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Anal Awakening: Jared Makes His Move

Jared carried the brown shopping bag that he brought with him when he arrived at my door into my bedroom. After he sat the bag on the bed we immediately began methodically undressing each down to our skivvies caressing and kissing each other along the way. Jared was wearing a pair of white Joe Boxers while I wore a pair of red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger Contrast Boxer Briefs, both very revealing and sexy looking men's lingerie. Once undressed down to our underwear Jared silently turned to his shopping bag full of goodies and carefully began laying the contents from the brown paper bag out on my bed.

The first thing he pulled from the bag and put on to wear was a very expensive appearing maroon silk bathrobe; then he brought out a couple of CDs, next a bottle of wine wrapped in a towel, then a cork screw, two stemmed wine glasses, two scented candles, a box of condoms, a couple bottles containing lubricant and body oil. There were a few other items that remained at the bottom of the bag that Jared did not bring out. I assumed that those were his toiletry items for later. Jared had definitely come prepared for a sleepover, and hopefully more.

Without a word Jared inserted the CD into the portable player on top of my dresser. He turned the soft romantic music on to an acceptable audio level for the occasion. He placed the box of condoms as well as the lubricant and oil on one the top of my chest of drawers for easy access later. He then placed the scented candles on each of the night tables and lit them. Using the corkscrew Jared popped the cork on the bottle of wine and then poured both glasses half-full before he said, "I hope you like Cabernet Sauvignon; it's all I had on hand, besides Cab is a good all around wine."

"I'm not much of a wine person," I said accepting the half-full glass of red wine Jared offered, "but I'll give it a try."

"Wine is much more romantic than beer," Jared said as the two of us held our glasses up clanking them together lightly.

"Ah," was my response.

As we concluded our toast Jared said in his most seductive tone, "To a most passionate evening together."

I sniffed my glass before taking a sip. The wine had a distinctive aroma. Jared flipped off the light switch, whereby the room took on a romantic air as the candles flickered emitting soft light and a beautiful sexual fragrance. Soft romantic music came from my portable player on the dresser. Jared then reached out grasping my hand in his, guiding me over to the chaise lounge in the corner of my bedroom.

A Solana Chaise Lounge bed that I'd bought at an estate sale a few weeks after moving into my apartment was the only item of furniture that looked out of place in my bedroom. My bedroom was furnished in a light brown Sensay Collection; a low Sensay bed, two Sensay night tables, and a low Sensay dresser. On top of the dress was a small television and portable CD player. Each night table had a lamp. The collection of bedroom furniture and chaise lounge filled the room. I used the out of place lounge more as a catchall for clothing and other stuff, more so than as a lounge bed for making out and foreplay; however, I'd cleaned it off before Jared arrived, and tidied up the entire bedroom. The big bed was made with fresh linens on it as if I was expecting royalty. My lover definitely knew what the lounge bed was used for; he turned around easing down into it first with his back against the chair back portion, spreading his legs apart, opening his robe, exposing his bare chest and crotch. Jared smiled at me giving me a come-hither look.

I stood next to Jared's right leg gazing down on his powerful looking fallow colored body. Even though the room was only illuminated by candle light I could clearly see the European features of his face as well as the smoldering dark eyes that looked back up at me. The dim light revealed prominent pecs, a well-developed abdomen, and the bulge beneath his white briefs. The hidden bulge in the front of Jared's briefs was pointing upwards the head towards his navel. The combination of the maroon robe and white briefs complimented his pale brown skin color.

With a slight tug on my hand Jared invited me to sit between his powerful splayed legs. He turned me around gently guiding me down so my bare back was against his bare chest. Once in his arms I brought my legs up onto the lounge and then he brought his legs up intertwining them with mine. He wrapped his free left arm and hand around my midsection as we settled into the loveseat together. By this time I was trembling with unbridled excitement. I had goose bumps all over my body and my heart was racing rapidly. I was being seduced by an older boy, not much older, but one who was much more experienced than me at foreplay technique and lovemaking.

I felt so damn inadequate in the arms of such a more experienced lover. I was so fucking na´ve when it came to foreplay and lovemaking. Roseanne and I had trouble trying to French kiss. Jared made foreplay seem so easy and natural between us. Phil and I had never been lovers; we were just crude jack off buddies. Ian and Jason, the two boys that I wanted to make love with back in May had dismissed me for whatever the reasons; maybe they recognized my lack of experience. Both get togethers were clumsy sexual sessions compared to what was taking place now in Jared's arms. He made me quiver with desire and anticipation. I wanted him more than anything in my life to that point. My cock had grown beyond its full length and girth as had Jared's; I could feel the firmness of his penis behind me, pressing into the upper portion of my ass crack and lower back. Oh My God, the wine was silky smooth; the music was soft and romantic, and the alluring scent coming from Jared's body was driving me wild. Jared knew I was his and I knew we were about to embark on a night of wild passionate lovemaking.

