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Anal Awakening: Race Day, A Sunday With Dad

The drive from my apartment to my parent's house gave me time to reflect, pondering my present predicament. That is, I was in a quandary about my sexual identity. The question was did I want to have sexual relations with a man or a woman? I wasn't sure getting married and children was in my immediate future. I was glad that Roseanne had broken off our relationship that made a big difference. I was sure of one thing; I wanted to at least experience sexual relations with a boy before choosing one lifestyle over the other. I wanted to test the waters before making a commitment about my future and my sexual orientation. I knew my parent's would not be happy with me bringing a boy into the family mix, introducing him as my lover, my domestic life partner. Today was a day, hopefully, to set aside all the extra baggage that had been burdening me, so I could spend some quality time with my Dad and other family members watching racing on television. As I entered the house I heard the big screen television tuned to the Indy 500 channel with surround sound blaring.

I quickly peeked into the family room to see who all was there. My uncle Tom, Dad's younger brother, and partner with him in the new Toyota store was there along with his sons, Jimmie and David. Jerry and Terry along with David were all on the floor wrestling around being kids. I didn't see Jimmie in the mix of teenage boys, but he was a little older at seventeen. All the cousins had done a big sleep over after the party last night. Apparently, Mom and the other women already left for church services. Before making my appearance in the family room I detoured into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and apple fritter pastry. Once I secured my breakfast I returned to the big family room where Dad and the other men folk were sequestered. Dad looked up and said, "Looks like this race may get rained out today."

"How's that?" I responded.

"Indianapolis weather says the forecast is for rain and heavy rain at that before completion of enough miles to make the race official," Dad said as I sat down next to him on the big couch.

Dad threw his arm around me pulling me close he asked, "How's that Mustang holding up, still in one piece?


"You didn't come back last night. I figured you'd come back and stay here overnight after you took your friend home. Your brothers and cousins were expecting you."

"Naw, after driving around Ian and I stopped at an all night coffee shop to talk. Before we knew it the sun was coming up so he wanted to go home. I took him to his uncle's and I went to my apartment."

"Glad you're enjoying the car son."

"Yeah, I love the car. Thanks Dad. You're the best Dad in the world," I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

"You deserve it," Dad said.

We all settled back to watch the pre race activities and introduction of the drivers. I finished my coffee and pastry, however once the race started my mind began to wander. I thought about what a great man my Dad was; he was my hero, I admired him totally. After my grandfather died Dad had committed to taking care of my grandmother until she passed away, all the while finishing his MBA. Dad immediately assumed the reigns of grandfather's faltering automobile dealership after his death, building it into one of the biggest in the region. All of that while raising his family after he married Mom. Dad had my life planned out to duplicate his, something he hadn't been able to do with my older brother.

Dad broke my thought pattern and said quietly, "By the way your brother will be here for Fourth of July. We found out last night. So, looks as though we'll be having another party shortly."


"He's taking a couple weeks leave time before heading over to Afghanistan with his ranger company," Dad said.

"Man, I wish he didn't have to go to those shit hole places and risk his life for those people," I said.

"It's the life he's chosen son."

"I know, but those jerks in the Middle East hate us, yet we go over there to fight their war and protect them."

Dad didn't reply. He hated to get into an argument about politics with me. His attention was riveted to the race on television. I hadn't seen my brother in a couple of years, so it would be good to see him once again. Although my older brother was a junior he was his own man; an adventurer, a real competitor and risk taker in life. We shared a room for a while until he went off to college and then the Army. I remember seeing him naked many times in our room. He was blessed with a large frame with huge arms and legs. I was spellbound by the mass of black hair in his crotch as well as on his belly and chest. The size of his cock and balls were enormous. A thick flaccid cock that must have hung six inches long, well over his nut sac. I never saw him boned up, but knew he probably went at least eight inches and the thickness of a beer can when erect. I fantasized about stroking it to full erection while he slept, but never had the courage to touch it.

I never saw my big brother's flag pole at full mast because I was scared of him finding out that I was curious. So, I remained content to watch him stroll around naked with his big cock swinging back and forth, slapping the insides of his huge thighs when he returned from the bathroom to dress after his shower. He showered at least twice a day, sometimes more often. He played football, boxed and raced motorcycles during high school and college. I loved the musk scent that hung to his body when he came back from an activity to shower. I clung to him much like a second skin as a young boy; however, that all changed after he went into the Army.

After completing college he entered the Army where he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant out of OCS. From there it was onto Airborne and Ranger school before he was assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment where he'd eventually command a platoon as a 1st Lieutenant in Afghanistan on his first tour of duty. This trip he was a Captain who would command a company. He had already earned a combat jump star for his jump wings, CIB, two purple hearts and a Silver Star. I was sure in my mind that he was certifiably insane or he carried his balls around in a dump truck. Dad knew from an early age that my brother would not be tied to a desk working in the family business. He planned to make the Army a career, that is if he lived that long.

Dad interrupted my thoughts again asking, "So, where's Ian and the other boy that you were sitting with last night? I thought for sure Ian would be interested in the race being there's a Scot driving."

