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Anal Awakening: Revelations

I finished my morning shower, dried off, dressed quickly, and then cleaned up the mess in my bedroom. I stripped the soiled sheets of the bed, throwing the bed linens in the hamper. I grabbed my backpack and cell phone before closing the door and exiting my apartment. I stepped outside and new immediately it was going to be another hot humid day, standing at the bus stop my cell phone rang, "Hello."

"Randy, this is Phil what's up, where you at?"

"Dude, I'm standing at the bus stop in front of my apartment complex talkin to you."

"Forget the bus. Meet me at Denny's for breakfast; I got something important to tell you."

I closed the cell phone and began walking up the street to Denny's; it was only two blocks away. I still had over two hours to kill before I had to be on campus for my first class. As I walked up the street I began pondering what Phil needed to tell me. As I walked into Denny's I spotted Phil in the booth waving me over. I sat down and asking my best friend, "So, what's the hot 411?"

"I'm leaving for basic training next week."

"Basic training for what?"

"I joined the Air Force National Guard and I'm leaving for Texas to undergo basic training next Tuesday morning."

I sat there in the booth at Denny's dumbfounded at Phil's announcement. We had both started college together with goals of getting our degrees, not quitting before our education got started. I wanted to be a journalist and documentary film maker, and after graduation Phil wanted to go to Hollywood be a director and producer of films. Neither of us had ever discussed any type military service as an option, and both of us were completely against the bullshit going on in Iraq. From our previous discussions neither of us supported the American occupation of Iraq; in fact, I had done a couple of articles on the war in Iraq for the campus newspaper, and one of them had been picked up by the local newspaper. We both felt that once the war was over in 2003 and Saddam Hussein's regime had been toppled we should have gotten the hell out of Iraq and let the Iraqi people sort things out and settle matter's of state themselves.

"Dude, you know after training you're gonna be sent to Iraq and possibly killed."

"No way. The National Guard unit I'm joining has never been alerted for deployment overseas or anywhere according to the Sergeant who signed me up."

"Not yet they haven't," was the only sensible come back I had for his lame ass no way comment, "You don't suppose the guy may have lied to you?"

"The Sergeant said the unit is some type of communication company that deals with photography, audio and video productions, you know all the stuff I want to do. He made it sound so cool, and he also said that if the unit ever did get alerted the only place we'd go is to a base here in the states."

"So, you gonna finish this last week at college and party down before you head off to soldier land?"

"Oh yeah, I'm finishing my classes this week. I'm gettin "A" and "B" grades in all my courses. Then next Tuesday morning I report to the NG headquarters where they'll send me to Texas for basic training and advanced schooling."

"Okay," was the only answer I could muster after Phil's comment; needless to say I was stunned by his early morning announcement. If you don't mind me asking what made you decide to go into the National Guard?"

"You know, I'm just bored with college. I'm tired of taking all the fuckin useless courses that I've had to take this year."

"Dude, don't you understand that next year that'll all change. This is the freshman year; a year devoted to getting the prerequisite courses out of the way. Starting next year we'll be able to start taking courses towards our major."

"Yeah, I know, but I want to do some hands on stuff. You know, working with all the equipment in the production booth, cameras and lighting, all the neat stuff. The Sergeant told me that after the advanced school I would be able to work doing all that stuff in the National Guard unit."

"I guess I understand, but sure wish you would have stuck it out and finished college."

"Ran, I going to come back and finish college. I just needed a break. Do you mind if I crash at your place on and off for the rest of this week and weekend?"

"Naw, but don't you think your folks want to spend time with you before you leave?"

"I doubt that they'll even miss me. Mom drinks and Dad hasn't said shit to me since high school. He just stays at work."

I knew Phil's parents and they never impressed me as caring loving parents. His Mom is what I call the Martini Mom. She gets up in the morning fixes a Martini for breakfast and continues drinking them the rest of the day. By late afternoon she is pretty much knocked out. Phil's Dad is a successful entrepreneur in town and is always at his office or on the road working. Neither of them paid much attention to Phil during his younger years. He spent much of his developing years at our house. My parent's were more like a Mom and Dad than his. Deep down I truly felt sorry for him.

"I think we should get some beer and get together with some friends this coming weekend and party down. You know, a big send off for the gallant warrior going off to war."

"You know, this ain't the days of old that we studied about in history. I'm just going to be gone for about six months to some Air Force training post in Texas and then I'll be back here to finish school. I'll probably only miss a semester. I just need a break, and now I want to spend my last few days with you and your family before I leave."


