Chapter 8

His blond hair makes him look like Chris Hemsworth. His dirty brown beard is sexy in a way. He's boxing with his shirt off. He has on some boxing shorts and no underwear underneath. I can tell because his dick swings side to side as he boxes. He punches the bag over and over. Sweat drips down his body. He's shaped like a football player. He's huge and so attractive. Why haven't I noticed him in this way before?


He turns to me. His eyes glare at me. I knew my best friend. Normally when he flirts with boys he would lick his lips or be blunt about it. This is different. Craving just stares at me as though he's stared at me like this a million times without me noticing. I never paid any attention until the beginning of this week when he admitted that he was in love with me.

"Are you listening to me?" Allure asks.


"Were you just checking out Craving?" Allure asks me.

I'm shocked by her allegation, "What! What the fuck are you talking about Allure?"

Allure laughs, "Relax. I was just messing with you. I know you weren't goddam checking Craving out of all people. What are you so uptight about?"

I shake my head, "Excuse me."

I get up and walk out. I can't take this. I needed Urge around. Maybe it's the fact that Urge has been gone on his mission with Ego for a week. Maybe it's the fact that he hasn't reached back out to me. I don't what it is but I can't get Craving out of my mind. It's killing me.

I end up going to Baron Steele's office. By the time he answers the door he seems a little confused. I've yet to go see him in this office on a one on one basis.

"Agent Desire. How may I help you?"

Being called an agent was different. It seemed legit. Everything about Steele seemed like he was government funded. This whole operation was just a bit much. It was different from the underground Cold War feel of the Assembly. We were above ground now.

"Urge and Ego have been gone all week. I'm concerned. Urge isn't returning my calls."

"You know he isn't allowed to do that while on missions," Mr. Steele says shaking his head, "The mission is very important. They are trying to find out who the new leader of the Assembly is."

"Why do I have a feeling you already know who the leader of the Assembly is?" I ask Mr. Steele.

He gives me a half smile, "You don't trust me do you?"

"No. I think you're hiding something."

Baron Steele gives me a wider smile, "Fine. We have an idea who the new leader of the Assembly is. We sent Urge and Ego to confirm. Like I said. It is important this mission goes well."

"If it's so important why weren't the rest of us sent as well?" I ask.

"They have some support from some SOS agents."

"You know damn well one person from my team is worth ten of your men," I respond.

I know that I offended Mr. Steele. I don't care. It's the truth. I've seen his men. They were weak as fuck. All of them. Craving thought it would funny to head to the gym in the SOS building and box with them. He took all of them down one after another. They were a goddam joke. I had found out it took literally an army to take down Allure when she was kidnapped. Mr. Steele needed us. He knew it and I knew it.

"Your relationship with Urge seems to complicate things," he states.

"Excuse me. You might want to be careful with what you're saying to me," I respond.

"This wasn't even my decision. Urge requested not to go on the mission with you..."

I pause.


"Where are they?" I ask, "I'm going."

"No you aren't. We can't afford for this mission to be compromised."

He stares at me. Then he stares at the door. There is nothing else to say at that point. I walk out of the door and slam it. I'm beyond embarrassed. Why would Urge want to go on a mission with Ego alone? What the fuck was that even about?

I'm pacing back and forth as I walk into the Steel room. People are running around about their assigned missions so no one notices how pissed off I am. The SOS agents are in their own world. I'm so confused. I don't get it. That's when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to see Denny. He signals me to follow him.

I'm confused but I follow him to his office. As soon as he walks in the office he shuts he door.

"Here," Denny says.

He hands me a device. It's a small phone.

"What is this?"

"It will help you locate Urge and Ego," Denny asks, "They are now in Vegas..."

"Urge said they were in California."

Denny raises an eyebrow, "Your boyfriend lied to you. That right there is a tracker. The mission was for them to go to Vegas and infiltrate a new Assembly hideout."

I'm shocked by this. I'm not sure what I'm shocked at more. Why the hell would Urge lie to me about where he was with Ego? Why the hell would Denny be tracking us?

"You are tracking us?" I ask.

The Assembly used trackers on us. They inserted it into us and treated us like cattle. The idea that this was happening again is blowing my mind.

