Chapter 12

“SOS agents?” I ask.

“Yeah…” Denny states.

We had just found out that SOS agents attacked us at a pedestrian mall. We thought it was the Assembly but if they were Assembly members Love and I would probably be dead by now. There was no way Love and I could take out that many Assembly members if we were outnumbered and outgunned. Love and I exchange looks. I know what he is going to do before he does it. Love goes straight into his parkour techniques. He does a full wall layout taking two of Denny’s guys out. He does a flyaway twist before anyone can see him coming. One of Denny’s guys tries to take him out but wallflip which was a flash kick in midflip. Denny himself tries to grab Love but Love performers a Gainer which was a backflip moving forwards but flipping backwards landing directly on Denny and pinning him to the ground.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill all of you now.”

Love is choking Denny out. The other SOS agents have guns on Love. Love has his knees on Denny’s throat though. I know Love. In one move Love could wrap that body around Denny like some weird little miniature snake and strangle him. I’d seen Love do it before. The boy was little but he was dangerous as all fuck. I think Denny was starting to realize that as well.

“You just going to let this little fucker threaten me?” Denny stares over at me.

I lean up against the wall, “I’d answer the question if I were you.”

“This had nothing to do with me,” Denny argues, “I came to help.”

“Honestly I don’t trust any of you.”

“We all aren’t the same. I came to help you. I had no idea about this attack,” Denny pleads.

Love looks over at me, “You believe him Desire?”

I look at Denny. Why would Denny come to help us if he wanted us attacked? What reason would Denny really have to try and take me out? It just didn’t make sense. Looking at Denny I knew that he had to be telling the truth.

“I would never hurt you,” Denny tells me.

It’s sincere. I can hear it in his voice.

“Let him go Love,” I state.

Love performs a flyaway jump from Denny all the while twisting in the air. He lands perfectly on his feet. Denny rubs on his throat. The other SOS members that Denny brought as back up seem relieved at that moment that they don’t have to fight us. After seeing all the dead bodies I think that they knew they probably wouldn’t stand a chance regardless if Love and I were outnumbered or not.

“Who was it Denny?” I ask.

Denny sighs, “I think you know the answer to that, Desire.”

Were they so threatened by me that they were planning on taking me out like this? In my hometown? Why would they so desperate now?

“He’s going to have to answer for this.”

“I’m just as pissed as you are,” Denny explains, “I’ll make sure whoever is responsible for this attack pays for it. You can trust me. Go home. Let me take care of this. OK?”

I nod.

I start walking out into the parking lot as I see some cops show up. They’ll have to deal with the SOS agents. I’m sure they would cover things up here. I guess that was the only good part of being legit.

We get back in Love’s car.

“Who is responsible? Who is Denny talking about?” Love asks.


“Steele wants to kill us.”

I shake my head.

“I think he wants to kill me,” I respond.

I was being targeted not Love. They had followed me. Steele was keeping an eye out for me. Why now though? Why did Steele want me dead now?

Love raises an eyebrow, “They turned on us. If SOS is attacking you they are attacking all of us. This is coming from the very top Desire. You just going to sit on your hands and let Denny address this?”

“Fuck no. Call the rest of the team to meet at my house. If SOS wants a war, they’ll get one.”


A few days have passed. I keep calling Urge but he still has me blocked. Being far away from Urge right now is making my nerves bad. By the time the others get to the apartment I am already in my bottle. Craving gives me a look that I can tell almost immediately.

“Did we switch places or something?” Craving asks me, “I thought I was the drunk. How many of these have you had?”

The answer was 5 drinks. I pour a 6th.

“Don’t worry about it. We need to talk?”

“You smell like alcohol,” Craving says as though I don’t notice.

“He’s a grown man,” Love defends me, “Besides he’s going through things right now. Unless you haven’t noticed.”

Love knew what the others didn't know. Urge was gone.

“Was I talking to you?”

“You were talking around me. And Desire doesn’t need your judgments right now. Matter of fact he doesn’t need your opinion at all. He’s a grown man like I said. Why don’t you jump OFF of his dick?” Love asks Craving.

I drink straight to the head. It’s Allure who is manages to shut them up though.