Our breakfast specials arrived. Without another word we dug in and began wolfing down the food and drinking our juice and coffee. As I ate and watched Phil eat his food my mind raced with thoughts of what might transpire between the two of us in the next few days. Maybe those nightmares I'd been having about Phil and I having hot steamy sex together would come to fruition before he left for Texas. As my mind raced wildly about real sex between Phil and me I was getting a hard on. All we had done in the past was to compared and touch each other's cocks. The dream sequences of Phil fucking me were so very life like; his seven inch cock would fill my ass.

I especially enjoyed the dreams where he would take me missionary style, sliding his well-lubed uncut seven inch cock in and out of my asshole, taking his time slow fucking me until he exploded inside me with an earth shattering orgasm. He would slowly ease his schlong inside me as he stared deeply into my soul, and then withdraw it slowly until I could feel just the bulge of the glans against the inner ring of my rectum. Sometimes he would stop and squirt some more Astroglide on the shaft of his dick and my ass, and then he would slowly push forward again. He would repeat the process for what seemed like hours of blissful ass fucking.

He would stop on the up stroke and settle down lying on top of my body, moving his mouth towards one of my hard pink nipples and begin licking and sucking on it. I truly enjoyed the velvet feeling of his tongue and soft lips working on my nipples, something that drove me absolutely wild with desire. I never tired of that phantom touch and enjoyed feeling his cock as it would piston back and forth inside my rectal cavity. And then once he exploded inside me with one of his powerful orgasms he would gently lay on top of me with his soften cock still inside me. He would kiss me and nibble on my ears and neck telling me how much he enjoyed my body and fucking me.

I snapped back to reality, "Ran, what's wrong?"

"Nothin, I was just thinking about you bein gone for the next few months. I won't have my best friend around.

"Hey, we both got cell phones and we'll e-mail each other."

"Yeah I know. I guess I'll just have to see you in my dreams."

"Damn, now you're soundin all gay and shit."

As I sat across from Phil that morning I wondered seriously if I was gay. I sure wasn't making any headway with girls as far as getting laid. Seemed that the only time I was getting fucked or fucking anyone was in my dreams. I was getting tired of waking up totally exhausted after those nightmarish fuck fests in my head. I was also tired of sucking and getting ass fucked by my rubber dickeys stuck to the shower wall. They were fine for practice, but I wanted the real thing. Why did I want to taste a real cock or feel a real dick in my ass, and not taste real pussy or fuck some real pussy?

"Dude, you know I ain't gay, but I am horny," I said to Phil.

"Aren't we all."

We finished our breakfast specials, paid the bill and were back on the street. Phil asked me if I wanted a ride to school. I accepted and we rode to school in silence. What was there to say; in a few days my best friend would be gone. Phil let me out in front of the communication building and then pulled away to find a parking spot. I went about my day attending classes and talked to my counselor. Finally, Phil and I met up in the afternoon.

"Ran, want a ride to your apartment or home?"

"Dude, why don't we go to my parent's house for the afternoon? We can go swimming and you can stay for dinner. Mom's fixing beef pot roast for dinner tonight."

"Sounds like a plan to me, especially the beef pot roast. Then we can head back to your apartment and drink a couple beers before we turn in, if you don't mind."

"Already called Mom and told her you'd probably be coming for dinner."


Once we arrived at my parent's house the younger kids were all running around the backyard enjoying the pool, and Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Phil and I got into some swim wear and headed to the pool. After a few minutes in the pool we got out and sat down at the poolside table. My fourteen year old brother and fifteen year old sister were sitting nearby snickering. "So what's up with you two juveniles?" I asked.

"Janie found a photo of Harry Potter on the Internet last night," Jerry said snickering.


"The photo shows him nude front and back," Jerry continued snickering as most fourteen year olds would.

"You two are prevs," Phil said humorously.

"Yeah," I agreed.

"Bet you want to see it," Jerry said.

"Maybe later."

"You know Janie and me thinks he looks a lot like you on the top half bro and Phil on the bottom half."

"How so?" I asked

Janie spoke up saying, "He's got your dark hair styled like yours. Plus he's got your totally ripped upper body and pink nipples too."

I blushed as all eyes were staring at my bare chest, "So, a lot of guys have dark hair and ripped bodies."

"But not many boys have a set of buns and have a totally cut back like yours," Janie said.

"Jerry spoke up saying, "but he's not circumcised like we are."

Janie and Jerry continued snickering as I blushed. Phil said that he'd seen me naked many times before so what they were discussing was not new to him. Phil confided that he was the only one who was not circumcised in the crowd. Of course, with that revelation the two younger teens snickered again, "Yeah, we know Phil."

"Sounds like a pretty revealing photo that needs viewing," Phil said.

