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Anal Awakening: The Witching Hour


The witching hour was upon the two lovers. Within the next couple hours Jared and I hopefully would consummate our heated sexual relationship. We had drunk the last of the wine; the wine glasses lying empty on the floor beside us as we embraced silently. We both bask in each other's arms, our insides warm from the wine we had consumed. My ass itched with anticipation.

Our bodies were antiseptically clean, scrubbed free of any and all bacteria or foul smelling odors. The only scent left to our flesh was the fresh aroma of Irish Spring body wash. Jared and I had shaved, brushed our teeth, and cleansed our mouths with mouthwash before departing the bathroom. Now, I nestled in my lover's arms on the chaise lounge bed where I felt warm and secure in Jared's grip. I was atwitter with anticipation. My lover was about to take my buhymen, but somehow I felt a sense of anxiety about the upcoming ordeal.

I guess the wine had taken its course as my mind drifted off into thought as Jared lightly kissed along the top my shoulders and neck while his left hand caressed my hard cock while the fingers on his right hand tantalized my erect nipple. His warm breath whispered into my ear how much he wanted me. All of which was driving me wild with desire; it felt as though my cock was going to burst at the seam, exploding prematurely. My cock ached to be touched by my lover's lips and tongue. I wanted Jared to fuck me and suck me all at the same time emptying my aching nuts of all their love juice while he emptied his jism deep into my bowels.

Although I felt totally at ease in Jared's arms, feeling relaxed and uninhibited, there was still a sense that the course we were about to embark on was not right. I wasn't a prude when it came to sex, but there on my dresser were photos of my family staring down at me. I guess I had forgotten to lay the photos face down before the lovemaking began. The eyes in the photos gazed down upon our hard naked bodies as though they were sitting in judgment of us and what we were about to do.

I lay on the chaise lounge bed splayed naked for all to see; my engorged tool in Jared's hand throbbing with desire, but who could see us? The window curtains were tightly pulled and pinned closed. I had taken care of that before Jared arrived. The deadbolt on the front door was locked and the wooden security stick had been placed at the bottom of the sliding door to the deck. I was sure there were no hidden spy cameras in my room. Still I couldn't help but speculate about being discovered in such a compromising situation with a male lover. What if the police somehow mistook my apartment for that of a drug dealer's and battered the door down tonight, barging into my bedroom. I could visualize in my mind the photographs and headlines on the morning paper. The painful phone call to my Dad to bail me out of jail on felony charges of Sodomy.

Sodomy! Oh My God! My mind was running amuck with what if scenarios. I pondered all the possibilities, was I trying to talk myself out of going further? If this was right for Jared and me why was my mind trying to discourage what was about to take place. I had no answer to that question. I knew I wanted to continue towards fulfilling my dream of engaging in anal intercourse with a real person Jared. I had chosen Jared to have anal sex with; he was the one who would deflower me. I wondered how long it would last. What it would be like after the sex was finished. Did Jared want a long-term affair or was this a one night stand for him? Maybe, Jared considered this a mentoring session or was he on a course to conquer me? At first I just wanted to experiment sexually, but now I sensed we were becoming emotional attachment, having real feelings for each other.

Jared broke the silence saying, "Do you really want to do this thing tonight Randy?"

"What's that?" I questioned.

"You know, we don't have to have anal sex tonight if you are having second thoughts," Jared said, "we can wait, just lye here cuddling and holding each other."

"No, I want to feel you inside me baby. I was just thinking about different things."

"Anal sex is a very special thing between two male lovers." Jared said.

I went on to explain my thoughts to Jared, hoping he would understand my angst. He did and suggested that we get onto my bed letting nature take its course. We got up; Jared shed his maroon robed onto the lounge before moving naked across the room to the big bed. God what a beautiful body he had. On the way Jared grabbed the oil and condoms off the top of the dresser and placed them on the night table next to the bed. I folded the photographs forward on the dresser. Once we stacked the pillows against the headboard we crawled into bed positioning ourselves next to each other. As we nestled together I asked, "Is it going to hurt much when you penetrate me?"

"I'll walk you through the process very slowly and we'll take things easy for the first time," Jared said, `but from what you've told me about your use of dildos in the shower to pleasure yourself I don't think there will be any problems with excruciating pain on penetration."

"Your right, I guess I'm just being a silly ninny when it comes to what were about to do."

Jared changed the subject and said, "You know you've never shown me your collection of dildos Randy."