"I think Ian is catching up on some shut eye and Jared worked last night and this morning. Maybe they'll show up later this afternoon."

"I sure hope so `cause we got a lot of leftovers from the party that need to be eaten," Dad said, "by the way, where's Phil? Normally, he'd be sniffing around your sister like a dog after a female dog in season, Dad said humorously.

"Well, the dog is at my apartment lying on my bed passed out. Apparently he is worn out from sniffing around Janie all week. By the way where's she at?" I said.

"Your sister went with your Mom, your grandmother and others to church," Dad replied.

"Phil said he'd be here later, but he'll probably sleep till afternoon. I'm sure he'll show up in time for food," I said.

"So, you gonna give David and Jimmie a ride in the new car, Ran?" Jerry asked looking up from where he was on the floor.

"Sure, as soon as the race is over we'll all go for a ride."

I gazed down at David lying on the floor; he was the spiting image of his Dad except for the blond hair and ice blue eyes. He took after his mother's Scandinavian heritage for those traits. David was a good looking kid with a great looking muscular build for his age. He was going to be a lady killer in a couple more years. Unlike Jerry and Terry, David didn't have a once of fat on his body. He was a very well-built boy from years of competitive swimming since early childhood; whereas, his older bother David was skinny as a bean pole with not much in the way of any muscle bulk. As David lay on his back looking up at me from the floor I found myself becoming sexually aroused wondering what was hidden beneath his shorts.

The boy was my cousin for Christ Sake why was I thinking about what his genitals looked like. I felt like a pervert thinking about him in that way. I was having some very strange dreams and fantasies the past few weeks, now they were starting to worry me. Still I continued to visualize how the thirteen year old boy might appear in the nude as my snake began slithering down the pant leg of my cargo shorts. Did he have pubic hair yet? Was he circumcised and what did his glans look like? How big was he? David smiled back up at me as if he knew exactly what I was thinking, or maybe the snake's head was peeking out. God, I had to rid my head of these unwarranted thoughts about my cousin.

"Where's Jimmie?" I asked trying to change directions.

"The dickweed's probably out on the deck," David said.

"Watch your mouth young man," David's Dad admonished.

I was becoming restless watching the race, so as soon as my rod relaxed I got up, excusing myself. I thought I'd take a look out back, maybe even go for a swim or relax in the spa. As I got to the deck there was my lanky teenage cousin Jimmie sprawled out on one of the outdoor chaise lounges. Wow, what a fucking freak show I thought to myself. Jimmie was dressed in black. From what I could see he appeared to be probably six foot three to four inches tall, but weighed only a buck and quarter, half at most. Jimmie's finger and toenails were painted black. His face and ears were pierced; his lips were black, his hair was multicolored and spiked, typical teenage Gothic appearance. I hated the look.

"So, Jimmie, not interested in watching the race with the rest of the family?" I asked in a somewhat big brotherly tone.

"Naw Dude not interested. I just wanna get the fuck out here and back to my man so I can suck his dick," Jimmie said.

"Your man? Suck his dick? What the fuck," I responded somewhat in shock.

"Yeah, you know like my boyfriend. You know, we blow and fuck each other all the time," Jimmie said as he fished for a cigarette.

"So, you're gay?" I asked somewhat reluctantly.

"Shit yeah. Been gay since I was like five or six years old."

I wasn't sure if Jimmie was trying to shock me with his act or what. Jimmie was my uncle's son by his first wife; therefore, the family didn't get to see too much of him. His mother had been into drugs for years and was probably under the influence of chemical substances when Jimmy was conceived and during gestation. His dad would bring him occasionally to family activities and gatherings, but that was about the only time I'd see him. He'd changed considerably since I last saw him.

"So, how'd you discover that you were gay at five or six?" I asked somewhat skeptically.

"Shit man, the sight of a dick turned me on the first time I saw a hard one. And like I sucked my baby sitter off when I was eight," Jimmie said nonchalantly.

"You sucked an older guy off at eight years old?" I asked in a somewhat shocked tone, "that's a sex crime.

"Well, he wasn't a man. He was thirteen and it was consensual. He taught me to six-nine and a year later he fucked me when I was in the fifth grade, Jimmie said without skipping a beat as he took a drag off his cigarette.

"You got fucked by your fifteen year old baby sitter?" I asked more skeptical than ever.

"Shit yeah. He lived next door so it was easy. Hell, we got together all the time for sex until he graduated. He had me producing cum when I was eleven and half," Jimmie said.

Needless to say, I was in a state of disbelief and shock by my cousin's revelations. I had no idea. Here my cousin was telling me intimate details about his gay sex life. Damn, I thought to myself, did homosexuality run in my family? I couldn't believe that a kid as fucking ugly as Jimmie could have a lover male or female. I secretly wandered how Jimmie could give a good blowjob with all the hardware in his face, especially the barbells impaled in his lips and tongue. I wondered if he had anything pierced in the genital area. I'd seen guys with nipples pierced and heard about guys getting their peckers pierced.

"Just curious you got any other piercing on your body?" I asked a little squeamishly.

"Shit yeah. My nipples, navel and dick," my cousin said lifting his shirt exposing navel and nipple piercing as well as various tattoos, "I'd have to drop my shit to show you my dick Dude."

