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Anal Awakening: Jason in My Bed and in My Head

Jason and I had fallen asleep in each other's arms early Saturday morning after he unexpectedly jumped my bones. I however was having problems finding peaceful slumber as I lay there next to Jason inhaling the fragrance from his beautiful male body. My mind was filled by thoughts leading up to our encounter down by the pool area. I was amazed by how quickly I had become enamored by the eighteen year old beauty. I had been totally captivated by his charm and sensuality. For some unexplainable reason I found myself sexually attracted to the teenager. Although Jason had flirted seductively with me a few times during the clubhouse party he had taken me by complete surprise with his sexually aggressive behavior once we entered my apartment just after midnight. I wasn't sure what it was about Jason that had so quickly lured me into bed with him, but there was one thing for sure, I was not getting any restful sleep thinking about it.

As I lay there next to Jason I wasn't sure how he had wormed his way into my head or where our relationship would lead, but I was sure I wanted to at least give it a chance to develop. After we jerked each other off to completion he now slept peacefully next to me, that wonderful pheromone aroma lingering. I wanted to know what was going on inside Jason's head. Did he want a one night stand from me or was he looking for something more long-term, something more meaningful? Or was Jason just another hot horny young teenager who wanted immediate sexual gratification much like Phil? Those questions and others were preventing me from some much needed sleep; furthermore, I needed to know which direction my sexuality was headed, where I stood with Roseanne. Deep down I wanted to pursue a secret meaningful relationship with Jason, but was he the right person at the right time for me? As I lay there next to Jason I knew I had to find the answers to the questions haunting me. Maybe a relationship would blossom and maybe it wouldn't; only time would tell. I looked over at Jason; he looked so innocent and sweet sleeping soundly next to me.

Jason was laying on his stomach his left leg pulled up lying bent at the knee across my crotch. His arm was draped over my abdomen, his hand resting on my right pec, and his head nestled on left my shoulder. I could smell his dark hair. I felt his shallow breathing and hot breath blowing across my left nipple. I could also feel my dick coming back to life. Suddenly, I awoke to sounds of the front door opening; it was about three in the morning as a dark figure appeared in the bedroom doorway. I pushed Jason off me easily onto his back as I watched the figure approach the bed undressing along the way. Silently, Phil crawled into the bed next to me and whispered, "Hey, you awake?" as he rubbed his hand over my naked body.

I whispered back, "I thought you weren't staying here tonight."


"I took your sister home and after a few kisses she went inside, so I decided to come back here and crash for the night after I stopped for a burger. I hope you don't mind. Scoot over I'm about to fall off the bed," Phil said as he tweak my nipple.

Phil knew that my nipples were my Achilles' heel. He continued playing with my nipples as my penis grew to its full potential. I knew from Phil's actions that he wanted some quick sexual gratification. He had been with Janie all night and in all probability she hadn't given anything up, not even a hand job. As Phil snuggled next to me he whispered in my ear, "You want to jack off before we go to sleep? I sure need to get a nut."

"There's another person next to me on the left," I whispered back to him.

"Who?" Phil asked a little louder as he lifted his head up trying to see who was next to me.

"It's Jason Phenix. He didn't have a ride home so he stayed here for the night."

I tried to ease Jason over more without waking him to make room for Phil on the bed. Jason sighed as I rolled him over onto his left side.

"Do you think he'll wake up if we jack off?" Phil whispered.

"I don't know, but we'll try it."

Phil and I rolled towards each other. As our hard cocks touching in the darkness, Phil let a sigh of pleasure. I reached down to begin stroking his dick and he began to stroke mine. Wow, I thought to myself, what a strange string of events was playing out. A few minutes earlier Jason and I were jacking each other off. Now it was my best friend and I jerking each other off with Jason asleep next to us in bed. I thought to myself, this is so surreal, but is this all there is to male on male sex? I made a bold move and whispered into Phil's ear, "You wanna suck my dick?"

"No," he whispered back, "just keep pulling my pud."

The two of us continued jacking each other off and then suddenly Phil exploded a powerful orgasm, strings of gooey spooge all over my stomach. Now I had both Jason and Phil's spooge spread across the front of my body. Jason's cum had dried and Phil's wet seminal fluid would soon dry. Phil quit stroking my meat after he had climaxed. I thought to myself what a narcissistic fuck; how rude was Phil to not finish me off when I had completed him.

