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Anal Awakening: The Seduction

After parking my car Clay and I walked to my apartment. After almost ten hours in the same clothes that reeked of smoke and sweat we needed showers and clean clothes before we went to eat and continued the assignment. As we approached the apartment I thought to myself, how the hell was I going to explain Jared's presence to Clay, hopefully Jared would be dressed by now or maybe he was gone. But what about that awful mess and odor of raw sex in my bedroom; maybe I had offered my cameraman hospitality in haste. However, Clay quickly accepted my invitation and I acknowledged without thinking. Again, my little head had taken control of my decision making process so I could get a cheap gander at my beefcake cameraman in the nude. Clay filled out his street clothes nicely, so naturally I wanted to see what he looked like in the buff. With any luck I would possibly get a sneak peek at his nude body. I'd know for sure in a few minutes.

I unlocked the door to my apartment, opening the door I called out, "Anyone here. Hope you're presentable."

"Someone here?" Clay asked.

"Never can tell around my place," I said, "my sister and a couple of friends have keys to the lock in the doorknob, so sometimes I never know who's here. When I want privacy I turn the deadbolt."

As I walked into my bedroom there was no sign of Jared or that he had ever been there. The bedding had been washed, the bed made and all telltale evidence of our earlier sexual tryst was history. The window was open and the smell of stale sex was even gone. Jared had done a super job of cleaning up and must have sprayed air freshener before he departed.

"Nice place, Randy."

"Thanks," I said, "you go ahead and shower first Clay."

"Okay, if you don't mind," Clay replied.

"There's a clean bath towel and wash cloth on the towel bar in the bathroom. I'll throw your Levis and T-shirt in the washing machine along with my stuff," I told Clay.

Clay proceeded to quickly kick off his shoes and shed his street clothes onto the bedroom floor, stripping down bare ass naked in a matter of seconds. He didn't try to hide his nakedness from me, and from the backside view he appeared have a well-tanned powerful looking body with ample buns. My cock began to harden just a little thinking about what it would be like to fuck that nice firm ass of his. I dismissed those thoughts quickly scurrying around gathering up all the smoky sweat filled clothing from the floor before heading towards the washing machine in another area of the apartment.

I threw the clothes in the washer followed by detergent and turned on the machine. Before I returned to the bedroom I turned the deadbolt locking the front door. As I reentered my bedroom I came face to face with a naked and immodest Clay Taylor who had not entered the shower yet. God, what a beautiful creature stood before me. He made no attempt to cover himself. Standing before me in all his uncovered glory Clay again smiled thanking me for letting him use the shower before we went to eat and continue our assignment. Awkwardly, I stood facing Clay fast losing control of myself as I stared at his frontal view; a view that was breathtaking for me, and bringing me to a point of full arousal.

Oh God, how I wished Clay was gay or at least bisexual, standing face to face there was about four feet of distance between Clay and me. I was paralyzed, I couldn't speak. Clay had the most gorgeous well-tanned body; smooth, with minimal body hair. I had trouble getting my breath, my mouth was dry and my cock was fast becoming fully erect as I gazed upon Clay's body. The survey of his physique showed that he no longer had the washboard abs from his glory days playing football, but his stomach was flat. His pecs were well-defined dotted with nice looking pink nipples that appeared to be standing at attention. I wondered if they were sensitive like mine. His arms and legs were large and well-toned. All and all one of the better looking male specimens that I'd had an opportunity to view in the nude.

Over the past months I'd only observed a handful of other men up close, unclothed and sexually aroused. Oh, I'd seen my share of naked boys in the high school locker room and at the gym, but only a handful in some stage of sexual arousal. Clay wasn't yet at a state of full arousal, but I was getting there fast. I wanted to fall to my knees in front of him, worshiping the pot of gold at the base of his treasure trail.

I wanted to take his beautiful little cock into my mouth and suckle it much like a baby calf suckling from its mother's utter. Little cock: then I realized how small Clay's penis was. The size of Clay's semi-flaccid cock came as somewhat of a surprise to me; his semi-hard phallus was not what I expected to see hanging on this former jock. From Clay's fully clothed size and outward appearance I figured him to have huge jock cock. You know, one of those at least eight inches long thick models I'd seen previously in porn flicks, but his was an average size penis, maybe a little smaller than average. However, I immediately noticed that Clay's nicely circumcised crimson cockhead was a thing of beauty; a well sculpted model that nestled in his dark bush, the head resting on top his scrotal sac like a pink Easter egg in a basket.