We all got up and went into the house up to Janie's room. She turned the monitor on and opened the folder labeled Harry Potter and click on the first JPEG and sure enough there was a photo of young Daniel Radcliffe with his arms reaching for the sky revealing his nude backside. Boy, did he have a very nice looking set of buns in the photo. Janie clicked on couple more photos of Daniel. He sure had matured since the days of Harry Potter. Finally, there he it was a full frontal nude photo of Daniel standing in front of a white horse.

The photo revealed a very well-cut abdomen and torso of Daniel, showing his nipples full pink nipples, and a definably uncut cock hanging about four inches soft over his balls. He had dark hair on his chest with a nice dark treasure trail that started above his innie belly button, tracking down to a nice full dark bush around the base of his thick cock. I took mental snapshots of Daniel and stored them in my mind so I might compare his beautiful physique with mine later on that night.

"I must say that when I saw Daniel in the Harry Potter films I surly didn't imagine his body looking that good undressed."

"Ran, ooh man, that sounds so gay," Phil said.

"Yeah Randy," Jerry chirped in.

"Not so, Randy just appreciates a good looking body like I do," Janie swooned staring at the naked image on the screen.

"Hey, Jerry and I are going to leave you two to ogle over old Danny's naked body while we go swim some more."

"Yeah, see ya," Jerry replied as the two left the room.

Janie and I sat there in silence viewing the full frontal nude photo of Daniel Radcliffe that was on the screen, "Do you really think my body is as buff and cut like his."

"From the waist up that is definitely your physique. From the belly button down that is Phil's physique,' Janie said.

"How do you know what Phil looks like nude?" I asked somewhat surprised.

"Oh for Christ sake Randy I not some prude; I've seen Phil nude before, and I've seen him with an erection."

"Oh really?"

"In fact, I can tell you what his dick measures out at."


"Yep, it's seven inches long and five and half inches in diameter, bet you didn't know that about your best friend."

"Well, I..." I was at a loss for words. I knew exactly how big my best friend's dick was, but I sure wasn't going to say anything to my sister.

"Hell, Randy I'll be sixteen in a couple of weeks. I'm not a na´ve prepubescent little girl anymore. I've grown up since you moved out."

"So, have you and Phil gone all the way yet?"

"No way! I've just given him a couple of hand jobs while we made out. No intercourse or oral sex. I just jacked him off."

"So, are you two an item or going steady? When did you two develop this odd relationship?"

"No. Were just very close friends. You know, a casual relationship that began this past year."

"Don't sound so casual to me. You know, jackin a guy off ain't casual."

"Whatever," was Janie's reply. "If you are so damn close to your best friend why didn't you know he enlisted in the Air Force and is leaving for Texas next week?"

"He told me today. He said that he wanted to get away for a while; get away from his parents, and explore new things in life. I thought he was my best friend, but it looks as though you two have confided in each other more than Phil and I did this past year."

"I think you have just been so totally wrapped up in school that maybe you two have not had the personal and quality time with each other that you two did in high school. Maybe I took over that spot in his life."

"Yeah you're probably right. Sure is a surprise to learn that the two of you have played around sexually."

"Nothing serious big brother."

Janie and I took a few more moments discussing Daniel Radcliffe's sexual attributes before she turned off her computer and we exited her room to join the others out by the pool. I didn't know whether I could ever look my best friend in the eye again after my sister's revelations. About the time we joined the others poolside my Dad was there, home from work. He had dressed in his swim attire and had his after work beer in his hand. He sat the beer down on the table and dove into the pool. He swam for a few minutes until Mom sounded the fifteen minute warning for dinner. He got out of the pool grabbed up his beer to finish it off only to find it was already empty. He looked at me as if to say he didn't appreciate me drinking the cold beer he had placed on the table. I looked at him and said, "Dad, I didn't want it to get warm and go flat."

"You owe me a cold beer buddy," my Dad said.

We all went into the house to put on shirts, wash up, and seated ourselves at the table. I noticed that Phil and Janie sat next to each other. Normally, Phil and I would sit next to each other and had for years. Mom served dinner, saying that she had baked a strawberry rhubarb pie for desert. Everyone dove in and polished off Mom's delicious pot roast and a few of us went for seconds. There was nothing left when we were done eating. Mom was a great cook and baker; in fact, Dad had said that she should have opened a restaurant or catering service, but she was satisfied to cook for her family. Phil always enjoyed eating with our family. His Mom didn't cook, so most of the time it was fast foods at his house.

After dinner Phil and Janie quietly slipped off to a movie, while the rest of us helped Mom clear the table and eventually ended up out in the backyard swimming. The day had been filled with startling revelations.


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