Disgusted with Phil I rolled over easing up behind Jason throwing my arm over him, savoring the scent from his back and neck. Phil scooted up close behind me with his arm over my waist. I could feel Phil's warm body against my back and his hot breath on my neck while his limp dick rested against my buttock. Within a matter of minutes Phil was sawing logs nestled in behind me and Jason was asleep in front of me. I felt like the proverbial weenie in a hot dog bun coated with mustard and relish. Three bodies were about the maximum for my queen size bed. I finally fell asleep inhaling the manly aroma from the two occupants that I was sandwiched between.

When I awoke again about three hours later I could feel Phil's steel seven inch woody pressing against my booty crack. My erect penis was nestled nicely in the crack of Jason's ass. Jason slowly woke up turning around to face me. His left hand reached for the back of my head so he could draw my face close to his. He kissed me lightly on the forehead and face as our warm bodies met. I felt his body tense up as he whispered into my right ear, "Who's in bed behind you?"

"It's Phil. He climbed into bed about two or three this morning," I whispered back to Jason so as not to wake Phil.

"I guess I can't make love to you this morning," Jason said.

"Yeah, kind of puts a crimp in anything like that," I replied.

"I really wanted to give you a morning blowjob after the let down of last night," Jason said apologetically.

"No problem, maybe later," I said.

"If we by chance ever get together I hope you enjoy sex in the morning, because I sure do. I think I would enjoy waking you up every morning sucking your dick," Jason whispered.

"Oh Hell Yeah!" I exclaimed

"Quiet, you'll wake him up," Jason whispered.


We both moved closer together, our naked bodies' touching. I positioned my right leg over Jason's left hip and buttock to let him position his large hard hammer below my nuts between my legs while my erect penis lay sandwiched between our abdomens. The head of his cock was rubbing against my sensitive bunghole. My carnal desire was wishing he would fuck me right there and then. I wanted him to penetrate my virgin asshole with his manhood. We continued kissing each other for a few minutes before I asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Hell Yes! Do you want me to suck your dick or eat your asshole first?" Jason replied with a snicker.

"Let's take a shower and go down to the clubhouse for breakfast," I said.

"Can we take our shower together before we go?" Jason asked.

"That's what I was hoping you'd ask."

The two of us eased out of the bed without waking Phil. We closed the bathroom door behind us so as to reduce the noise and not wake Phil. I turned on the water then we both stepped into the shower. We began soaping each other's bodies carefully washing off all the remnants of dried cum from a few hours earlier. Jason stood behind me playing with my burgeoning nipples as I moaned under his tender touch. I could feel his large cock prodding at my soapy ass crack as if it had a mind of its own looking for an entrance. He reached down for my cock. Once he found it he began sliding his hand back and forth on the soapy shaft washing it as he nibble on my neck. Oh, how I wanted him to push his throbbing cock into my ass and fuck me right there in the shower.

He whispered in my ear, "I want you baby."

I turned around grabbing his head I drew his mouth close to mine and we began kissing. As our tongues dueled our erect cocks came together as we stood in the shower letting the warm water run down our bodies. We rubbed our groins together as our desire for each other grew by leaps and bounds. Suddenly, Jason whispered in my ear that he was going to suck my dick.

He slowly dropped down the front of my body grasping my cock, taking the head of it into his mouth. He kissed and licked my crimson knob before he began bobbing up and down on the shaft. Oh God, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I had never been the recipient of a blowjob before, but from the first instant Jason's lips and tongue touched my cockhead I knew wanted more of the same for the rest of my life every morning, every night, every day thereafter.

I was immediately hooked on oral sex. I ponder for a moment whether anal sex would be as pleasurable. Jason worked my manhood like a pro. His hands grasp at my butt cheeks squeezing them as his mouth moved back and forth on my hard cock. Within a matter of moments I felt that tingly twinge I would experience immediately prior to ejaculation. I looked down at Jason to tell him I was on the verge of cumming. All he did was wink back at me. My cock still lodged in his mouth I unloaded what was left in my balls into Jason's mouth. He swallowed as he continued to suck my cock. Finally, I had to push his head back to signal him that I was becoming too sensitive for him to continue milking my withering wand.