"You like what you see, Randy?" Clay asked jarring me back to reality.

"Uh, yes. I mean you've got a very nice looking body, Clay," I squeaked.

"You must from what I can see," Clay replied with a smile.

Clay stepped forward a couple of steps; he approached without warning putting his big hands around my head, pressing his naked body tight against mine. I immediately became aware of his manly scent mixed with stale cologne and a hint of smoke. He surprised me as his full lips closed on mine; we began to kiss. I could feel the hot breathing coming from his nostrils. The hair from his well-trimmed goatee tickled as he kissed me. I'd never been with a guy that had facial hair before, but Clay appeared very sexy with his. Both of us were breathing faster, becoming more fully aroused. We continued kissing as I accepted Clay's tongue, pushing its way between my teeth into my mouth. We fell back easily onto the bed continuing to make out; our naked bodies must have rolled around on the bed making out for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality only a few minutes. My head was spinning out of control with wanton desire for Clay.

My newest of sex partners broke our kiss, whispering into my ear, "God, I want you so bad baby. I've wanted you since the first day I laid eyes on you at the television studio, Randy."

I whispered back, "I want you too," not knowing what to make out of the situation or what else to say, but I knew I wanted this man to make love to me.

Almost as if Clay read my thoughts, he slithered down between my legs taking my manhood into his mouth. Again, his goatee tickled as his hot wet mouth quickly engulfed the head of my cock. I then watched his head bob up and down on my hot hard rod. Throughout the blowjob he would back off, letting his tongue circle the glans; in the meantime I was lying back on my bed sighing and moaning for more. Clay's tongue found my frenulum; he began tantalizing it with his tongue. Then he let the tip of his tongue play with my piss slit, licking out the precum. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out before I would explode in Clay's mouth. Suddenly, he pulled off my cock, rising from the bed, pulling me up to my feet with him. He guided me to the bathroom saying, "Come on we got things to do today, sex can wait till later."

I was excited yet stunned. My new lover was going to leave me high and dry, not finish me off. I didn't reply as we stood in the bathroom next to the tub waiting for the water to warm up. We began making out again, grinding our cocks together. We both touched each other's hard cocks, stoking them. I couldn't believe Clay wasn't more well-endowed. From what I had seen and was feeling in my hand he felt as if he might be about five inches in length. He wasn't as big as me. I wasn't that big considering the few other guys I'd been with, and the porn flicks I'd seen.

The size of Clay's cock didn't make any difference to me. I had never been a judgmental size queen; penis size was simply not important to me. What was important to me was that my lover be charismatic, educated and good-looking with good sense of personal hygiene. I'd rather have a handsome lover endowed with attractive appearing equipment than size any day. I was more into quality than quantity. Clay filled the bill; of course, he was circumcised and that was big plus. I preferred cut guys over uncut guys who are smooth with minimal body hair.

With the exception of my best friend Phil the few other guys I'd played around with had all been circumcised, and none were hairy bears. Maybe my desire for my lover's body to be as smooth and hairless as possible brought out my feminine side. Of course, I was not an effeminate acting or appearing person and had never been the bitch in any of my previous relationships, for what they were. However, I did appreciate certain softer, smoother and gentler qualities in my men, and thus far Clay certainly fulfilled those attributes. He was the most aggressive thus far, or maybe he was just plain horny. I had been awakened early from my previous lovers grip and not been sexually satisfied, so maybe that made me more vulnerable to Clay's sexual advances. Maybe Clay was what I needed at that point in my life.

As we kissed and stroked each other's cock I was becoming delirious with desire for Clay. I wanted him to bend me over the sink or toilet and fuck the shit out of me right then and there like some cheap barroom whore. Maybe he would take me sexually while we showered; in the meantime, we were all over each other much like two junior high school kids on their first date. As the water warmed up I suggested that we step into the shower and wash each other's body. We broke apart long enough to step into the tub, pulling the shower curtain behind us.