“If you two are going to argue this whole time I can leave? I have some really good shows coming on tonight,” Allure responds, “Why am I even here?”

“We are taking out Steele,” I announce.

“Come again?” Allure asks.

“We are assassinating Baron Steele,” I tell her.

Allure and Craving exchange worried looks. I think they probably believe I’ve lost it.

Craving looks around, “Where’s Urge?”

“It doesn’t matter where he is. I’m going to take out Steele. Are you guys going to help me or not?” I ask.

Allure looks confused, “Aren’t you the one who loved Pleasantville Desire? Now you want us to take our our benefactor?”

Love explains, “He tried to kill us. We need to take him out first.”

There is more silence.

Craving sighs, “I dunno…maybe we should wait.”

“Wait for what?” I ask.

“Where is Urge?” Allure asks.

“NOT HERE!” I shout.

I don’t mean to raise my voice so loud but I can’t help it. The idea of Urge being gone when I needed him most was annoying. I needed him here. I was just attacked and where the hell was he? He was blocking me!

“Desire are you OK?” Craving asks, “Talk to us…”

“I am talking to you. Not about Urge though. I’m talking to you about Steele. I want him dead. Are you going to help me take him out or not.”

There is hesitation but Allure nods, “I’m down.”

Craving is more reluctant than even Allure is but he gets up, “Just let me know when.”

“Tomorrow…we stay late at the Assembly. I noticed Steele is always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Tomorrow we take him out.”

“We’ll be there. Is that all? Are you done talking at us?”

I realize he is saying “at” us instead of “with” us. Craving had an attitude but he’ll get over it. Right now I was too pissed to cater to his feelings. Steele tried to kill me. This was going to be the single biggest mistake of his life.

There is a doorbell.

“Were you expecting anyone?” Allure asks me.

“Only Urge but if he was here...he'd use his key,” I respond.

Allure reaches underneath her jacket. She pulls out a 9mm pistol that she has tucked away underneath her jacket. It's just like Allure. She is probably just as paranoid as Urge is. After all the things that have been happening to me I think that maybe I should learn to be a little bit more paranoid as well. She makes her way to the door. She peers out of the window next to the door.

She puts her gun away.

“It's Ego.”


“Can you still kill him?” Love asks, “Or at least shoot out his other eye.”

“Can you stop being a dick?” Craving asks, “Ego is cool.”

“Ego is not cool,” I state.

Craving gives me a look, “This again Desire? Didn't we get past this jealousy thing?”

“Desire is telling the truth about that guy,” Love responds, “You just don't see it because you're too busy fucking him every chance he gets.”

“Oh I get it. The two of you had your moment to bond over the fact that there is a good looking guy who is hanging around Urge and I. Is that it?”

“Craving trust me,” I respond, “He's not who you think he is...”

Craving shakes his head, “Honestly I don't trust you right now. I don't know where your head is at Desire. The guy apologized to you. You said that you forgave him. Listening to love will turn you into a jealous ass guy and it'll just push Urge away. I'm answering the door.”

Craving pushes past Love clearly annoyed and goes to answer the door for Ego. I'm confused on why Ego would be here. Craving steps aside and lets Ego in. He still has that handsome face that is beautiful for no goddam reason. He still has that stupid fucking smirk too. I hate every part of it.

“Urge isn't here,” Allure tells Ego.

Ego doesn't even look over at her. Ego is looking at me. He has that smirk on his face. He has that smirk that says he can get underneath my skin.

“I know that. He sent me here.”

“Urge sent you?” I ask.

I don't believe it.

“He wants me to get some clothes for him,” Ego states, “He specifically asked me to.”

“How long is he expecting to stay away? Didn't he plan on marrying Desire soon? He's going to have to come back at some point,” Love states.

“Oh yeah. The wedding's postponed.”

“Till when?”

“I don't know. Indefinitely. You'll have to ask Urge that whenever you see him again,” Ego explains.

Love gives me a look. He feels bad for me. Hell. At this point I feel bad for myself. I love Urge more than anything and this boy is playing with my relationship. He's taking it as a joke or something like that.

