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Anal Awakening: Jared's Surprise

Memorial Day 2007 had come and gone; now it was time for my family and the country to get ready for Fourth of July celebrations as well as a visit from my older brother. Things had returned to a sense of normalcy at my apartment. I had seen my friends only occasionally since Memorial Day because of my work and summer school schedule. There had been no time for any intimate get together; however, I hoped to see more of my friends over the weekend of the Fourth. The twins were back from there visit with their dad enjoying their summer vacation; I'd only seen Jason briefly a couple of times since our one night stand in my apartment during the month of May. Ian was enrolled at college taking summer session courses. He was also working part-time for his uncle at the adult bookstore; therefore, we hadn't seen much of each other, only when I stopped by the bookstore. Sadly, when I did see Ian he acted strangely quiet and aloof since that night at the lake and the following morning in the drive-inn parking lot. My best friend Phil was off somewhere in Texas undergoing Air Force basic training, while my sister Janie moped around the house longing for him during his absence. My former girlfriend Roseanne was in Europe enjoying the summer there, I'd received a couple of post cards from her. Jared was the only one of my friends that I saw on a regular basis, mainly because we lived in the same apartment complex. He was working full-time racking up as much over-time as possible, saving his money for another year of college. I was supposed to have lunch with him today.

Jared and I met for our lunch date Monday at a local specialty eatery before I went to work. We initially made small talk at first discussing this and that. Finally, Jared asked me, "So, have you come to grips with your sexuality yet or you still involved in a mindfuck meltdown over it?"

"I'm not any farther along with that than I was a couple months ago."

"Have you read the two books I lent you back in May?" Jared asked.

"Yeah, a couple times over; however, I've still got a lot of questions."

"Did the readings give you a better understand of things?" Jared asked.

"I think I got a lot out of the books. Plus, reading them encouraged me to send off for a couple more books and read them, but I really need to talk to you about certain things. I haven't practiced any of the stuff in the books yet."

"So, you're telling me that your buhymen is still intact," Jared asked with a shit eating smirk on his face.

"Buhymen?" I questioned.

"Yeah, you still technically a virgin? You know, like your little butt hole hasn't been breached yet?" Jared asked.

"No, not been cornholed yet. Well, I still use the dildos to satisfy my anal desires," I said, "and still having those fucking nightmares about being ravaged anally by different guys."

"Have I been in any of those dreams?" Jared inquired with an inquisitive edge.

"Not yet," I replied.


"You know Randy; you'll know when the time is right for another man to make love to you anally, so don't jump into bed with just anyone to fulfill a fantasy."

"Maybe we could get together and set down sometime to talk about it, you know, on a more personal basis in a more private setting," I said.

"What about tonight?" Jared asked, "I'm off tonight."

"Yeah, I'm free after work too. I've got Tuesday and Wednesday the Fourth off this week, then I've got Friday and the weekend off because my older brother's in town, home on leave. My boss made sure my schedule would accommodate his leave time."

"Cool, let's plan on getting together tonight I've got tonight and tomorrow off," Jared said.


"Give me an hour after I get home and I'll see you at my place," I said.

"Sounds good," Jared said as we stood up to leave.

I grabbed the check and left the tip. We walked towards the front to pay the bill. The lady at the cash register asked me if I'd heard from Roseanne lately. I told her I'd received a couple cards from her and she sounded happy. Jared and I left the restaurant going our separate ways. I got into my Saleen Mustang and headed towards the television station. The afternoon went by fast, my mind was occupied with questions that I wanted answers to from Jared. As soon as the work day was over I was eager to get back to my apartment for my meeting with Jared. Normally, I'd stick around after work to pick up on anything I could from the older employees; however, today a little after five I left the television station on my way to the apartment complex. After using my entrance card to activate the gate I pulled the blue Mustang in and parked it in my cover stall. Once I arrived at my apartment I quickly moved to turn on my computer checking my vitals. There was nothing of any importance, so I shut the computer down and began to tidy up a bit. I stacked the two books Jared had lent me neatly on the glass top coffee table, so he wouldn't forget them when he left later that night.

Soon, there was the expected knock on my door. I opened the door to find Jared standing there smiling in casual attire looking very attractive with a special scent swirling around him. He had a brown paper grocery store bag in tow in his right hand. I invited him in asking if he wanted something to drink. He told me he could go for a cold beer if I had one. I checked and sure enough there were six beers still in the refrigerator; they had been there since Phil left for the Air Force. I popped the caps of the bottles and handed a bottle to Jared and kept one for myself. I then sat down on the couch with my legs pulled up underneath me beside my friend turned facing slightly towards him.