Jason rose from his knees, clasping both hands around my neck he smiled, and drew me close as he began kissing me. Our tongues met, I thought that I could taste some remnants of my ejaculate in his mouth. I could feel his hard dick prodding me, so I whispered in Jason's ear that I was going down on him. We changed places in the shower and then I went down to my knees to meet Jason's Johnson close up and personal for the first time. I grasp it with my right hand and gazed upon it. What a magnificent looking piece of manhood I thought to myself.


As I inspected Jason's beautiful hard cock I could clearly see it was a large one. I guessed it to be about seven inches long. About the same length as Phil's cock, maybe longer, but Jason was tightly circumcised and thicker than Phil. Jason's wet glans glistened a light purple color with a broad and blunt at the tip. Most of the cocks and cockheads I'd seen were round. Some tapered to the tip like a stealth fighter and some were domed much like a helmet; whereas, Jason's was kind of an oval shape with a blunt nose to it. The blunt nose of his oval glans swept back and flared out much like a bell with a darker band at the base of the bell bottom.

Holding the shaft of Jason's dick in my hand I attempted to get the large cockhead into my mouth. I held onto the shaft as I succeeded to get Jason's large plum colored glans into my mouth, but it was a chore. I was able to get the cockhead and about three inches of the shaft all the way in before I felt it bottom out in my mouth. I withdrew my mouth and began licking the big piss slit. The tip of my tongue explored the large urethral opening. I kissed and licked down the length of the shaft while I played with Jason's ample balls with my free hand. As I kissed his balls I heard him moan with pleasure. I was mesmerized by the size and beauty of Jason's cock.

I continued licking and kissing the monster as I played with Jason's balls, eventually taking one into my mouth I began rolling it around with my tongue. Jason sighed again as he grasped my head guiding me back toward the head of his cock. I knew he want me to finish him off and I knew his balls were full once again. I began working the magnificent looking cockhead. I concentrated all my efforts in the glans, tasting the precum that was oozing from the large piss slit. I could hear Jason moaning with pleasure as I prepared to finish him off. I felt his cock stiffen and his nuts rise up as he gave me the courtesy warning that he was about ready to cum.

This was something new to me I had never tasted another boy's cum before or never had another boy's cock in my mouth until now; however, I'd cum in Jason's mouth a few minutes earlier and he seemed to enjoy it. I made my mind up that I would accept his juice as he had mine. Jason's big Johnson exploded in my mouth with a force that nearly took my head off. He must have fired off at least half dozen rounds of gooey spooge that was pooling up in my mouth. I tried over and over again to swallow. Once I had finished him off and swallowed all he had to offer I got back to my feet to face him.

"How'd my stuff taste?" Jason asked with a big smile.

I replied, "Somewhat bland, but that was the first time I ever tasted another guy's spooge so I don't have anything to compare."

Jason's next question was, "My dick wasn't too big was it?"

"I must say that you are well endowed Jason, but I think I can work with the size as long as you don't want me to deep throat that monster. And again yours is the first cock I've ever sucked."

"I'm not necessarily into the deep throat thing. As long as you can work the head like you just did I'm totally satisfied," Jason said.

"For beginners I guess we did okay, but there is always room for improvement on our techniques," I replied.

"I know I've worked up and appetite for some breakfast," Jason said.

"Me too."

We rinsed and dried off before reentering the bedroom where we found Phil had slept through it all. We decided not to wake him. Both of us dressed leaving Phil sleeping as we headed for the clubhouse. Once at the clubhouse the breakfast buffet was in full swing. The clock showed a little after eight in the morning. We quickly spotted Jared and Kyle already seated and eating. Jason and I entered the buffet line. I decided to eat a hearty breakfast as did Jason. I knew it would be late afternoon before I would eat again. After signing in and paying for the meals we moved through the line to collect our grub. We walked over to where Jared and Kyle were sitting. They were almost finished with breakfast, working on the Danish pastry in front of them.

"So, how'd you guys do last night?" I asked.

Kyle spoke up with a big smile and said, "Same as your guys I suppose."