Ego has the audacity to walk through my house and start walking up my stairs. He doesn't make it far. I grab him as soon as he gets to the top stair. My grip is something real. I can tell when Ego winces in pain.

“Where is he?”

“Let go of me.”

“Where the fuck is my fiance?” I ask him.

“He told me not to tell you man,” Ego responds, “He wants some alone time. Don't worry. He's safe. I'm keeping an eye on him. He's in good hands.”

Ego attempts to climb the stairs again. He dismisses me attempting to drag my arm with him up the stairs. I pull at him. I drag him back down the stairs.

Ego pushes me hard against the wall, twisting my arm to get out of my grip. I kick him away solid in his chest. He winces again but doesn't move. With that he punches me straight in my face. I feel the solid punch across my face at that moment.

“Watch your fucking hands man,” Craving says pushing Ego back.

Craving pushes Ego so hard that he flies back up the stairs. He's lands on his back against the railing from Craving's hard push. Ego looks down the steps realizing that he is outnumbered when Love and Allure start walking towards him as well. Ego puts up his hands clearly not trying to fight all of us.

“I don't want to fight,” Ego states, “This is Urge's house too and he just wants some of his stuff. Stop acting like a desperate faggot just because he doesn't want to be with you anymore.”

“Because of you. You've probably been putting shit in his ear this whole time.”

“You're blaming me because your man doesn't want you anymore.”

Craving butts in yet again, “Ego, you are out of line right now. They are going through their relationship problems like everyone does. You and Desire might not be friends but we are all on the same team.”

“I just want to get Urge's stuff.”

“His stuff stays here, where it belongs. This is his home.”

“Not to him it's not,” Ego responds smiling still, “I get it. Breaking up is hard.”

“Who said anything about breaking up?” Love asks Ego, “You are a homewrekker. You fucked Craving just to fuck Urge. We all know about it.”

“What are you talking about?” Craving asks Love.

Love turns to Ego, “Admit it. You want Urge.”

“Of course!” Ego laughs, “He's real upset now. He's emotionally sad and he wants his friend around. But friends sometimes become lovers. So maybe after some alcohol...maybe after he is really fucked up I'm going to suck his dick. I might kiss Urge's sexy ass lips. Lick all over his 8 pack. Look at Urge. Who can blame me?”

Allure goes to the door. She locks the door behind her. Love cracks his neck. Craving cracks his knuckles.

“You got a real smart mouth on you,” Allure tells him, “I really don't like people disrespecting my boys...”

Ego backs up a little bit, “What is this? Four on 1?”

“No,” I stop them, “He's mine.”

“Don't be stupid,” Craving says, “He's dangerous. I've seen him train Desire. This isn't an SOS agent. He's Assembly.”

“I could care less,” I respond at that moment, “You see how he talks to me. How he talks about Urge!”

Craving is pissed, “Let him have at it. If he can take Urge from you that easily then Urge wasn't worth it to begin with.”

Ego is laughing, “That's the problem. Desire doesn't think I can take him. Or at least he'll never admit it. Deep down inside the rest of you know there is no chance in hell. I'm not Urge's brother. I look better than Desire, my body is better than Desire, I knew Urge for a longer time and he trusts me. I'm the better man Desire. I'm the better assassin. Without your knives. You're nothing...”

Ego is laughing. He's getting under my skin and I'm not the only one. Allure raises her gun.

“Fuck this fighting shit,” Allure says aiming it at him.

“No. You guys stay out of this,” I state.



I make my way to Ego.

“You gonna try to fight me now Desire?” Ego asks laughing, “Really?”

I swipe at him with my arm. He blocks it. He punches me underneath my arm causing me to spit out in pain.

Love attempts to jump in but I pull him back. I literally hop over Love and drop kick Ego into the wall. We start going at it. Punch for punch we box throughout the house. He's fast blocking all of my jabs. He is so fast that it seems like he is playing with me a little bit.

I corner him behind a china and attempt to knee him. I miss! Ego counters at that moment with a kick sweeping me clean off of my feet.

“What are you doing?” he asks me in the most superior patronizing tone.

It pisses me off. It pisses me off so fucking much that this guy is trying to disrespect me in my own home. The more mad I get the more I start raging!

