discussion such as the one Jared and I was involved in with anyone. Hell, it was no discussion; Jared was disclosing his entire colorful life story to me in vivid details. He was a great storyteller, so good I was hot to trot. I was ready to jump across the table rip off our clothes, get naked, and do each other right there on the kitchen floor. But that would have to wait; the doorbell buzzed signaling someone was out front.

I got up from the table trying to push my noticeable erection down. As I walked to the living room I peaked through the peep hole in the door; it was Ian and Lisa. I unlocked the door and let them in. As we walked back towards the kitchen Jared got up from his chair. I noticed a slight bulge in his cargos.

I made the introductions, "Ian and Lisa this is Jared," everyone shook hands and gave high fives, "Jared and I just got back from a bike ride a little while ago."

"Cool," Lisa responded, "Ian and I just saw Spider-Man 3."

"So, how was Spidy in the third film? Jared asked.

"I think it was the best one yet," Lisa replied, "You know, I've seen you around campus and the apartment complex, Jared. My girlfriend and I think you look a little like Chad on Passions, you know the afternoon soap on NBC."

"Yeah, I get that a lot from friends on campus as well as around here," Jared responded with a big white smile.

I hadn't noticed any resemblance until Lisa brought it up, but Jared did resemble the character on Passions a little. I wasn't a diehard soap opera watcher, but had seen the show on occasion. I'd heard the show was cancelled for some reason. I studied Jared's face as he stood talking to Lisa and Ian. He did have European characteristics as well as Chad's mouth and similar nose. Jared definitely favored Chad's well sculpted brown body. I asked, "So, Jared you ever done any modeling?"

"I did some stuff for clothing stores back when I was a teenager; you know, inserts in local papers, that kind of stuff, but nothing much since. Maybe I out grew the cute kid thing."

"You still look hot to me," Lisa said.

"Me too," Ian chimed in.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Jared said with a smile towards Ian.

Oh My God, Jared was flirting with Ian, and I was jealous. I didn't know why but I was jealous of the flirting between the two. I wanted Ian, but I now wanted Jared too. Lisa was hanging all over Ian, so I didn't figure Jared was going to make an overt play for Ian. There was a knock on the door and in walked Phil and my sister with their arms all wrapped around each other. Now I was jealous of my sister.

"So, what you guys been up to today?" I asked my sister and Phil.

"Nothin much," Janie responded.

"Well, I got the key to the club house and we've got it after it closes at ten until whenever according to the super. That is as long as we don't get rowdy and keep the noise down," I told everyone.

Everyone responded with a cool.

"Phil and I are heading to the dealership to meet Dad, so we'll see you at dinner, Randy."

"Lisa, your and Ian want to ride along with?"

"Sure, we'll leave the two academic to their discussion," Lisa said.

The four headed out the door leaving Jared and I alone again in the apartment. Jared asked me to accompany him to his apartment he had something for me.

"What you got?" I asked.

"Surprise, come on," Jared said.

 Jared and I departed my apartment and headed towards his. As we walked together I wondered if he was going to try to put a move on me when we got to his place. He unlocked the door and we entered. Jared walk to a book shelf and began looking through it as I took a seat on his couch. He had a very nicely decorated apartment. He finally came back and seated himself next to me on the couch handing me a couple of books. One was the, Idiots Guide to Gay Anal Sex, and the other was a book titled, The Joys of Gay Loving Making. Jared told me to take them and read through them and return them when I was done. I thanked him and got up to leave. The last thing he said before I departed his apartment was, "Don't do anything with anyone until you finish reading both those books."


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