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Anal Awakening: Surprises

Sometime after midnight Thursday morning Ian and I finally tired of conversation. We bid each other goodnight and then rolled over on our backs seeking some much needed sleep. First light Thursday morning was going to come quickly and it would be a busy day for us. Ian appeared to drift off to sleep easily, almost immediately, but I found it hard to find any peaceful sleep. The thoughts of a stunning looking Scottish lad lying next to me, plus the scent emanating from Ian's freshly scrubbed body was titillating my olfactory senses and keeping me from the land of Nod. Instead of falling asleep I found myself fantasizing about the boy with the beautiful body laying next me; fantasizing about him making mad passionate love to me, making me scream with ecstasy as he fucked me. I desperately wanted to see Ian in a full state of undress; moreover, I wanted to see what his rock hard cock looked like, but more than anything I wanted him to fill my awaiting ass with his engorged manhood.

I was not having any luck getting to sleep; furthermore, so far in my life, I didn't seem to have any luck scoring with women despite my good looks. I was nineteen; never been laid, and totally confused about my sexuality. For some unexplained reason my thoughts and dreams of late revolved around making love to another guy, not a girl. That night my thoughts were of Ian fucking me. I had been plagued by past dreams and fantasies of Phil fucking me and of late Daniel Radcliffe ravaging me. Handsome men fucking me in those lustful dreams; surreal fantasies I had been experiencing and awakening from drenched in sweat almost every night. For the life of me I couldn't understand my desire to have my ass filled with a long thick hard cock.

Throughout my young life I'd been taught that the act of cornholing another man was an unnatural act. In fact, any sex with another of the same sex was unnatural and not condoned by the church or society. I knew that many times once one was labeled as a homosexual that label meant the man or woman was many times ostracized by family, friends, and society as a non conformist. I didn't want to be considered a nonconformist, sex offender, or pervert. My sense of being was very conflicted with what was morally and socially correct and the reality of what I really wanted. All I knew was that I enjoyed the great feelings I experienced with a dildo up my ass; moreover, now, more than anything, I wanted to experience the feelings of a real dick sliding in and out of my ass.

All the literature I'd read indicated that if done properly anal intercourse should not physically injure me nor leave psychological scars; however, the act of anal intercourse was considered taboo by our society. I had learned that unlike vaginal sex where the female produces lubricant the rectal area produced no lubricating fluids. I had read that lubricant was paramount for having good anal sex. I had bought a little of this and that types of lubricants at the adult bookstore to experiment with; however, I found that I preferred Astroglide as my choice of lubricant. I currently used and found Astroglide satisfying while finger fucking myself and when using my dildos. Sadly, I had yet to experience any real oral or anal sex with another human being, but for some unexplained reason I wanted to do it, and do it soon. The only sex in my life was the mechanical sex using my hand or another's hand.

Masturbation by hand was the extent of my sexual experience and pleasure. Phil and I had never ventured beyond comparing cocks and jacking each other off a few times. As I lay there beside Ian I realized that I'd always wanted more from Phil than friendship, but I never had the courage to approach him for anything more. Now that Phil was dating my sister and joining the Air Force I was confident that I'd made the right decision not to pursue anything further with him. I couldn't understand why I was so hung up on having sex with my male friends, why did I desire to engage in sex with a male lover and not a female love interest? Did I need professional help?

I had considered seeking out counseling regarding these issues of unnatural sex with men instead of women. I came to realize that morning before I could ever consider my self a true heterosexual, gay, or bisexual individual I would have to experiment; experiment with both female and male lovers. I knew that I would have to be extremely careful around Ian because of my feelings for him, but I sensed that he might be gay or maybe bisexual. Whatever his station in life I made the decision that morning to let Ian make the fist move. He would have to approach me making the first move, if he was going to make one. I was conflicted about which one I wanted to take me first, Ian or Phil. All I knew was that I wanted one of them to take my virginity and wanted them to do it sooner than later.

After meeting Ian on Wednesday and becoming acquainted I was faced with a real dilemma as far as our friendship. I'd immediately sensed a special closeness with Ian. The first time we touched hands in the adult store I thought I felt something strange pass between us, a strange feeling, maybe a feeling of an intimate connection. As we looked at each other I sensed our gaze made a special connection; a connection with my soul, a connection that might eventually lead to the two of us becoming more than friends, maybe lovers. I had a desperate desire for Ian to take me and make love to me.

As the first rays of sun entered the bedroom I felt something warm on my left shoulder and a weighty item on my stomach. A little surprised I looked down and saw Ian's hand resting on my abdomen. Sometime during Ian's sleep he had rolled over on his stomach with his face close to my left should and arm while his arm and hand came to rest on my midsection. I lay there feeling his warm breath on my shoulder and his arm on my stomach not wanting the moment to end; however, after a few minutes I decided to wriggle free to get up and blow off my early morning piss hard-on. I got into the shower letting the warm water cascade down my body. I stroked my hard cock thinking about Ian. Eventually, I spooged and then pissed on the shower floor, watching the yellow stream flow down the drain. As I was rinsing the shampoo from my head I heard the sound of someone urinating in the toilet next to the shower, and then I heard Ian say, "Ran, will you leave the water running for me?"