With the shower curtain closed and the water spraying on us I squeezed the plastic bottle of Irish Spring bath gel onto our bodies. We began lathering up our hair to get the smell of smoke out as well as our bodies. We washed each other's hair and then rinsed the soap out. Clay stood behind me massaging some of the bath gel into my ass crack. The sensation of his soapy fingers fiddle around my backdoor was quickly driving me wild. He then moved up close behind me with his hard little pecker prodding the crack of my ass while his soapy hands roamed all over my body washing it. Ooh, his soapy touch felt so good. I was in heaven having Clay's soft soapy hands gliding over my wet body; it produced such a sensuous feeling. He reached around to begin tenderly playing with my nipples. I threw my head back, squealing with delight as he fingered and tweak each sensitive erect nipple while he continued nudging my soap filled ass crack with his hard little dick.

Then Clay's left hand dropped down the front of my body to my engorged manhood. He stroked my soapy hard dick with one hand while he continued tweaking my right nipple with his right hand. He whispered into my ear, "Nice big cock baby," all the time nibbling on my ear lobe and then kissing along the back of my neck and the top of my shoulders; being a couple inches taller than me he had the advantage of height to kiss me in such a manner.

Clay kissed my earlobe and whispered, "Baby, I've got to suck your dick again, right here and now."

He turned me around facing him and I said, "Oh yes! Hell yes! Suck me now." I squealed with pure delight, "Oh God, suck me and then fill my ass with your hard cock."

Clay dropped to his knees onto the rubber mat that was on the floor of my shower and took my hard member into his mouth. Once again I watched him as he began pumping his wet mouth on my hard penis while he fondled my nut sac. I was moaning and groaning with every tantalizing touch of his mouth, tongue and fingers. The suddenly I felt a soapy finger touching my asshole. I spread my legs wider to give his fingers better access to my ass; the feeling of him playing with my supersensitive asshole while he sucked my dick almost made me cum and collapse onto the shower floor. Clay's soapy finger wormed its way inside my anal cavity and found my prostate gland the male "G" spot.

The prostate gland when stimulated can cause a spontaneous orgasm, so Clay had to be careful touching it. He uncoupled his mouth form my manhood, withdrew his finger from my asshole and stood up. He turned me around so I was facing the back of the shower. He grasped my hands placing them on the back of the shower wall. With my hands resting on the shower wall I bent forward slightly at the hips.

Clay got onto his knees again; spreading my buns apart he started licking my clean wet ass crack. Oh God, I almost went ballistic as his talented tongue worked its way around my supersensitive brown eye for entrance. I bent forward a little more resting my head on the shower wall while I reached around with my hands, grasp my buns spreading them apart so Clay could have better access to my bunghole. Suddenly, I felt his tongue breech my asshole; lightening flashes went off in my head as I squealed with joy. Clay reached underneath me where he began fondling my cock and balls as he continued eating me out. This guy knew what the fuck he was doing and I wanted him to keep doing it forever.

I had never experienced anything so sensuous in my lifetime. After a few minutes of Clay tongue bathing my asshole he stood and whispered, "How was that?"

I threw my head back tearfully moaning and panting for him to eat me more, "Oh God, why did you stop you had me on the verge of cumming," I said.

"I don't want you to cum yet, baby," Clay said as I felt his soapy finger again begin worming its way into my soapy asshole.

My ass was on fire with a little pain as his soapy finger pushed deep inside me. I knew some of the pain might be associated with the soap while the rest was his digit pushing into my virgin asshole. Soon the pain subsided and I began to enjoy Clay's digital exploration of my anal cavity. I think the fire in my ass was more psychological with wanton desire to feel his fuck stick penetrate me than real pain at that point. Clay was working his finger around checking for fecal matter, cleaning my anal cavity's opening. Soon I felt two fingers enter my asshole, stretching it. The pain became a little more intense as Clay stretched my virgin asshole. I refused to scream out. I didn't want anything to stop Clay from readying my rectal cavity for penetration. He was being as gentle as possible working his fingers inside me slowly not wanting to hurt me. The pain was finally subsiding as he worked his digits up inside me.

"You ready?" Clay asked standing behind me.

"I've been ready baby," I replied, "fuck me."

