Warning! The following story is a work of fiction and contains scenes descriptive of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter contained herein do not read any further.

Anal Awakening: Friday Night Party

I stood under the shower water sprinkling on my totally spent body after an earth shaking orgasm. My dick had fallen flaccid under the cascading water fall. My asshole was on fire; on fire with both pain and desire. The searing pain I experienced during penetration by the rubber instrument had been excruciating. The last thing Jared mentioned to me before I departed his apartment, don't commit to any anal sexual exploits with anyone until you finish reading both the books. I wondered just how experienced Jared was as far as anal sex. Did he experience the same pain and pleasure sensations the first time he engaged in anal sex? I thought to myself, maybe I'd get a chance to discuss the issue with him later on that evening, as I stepped from the shower to finish drying off. Even with all the pain I'd endured I knew that I had to try the real thing soon.

Before anymore sex with a rubber toy or a real person I had to get ready to go to my parent's for dinner. Once dinner was over I'd return to the apartment complex for Phil's going away party. As I stood at the bus stop on that muggy Friday afternoon Ian and Lisa pulled up offering me a ride. I got in the backseat of Lisa's 90's something Japanese puddle jumper for the ride to my parent's. Lisa and Ian conversed about what they had done during the afternoon and what they planned for later on that evening. From where I sat in the backseat it appeared that the two young love birds had hit it off and were getting along well despite their short history together. I thought to myself as I listened to them, now that Ian and Lisa appeared to be an item I felt sure I could rule out Ian as the one to take my cherry. We finally arrived at my parent's home in time for dinner.

To my surprise my girl friend Roseanne was already at the house when we arrived. I took a seat next to her at the dinner table where everyone filled up on KFC with all the side dishes. As I ate I began to fantasize about her sucking my dick and then doing me with the dildo that I had used in the shower earlier in the afternoon. I played with my food as the fantasy played out in my head. My dick grew hard but was concealed beneath the shield of the table. Roseanne snapped me out of my daydream as she quietly confided in me that she had been invited to the party at my apartment complex by my sister and Phil. After we finished dinner there were about a dozen pieces of chicken leftover as we all prepared to depart. Mom packed it up and sent everything with us to eat later on that evening. We all thanked Mom and Dad for a great dinner and hospitality as we headed out towards the apartment.

I rode back to the apartment complex with Roseanne in her car. Lisa took Ian in her car, while Phil and my sister drove back across town in Phil's car. Once we all arrived everyone spilled out of their vehicles heading straight for the clubhouse. As Roseanne and I walked into the clubhouse I was pleasantly surprised. Unbeknownst to me Mr. Ames the apartment manager had hung a huge paper sign stating, BONVOVAGE PHIL, printed large across the top with, Have A Great Trip Into The Wild Blue Yonder, printed smaller beneath. The clubhouse was full of people cheering and applauding Phil as we entered. Tonight was Phil's night to howl; he was the hero of the evening.

The Warrior Prince and his Princess made their way through the crowd hugging and shaking hands with classmates and friends, Phil saying his goodbyes. The music began to play and couples started to dance. Roseanne and I stood on the sidelines in silence holding hands. I didn't venture out to dance immediately as I had never learned the moves of the crazy contemporary hip hop dances. Roseanne didn't dance any of the new dances either, so I knew we'd wait for a slower dance. As the crowd milled around the clubhouse and danced I scanned the room to see who all had shown up for the celebratory occasion.

There was an eclectic mix of high school and college age people in the clubhouse that night. I knew some while others were friends of Janie's from our high school or Phil's friends. Suddenly, my eye caught the Phenix twins: Jason and Kyle. The identical twin teenagers were very good-looking young men who were a year younger then me, about the same age as Roseanne. They had all graduated class of 07; whereas I graduated class of 06. I had played little league and other sports with the boys during earlier days, but had lost touch with them the past year as I had done with many of my younger friends from my high school days. I nudged Roseanne to follow me across the room.


I made my way towards the group of teenagers approaching the boys I said, "Jason, Kyle, you know my girlfriend Roseanne. How have you guys been? I haven't seen you all in a while."


The two handsome teens hugged Roseanne and shook hands with me. Kyle said, "Good to see you. Missed seeing you around this past year."


"Yeah, been busy with college and all. You all gonna drop by tomorrow for the big party at my parent's house?"


Jason said, "I'd heard something about it, but no one invited us yet."


"Consider yourselves invited," I said, but keep it on the QT.


"Cool," Kyle responded.


"Bring your swim wear and remember don't say anything about it to Phil; it's supposed to be a surprise for him," I said.


I noticed that Jason kept making more than the usual amount of eye contact with me while he licked his lips seductively. I wasn't sure what he was trying to communicate to me, if anything. All of a sudden Jared showed up shaking hands and hugging the twins. I thought I saw him kiss Kyle on the earlobe, but wasn't sure. I wondered how Jared knew the boys, so I said, "I didn't know you guys knew Jared."


