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Anal Awakening: A New Car, A New Lover


The pre Memorial Day party had started at 2 PM sharp on Saturday afternoon and was in full swing when Phil and I arrived. Everyone appeared to be enjoying the great food and hospitality, all having a wonderful time. One thing I could say for my Mom and Dad, they knew how to throw a party. At least four times a year our house was the center piece for some type of celebration. Mom delighted in decorating our house for Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. Mom had her annual party at our house on Christmas Eve every since I could remember and then just prior to midnight services everyone walked to the big Presbyterian church down the street singing Christmas Carols. Dad threw the big parties for Super Bowl Sunday, Daytona Sunday and Indy 500 Sunday where the adults gathered around the big television set drank beer and cheered for their favorites. And Mom delighted in catering them all. As far back as I could remember our house was the hub of activity for all types of social gathering as well as family reunions and Dad's business entertainment.

Once Phil, the guest of honor, arrived the party officially began. Phil and I went through the food line to fill our plates as Dad grilled a couple of steaks for my friend and I. Mom and others had outdone themselves with two full tables of side dishes while Dad kept cooking the different meats on the big grill. Finally, Dad put down his grilling tools and got up on the deck to make the last round of toasts for the afternoon. He asked all to join in wishing Phil all the best on his decision to enlist in the Air Force. He also wished Roseanne all the best on trip abroad, and an early happy birthday to Janie and all other's celebrating birthdays during the coming summer. Then he asked that we all take a moment of silence to honor those who had paid the ultimate price for our freedom and liberty.

Dad made one last announcement. He suggested that we all adjourn to the driveway area because there was something of interest sitting there. We all trooped around to the front of the house in high-spirits where I stopped dead in my tracks. I observed the most beautiful Atlantic blue 2000 Ford Mustang Saleen convertible with the top down sitting in the big circular driveway. There was much oohing and ahing over the car sitting so prominently in the driveway.

"Wow Dad, cool car. Who does it belong to?" I asked wide eyed.

"It's yours if you want it son. Go ahead take a closer look; it's got only 32 thousand miles on it, my dealership took it in on trade last weekend. My used car manager wants to send it to the auction. He doesn't want the responsibility of it on our pre-owned lot. I wanted to show it to you before I let him send it to the auction to dispose of it. In fact, you can thank Phil and Janie, there the two that thought of you and brought it to my attention Thursday afternoon. They thought that it would make a great car for you."

Dad opened the door so I could slide into the driver seat of the custom Saleen sports car to try it on for size. The car came with a grey leather interior, high end chrome alloy wheels with low profile tires, and the full Saleen dress and performance package, all-in-all a very impressive ride. A smiling Ian along with Lisa eased up along the passenger side Lisa saying, "Wow, phat ride Randy."

I was overcome with emotion. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say to my Dad as I caressed the leather seats, steering wheel and dashboard looking it over. I'd never owned a car before. Dad interjected interrupting my thoughts saying, "Son, you never bugged me about a car while in high school. You never gave your mother or me any problems growing up; no gangs, drugs, or any trouble of any type. You just finished your first year of college with a stellar GPA. You'll start summer school and your internship at the television station in a couple days. I thought you deserved a small treat in your life an early birthday gift and reward for all your hard work."

"Wow, Mr. McGowan will you adopted me, please?" Ian asked humorously, "Must've cost a braw penny?"

"New back in 2000 the sticker on the unit was almost fifty grand," Dad said as he threw me the keys saying, "Take it for a ride, but don't let it get away from you."

"Anyone else want to go?" I asked.

Ian opened the passenger door for my more than eager two younger brothers Jerry and Terry. They immediately jumped in the back to go for a ride. I told them to buckle up. Phil stood smiling with his arm around Janie saying that he'd driven it earlier in the week so he'd already had his ride in it. I yelled to Roseanne to get in, but she blew me off. I offered a ride to Mom, Dad, and others. Seemed no one but the boys wanted to go with me for the inaugural ride. Ian slipped away from Lisa and slid into the passenger seat saying, "Fire it up, and let's go."

I started the Mustang goosing the accelerator a couple of times, listening to the deep throaty sound coming from the carburetion and exhaust. I immediately sensed the power under the hood. I slipped the gearshift lever on the console into first gear and let the clutch out. The car lurched forward almost stalling out. I quickly depressed the clutch pedal, gassed it, and eased the pedal out again. The car began to jerk forward a couple of times. I worked the clutch and feathered the accelerator giving it some gas to get the car moving easily. I needed some practice starting and stopping at first to get the feel of engaging the clutch pedal and accelerator. Once I had mastered that technique I took the entrance to the freeway. After a few miles I made the interchange exit, turning around and heading back towards home on the freeway. I noticed that Ian had been smiling at me the entire ride while the two young teens in the back squealed with delight much like kids on a roller coaster.