Jared began nuzzling my back in a most sensual manner, kissing me lightly on my shoulders and neck, as I melted into the seductive hold he had on me. As he nuzzled and kissed me with his soft lips I could feel his warm breath and aroma of the wine on his breath. I was moaning mercifully with each amorous touch, trembling with pure sensual pleasure as Jared caressed and embraced me. He slowly began working around to my ear lobe kissing and licking my ear where he whispered, "I want you so badly Randy. I've wanted you since the first time we met. I want to make love to you tonight."

I turned my head whispering in a dry voice, "Oh God Yes, I want you to fill me with your love tool baby."

"This is the real thing tonight Randy, are you ready to take things to the next level?"

"Hell Yes! I exclaimed.

"Don't back out on me," Jared said in a serious tone to his voice.

"I won't, I'm yours," I said as we engaged in another passionate kiss.

I knew my face was flush and my fate was sealed. I couldn't back out now, I had committed. I could feel the rosy glow in my cheeks; maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the foreplay, I didn't know and didn't care, I was in heaven, a state sexual bliss. At that moment I just wanted Jared to fuck me senseless. We continued engaging in some light kissing and making out before we took another long drink from our wine glasses. After a couple more sessions of kissing and sips of wine we emptied the glasses, setting them on the floor beside us. I leaned back into Jared's powerful arms pressing my bareback against his well-developed bare chest throwing my head back so he could continue kissing my neck. I could feel the fuzz on his chest and his heart pounding along with the warmth from his body. He smelled so desirous. Whatever it was that Jared was wearing combined with the pheromones coming from his body it was driving me wild with desire.

The lustful tenderness of his touches was such an incredibly sensuous feeling. He'd found my erect nipples and began fondling them tenderly, delicately rubbing and rolling the little pink buds around between his thumb and forefinger. My dick jumped with each manipulation, each touch. Then he would tweak the tips of them, scraping his fingernail across the tip sending uncontrollable shivers throughout my body. The little pink buds grew even larger and harder as my lover manipulated them while I moaned louder and longer under each tender touch.

"Those little pink buds are as hard as my dick ready to be sucked," Jared whispered in my ear, "and you're so very vocal."

"You can play with them and suck on them till they're raw and bleeding baby, but I must warn you that you can make me cum just playing with my nipples."

"Thanks for the warning, I'll try to remember that," Jared said.

Although I'd touched Jared's hard cock earlier, touching it through the fabric of his outer garment and underwear left much to be desired, I hadn't seen it yet. His manhood felt as though it was about the same size as mine, maybe a little bigger, but I felt that because of his ethnicity he was probably much bigger than what I had felt through fabric. I was really eager to get a good look at Jared's cock. But I knew that Jared was going to stretch things out before I would glimpse his manhood. I could feel it pressing into my ass crack.

Suddenly, I felt Jared's left hand disappeared from my hard nipple sliding slowly down my abdomen. As he moved down my stomach I was filled with anticipation as he moved his fingers around circling my navel and then slipping his hand under the waistband of my Tommy Hilfiger's. The fingers on his left hand began roaming around my crotch playing with my bush and balls at first; finally, grasping the base of my cock, while the finger and thumb of his right hand remained in place playing with my right nipple. Once again I was moaning and groaning loudly with each touch.

Before long Jared had both hands inside my underwear. He was fondling my balls with his right hand and lightly stroking my cock shaft with the soft finger tips of his left hand. Finally, the forefinger of his left hand found that supersensitive area below the glans: the frenulum. His forefinger lazily began tracing around the coronal ridge of my cockhead. Oh My God, that felt so fucking good. I was moaning louder with each tactile contact. I was working into a frenzied state, on the verge of an explosive orgasm.

"So, your cockhead is as sensitive as your nipples, and your balls feel as though there're full of man milk for me," Jared whispered.

"Oh Hell Yes! I exclaimed, "You can suck the man milk out of me anytime your ready baby."

"Easy big boy, we've got all night," Jared whispered.