Clay soaped my asshole and his magic wand with more Ivory soap preparing to penetrate me. As I bent forward I felt the spongy head of Clay's hard penis pushing at the entrance to my asshole. I knew what to do as I had fucked my dildos in the shower before. I constricted my sphincter muscle and then released it a few times as Clay gently pushed forward, and then, suddenly, his spongy cockhead popped past the first ring. I squealed with pain and delight. Clay stopped pushing letting his cockhead rest just inside the first ring. Oh my, I was almost there. A few more seconds and Clay would take me anally and start fucking my virgin ass. Something I had waited so long to experience a live hard cock up my ass.

"Tell me when you're ready for some more baby," Clay said.

"Okay," I moaned, "I think I can take more, but be gentle and go slowly."

Clay pushed easily and then I felt his cockhead pop past the second ring. Clay stopped again letting me get accustom to the feeling of his glans inside my anal cavity and the shaft in my sphincter. Then he slowly pushed forward easing another inch into me and then another. Finally, Clay had his cock buried all the way inside me. I could feel his bush tickling my buns. Oh, the feeling of his hard dick inside me felt so exhilarating. He stood behind me with his dick buried all the way inside me, telling me how hot my ass felt. Oh God, my ass was on fire as was every part of my body. There was a tingling sensation throughout my body. Slowly, Clay began pumping his hard dick in and out of my soapy ass. His cock felt hot sliding inside my anal cavity. I could feel the glans grazing my prostate with every stroke of his cock.

Every time Clay's glans would glide over my prostate I thought I would bust a nut. After a few good strokes Clay pushed all the way in and then pulled me up tight against the front of his body with my back against his chest. I could feel the tickle of his bush on my buns. I wanted to stay connected to Clay forever, but knew it would be over shortly. Maybe I had found my lover, maybe not, but I hoped so.

"Do you want me to cum inside you or you want me to pull out?" Clay asked.

"Are you clean, you know disease free, I hope," I said.

During the heat of the moment we had thrown all safety measures to the wind. I realized at that moment that Clay didn't have a condom on; he was riding me bareback.

"No diseases baby. I wouldn't do that to you," Clay said, "not you."

"Go ahead and fill me with your seed. You deserve it; your taking my cherry, bustin my buhymen," I said.

"I kinda figured you to be a cherry boy," Clay said with a little chuckle.

Clay resumed pumping his hard cock in and out of my ass as I bent forward again to give him unfettered access. He reached around again playing with my nipples, something that immediately drove me wild. So many times before while fucking my suction cup dildos attached to the shower wall I would play with my hard nipples. The feeling gave me much pleasure. A live hot dick moving back and forth inside my ass and nipple play had to be the ultimate feelings of sensuality. Clay's dick pumping in and out of my ass became faster. We both were moaning and groaning on the verge of orgasms. Clay would withdraw just to the base of his cockhead and then slam his hard cock into me again. In and out the pumping strokes growing faster with each stroke.

"I'm cumming baby," Clay shouted.

"Me too."

I felt Clay explode inside me; I felt his warm semen shoot deep inside me. Almost at the same time I shot streams of spooge from my penis onto the shower wall and floor. Clay finally jammed his cock into me as far as possible unloading his last shot of spunk inside me. He stood behind me with his shrinking schlong still in my ass. After a few more seconds his softening dick fell out of my asshole. He quickly spun me around, pulling me to him he kissed me passionately. He broke the kiss saying, "Don't ever leave me baby. I want you forever, you're the best."

I stood there in total shock, farting from the pockets of air in my rectal cavity. I had finally been well fucked and my lover was now telling me he wanted me forever. I didn't know how to answer him or what to tell him. Was I ready for a monogamous relationship or did I have more wild oats to sow. Did Clay want me as his bitch, someone he could fuck at will? At that point I didn't care about our future I just grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him. After a long passionate kiss we washed each other up, got out of the shower and dried off. I sat down on the commode to lose some of the semen that was leaking out my freshly fucked asshole while Clay disappeared into the bedroom.

As I sat on the pot I realized that the washing machine had cycled through, so I asked Clay to put our clothes in the dryer. When I returned to the bedroom Clay was lying naked on the bed. He held his arms out coaxing me towards him. I quickly went to my new lover; the lover that had deflowered me. We fell into each other's arms kissing each other passionately. I didn't no what the future held, but I new that I had finally been butt fucked.

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