"Yeah, Jared is one of the advisors in our local PFLAG group," Kyle said.


"PFLAG! I didn't know you two were gay," I said with a tone of somewhat disbelief.


"Kind of a long story. We're not sure we're gay or even bisexual. Just trying to work through our emotions and feelings at this point in our lives," Jason said.


"Yeah, now that we're over eighteen we are of age to explore more and maybe experiment," Kyle said with a wink.


Roseanne nudged me to move on. She was obviously not impressed with the revelation that two very handsome classmates were possibly gay. We excused ourselves and moved back across the dance floor. A somewhat slow number began to play so I took her in my arms and we began gliding across the floor. I held her close as we danced, noting the alluring smell of her perfume that was so very seductive. I also kept playing the recent conversation with the twins over in my mind. I felt my manhood starting to come to life and so did Roseanne as she whispered into my ear, "Randy, please learn to control your emotions and sexual urges!"

"Sorry," was all I could muster.

Roseanne admonished me for sexual urges that were natural for me as a young teenage male. Everything about her made my cup runneth over with wanton desire, but I was also thinking about the twins. I couldn't understand why Roseanne was such an Ice Queen. My friends envied me because I was dating such a great looking young lady. I would hear time and again how lucky I was to be dating her. I was constantly questioned by my friends as to whether I was getting any pussy. I would simply not respond one way or the other. So, my sex life or the lack thereof with Roseanne was one of those secret gossip conversations. She was leaving for Europe in a couple of days, so our days were numbered. Although I wanted sex desperately I would try not to betray Roseanne as long as we were a couple, so whatever I was going to do sexually with another partner would be after we officially broke up and she was gone.

Maybe after the party at my parent's house I would break off our relationship. I had all night and tomorrow to think about breaking up. The past few days had been a real eye opener for me. Phil and I had come so very close to doing the deed. Ian and Jared had been making subtle sexual overtures towards me. Now, Jason and Kyle had entered the picture and Jason was seducing me with his eyes. I knew that I wanted to experiment sexually with someone. I had to wait for the right person to put the moves on me.

"Wake up and snap out of it," Roseanne demanded.

"Sorry, I was preoccupied," I said.

"It's a little after ten I really need to get home," Roseanne said.

"Do you want me to ride along with?" I asked.

"No, you'd just have to get a bus back here. You stay here with your friends. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, at least let me walk you to your car."


I walked Roseanne to her car and made sure she got off all right. As I returned to the clubhouse Jason was sitting outside at one of the concrete tables between the clubhouse and the pool area. The night was sticky but I sat down directly across from Jason and we began talking. I soon discovered that he had been having secret sexual thoughts about me for quite sometime. He informed me that he developed a secret crush on me back during our days in little league. He also told me that his brother had the hots for Phil during those earlier days, but since then he had met Jared and fallen hard for him.

"I guess there's no chance of me getting a heterosexual like you in bed, huh? I mean you being hooked up with one of the hottest ladies in town," Jason said.

"There's nothing sexual going on between Roseanne and me. In fact, there's nothing sexual going on in my life period, unless it's with my hand," I said making an up and down stroking motion with my right hand, imitating jacking off.

"So, there is a chance of me getting you in bed after all?" Jason said with a smirk and a slight laugh as he scooted around the table closer to me.

"Who knows, stranger things have happened," I said with a silly grin.

Suddenly I felt Jason's left foot slip into my lap. He had removed his naked foot from his purple crock shoe and it was resting in my lap. I couldn't help myself; I reached under the table where I began rubbing his naked foot, feeling how smooth and sensual it felt as I touched it. As I turned more facing him his other foot came up in my lap. Only this one was snaking its way into the left leg of my cargo shorts. His naked foot felt warm worming its way up to my crotch. His toes sought out and began tantalizing my burgeoning boner and balls. I continued to caress the unoccupied foot tenderly. The lighting outside the clubhouse around the pool area where we were sitting had been turned down for the night. The only illumination was from the four lights in the pool. No one could see what was going on or what we were doing unless they were right on top of us.

Jason looked at me and said softly, "If you keep caressing my foot and leg like that you may to have to take me back to your place and make love to me tonight."

"You keep playing tootsie with my balls and cock and I may just do that," I said.

"If we did go to your apartment for the night what would happen?" Jason queried.

"I'm a virgin. You're the one with all the experience," I said, "all I've done is read about sex and watch it on CD or tape.

"Like you I've got very limited sexual experience," Jason said, "maybe we'll make a great couple learning together."

We continued caressing and playing with each other talking about our limited sexual experiences and exploits. No names were used, just general questions and answers about our experience or lack thereof. Jason was definitely making a play for me. Roseanne had already left, Phil was with Janie and Ian was occupied with Lisa for the evening, so I thought to myself, maybe it was time to experiment. Jason was over eighteen and was willing. In a couple of days Roseanne and I would be history.