A few minutes later Jared whispered in my ear, "I think it's time to go take our shower, so we can wash each other and explore each other's naked bodies."


"I believe taking a shower together is an essential part of foreplay; it not only stimulates the senses, but cleanses our body, making them pure and edible. That's why I brought along my favorite body wash: Irish Spring."

"Cool," I said as I got up from my front position on the loveseat, "come on let me go get that shower warmed up."

Jared got up retrieving the green plastic bottle of Irish Spring from the bottom of his brown bag, "We'll use this to wash each other, and then we'll drink another glass of wine or two."

"So, you'll get me drunk and have your way with me tonight," I said with a big smile.

"Pretty much," Jared replied, "we'll drink wine and make love all night if you'll let me. You've got tomorrow off and so do I, so let's go for it."

I kissed Jared again and said, "Let's go to the bathroom Baby."

As we walked to the bathroom I realized then and there that I wanted Jared to be the one to take me. He had worked for it and deserved it. I wanted him to deflower my virgin ass before dawn. With Jared trailing behind me I dropped my briefs, stepping out of them leaving them on the floor. Once in the bathroom I pulled the shower curtain back, bending forward at the waist I turned on the water. As I bent forward my ass cheeks spread apart exposing my vulnerable little pucker. I immediately felt Jared's hands on my buttocks as the head of his hard cock pressed against my brown eye; it felt like a bolt of lightening hit me, I didn't want to stand back up, I wanted him to take me right there and then.

I wanted Jared to penetrate my tight little bunghole with his hard cock. A cock I hadn't seen yet, but one I wanted inside me. I wanted him to fill my rectal cavity with his hard cock; however, he backed off, so I could stand back up. As I stood up and turned around Jared was standing behind me boned up stark naked. What a beautiful sight to behold. There he stood his well-developed brown body standing in front of me with a full blown erection pointing up in the air looking like a rocket ready to launch. I thought I could see his brown boner bounce with each heartbeat as mine was doing. He stood there proudly showing off his body with his hands on his hips and asked, "You like what you see?"

"Oh Hell Yes!" I exclaimed, "You're beautiful baby."

I inched closer to Jared running my hands down the front of his body, stopping at his well-developed pecs to titillate his brown nipples. My hand rested on his pecs as my thumbs rolled his erect nipples around. Jared let out a sigh of pleasure. I leaned into him kissing him as I continued manipulating his titties. I continued kissing his chest and licking his nipples until I finally said, "I can't wait much longer. I want you to fill my ass with that beautiful brown boner."

"And I want to fill you with it," Jared whispered.

I back up slightly so we were standing toe to toe, our cocks side by side touching each other. As we held and fondled each other's cocks we were also visually measuring them. I could see our reflections in the mirror. Jared's appeared to be about a half inch shorter than mine, but we were about the same girth. The head on my dick was bigger than his. Jared's deep pink glans tilted slightly upwards much like the impish nose on Pinocchio, Geppetto's wooden puppet. I was so glad Jared was circumcised. For some reason I prefer cut men over uncut men. There was a definite color difference between the deep pinkish colored glans, the lighter pink colored circumcision scar, and the darker brown coloring of his cock shaft. As I stood there looking over Jared's body I notice that he had a little patch of fine curly hair in the center of his chest and a dark treasure trail leading from his navel to the black bush at the base of his beautiful brown cock. Other than that his body was smooth and blemish free.

Jared broke the silence asking, "Is it big enough to satisfy you Randy? Is it what you expected?"

"Well, not really. I guess I expected a huge uncircumcised black snake, but I'm sure glad to see that you aren't what I expected you'd be. I am so thrilled you're cut. What about me, is mine big enough to satisfy you baby?"

"You bet," Jared responded, "I think we are ideally matched for each other in the dick department."

We stepped into the shower and I pulled the handle activating the shower head. The shower nozzle sprayed pelting our bodies with warm water. Jared was in the back of the shower stall squeezing a green glob of the Irish Spring from the body wash bottle onto a fresh washcloth. The body wash created a distinctive scented lather; it was very alluring, definitely a familiar scent. The scent from earlier on the chaise lounge that emitted from Jared's body. I made a mental note so the next time I was at the store to buy some. Jared took the lead as he began washing me slowly. He had me raise my arms in the air washing my arm pits. Then he washed my front bathing my chest and nipples. He paid attention to every crack and crevice in my body, washing my hard wand and balls till I had to tell him to lighten up. He turned me around to rinse the front off and began washing my back. As he did I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass crack, driving me fucking wild with anticipation.