"Yeah," I responded hoping to get my first view of his manhood.

I finished showering and thought for sure I was going to get a glimpse of Ian's nude body. As I exited the shower Ian was no where around. As normal after exiting the shower I wrapped the towel around my waist. I wiped the steam off the mirror as I prepared to shave and brush my teeth. Ian entered the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He passed behind me silently dropping the towel from his waist hanging it over the shower curtain rod and stepped into the shower. In the mirror I caught a brief glimpse of his backside; he did have a well-defined back and buns. After we finished dressing for the day I suggested that we go down and enjoy a continental breakfast at the apartment complex clubhouse.

The clock on the wall showed a little after eight when we exited the apartment for the clubhouse where they served breakfast. I signed in and signed Ian in as my guest paying four dollars for the two of us. Ian filled his plate with fresh fruit and ordered an omelet. I had fresh fruit of the season and cold cereal. Once we finished eating we got coffee and sweet rolls to finish the meal. We settled in talking among ourselves about the day's activities. Every once in a while one of my fellow apartment dwellers would stop by saying hello. I would introduce Ian them and give a brief explanation that he was here from Scotland to attend the university. One of my fellow apartment dwellers, a student at the university decide to sit with us to get further acquainted.

I could see by her look that Lisa had more on her mind than breakfast and idle morning chit chat. She was flirting with Ian big time, making a play for him. I was immediately jealous of the young biracial girl. Lisa's ethnicity appeared to be Asian and European a very stunning looking girl. My cell phone went off; it was Roseanne. She wanted to let me know that Mom and Janie had invited her and her family to the Saturday dinner party. I told her I really wanted to see her before she left for Europe. So, Roseanne would my date for Saturday afternoon's dinner party. After I hung I noticed that my friend Lisa was still hitting hard on Ian, so I suggested that Ian escort her to the dinner party at my house on Saturday, thereby inviting her. Before Ian could accept or reject Lisa accepted saying, "I'd love to come to your party, Randy, and be Ian's date."

"Well, it's not my party; it's a surprise going away party for Phil and also a welcome to America party for Ian."

"Sounds cool and I will be honored to have our new friend from Scotland be my date at the party on Saturday," Lisa said.

While Lisa and Ian talked I called my Mom to inform her that Ian would be bringing a date to the dinner party. She acknowledged an okay.

I excused myself saying, "Lisa, Ian and I have to get going. We've got a full schedule ahead of us today."

The three of us parted company at the clubhouse. Ian and I headed for the bus stop. We rode to the college campus in silence. Once there I started the tour of the campus by showing Ian where the bookstore was, the snack bars, student union and all the other places of interest on campus. Ian said he'd like to go by administration to check on his class schedule and make sure everything was in order for his summer classes. After we checked things out at administration I ran into some friends from the Communication Studies Department. These were students majoring in my major Media Communication and Journalism. I introduced Ian and we all start gossiping about one thing and another. He was asked questions about the major saying, "Media Communication sounds like an interesting major."

After about an hour of visiting and conversation about the Media Communication major Ian suggested that he needed to check in with his uncle. We caught a bus that stopped close to the adult bookstore. As we entered the store we were eagerly greeted by Ian's uncle. I went over to the counter to tell Mike what was up for the weekend with Ian and me and ask if he and his family would care to attend the party on Saturday. I told him that I was having a party on Friday for Phil, so Ian would probably be staying with me throughout the weekend. He told Mike that he had a date for Saturday with a girl who lived in my apartment complex, to which his uncle gave the lad a mischievous nod and wink. Ian wanted to stop by his uncle's house to pick up is toiletry bag and some clean clothes for the weekend. Mike told Ian to meet him back at the store so he could ride home with him when he closed.

We left the adult store and headed to the local bicycle shop. Ian wanted to check out mountain bikes. So, for the rest of the afternoon we just walked around browsing the bike shop and other stores in the area. I asked Ian if he wanted to head over to my house for dinner or just get something quick to eat locally. We decided on burritos at Taco Bell for a fast dinner. I called my Mom to let her know that we would not be there for dinner. She reminded me of my obligation to keep Phil occupied Saturday. About five in the afternoon we headed for the local Taco Bell. When we arrived there was a group of kids I knew from high school and college, the skateboard group.