I jump to my feet. I'm throwing punches, kicks, elbows and knees. I've never been so angry in a fight. I've never lost it like this before. Love is retreating into the kitchen and then into the dining room. He jumps onto my dining room table in an attempt to evade my attacks. I pull the table cloth as hard as I can attempting to knock him off his feet. Plates are breaking everywhere but the only thing that doesn't seem to fall is him. He's hanging on the chandelier!

He smirks at me. That Ego smirk that is pissing me off by the minute.

From the chandelier he swings at me. I dodge him but he lands on his feet. He starts doing this thing that I don't know. This wheelhouse kick that just seems to last forever. I haven't seen anything like it. His legs are so fucking fast now that he is going on the offensive. It's kick after kick.

He starts off with an axe kick, then does a butterfly kick, does a cartwheel kick. As I bend down he delivers a shin kick to my face. I try to eat the pain with my anger. I roll away attempting to regain my footing!

It doesn't work!

“Enough!” Craving says.

Craving sounds desperate.

“I'm fine!” I scream back.

Truthfully I'm lying. Ego stomps me with his foot on the back of my neck. I squirm in pain and attempt to counter. I'm quick but I'm incredibly reckless. I basically throw my body at him. I throw my body right into a series of kicks. He puts his left foot forward, steps forward with his right and kicks in a circle knocking me backward. I am in a daze standing there at that moment. My face is bruised and I hardly know where I am. I'm bleeding from my mouth and I feel a little daze and confused.

“Is this supposed to be a fight?” Ego asks, “No wonder Urge is so bored with you. You should fall down now. Do yourself a favor. You don't want to see my next attack.”

“Desire don't...” Love states.

I can't let this man beat me like this. I can't let him come into my home tell me to my face that he wanted to break up my relationship and just walk away. I'm struggling even to stand though. I'm so weak but my will is the only thing keeping me on my feet.

It's pure will.

“Can I shoot him?” Allure asks Craving.

Craving shakes his head, “No. Let him do what he has to do. It's not about winning or losing to him. It's about pride.”

I struggle to stay on my feet. I'm bleeding everywhere. The pain in my body is real. Still I'm standing somehow. Even after his parade of kicks. I take a step towards him.

“I have to give it to you. You have heart. But you aren't enough. You aren't enough for me. You aren't enough for Urge,” Ego states.

With that Ego does his finishing kick.

Ego jumps in the air. I barely see it. It is just a flash of red but he delivers the most devastating 540 roundhouse kick I had ever seen directly to my face.

I fall on the ground. My body isn't responding. Every part of my heart wants my body to move but I'm not good enough. I'm not strong enough to beat Ego. He's completely disabled me.

He kneels to the ground.

He lifts my head up, “When Urge and I get married...I'll make sure I send you an invite. The salutations will read Dear Worthless little faggot playing at being an assassin.”

I don't see or hear anything else.


I wake up feeling like I was hit by a million trucks. I'm in a room. It's daytime outside. I'm look out the window. I realize that I'm at the SOS building. I'm in one of the rehabilitation rooms that the agents go into after training. I realize the person who is treating me is rubbing up my leg is Denny. He's rubbing higher and higher. He almost gets to my crotch.


“Relax. I'm helping you out here.”

“Really? It looks like you're getting your feel on,” I notice.

“I'm stimulating your muscles. It helps reduce the pain and help the muscles recover. It eases inflammation, improves blood flow and helps to get rid of all this muscle tightness that you have.”

“Aren't there professionals for that here?” I ask.

“I happen to be one of them. I have multiple talents, believe it or not,” Denny responds at that moment, “Do you trust me or do you want me to call someone else.”

I look over at Denny. I do trust him. For some reason I can tell he cares about me. I nod at that moment and let him do his thing.

“I'm sorry.”

Denny continues massaging me. I realize that underneath the towel I'm completely naked. It feels uncomfortable even if Denny was a professional. His hands are so firm and tough. They massage the skin of my thigh. He makes his way to my calves. I let out a deep moan. My body is in so much pain from the fight and honestly Denny's hands kind of feel good.

“How long have I been out?”

“20 hours.”