When I returned home I learned that Phil and Janie had slipped away for some private time together. The boys bailed out of the car and headed to the backyard. Ian and I got out inspecting the car a little more closely. Shortly, my Dad came around the corner of the house asking, "So, what'd you think of it son?"

"Dad, I love it, but I don't know if I can afford it," I said hugging my Dad.

"I'll take care of the insurance and maintenance. You take care of the gas and keep it in pristine condition. Oh, by the way keep up your grades and don't get any tickets driving it. I'm the lien holder on the title."

"I will," I said to my Dad as I hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek, "do you mind if I go look for Roseanne?"

"You kids go ahead have fun," Dad said.

Ian and Lisa broke away while I looked for Roseanne. I found her talking to my Mom. I told her that I wanted to take her for a ride. She replied that it would have to be a short one as she needed to get home to finish packing for her trip on Tuesday. We headed out the Interstate towards the lake. I attempted to reach over and hold Roseanne's hand, but she would have none of it; in fact, she admonished me to keep both hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road. I wanted to get Roseanne by herself to tell her that we were breaking up. I took the first off ramp to the lake and pulled into the parking area. There were a few other vehicles in the parking area and I could see people on the beach and boat ramp area. I turned towards Roseanne to tell her my feelings. As I turned towards her she blurted out, "Randy, I think it's time to break off our relationship."

I sat there a little stunned, but not totally shocked by her revelation. In fact, I was a little pleased that she was the one breaking up with me, so all I said was, "I don't know what to say."

"Just say you accept it and take me back to your parent's house."

"That's it. There's nothing more."

"That's all I have to say. I spoke to your mother before you came to take me for a ride and told her I would be breaking off our relationship today. I explained to her that we're just too young to become romantically involved. She agreed. I have four years of college ahead of me and then medical school. You're a great guy were just too young for anything serious."

"I agree," I said as I started the engine on the Mustang to head back to town.

Roseanne and I rode back to the party in silence. I was pleased that she had made the move to break up. Now I was free to pursue other more meaningful relationships. I was free; I had a new car, my own apartment, what else could a nineteen year old red blooded American boy want in life. I knew one thing for sure; I wanted to explore sex with guys, especially Jason and Ian, but that would have to wait. We arrived back at the party about nine and it was starting to break up. Roseanne got out of my new Mustang and headed to her car, not even a goodbye kiss. What an Ice Queen I thought as I watched her drive away.

The Ice Queen and I had been an item since high school. I deserved a goodbye kiss. When I got around to the backyard I noticed that Jared had arrived. He and Ian were eating, but Lisa was no where to be seen. My younger brothers and some other kids were in the pool playing Marco Polo. Dad was gathered with a group of men on the deck playing cards and drinking beer while the women sat around gossiping drinking sweet ice tea. I approached Ian and Jared asking, "Where's Lisa?"

"She had to leave about an hour ago she's due at work at eleven," Ian said.

"Yeah, and I gotta get goin as soon as I finish this great food. The hospital asked me to come in to work another shift tonight, "Jared said.

I got up to get a piece of cake, a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream and a soda before rejoining my friends at the table. Once seated we all began talking about different things that had taken place over the past few days. I thought about Jason and what he was doing. Eventually my younger brothers joined us at the table asking me when they would get another ride in the Mustang. I told them I'd take them out in it on Sunday. I looked around and noticed that most of the guests were gone. I got up to see if Mom needed any help cleaning up. She assured me that she and other helpers had kept up with the clearing of food and cleaning eating utensils. The tables and chairs would be picked up by the rental company on Tuesday so there was nothing much left to do. She did ask me take the big black plastic bag to the garbage can as I left.

While I secured the opening of the bag Jared approached my Mom thanking her for the invitation and hospitality. She told him that any friend of mine was always welcome. Jared departed for his shift at the hospital. Ian came up asking me for a ride home. We walked over to the table where my Dad and other men were still playing Texas hold `em poker. I told him that I was taking Ian home; however, I might be back later to drop the car off as I didn't have a parking permit for it at my apartment complex.

"See you boys tomorrow for brunch, remember it's a big day, Indy 500 race," my Dad said as he bid us goodbye.

Ian and I headed out to my new car to cruise around town. After we did a quick tour of town and the college campus I suggested to Ian that we take a run up the Interstate. He replied that he'd like to go someplace quiet where we could talk. I checked the gas gage and saw it was registering almost full, so I drove out to pick up the Interstate. As I pulled onto the Interstate I shifted into high gear dropping my right hand onto the console. In a few minutes Ian looked my way and easily slid his hand on top of mine interlacing his fingers into mine. I didn't know what to make of that move, but I didn't reject it.