"So, what can I do or say to make you feel a little more at ease with yourself and your sexuality?" Jared asked after taking a long swig from the beer bottle as he turned towards me getting more comfortable on the couch.


"I don't know where to start, but here goes. First off, my biggest fear is being found out. You know, I'm scared of being outed. You know, I live and go to school in this town and my family is a big part of the community and all."


"Understandable," Jared replied, "but you don't have to worry about that if you watch yourself. Hell, only a couple handfuls of people know that I'm gay and my family doesn't live in this town."




"You know, it's not something that I advertise. I wouldn't have told you except we got into that conversation a few weeks ago," Jared said.


"I never would have pegged you as gay."


"See, the same for you. Whatever we do in our bedrooms stay in that room, and whatever we do behind closed doors stays behind those doors," Jared assured me.


"What we do," I replied cautiously and curiously.


"By we I mean individually, or if the two of us were ever to become involved sexually no one else will ever find out from me and I hope that I can expect the same discretion from you," Jared said very seriously.


I had not given too much thought to Jared and me as sexual partners until now. That was the problem with Ian and I, he wanted a long-term steady relationship, whereas I wanted to play, experiment before commitment. Jason also indicated that he was looking for a steady boyfriend. Maybe I'd invite Ian and Jason to the Fourth of July celebration at my parent's house and play match maker. My problem was I didn't want the gay label attached to me, at least not now. I didn't consider myself as gay, bisexual maybe, because of my attraction boys and thoughts about having sex with guys. I knew one thing for sure at almost twenty years of age I needed to resolve my sexual identity dilemma.


I told Jared that I was not into all the kissing and making out at first that I just wanted to get off; however, I had gotten more accustom to making out with Jason and Ian. Jared agreed with me that he had the same feelings when he was younger about kissing another boy. He told me that he and his friends back in middle school and high school played around only for sexual pleasure and release, no romantic involvement or kissing. He also told me that many of his friends from that era went onto marry and some already had children. I told him that I didn't think my family would deal well with the revelation that I was gay, or seeing me kissing a boy in public. Jared explained that he had the same fear about coming out to his parent's, but in the end it really bonded them closer together.

"Jared, I guess my biggest hang up and fear is being labeled as gay. Maybe it's because of the people I hang around with, you know, many of my close friends now are gay. Ian and Jason appear to be openly gay, you're gay."


"I don't label myself," Jared said, "I'm me. I just prefer to have sex with guys and have enjoyed it since I was a kid. I like girls and I've had sex with women. I just didn't care for sex with women."


"Wow, that's the way I feel too, but weren't you afraid of getting caught when you were younger having sex with boys?" I asked.


"I guess when you are young and dumb you throw cares to the wind and the hell with the consequences," Jared said.


We continued discussing different aspects of the gay lifestyle. We discussed the current movement in the media and in schools to ferret out young boys and expose them for having sexual relations. As the principle at my old high school told us at one of those witch hunt assemblies in his best Barney Fife voice, "Got to nip it in the bud. Don't want to be bringing up and condoning none of them homosexual perverts in my school."


The principle was an extremely right wing religious homophobe who was convinced that naughty young boys experimenting sexually would only lead to pedophilia and sex perversion later in life. He felt that he was doing the school and society a great deed by uncovering the deep lewd sexual secrets of the young boys early in their lives. Then once they were discovered it was off to juvenile justice system for counseling and rehabilitation. I was aware from an early age of the difference between some greasy smelly old fat fuck wanting to touch my private parts and my friends at school wanting to experiment sexually. However, as much as I wanted to engage in sexual experimentation with my young friends I feared being ratted out by one of them after the sex police grilled them to tell all. So, I kept my hands and naughty thoughts to my self. Jared understood how I felt and also thought that the schools and the so called sex police were going over the edge with their investigations. We both believed that pedophiles needed to be exposed and dealt with harshly, but not kids.


I told Jared now that I was over eighteen that I thought that I could really get used to the idea waking up every morning to a good blowjob to start my day. He laughed his ass off telling me that he thought he'd enjoyed that too, but it wouldn't happen in a heterosexual relationship. He explained to me from what he had heard and read that most women didn't care to suck a big fat dick first thing in the morning; in fact, from what his married friends had confided their women didn't care to suck a dick or engage in sex first thing in the morning period. He went on to say that he'd heard and read that women didn't care to take extremely large cocks in their mouths; to suck an uncircumcised cock, or have a partner ejaculate in their mouths. From my frigid relationship with Roseanne I was convinced that nothing but vaginal sex for procreation sounded very boring. I was a horny young man who craved sex and wanted it as often as possible.

