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Anal Awakening: Ian's Introduction

Dad arrived home followed shortly thereafter by Phil and Janie for dinner. I introduced my new friend Ian to Phil, Janie, and Dad. I could see Janie's eyes light up immediately when she caught sight of Ian. She gave him that flirtatious look accompanied by a subtle lick of her lips, making a surreptitious remark about how good looking Ian was, "You are a handsome man, Ian. You remind me of someone. Probably one of those sexy superstars on television or in the movies; I just can't put my finger on who."

Phil gave my sister that irritated look of annoyance. Phil wasn't impressed with my new friend or his charming good looks. Dad was eager to meet Ian. He said he wanted to discuss Scotland after dinner with Ian if he didn't mind. Since first meeting Ian I too had been trying to figure out who he resembled. After the introductions and small talk Mom informed all that dinner was ready and there was Apple Crisp with Vanilla ice cream for desert. We all sat down to enjoy a family dinner.

The scrumptious Swiss steak meal Mom had prepared looked very tasty. I noticed that Ian immediately seated himself next to me at the family dinner table. I guess he felt more comfortable sitting next to me and I didn't mind. Phil and Janie sat together directly across from Ian and I while Mom and Dad sat at each ends of the table. Because we had company the table was full, so Jerry and Terry sat at the kitchen counter where they ate dinner. Throughout dinner I caught Janie sneaking a peek across the table at Ian. She would lick her lips suggestively. She was definitely secretly flirting with Ian. Throughout dinner I thought I felt Ian rubbing his leg against mine several times as we ate. I dismissed Ian's actions beneath the table as nothing, maybe nerves. Once dinner was finished we all help to quickly clear the table was quickly while Mom and Janie rinsed the dishes off and packed the dishwasher.

Once Mom started the dishwasher we all headed in different directions to change into our swimwear for an evening of swimming and socializing in our backyard. I found one of my old swim suites for Ian. I knew it would fit him as we were the same size. He went into the bathroom to change and when he came out I was pleasantly surprised how well he filled out my old swim suite. He filled it nicely; the old swimwear definitely complimented his buff young Scottish body.

A body he hadn't neglected while he attended high school in Glasgow. Ian was nicely tanned and well put together with a well-cut body that didn't appear to be afraid of strenuous exercise. He had very well-defined pecs; pecs that were dotted with two nice plump pink nipples. He had a black treasure trail of hair leading from his belly button into the waistband of the swim suite. When we appeared on the pool deck in the backyard the sight of Ian's lean near naked manly body drew sighs and swoons from Janie as Phil looked at her with a scowl. The younger boys whistled and made fools of themselves as usual, while Ian blushed at all the attention. Mom just commented that the boys were envious.

After everyone settled down Ian and I dove into the pool. Phil, Dad, and the boys were already in the pool playing around. We all swam and played around for about a half hour and then we slowly started getting out of the pool to sit around the round the glass top wrought iron table on the pool deck to converse and visit. Mom and Dad had spent a fortune over the years decorating the back yard deck and patio, updating it every year or so. The backyard and pool was the focal point for entertaining in my family. As Ian pulled himself from the water I caught a glimpse of his wet crotch as he stood up on the edge of the pool to shake off and throw a towel around his shoulders.

The somewhat tight wet swimwear Ian was wearing revealed, from my viewpoint, what appeared to be a very nice package in his crotch area hiding beneath the wet fabric. As we dried off and sat down Dad began engaging Ian in conversation about life in Scotland and our shared Scottish ancestry while I listened. Janie and Phil slipped away quietly. The boys remained in the pool playing and splashing around with our dog who had jumped in for a swim. Mom got everyone at the table a fresh cold ice tea before settling into the discussion about Scotland. Ian definitely appeared to be the hit of the evening with my parent's. Almost an hour after dinner Mom announced that she'd be serving desert shortly; however, before desert she had an announcement to make.

She told those of us at the table, "Saturday Janie and I will be hosting a surprise dinner party. The dinner party was originally going to be a surprise going away party for Phil; however, since Ian is now here we'll also officially welcome him to America, and celebrate Memorial Day early. I've found out that Randy won't be around on Memorial Day due to conflicting work commitments, and Dad has a big Memorial Day sale going on at the dealership. We'll be grilling steaks on the outdoor grill and serving baked beans, potato salad along with ice cream and cake. So, I'd appreciate you all helping me by keeping Phil away from the house on Saturday until around four in the afternoon. Randy, maybe you and Ian could keep him busy on Saturday."

"No problem Mom, I was planning on throwing a little going away party for Phil on Friday evening at my place, Mom."

"That would be great. I'm sure he would enjoy that. By the way we're having KFC for Friday night dinner. Ian you're invited if you want to stop by. Your Dad's going pick the chicken and trimmings up on his way home as I've got too many things to do to get ready for Saturday," Mom said, as she got up to get the Apple Crisp and ice cream.