Our hands clasped together we rode in silence through the darkness for a few miles. The top was down and the wind was blowing across the tops of our heads. Finally, I took the exit off the Interstate for the road that ran by the far end of the lake. After a few miles the sign appeared saying a mile to the lake entrance. I turned down the road to the park and found the parking lot deserted. I reached up and turned off the ignition. I tuned the radio to some softer music and turned in my seat facing Ian. In the darkness of the night he reached out putting his right hand at the back of my head pulling me close to him. I closed my eyes. I was scared about what was taking place until our lips met. Once our lips met we embraced and began kissing lustfully. Eventually, we broke the embrace and I asked Ian, "Wow, what does all this mean?"

"I like you. I like you very much and I hope you like me," Ian said softly.

"I do like you and I think that you are really a great guy, drop dead gorgeous, sexy as Hell, but what about you and Lisa?"

"What about Lisa? She's a great person and we've become good friends," Ian said.

"You mean there's nothing serious goin on between you two?" I replied.

"Were not romantically attached or anything, but I enjoy her company," Ian said, "what about you and Roseanne?"

"The Ice Queen and I are history as of tonight," I said.

"Now I wish I had made my move earlier letting you know how I fee about you `cause I've been attracted to you since the first day we met at my uncle's place," Ian said.

"You know, I've never been with a guy before," I lied.

"What about Jason?" Ian asked pulling me closer to him.

I lied and said, "He's just a friend as things stand right now."

Ian pulled me close and whispered into my ear, "I want you Randy. Would you like to give it a try, you and me?"

"I think so."

Ian whispered, "I want you as my lover. I want to make love to you every day and night, and I want you to make love to me."

I felt Ian's hand fumbling in my crotch, clawing and searching. My dick was already hard and I was sweating profusely. My heart rate had increased the instant Ian placed his hand on my hand earlier on the Interstate, but now it was racing out of control. We closed in for another lustful embrace while my free hand began roaming around his crotch area. Finally, I found a healthy hard-on hidden in his Levis. We manipulated and massaged each other's genitals beneath the clothing that covered our engorged cocks as we continued to make out.

At that point I was confused and filled with apprehension. Until last night with Jason I had never experienced feelings like what had happened and what now was happening. I was sweating, my ears were ringing and my heart was racing out of control. My body ached for Ian's touch. I wanted to get naked with him and I wanted him to fuck me senseless. I could feel his hot breath against my face and neck. I wanted to get closer to Ian, but there was no room in the front seat of the Mustang. I didn't have a blanket in the car and the back seat was too small.

"Don't make me wait to taste you," Ian begged softly as he stripped off my T-shirt throwing it in the backseat.

Ian buried his head in my chest and began tongue bathing my nipples. Oh God that felt so good; I was on fire with desire for him. I thought that he could probably make me cum if he kept titillating my nipples. We changed positions so I could take his T-shirt off and return the favor. I could feel with my tongue that Ian had nice size nipples that were erect and very suckable. He moaned with pleasure as I licked and sucked on them. Finally, we parted and got out of the car.

Once out of the car standing on the driver's side Ian began unbuckling my belt as we kissed. My cargos dropped to my ankles. He hooked his hands in the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down releasing my hard dick that sprung back slapping against my belly. He leaned in and whispered into my ear that he wanted to taste my dick. He dropped to his knees and had my dick in his mouth before I could say anything. Oh My God, his warm mouth and velvety tongue felt so good. His tongue worked the glans bathing my manhood with his warm saliva. I knew instinctively that Ian had performed oral sex before; he definitely knew how to suck a dick! He kissed and sucked my dick and balls for what seemed like an hour or so. After bringing me to the verge of an orgasm a couple times he released his mouth from my dick and stood up.

As soon as he stood up he leaned into me and began kissing me. He whispered into my ear that he wanted to bugger my bum. I began unbuckling his belt, dropping his Levis and drawers to the ground. I wanted him to fuck me; fuck me right there under stars of the night sky. Ian continued leaning into me, my bare ass backside against the car. We began grinding our hard bodies together our dicks touching. We nibbled on each other's ears, sucking on each other's necks and faces, moaning with pleasure as the sweat dripped from our bodies. In no time we both ejaculated on each other's stomachs as we stood there bumping and grinding against each other and the car in the darkness.

Ian whispered in my ear, "Baby that was so intense, but I want more. I want to bugger you so bad."

All I could say in response was, "Yes it was and I want you."

With our underwear we wiped and cleaned our bodies of the spooge, and then threw them in the backseat. Ian pulled his Levis back up and I pulled up my cargos. We got our T-shirts from the backseat and pulled them on. We got into the car and returned to town, holding hands with our fingers interlaced all the way back down the Interstate. I thought to myself, I'd never had another boy tell me that he wanted to fuck me with as much passion as Ian, but I sure wanted him to do it. I pulled into a twenty-four hours drive-inn to get burger and something to drink at the drive through window. Once we got our burgers and drinks I pulled out and found a parking spot. There was not another car in the parking lot. We sat there drinking our sodas and talking for what seemed like an eternity.


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