"Do you think we should check back in with the party or just go straight up to my room?" I asked.

"I think the social acceptable thing to do would be to make an appearance before we slip off into the night," Jason said.

"Okay, but I need to let my boner deflate before we make an entrance," I said with a smile across at Jason.

"Me too."

We sat at the table for a few more minutes to clam down. Once we entered the clubhouse I noticed the clock on the wall indicated half past midnight. Mr. Ames was scurrying around cleaning up in hopes the party would be breaking up soon. I saw that Ian and Lisa were getting ready to leave, so I asked Ian if he needed a place to crash for the night. He assured me that he already had that taken care of and would see me tomorrow. Phil and Janie approached saying that they were heading out; he was taking Janie home. I asked Phil if he was going to crash at my place. He said no. Kyle approached his brother and told him he was going to stay with Jared for the night. I looked at Jason and smiled. Kyle smiled a shit eating grin back his brother's way as he and Jared disappeared. I asked Mr. Ames if there was anything I could do to help him close the clubhouse. He assured me that he had everything under control and would be locking the clubhouse in a few minutes.

I looked around, Jason and I were the only two left in the room. The party had broken up and cleared out quickly. As the two of us walked toward my apartment I was apprehensive about what I was getting into with Jason. I really didn't know what to do or how to start. I had read about the mechanics of different sexual acts and seen them performed on videos, but I'd never done anything in real life with a real person. I turned the key in the apartment door and we entered. Once inside I flipped the light switch on, locked the deadbolt and pulled the vertical blinds closed. I turned to say something to Jason but he immediately slammed his body against mine. His lips locked onto mine instantly as he pushed me down onto the couch.

As I lay beneath Jason I could feel the warmth of his body, his heart pounding in his chest, and the hardness of his cock pressing against my stomach. We opened our mouths accepting each other's tongues. He sure knew how to kiss and grind his body against mine to produce wanton desire within me. I could feel my own heart racing and my body producing sexual pheromones. I hadn't left the air conditioning on in the apartment so it was warm. As we squirmed around on the couch we both had began to sweat. The aroma of our bodies presented a great sexual attraction.

Jason broke the kiss burying his head next to my left ear and whispered, "You don't know how many times I've dreamed about this moment playing this out in my mind during the past years as I tried to get to sleep, but couldn't until I jacked off. I think I jerked off over a thousand times thinking about you."

"I never knew. I wish you had said something back then."

Jason and I continued making out, sucking face. I pulled his shirt up over his head and he pulled mine off so our naked upper bodies were exposed. I began kissing his shoulders and chest as he moaned. I kissed one of his brown areolas and he squirmed. I began licking both his nipples and buried my face in his arm pit taking in the raw male aroma of sex. We both rolled off the couch onto the floor kissing, licking and sucking on each other's upper body parts.

Jason whispered into my ear, "Let's go to bed, if you want to."

"Yeah," I said as we both got to our feet.

I reached over and flipped off the light switch and led Jason to my bedroom. Once in my room Jason began to finish undressing me. He unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my cargos. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. My heart was beating out of my chest with anxiety and anticipation. I untied the rope belt around Jason's waist and unbuttoned his dark walking shorts. They dropped to the floor. Both of us stood their in our underwear under the ambient light of the night holding and stoking each other for seemed like eternity. Finally, I moved to the nightstand and flipped on the small table light. I pulled the comforter off the bed, folded it and threw it on the chair in the corner.

Again, we stood there in our underwear looking at each other's almost nude bodies. Jason had a splendid looking body and from the outline of his semi hard penis he appeared to be adequately endowed. He reached for me pulling me close he said, "Randy, do you want to take things slow for tonight. We don't have to do everything if you don't want. Maybe we can just hold each other for a while."

"Shall we take off our drawers?" I questioned.

"I think I'd like to see you naked if you don't mind. I've had an idea what you look like for years I'd like to see how close I was."

"Okay," and with that we both pushed our underwear down to our ankles and stepped out of them. "Wow, very nice looking dick," I said.

"You are just what I expected and I'm so happy to see that you and I are both circumcised. I think a cut cock is about the prettiest thing there is," Jason said.

We both moved closer together as we each reached for the other's penis. We began to fondle and stroke them and within a matter of seconds they were at full mast. Jason's penis was a little bigger than mine, but that didn't make any difference to me. As I looked down I could see that the head on his penis was gorgeous. His balls were about the same size as mine and he had a tight black bush at the base of his fully erect cock. We continued stroking each other and before we knew it we both came, shooting spooge on each other. We slowly went to the bed with me on the bottom and Jason on top. We intertwined our legs and began moving our torso around spreading the spooge around on our bodies. Our dicks were deflating and being squeezed between us as we began to kiss again. We kissed and fell asleep in each others arms.

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