Since my first blowjobs back in May I'd become fascinated by oral sex and wanted more. So our conversation immediately turned to Fellatio: giving head or getting a blow-job. Jared reaffirmed most of what I already knew or had read; that is most men love oral sexual stimulation, and many people, both women and men, like giving and receiving oral sexual pleasure. A blowjob is the act of applying the lips and mouth to a man's penis with the purpose of giving him pleasure. Jared assured me that there are few tips to giving a good blowjob and practice makes perfect. He went onto explain those tips, especially that the lips and the tongue are the major sources of stimulation, and it is with the use of lips and tongue that you apply attention to the glans to make him feel good. He assured me that both men and women respond well to pressure and rhythm. Jared also told me that deep throating was highly overrated in porn stories. As we talked I explained that I didn't think that I could enjoy giving a blowjob to someone like my cousin who had an extremely big dick uncut that was pierced with metal.

Jared totally understood where I was coming from about engaging in sex with larger than average endowed men. He stated that he didn't care to perform oral sex on larger men or be penetrated by a huge cock, but preferred guys who were average or below average size and circumcised. He surprised me when he said that, for him the perfect size dick for oral or anal pleasure was about five inches long and no bigger around than five inches. That got my attention in a hurry, making me feel great about my size. I was one of those average endowed males who many times thought that my under size endowment was not big enough to satisfy a sexual partner. I was becoming very aroused, so I changed the topic of conversation to my thoughts and fantasies.

I explained to Jared about the thoughts I'd had about my younger cousin David as well as the freaky incident in the pool house with my older cousin. We also discussed Ian, Jason and Phil. I needed to find out if something was wrong with me. I needed someone to confide in about things that were bothering me. Jared was a good listener and appeared to be that person I could confide in and trust.

"So, do you ever find yourself admiring a young boy, you know, a teenager? Wondering what he looks like naked?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm around younger teens at the high school and college PFLAG groups and there are times I become aroused when I'm around some of the boys," Jared said, "by the way there are plenty of straight people that belong to and support the PFLAG organization, in case you ever want to attend."

"I'll remember that. So, me thinking about what David looks like in the nude isn't that unusual?" I asked.

"I don't think so. Do you ever wonder about your younger brothers?" Jared asked.

"Hell no, that's gross," I said making a face, "besides I've seen them nude before."

"Why is thinking about your cousin not gross and thinking about your brother's is?" Jared queried.

"I dunno," I said, `cause I'm around my brothers a lot and my cousin I only see occasionally, he's so damn cute. Hell, I dunno why I think the way I do."

With that said Jared surprised me; reaching over he put his hand around my neck pulling me into him he began kissing me gently on the lips. We had been unconsciously been touching and playing with each others fingers while our arms were resting on the back of the couch. I was startled at first, but returned the kiss. I opened my mouth accepting Jared's tongue as I moved my body closer to his. We continued making out for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, we broke and came up for air.

"Why haven't we done this before now," Jared asked smiling at me, "is it because I'm half black?"

"Hell no, you know I don't judge people on the color of their skin. Well, in a way I guess maybe subconsciously it's about you being black, but it has more to do with what I've heard about black guys and the size of their tools than the color of their skin."

Jared laughed as he grasp hold of my left hand guiding it down to the front of his pants placing it in his crotch on his hard dick and said, "Does that feel like what you've heard about in all those porn books or seen in the porn videos?"

"No, not really. So how big are you?" I asked.

"Probably about the same size as you," Jared said as I felt him exploring my crotch with his free hand.

We began kissing again as we explored each other's crotches feeling the hard cocks hidden beneath the clothing. I liked what I felt and hoped that Jared liked what he was feeling.

A few minutes later Jared whispered in my ear, "I think we need to go take a shower where we can wash each other and explore each other's naked bodies. I believe taking a shower together is an essential part of foreplay, so I brought along my favorite body wash: Irish Spring. Let's get up and go take a shower. We'll wash each other real good, and then go to your bedroom where I'll open the bottle of wine I've got in my bag. Drinking some good wine will lower our inhibitions. I like to engage in a lot of foreplay before sex, so if all goes well we'll make love all night. You did say that you've got tomorrow off and so do I."

I kissed Jared again and said, "Let's go."

Jared picked up his bag he had brought with him when he arrived and we headed to the bedroom hand in hand to embark on a night of passion.



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