Denny shakes his head, "No. It's not what you think. I don't have a tracker on Urge. It's on Ego. I don't trust him. I think that Ego could be a double agent."

I raise an eyebrow.


"Someone was helping Avarice. I have no definitive proof but I believe it could have been him. I don't trust him so I put a tracker on him."

"That's why you're helping me?" I ask Denny.

Denny nods, "Plus I feel bad about lying to you all those years ago. Between me and you I did like you. It was easy to pretend to be your boyfriend to be honest."

I stare at him. I look at the device. Was this supposed to make me trust him now?

I get quiet. I don't know what to make of this.

"Listen. I had a job. You were a target for the Assembly for a long time. I should have warned you. I should have intervened. Nowadays I'm learning to start intervening. So go make sure your boyfriend is OK. I left a key to a storage unit on the 2nd floor on your desk. You'll find everything you need."

Denny smiles at me. I look over at him as he walks away. I'm surprised. Denny was going up against Mr. Steele in order to help me. It was weird. Was he trying to get back in my good graces or something especially after I found out that he was using me in my past life?

I head back to my desk, grab the key that I need and then head down to the 2nd floor. I walk open up the door and see the holy grail of weaponry. Urge would piss himself if he saw what I see when I open the door. There are all types of weapons. I am overwhelmed when I see the every make and model of handgun, rifle, missles, explosives and grenades. That's not really my specialty though. I go deeper into the room past the guns. I have to admit that SOS may not have been the most effective fighters but they definitely had some serious financial backing behind them. I didn't remember the Assembly having an armory like this. I've literally entered a library of weapons.

As I walk deeper down the hall I see my specialty. Knives. Cane-swords, kukri, butterfly knives, dirks, daggers and throwing knives are on one side of the large room.

I pick up a throwing knife. It's light.

I throw it across the room!


Someone was trying to sneak up on me. He wasn't really good at it. It's Craving. I missed him on purpose but the throwing knife went right past his blond hair. I think it even scraped off a little of it. My best friend is still shirtless and sweating. He has his arms raised in the air.

"You should know better than to sneak up on me when I have sharp things near me," I respond to him.

He walks closer to me. He's uncomfortably close to me. I've never felt uncomfortable with Craving before ever in my life.

Craving smiles, "Trust me I know you well enough to know that I pity the idiot who goes up against Desire with his knives."

"Compliments won't get you anywhere. You following me Craving?"

Craving nods, "I saw the tracker you left on your desk. Vegas huh? I know what you're doing. You're going after Urge and Ego."

I sigh, "You know me too well."

"I know my best friend," Craving states at that moment, "You don't trust the SOS and you're worried about Urge."

I sigh a little bit. He could see right past me.

"They don't want me on this mission. I spoke with Steele earlier. I could tell. There is something going on where he specifically didn't want me on this mission. And they send Ego and Urge? No. Hell no. I'm going out there Craving. And there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"Who said I was stopping you?" Craving asks.

I raise an eyebrow, "You aren't?"

"Fuck no. I just booked my ticket. I'm coming with you. I'm going to be your backup."

Craving makes his way to an assault rifle. It's a very specific one. It's a fully automatic assault rifle with a fast 1000 rounds per minute rate of fire and holds 25 bullets per magazine. He starts piling in several magazines and throws them into his gym bag. Craving wasn't really the sneak around sort of assassin. Urge and I were pretty good at sneaking around. Allure was good at taking out enemies from a distance. Love was good at infiltrating using disguises. Craving was the type of assassin you dropped in the middle of a warzone with a fully automatic weapon and made sure there was no good guys around to get any friendly fire. He was the kind of assassin to clear out a room in a loud and reckless way.

Maybe I needed that on this mission. Still. The fact is there is some tension between us.

"You think this is a good idea?" I ask him.

"If you're going it's a good idea," Craving states, "You must not know how I am about you. Urge isn't the only one who will kill for you Desire. I'm about to go Old Testament on these motherfuckers."

With that he drops a grenade in his gym bag. I know damn well there won't be any talking him out of this.