Jared squeezed another glob of green body wash on the cloth and handed it to me, telling me to duplicate his actions. I washed his body as he'd washed mine. I turned him around facing me letting the shower run on his back. As I worked my way down the front of his body I squatted down in front of Jared's crotch getting a close up view of his genitals. I began washing his crotch area paying special attention to his hard cock. I grasp it moving it aside to get to his full nut sac. I washed between his legs cleaning his ass crack. I couldn't contain myself any longer; I'd yet to suck a dick, I couldn't resist the temptation presented. I grasp his brown boner with my right hand at the base as my mouth moved in on the pink knob.

I kissed the glans and then licked it with my tongue. I could hear Jared moaned loudly over the shower water noise. I then began swallowing Jared's five and half inches of hard cock. As more of it entered my mouth I could feel the tilted tip of his glans rubbing across the roof of my mouth. I managed to get about two thirds of Jared's hard cock into my mouth before I began to gag. I pulled back letting the tip of my tongue tantalize that super sensitive area at the bottom of the glans. I had read up and knew that the frenulum and corona were the most sensitive areas of a man's penis. Jared began moaning more as worked my tongue around his cockhead, so I knew I must be doing it correctly. Jared reached down and coaxed my mouth off his cock, bringing me back to the standing position and said, "What did it taste like?"

"What do you mean taste like?" I asked.

"Does my cock taste different than a white cock?" Jared asked.

"I dunno. I've never tasted one. Another black cock that is. In fact, I've only tasted one other cock in my entire life until now, that was Jason's back in May. Before that I never had a cock in my mouth; I wanted to many times, just too scared to do it."

Jared smiled at me drawing me into a soulful kiss. Once we broke free he said, "You can suck mine any time you want."

My new lover then proceeded to wash my ass crack washing it thoroughly. Once he was done he handed the washcloth back to me and then without a warning began easing his finger into my soapy asshole. When he first touched my pucker it made me jump. He asked me if his finger hurt, whereby I responded that it didn't hurt, but surprised me. I realized that Jared was exploring my asshole for fecal matter. He would find none; I had done my homework, suspecting that our meeting tonight might lead to anal intercourse I had performed an anal douche before Jared arrived. I guess I somehow sensed that Jared would take my buhymen tonight.

Finding me clean as a whistle Jared said in my ear, "A clean asshole, all the better to eat you my boy."

Oh Hell Yes Mr. Big Bad Wolf, I thought to myself, he's not only going to deflower me tonight, he's going to eat me out before he fucks me. A rim job; I'd read about them and seen a couple on porn flicks, and now I was going to experience one. I responded saying, "Oh yes, eat me baby."

I no sooner got the words out of my mouth than Jared spun me around pushing me against the far end of the shower bending me forward at the waist. He squatted behind me with the shower pelting water on his back as he got into position. Once positioned Jared begin tongue bathing my virgin asshole. He peeled my ass cheeks apart with his hands exposing my pucker. As soon as his tongue touched my sensitive anal opening I jumped, squealing with delight. I'd never experienced a feeling such as that before. Jared continued tonguing my asshole while I continued squealing. Finally, after a few minutes of intense rimming Jared got up and kissed me deeply. Our tongues dueled inside our mouths while our cock dueled much like swordsmen waging war.

Jared and I broke apart whereby he said, "Let's dry off and get to bed so I can have my way with you."

I turned the shower off, pulled the curtain back, and retrieved two bath towels from the towel rack. We dried off and then brushed our teeth before making our way to the dimly lit bedroom. I noticed that Jared kept his erection nonstop whereas mine would rise and fall depending on circumstances. Once in the bedroom Jared put on his robe and poured two glasses of wine. He seated himself on the loveseat bed motioning me to sit with him as before. I sat down sinking into his wonderful scented body as we wrapped our legs around each other's Jared threw his robe over me to keep me from getting a chill. We drank our wine in silence before Jared asked, "So, you want to do orals first or go straight to anal intercourse?"

"Hell, I'm up for anything sexual tonight. Take me I'm yours. Do with me as you please," I said to my newfound lover.

The time had come; there would be no more pretending, no more make believe play with rubber dildos, tonight was the real deal. As I looked over at the digital radio alarm clock on the night table it denoted the witching hour; the numbers indicated midnight straight up. I had until dawn to catch the midnight express, to be deflowered by my newfound lover. I couldn't wait for Jared to take my buhymen.

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