I almost jump up, “20 hours!”

“Relax. It's good that you got the rest you did. It was your body letting you know that you needed the rest. You haven't been getting much sleep have you?”

He's right. It's hard to sleep without Urge with me. I wake up just reaching for him and wanting him near me. I hate how this is happening. All I want is to have my relationship back to what it was.

“Have you heard from Urge?” I change the subject.

“He called and gave us his location.”

“Where is he?”

“He asked us not to say. He's safe though. I can promise you that,” Denny explains, “You're the one who was in danger. What were you thinking fighting Ego?”

“I was thinking I was tired of his shit and I wasn't going to take the disrespect anymore.”

“That wasn't smart. Before Ego was kidnapped by the Assembly and trained to be an assassasin he was one of the world's top Muay Thai kickboxers. He is extremely dangerous with his legs.”

“I don't care what he knows or how long he's been doing it. Next time I see him I'm going to beat his ass.”

Denny laughs, “I've never met someone as passionate as you are. You realize that. Your friends dropped you off and when I asked what happened they just said someone was trying to get between you and your man. You'll die for Urge. He's lucky. I just hope he realizes how lucky he is...”

“Of course he does.”

“You sure?” Denny asks me, “Because brother or not if I had you in my life I would never let you sleep alone. I'd hold you until you fell asleep. I'd be there when you woke up. And you'd never have to wonder if I'm loyal.”

Denny looks down at me. He stops massaging for a minute. I gyrate my leg to make him continue and stop staring at me the way he is.

“Urge is loyal. Ego is the problem.”

“Ego does like to his play his games,” Denny explains to me, “When I first met him we played chess all the time. Ego never liked to lose. Neither did I. Sometimes our games would go on for hours. We'd just think of every possible outcome before we moved a piece.”

“This isn't chess.”

“Ego doesn't know that. He's heartless and cruel. He sacrifices his pawns like they mean nothing to him.”

I think about how Ego seduced Craving just to drive a wedge between Urge and I. He'd apologize to me in front of Urge just to throw us off of the real threat. Denny definitely had a point here. Ego was playing me just like a game of chess.

“Did you ever beat him?”

“No. This might sound silly but we never really ever finished. Ego would get mad if he was losing. He'd throw the chess board or act upset. I always had to remind him that it was just a game. It was always more to him though.”

“You should have stopped playing with him.”

“True. Maybe I enjoyed it too. You have no idea the lengths that people would go to in order to get someone else's king.”

Denny is moving his hands up more. They keep going now. Denny has wrapped his hands around my cock. He holds it with his hands.

“What are you doing Denny?”

“I told you already. I'm easing the pain.”

“Denny I'm with Urge...we are just friends.”

“Then why are you hard?”

I hadn't even realized it. He's right. My dick is hard in his hands. It must have been from all the massaging he was doing. Either way right now Denny is slowly stroking my dick with this firm hands of his. His massage lotion causes my dick to squeak. I want to push him away but I feel so fucking tight. I have so much stress. So much of me just wants to release.

“I can't do this. This is cheating,” I respond.

“We aren't having sex. I'm just helping you out,” Denny responds, “Think of it as therapy...”

I don't know why I do it. I close my eyes at that moment. I just let him do it. I just let Denny jerk me off. He starts out at the base. He slowly makes his way up and up the shaft. I squirm underneath him. I feel his hands at the top of my dick. It feels so good. He uses his other hand to slowly start playing with my nipples.

I feel so much stress. I just want to release.

This isn't sex right?

No. He's just helping me.

“Shh...I'll take care of you,” Denny tells me.

My eyes are closed. I just want to drift away at this moment and relieve all this stress. I feel him slowly starting to work his way up and down the shaft of my dick.

Then I see the door open.

“He's right in here,” Allure is saying, “We've all been in the waiting room all day waiting for him to recover.”

My eyes open. I'm shocked when I see that Denny is moving his face to my dick. He must not have heard the door open! I'm panicking when Denny puts his mouth ON my dick. He deep throats it before I can push him off.

Just at that moment Urge walks through the door, following Allure.

Urge catches us.

He catches Denny with his mouth on my dick...