Jason and I smiled at each other not saying a word. Everyone was all smiles; it would seem that we all had enjoyed each other's company. Kyle reminded his brother that they had plans to go out of town with their father for the weekend, but they'd be back in town Sunday night. Jason wolfed down his breakfast while I played with mine. Kyle's cell phone went off; it was his dad reminding him of their appointment. He told Kyle that he'd meet the boys in an hour to be ready to go. The boy's finished eating and excused themselves to go meet their father.

After the boys departed Jared spoke, "So what do you think of Jason?"

"He's a really sweet guy. He stayed at my place last night as you know."

"Yeah, Kyle stayed at my place," Jared replied.

"So what's the 411 with the twins? You seem to know them fairly well?"

"Kyle is pretty much settled into the fact that he is gay and he's accepted himself and the gay lifestyle, but Jason appears a little undecided about his sexuality and is more vulnerable. So, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't prey on him and his vulnerabilities," Jared said.

I thought to myself, prey on Jason's vulnerabilities. Jared should have been around last night and earlier this morning to witness who was the predator and who was the prey. I didn't think that Jason needed any protection, but I wasn't going to say anything to Jared.

"So, you and Kyle got a thing going on?" I asked Jared.

"Were not romantically involved if that's what you mean. I'm more like his mentor; in fact, I mentor both boys. We've engaged in sexual acts so they are more proficient. They came to me of course," Jared said.

"So, you've mentored both boys?" I asked.

"Yes, in the ways of sexual behavior, conduct, and technique," Jared said across the table.

"Ah, the wise old master," I said with a wicked smile, "maybe you'll mentor me one of these days.

Jared returned my smile not saying anything. We both finished our coffee and pastry in silence. Before we separated I asked Jared if he was going to be at my parent's house for the party. He said that he had to work from ten until four, but if he got off early he'd try to drop by later. I assured him I'd try to save a piece of cake and some ice cream for him. I told him I'd let him lick the ice cream off my naked body. He laughed and thanked me in advance as he got up to leave.

After Jared left Phil came in and sat down. I gave him my card so he could go through the buffet line for breakfast. Once through the chow line he returned to the table with me.

He sat down across from me and blurted out in a somewhat jealous tone, "Did you and Jason have sex?"

"Does it really matter? I didn't ask you if you and my sister had sex."

Phil calmed the tone in his voice and said, "I was just curious, besides that's different. You know I been your best friend for years and I came in last night to the two of you both naked lying in bed."

"If you remember we sleep in the nude around here because of the heat and humidity," I snapped, "besides, if you had wanted to have any meaningful sex with me you've never showed it. You've had years to be with me sexually. Another thing, I got you off and you immediately fell asleep leaving me high and dry."

"Sorry about that, but I was tired," Phil replied.

"All you ever want is some quick down and dirty masturbation to get off," I admonished Phil, sounding like a silly little teenage bitch, "you've never wanted anything more from me."

Shit, the other day we did the thing with our butt cheeks," Phil shot back.

"That's not meaningful. That's just two horny Dudes gettin nut," I said.

"Well, I can show you meaningful sex if you want," Phil said, "I just don't want you think I'm gay."

"Hell, I'm not gay either. I just like to try new things; besides, you're leaving in a few days," I replied.

"What about this morning? We got all morning to do things. Let's go back up to your apartment and we'll just suck and fuck each other all morning," Phil said sarcastically.

"I don't want to force you into something that you're not ready for, and I sure don't want to be the one to come between you and Janie's relationship."

We left the clubhouse in silence returning to my apartment. After we entered the apartment Phil casually flipped on the television and flopped down on the couch in a sullen mood. I turned on my computer to check my e-mails. I had to keep Phil busy until the afternoon party at my parent's house. Maybe we'd engage in some sex and maybe we wouldn't, but things didn't look good thus far. The next few hours would decide where Phil and I were headed in our relationship. Maybe I should just not pursue anything sexual with Phil and concentrate my energy on Jason. Phil was my best friend and my sister's boyfriend, maybe I should leave it at that. In the short time I'd known Jason he was clearly more affectionate than Phil had ever been. He had quickly wormed his way into my bed and into my head.

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