"I've never seen a pierced dick."

"You wanna see mine?" Jimmie asked.

"Well, not right here, but maybe someplace a little more private," I said.

"What about the garage or the pool house?" Jimmie asked.

I told Jimmie the pool house was best bet. Jimmie got up from the chaise lounge. We walked to the pool house. By this time I was becoming very apprehensive. Once inside my cousin wasted no time dropping his black trousers and underwear to the floor exposing his genitals. I winched in pain as I stood there in total amazement admiring the kid's dick. Not only looking at all the piercing ornaments embedded therein, but at the size of it. My cousin clearly had the longest flaccid penis I had seen in my life. His uncircumcised cock must have hung at least eight inches limp, but was skinny like him. Maybe the thickness of a broom handle.

Jimmie grasped his limber limp member in his hand raising it so I could get a better view of it. He held maybe four or five inches of it at the base in his hand with another four or five inches drooping over his fist limply exposed. From where I stood there were five barbells that I could see pierced through the droopy monster. The circular barbell at the tip made my penis retract like the head of a turtle into its shell; the barbell was pierced through the urethral opening and came out the bottom in the frenulum area, the most sensitive area of the penis. I was feeling faint as I listened to my cousin explain to me the entire how, when, where and why he got all the hardware nailed into his body. All the time his cock never got hard. I couldn't understand how a person could get their body tattooed or pierced; however, I'd heard and read that males who were circumcised were in essences mutilated by the process.

The articles I'd read on the Internet written by the folks who supported the movement against routine infant circumcision cited many of the drawbacks of RIC. I found them to be mostly bullshit. The feelings of the anti-circumcision community were that this process was a form of torture and mutilation. The anti-circumcision advocates believe that there is no good reason for male circumcision; furthermore, they say that a male will never have feelings or true sensitivity if the hood of the penis is stripped away leaving the glans exposed. They maintain that the circumcision process leaves a male scarred for life, physically and psychologically, due to this painful and harmful process.

As far as I was concerned circumcision had not been a painful or harmful thing for me; moreover, I was glad my parents had it done immediately after I was born. Hell, I don't even remember the surgery happening. I never experienced any pain from my circumcision and the head of my cock was still super sensitive. So, I just wrote the whole circumcision argument off as ultra left wing liberal bullshit. I felt that a circumcised cock was the most beautiful thing about a male's genitals. Besides, I had heard back in high school that many of the girls wouldn't perform oral sex on uncut guys.

"So, what ya think about it?" Jimmie asked jarring me back to reality.

"You definitely got it done," was the only response I had.

I kept staring at the limp dick waiting for it to become erect. Jimmie had "This fuckstick's for you baby" tattooed just above the pubic hair line and had a star tattooed on the top of the shaft about midway down. There were other tattoos on his abdomen, chest and legs. This guy was a walking fucking freak show, I thought to myself.

"So, what about you Cuz?" Jimmie asked.

"What about me."

"You got any tats or piercing?"

"No, nothing," I responded meekly.

"So, you gonna show me yo shit? I mean you seen mine, let's see yours," Jimmie requested rather emphatically.

Oh shit, I was dead meat. I didn't want to be embarrassed by showing my younger cousin my cock that was half the size of his; however, as I prepared to drop my cargo shorts Mom yelled, saving me, calling us to the house. Jimmie pulled his pants back up as we exited the pool house to see what Mom wanted. Exiting the pool house Jimmie told me that I owed him a look sometime. Mom and the others had returned from church, and the race had been put on a rain delay. Everyone had gotten hungry, so Mom and the other women were getting things out to prepare for lunch. Dad was going to fire up the grill to start cooking meat.

I walked over to Dad asking, "What we got to eat?"

"Either hot dogs or burgers."

"No chicken breasts or steaks left? I asked.

"None that are thawed out. So, what were you and the freak talking about," Dad asked.

"Nothin, he was showing off his tattoos and body piercing."

"I sure hope that you never get involved in any of that stuff," Dad said looking at me in an admonishing way.

Dad had a way of communicating with his eyes and looks. My cousin didn't impress my Dad or Mom. They felt that Jimmie had not been parented properly as a youngster and was sure to end up in prison before he was twenty-one. Although my uncle had tried his best to be involved in raising Jimmie his ex-wife fought him every step of the way. And his current wife didn't want Jimmie around to contaminate her son, David. The whole thing was a very touchy situation and subject for all parties. The rest of the day I distanced myself from Jimmie, eventually his mom picked him up after we ate.

Jared showed up in time for lunch. I tired to call Ian, no answer. I wondered what Jason was doing. Phil finally arrived and he and Janie sat together eating quietly. Finally, by the time the NASCAR race started all the leftovers had been consumed and we began to move inside. Slowly everyone interested in the race drifted back into the family room to watch the race on television. Mom fixed some veggie snacks as well as chips and dip for the race. After the race started Jared and I excused ourselves to the deck to watch the race on the outside television and talk.

I needed someone to confide in about things that were bothering me since I last saw Jared. My thoughts need to be sorted out. I need some direction and guidance.

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