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Anal Awakening: Package Arrives

After visiting with Jared I walked back to my apartment with the two books he had given to me. They were safely secured under my arm inside a brown folded paper shopping bag. I was thankful Jared had taken the time to camouflage the two books about gay sex; however, there was so much to do in my life over the next twenty-four hours there was not going to be sufficient time to begin reading the books. As I entered the apartment it was vacant, so I threw the package on my computer desk and headed towards the bedroom. I needed to shower before going to my parent's home for dinner later and also needed some quality time alone to play with my cock.

Thoughts of playing with my penis were short-lived. Just as I pulled off my T-shirt and threw it on the bed the doorbell rang. I quickly pulled my shirt back on, heading toward the door as I did so. I looked through the peep hole to discover it was a Fed-Ex delivery person. I opened the door to a young man pushing a package into my hands, requesting that I sign for it. I signed and thanked him for the delivery. I was pretty sure I knew what was inside. A week earlier I had ordered two new rubber suction cup dildos from a website. I took the package into the kitchen to get a knife to open it.

Once the cardboard box was open my eyes fell upon two of the largest most magnificent looking dildos I'd ever seen or purchased before. The two new rubber dildos were each sealed in individual plastic containers. Both were beige in color with balls and suction cups at the base. I quickly cut open the protective plastic covering to get to the first of the two new realistic appearing rubber dildos. As I held it in my hands I thought, God, this is a magnificent lifelike looking brute. The larger appearing dildo of the two was a powerful appearing monster.

The total length of the unnatural beast was nine and half inches by seven inches circumference around the shaft. The oval shaped spongy head was broad and blunt measuring almost three inches in width. As I held the realistic appearing phallus in my hand I notice its hefty weight. Although I'd only held one other dick in my hands before, one not nearly as big, the rubber one in my hand was definitely heavier. My first thought looking at it was, how the Hell could an average person, man or woman, take something that large in their mouth or up their ass. I was amazed by its size and mesmerized by the details that made it so realistic looking.

The circumcised replica displayed every texture line on the cockhead. The urethral canal on the underside of the rubber dildo was huge, so big it could probably deliver a volume of urine much like a fire hose dosing a two alarm fire. The blue veins along the beige shaft bulged and were clearly visible. I could almost imaging what a cock the size of the one I was holding sounded like when the person it belonged to was peeing. I sat the whopper down on its suction cup base on the kitchen table as I prepared to open the second plastic container.

I carefully cut the second plastic package open freeing the rubber dildo inside; it was eight and half inches long, ranging from six inches of girth at the base to five and half inches of girth at the glans area. Both units were manhood replications of certain porn stars. With seven inches of insertable shaft on the second dildo it was thick as it emerged from a set of rubber lifelike balls and then became slightly smaller towards the head. Unlike the first dildo the second one had a smaller more natural appearing cockhead. Again, the shaft was beige in color with noticeable veins up to the circumcision scar. The glans was spongy and very pink -- a delicious looking knob.

Both of the new realistic adult toys looked and felt so lifelike in my hands that I wanted to try them out immediately. I wanted to suck on each of them first to see how much of each I could fit into my mouth without gagging. Then I wanted to lube up at least one to see if I was going to be able to take a large cock up my ass. Although I had never seen Ian or Jared's penis before, for some reason I was sure they were as large or larger than the rubber models sitting on the table in front of me. The largest rubber dildo I had taken up my ass thus far in my life was a five by five circumcised model, and that one had taken time.

Over some weeks, after much practice, I was finally able to impale my virgin asshole on the smaller dimensioned rubber dildo and butt plug I had purchased from the adult store, but never anything this large before. I was giddy with anticipation at the thought of playing with my new toys in the shower. I carelessly discarded the packing slip, plastic, and autographed photos, racing towards the bedroom with my new playthings in each hand. I quickly shed my clothing on the bedroom floor and dashed into the bathroom turning on the water for my shower.

As I stepped into the shower I noticed that my nipples were already erect and my dick was at half mast, growing rapidly. I slammed the two suction cup dildos onto the wall of the shower stall about the same height as my mouth. I began soaping them up, cleansing both thoroughly. Once they were clean to my satisfaction I grabbed the largest with both hands. Oh My God, I could not close my hands completely around the shaft. The big broad pink cockhead protruded past my fists tantalizing my visual senses enticing me to wrap my lips around it. I leaned forward attempting to insert the huge glans into my mouth. I quickly realized that this was not going to be an easy task.

The spongy pink cockhead was as big as my open mouth; my teeth drug across the rubbery head. I knew it was going to take some getting used to and practice to be able to devour the monster cockhead. I opened my mouth as far as I could to accept the giant cockhead and the accompanying pain in my jaw hinge was noticeable immediately. Finally, after a little work I managed to get just the cockhead in my mouth with no room to work the head with my tongue. After a few seconds my jaws began to ache from the pressure of my wide-open mouth around the huge knob. I quickly pulled my mouth off the huge donger to relax my jaw muscles. As I eyed the monster there was definitely trepidation about taking something so huge up my ass.

I wondered how the Hell porn stars that I had read about and viewed were able to take instruments so huge up their asses. How could they deep throat a dick that size; moreover, how the Hell could an individual get any oral or anal pleasure from a dick that size. I was sure that the larger phallic log on the shower wall in front of me would split my ass much like a person using a ten pound splitting maul to split a chunk of oak firewood. I knew immediately that I would not attempt any anal penetration using the larger dildo, but use the toy with the smaller cockhead first.