With that said I realized this was the break I needed. I sat up with my feet on the floor and opened the drawer on the night table. I retrieved my collection of dildos that were all separated into little bags. The first one I showed Jared was the little flesh colored phallic butt plug. The penis shaped butt plug had nicely shaped a cockhead and was about four by four inches. The head would rub against my prostrate when inserted.

"This is the one I insert and leave in sometimes while I sleep or walk around. I've even left it in while I attend classes."

"Does it hurt when you insert it?" Jared asked.

"Initially there is pain, but once inside the pain subsides and it becomes very pleasurable."

The next one I brought out was the pink phallic shaded vibrator. This one curved upward slightly. I turned the base on and let it vibrate for a few seconds.

"This is my favorite," I said as I brought the pink rubber dick into view.

"That one is about the same size as ours, Jared remarked, "does that one cause you any pain?"

"Only on initial insertion. Now, this is the one I use in the shower most of the time. It hurts a little when it first enters my asshole, but once inside I can fuck it for ever while I shower and beat my meat. Man, I have the most powerful orgasms with this thing inside me as I jack off."

The next two I revealed were my most recent purchases.

Jared's eyes widen with surprise at the sight of the monster cocks saying, "Wow, those are too fucking big for my ass. Have you been fucking those monsters in the shower?" Jared asked in an astonished voice.

"Hell No! There's no way I'd put those things up my ass. They would rip me apart."

"Ya think," Jared responded, "that one is the hugest mutha fucka I've ever seen. I sure wouldn't let anybody with a cock that big around my back door."

"Yeah, I can't even get the cockhead all the way in my mouth."

"The head is oval, kinda looks like Jason and his brother's cocks, but a little smaller in diameter, you know, they've got big broad heads and thick shafts, the cockheads bigger around than the shafts," Jared said.

"Have you ever let Jason or his brother fuck you?" I asked Jared.

"We tried a couple times, but it was too painful. We could get it done," Jared responded, "but I've fucked both of them. I took their cherries in the same night.

"Wow," I replied, "that must've been totally freaking awesome."

"Yeah, they sang like male Canaries while I fucked them and then cooed like a Dove on a moonlit night," Jared said smiling at me.

"Oh God, take me baby and make me sing and coo."

Jared got into position to suck my dick. Oh God, his mouth felt so warm and wet capturing my cockhead. I jumped and moaned as Jared worked over my crimson knob. Then I felt him lube my awaiting asshole. He rubbed the lube around and then I felt his slender digit slip inside my ass. Jared slowly slid his finger into my asshole, exploring my anal cavity. Jared had me at the crest of a climax.

"Oh My God," I moaned.

Jared continued working the finger into me looking for my joy button. Bingo! He found it and I yelled, Oh God yes finger fuck me baby."

He continued working around my prostate as he worked his mouth and tongue around my crimson knob. I was moaning and thrashing around on the bed ready to cum as he tried to hold me down. Jared sensed I was about to ejaculate. He removed his mouth and began working my wet tool by hand.

Oh Shit, I'm cummmmmmmming!"

No sooner had I uttered those words than my swollen cock began to erupt, shooting ropes of whitish spooge high in the air. The first string of spooge went over my head and hit the headboard with a splat. The remaining ropes trailed off hitting me in the face, chest, abdomen, and finally dribbling over the hand that held my dick. I was drenched in sweat and totally exhausted. Jared released his grip on my tool and proceeded to move up my body, licking cum off.

After he finished cleaning me with his tongue he moved beside me and whispered into my ear, "How was that baby?"

"Fucking great. No it was better than great it was spectacular," I said.

"Do you want to rest now," Jared asked.

"No I want to get you off," I said.

I moved down to Jared's crotch and began eating his manhood. I worked it from top to bottom. I suck on his balls. I ate his asshole out. All the time he was moaning with pleasure. I sensed he was about ready to cum as his body tensed up. I was going to let me explode in my mouth and take all of his juices possible. Jared's tool went off like a machine gun, shooting round after round of jism. I swallowed as much as possible, some spilled out of my mouth. I continued sucking his manhood draining every drop of his rich juices. Finally, Jared pushed my head away as he had become too sensitive to let me work his tool any longer.

I positioned myself next to him where we embraced kissing soulfully. There was some of his juice left in my mouth for Jared to taste. Both of us were a sweaty mess as we fell asleep in each other's arms that night totally exhausted, but deeply fulfilled. I fell asleep dreaming about being impaled on Jared hard cock at some time in the future; however, that would have to come later, maybe the next day, or maybe never. We had two more days to spend together making love.


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