The Skater Dudes were a very colorful group and used their own language to express themselves. The skaters had their own special vocabulary and expressed themselves with special physical appearance and dress. I had gotten to know the skater Dudes through Phil. He was somewhat of a skate boarder, but not into it in a full blown way. After we finished eating and chatting with the group Ian suggested that he needed to get back to his uncle's store. We caught a bus and made the short trip to the adult store.

When we arrived at Ian's uncle's shop I bid Ian goodnight and told him he was welcome to stay at my place any time. He said he'd see me for breakfast tomorrow about eight or nine. The sun was dropping below the horizon in the west causing a beautiful orange sunset. I walked back to my apartment. Once inside I gave Phil a call. He answered telling me that he'd just finished taking the last load of boxes to the storage facility. He asked if he could bring his bags and spend the night with me. I told him that he was always welcome. I booted up my new laptop to see how easy it would be to work. After a few minutes I had become familiar with the new computer and its operating system. About ten Phil showed up and appeared really down, so I closed the lid on the notebook so we could talk.

I asked, "So, what's up, Dude."

"I guess I'm having second thoughts about leaving for Texas," Phil said, "so where's what's his name?"

"It's Ian and he's staying with his uncle tonight," I said with a terse reply.

Thursday had been a busy day and I hadn't gotten much sleep Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I suggested that if Phil wanted to watch television or listen to music to keep the sound down. I was going in to take my shower and going to bed. I left Phil on the couch and proceeded to take my shower. No sooner had I stepped into the shower than the shower curtains rustled. Phil surprised me as he stepped naked into the shower behind me. I look around to see Phil with a semi hard-on entering the shower behind me. We had showered together before jacking each other off while showering, so it was not big thing, just a couple of horny teenagers helping the each other out.

I heard Phil asked, "You don't mind sharing the shower with my do you? You know water conservation and all."

I smiled back over my shoulder saying, "When the hell have you ever worried about any type conservation, your just horny tonight and want to have a jack off session to get off."

Phil smiled back and eased up behind me pressing his hard cock between my butt cheeks so the tip of his dick was nudging my scrotum. He then reached around taking hold of my hard cock and began stroking my soapy cock with his chin resting on my shoulder.

"I thought that you and my sister were an item now? Isn't she taking care of your sexual needs?" I asked.

"We've been dating, but that's as far as it has gone between us. Your sister is still a virgin just like you; I've not screwed her," Phil said.

"That's good to know. She's only fifteen and you're nineteen, four years her senior," I said in an admonishing tone.

"She'll be sixteen in a month and we're just good friends for now. I'm not going to do anything sexual to her, at least not until she's eighteen. You have my word on that," Phil said seriously.

"So she's not giving it up and now you're standing here behind me in the shower horny poking me and stroking my cock. What gives?" I asked.

"You got it, I'm horny and I thought we could help each other out tonight. You know, like old buddies do."

"What've you got in mind? Don't I need to turn around facing you if were gonna jack each other off?" I asked.

"Naw, just stay the way we are for a while. Do you like the feeling of my cock pokin your butt?"

I was surprised by that comment and was at a loss for words. Phil had never wanted to go further than mutual masturbation in the past. Now it appeared as though he was ready to cornhole me in earnest right there in the shower. He just had to aim his cock a little higher to nail my asshole. He knew my nipples were sensitive, so he began manipulating them as he ground his hard cock in between my legs. I closed my legs tighter around his cock. He played with my right nipple with one hand while he stroked my soapy cock with the other.

"Oh Dude, I'm about ready to cum," I said.

"Me too," Phil purred in my left ear as he continued stroking my rock hard cock all the while grinding his seven inches of hard steely schlong in between my legs.

I wanted him to slip the soapy monster inside my ass and slow fuck me, but he seemed satisfied just rubbing his dick back and forth between my soap filled ass and legs. Suddenly, I could sense Phil tense up. Then I felt warm fluid shoot out of his dick; the gooey liquid coating my scrotum. At about the same time I let out a little pleasurable moan shooting my load of spooge. Phil continued milking my dick while grinding his softening cock against my ass until it became too sensitive for both of us to continue.

We turned around smiling at each other while we washed each other's body. Then we rinsed all the soap off. Phil stepped out first grabbing a towel and I followed closed behind. After a sleepless night and morning I needed that warm shower and sex play secession to relieve the sexual tension in my body. The next thing was to get some much needed rest. I think Phil knew that too. Once we were dry we hung our towels up and went into the bedroom, both of us flopping on the bed naked.

"Do we need to put anything on or just sleep in the nude?" Phil asked.

"Just sleep raw as far as I'm concerned," I said in a state of exhaustion.

We said goodnight to each other. I rolled over on my right side. I felt Phil move close behind me, snuggling against my back with his arm draped over the left side of my body and chest. He took hold of my right hand and held it as we drifted off to slumber land. I could feel his limp dick resting against my bare ass crack; the same ass crack that he had been working so vigorously a few minutes earlier. The day had been filled with many surprises.


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