Dad and Ian took up where they had left off conversing about Scotland and our Scottish ancestry. Dad was the family historian and genealogist of the family. He suggested that one day in the near future he would like to get the genealogy charts out and go over them with Ian. Ian appeared delighted by that suggestion. Mom served up the desert, while I secretly studied Ian's well-defined chest and nipples. The plump pink nipple that I could see appeared to be standing at attention under the white towel draped over his broad shoulders. From where I sat I had a perfect view of his right nipple, and the view was definitely arousing me. We both seemed to have been blessed with good-looking pecs and nipples. I was still trying to figure out who Ian resembled. I knew the guy's face, but I couldn't remember the guy's name.

As we finished desert the night was drawing to a close. Dad suggested that he drive Ian and I home. By the time we all changed back into street clothes it was nine thirty and dark outside. I suggested that Ian call his uncle to tell him that he was staying with me for the night. Ian agreed and called his uncle. Dad dropped us off in front of my apartment complex. I bid my father good night and then Ian and I walked up to my apartment. Once inside I told Ian he was welcome to sleep in my bed or take the couch, but warned him if he slept with me he might find it crowded before morning.

"Sometimes Phil crashes here and he generally sleeps in my bed," I said.

"I'll take my chances with Phil. I don't mind sharing sleeping space," Ian said with a smile.

"I shared a bed with my brother Jerry for years, so I'm used to having another warm body next to me in bed," I said, "By the way I'm going to check my e-mail before we turn in, so if you want to take a shower go ahead."

"Okay, I'd like to do that," Ian said.

I got up from the computer to get Ian a clean towel and wash cloth and then headed him towards the bathroom. I stripped off my T-shirt and Levis, wearing only my drawers I sat back down to my computer. Once it had booted up I began opening or deleting e-mails. There was one from Janie with an attachment. I opened it to discover she had sent me a zip file that contained the photos of Daniel Radcliffe. I opened the file and reviewed the photos one-by-one. I took my time studying the full frontal nude forgetting about Ian in the bathroom. Suddenly, Ian said from behind me, "Young Harry sure has developed over the years, huh."

"Yeah," was all I could muster as Ian stood behind me smelling so clean and fresh. Yep, I'd been busted by my new friend.

I closed out the frontal nude and opened the full nude of his backside remarking that he had great looking buns. Ian agreed wholeheartedly. I could smell the fresh scent the soap had left on his body and feel Ian's soft touch with his arm draped over my left shoulder as he leaned closer peering at the screen. I immediately became aroused by his smell and touch. I asked Ian if he wanted to see if his Dad returned his earlier e-mail. As I excused myself to the bathroom to shower for the night Ian sat down at the computer. After the shower I appeared back in the living room area in time to hear my cell phone go off. I answered the phone and it was Phil telling me he wouldn't be crashing with me.

"That was Phil on the cell. He's not coming by tonight. His parent's want him home tonight so he can get up early tomorrow to finish packing his room up. I guess they want him out of the house lock stock and barrel by close of business Friday. What assholes they are," I said.

"So it'll just be you and me tonight?" Ian said with a slight smile.


I was kind of excited about the fact that Ian would be sleeping in bed next to me, but really didn't know why the thought of Ian in my bed was so stimulating. I was beginning to fear that I might be gay or bisexual and was wondering if Ian might be the same. My nightly dreams of Phil fucking me senseless were not those of a heterosexual; furthermore, those dreams would never come to fruition now that I knew he and my sister were somewhat of a steady item. I found myself in eager anticipation of sharing my bed with my new friend. A friend I'd known less than twenty-four hours for whom I was already having secret sexual fantasies. I had the hots for the young Scottish stud and feared that I might embarrass myself before morning, fearing that I'd have one of those realistic wet dreams.

As Ian and I turned in I turned off the overhead light and turned on the small night light on the nightstand next to the bed. We lay there facing each other propped up on our elbows talking about one thing and then the other. God, I thought to myself his body was so beautiful and he smelled so fresh lying there next to me. I felt my dick becoming somewhat aroused, so I tried to steer the conversation away from anything sexual so as not to become further aroused. We mainly talked about what life was like in Glasgow, comparing it to life in America. We talked about sports, cars, schools everything and anything; anything but girls or sex. Sometime after midnight we said goodnight to each other and rolled over on our backs to go to sleep; Thursday was going to be a busy day for us.

Ian appeared to drift off to sleep almost immediately, but I couldn't get to sleep. I kept fantasizing about the beautiful Scottish lad lying next me, fantasizing about him ravaging my body, making me scream with sounds of pleasure as he fucked me. I wanted to see him naked; moreover, I wanted to see his hard Scottish cock, but more than anything I wanted him to fill me with his hard Dokey.


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