Although my reading about anal sex had assured me that it was not uncommon for people to take larger items such as arms and fists up their ass easily I wasn't convinced. I wasn't sure I could or even wanted to take anything that large up the bum. I remembered back to the first time I inserted my finger in my ass that it was a little painful for me. I was fifteen the summer when I first discovered the pain and then the pleasures associated with finger fucking my virgin asshole. I had been jerking off in the shower on that sultry summer morning the first time I tried exploring my rectum with my digit.

I had soaped up and began fingering the area around my rectal opening. I first noticed how pleasurable it was to just touch and rub the area around my asshole; it tingled with pleasure, so I ventured to insert my middle finger into the tightness of my pucker. I was immediately struck by a little pain upon trying to insert the digit therefore I quickly withdrew it. I continued exploring my asshole, but each time I would insert my finger I would withdraw it at the slightest pain.

After reading more about anal sex on the Internet I knew that I had to overcome the pain and push forward. So, the next day while in the shower I pushed my soapy finger in and held it in until the pain subsided. I then inserted more of the middle digit and began to enjoy the sensation of finger banging my ass. As I tantalized my asshole I began fantasizing about being fucked up the ass. I realized at fifteen that one day I wanted to take a dick up the ass, just to see what it would be like. I would have to wait until I entered college and had my own apartment before anything like that would happen.

The first dildo I purchased was small phallic replica, about the length and girth of a hotdog; it was a red battery powered vibrating model. After much fondling and playing with my new vibrating dildo I learned to enjoy it on a nightly basis. From the small red one I moved onto a larger five by five flesh colored rubber dildo, and then I purchased a four inch by five inch phallic butt plug. I began to enjoy the sensations of the butt plug so much that I would insert it in the morning and leave it in for a few hours while I went about my business. I would also lube it up inserting it before I turned in for bed of a night; it felt so good going to sleep, dreaming about Phil filling me instead of the rubber butt plug. I would awaken to the pleasure of a rubber dick filling my ass. My only wish was for it to be the real thing.

My thoughts returned to the dildo stuck to the wall of the shower with the smaller cockhead. I thought that it would fit nicely, anally or orally. After a few moments stroking it I began licking around the exposed head of the rubber dick. Like the previous one there was a taste of rubber to the toy, but nothing I couldn't get over. I began swallowing the slightly curved shaft further inside my mouth until the glans was rubbing the roof of my mouth at the back. I notice that I had only managed to get about half the length of the toy in my mouth before I had to stop. I pulled off eying the beauty apprehensively, wondering how guys in the stories were able to take eight or nine inches of cock down their throat all the way to the base. I put my soapy hands around the circumference of both monster cocks and began jacking them off.

As I continued eying both monsters stuck to my shower stall wall I began lathering up my body paying special attention to my genital area and ass. I moved the smaller dildo down the wall about asshole level. I soaped up my chest and began playing with my erect nipples as I slowly backed my ass up to the soapy dildo on the wall. I began tweaking my nipples tenderly, watching my modest looking cock by comparison jump each time I tantalized each little erect pink bud on my chest as I backed up further on the dildo.

Ah, damn it felt so good to play with my nipples. I had accidentally discovered as a young teenager that my nipples produced erotic feelings within me when I played with them. My nipples were so very sensitive that on occasions as I lay in bed of a night I would ejaculate from nipple play alone. I would put a little lube or spit on each nipple and began playing with them dreaming that it was Phil or my girl friend playing with them. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. Then I would tweak them with my finger nails simulating Phil's teeth lightly biting them. After a time my rock hard cock would begin erupting as if it were a volcano erupting its lava onto my chest and stomach. I would then scoop the spooge off my body with my finger and feed myself the succulent juice, savoring each finger full, wondering what Phil's cum might taste like.

Although I had never tasted Phil's cum I wanted to taste it those times we jacked off together; however, Phil never had anytime for post sex play. He was only concerned with one thing, getting a nut as quickly as possible, and then it was over. Oh My God, I was in heaven daydreaming about being fucked. I wasn't sure who would take my cherry now that there was no chance it would be Phil. I had dreamed about Phil fucking me at first and then Ian recently, but now as the warm water cascaded upon my body Jared appeared in my daydream. While I stood there trying to work the head of the new dildo into my ass I reached around grasping the cheeks of my ass spreading them apart ready to receive. I bent over slightly at the waist and finally, it happened, the head popped past my outer sphincter ring into the pocket between the outer and inner ring. The pain associated with initial entry was like a lighting bolt had struck me in the ass sending searing pain throughout my rear area. I wanted to pull off immediately, but knew better.

I stood there drowning in pain waiting for the sting to subside. After a few moments I began pushing back against the phallic rubber toy again and felt the head pop the rest of the way into my anal cavity. Once again the pain was breath taking. I had to stop for few moments to let the pain ease as I stroked my soapy hard dick. Finally, the pain in my ass subsided and feelings of pleasure set in as I continued jacking my cock. I fantasized that Jared was fucking me savagely while Ian fed his cock into my mouth. I furiously whacked my wang. After a few more minutes of jerking off, my manhood exploded in a powerful orgasm spewing forth streams of spooge splashing onto the shower curtain.

Once the earth shaking orgasm was over my dick began to deflate as I slowly pulled my asshole free from the rubber dildo. There was a little pain as the head of the rubber dick exited my ass. I stood there weak kneed and exhausted from the experience. Then I remembered the last thing Jared had said before I departed his apartment, don't do anything with anyone until you finish reading both those books. I wondered how much experience Jared had with anal sex. Something I would surly explore later on, but now I had to get ready to go to my parent's for dinner and once dinner was over come back for the going away party.

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