We arrive on the Las Vegas strip at night. Craving always wanted to come here. Supposedly it has some of the best casinos in the U.S. We hop in a car driving past all sorts of entertainment from the Blue Man Group putting on a performance to Cirque de Soliel. There are all these amazing world class restaurants that he is pointing out to me. Craving clearly has been here before. I unfortunately have never had the opportunity. Urge and I were hiding in the woods for godsakes. It's not like Urge wanted us to ever drop our guards and go gambling or something like that. He wasn't exactly the leisure kind of boyfriend. His idea of a good times was Jujitsu at 5 am in the morning. The fact that he is out here with Ego is getting underneath my skin.

"This is us," Craving says.

We arrive at the luxury hotel. Our cab drops us off. Sneaking the weapons on and off the plane was one thing but when the bus boys try to grab our bags I watch as Craving insists he carries our bags for us. He wasn't willing to take the risk anymore. I shouldn't have let Craving book the hotel. Looking around I can tell this wasn't exactly a lowkey Assassin's hotel that Urge would have taken if he was on a mission like this. This was over the top and expensive just like Craving.

"Really? This place?" I ask Craving after he checks in.

"What? The Caesars palace. You can't come to Vegas and just not stay here," he responds to me, "You're not with Urge anymore sweetheart."

I know Craving is just joking but I don't like him making any comparisons to Urge or calling me sweetheart for that matter. Normally I wouldn't care but not too long ago he told me that he was in love with me.

We get to the hotel room and my mouth just drops when I see what it is.

"No. Absolutely not."

"It's a huge suite. I know. I had to get the best. This place is amazing. There are over 3,000 guest rooms and suites. There are amazing and unique restaurants. There is a spa downstairs, we definitely need to check that out before we leave. This room is called the Forum classic emperor suite. Look come here. Desire. It's a wet bar with a high top table. We need to get a drink. What do you want dark or white. Oh wait...did you miss the Garden of the Gods pool?"

He's already pouring alcohol. I'm beyond annoyed at him. I walk over to Craving. Maybe it was a mistake having him come on a trip with me. I should have taken Allure. Hell, even Love, who hated me right now, would have been a better person to come on this mission.

"No drinking when we work. Matter of fact for you: no drinking at all. What made you choose this room? We aren't auditioning for the next Hangover movie."

"Relax. The drink isn't for me. It's for you. There is also a method to my madness. Grab a scope out of my bag. Go to the bathroom. Look out the window. You'll notice a building with the name Blue Moon on it. Well on the plane I hacked into Ego's email. I found that he had plans on attending the Blue Moon club tonight."

"A mission?"

Craving shakes his head, "No. At least I don't think it is. They would have reported a mission update back to SOS. They told SOS nothing was happening today so them visiting this club seems like it's for leisure."

"Urge doesn't do leisure."

Craving shrugs, "He does now. And maybe we should too. Like I said. Method to my madness."

Craving gives me a smile. Hell. Maybe I was sleeping on Craving a little bit. Maybe there was a method to his madness. He offers me a scotch with a smile. I grab the drink out of his hand but do as he says. I grab a scope from his bag.

I'm standing looking there out of the window in the emperor suite bathrooom.

For almost an hour I look out the window watching. It's not unusual for me to watch a target for a long time. Some assassins watch an area for days before they make their move. You had to know who enters and leaves. You had to know every possible danger in the area. For the first thirty minutes nothing is really suspicious but that ends. A large black truck with tinted windows pulls up. I watch how it sits there for a while. It's almost as though the truck is being cautious. Looks like something Urge would do. The valet has to literally walk over to the truck.

That's when I see Urge walk out of the truck. He opens the door for someone. He helps the person out of the car like a gentleman and hands the keys to the person in valet. The person he opened the door for is Ego.

Why the fuck was Urge opening the door for Ego?

I also notice what Urge is wearing. He is wearing a sheer shirt that is kind of see-through. It makes his muscles pop and sexualizes the fuck out of him. He has these really fashionable jeans on that show off his ass and fit him like a glove. He has some expensive Louboutin boots with red bottoms on that I swear Love pointed out to me in the pages of Vogue or something. Urge also has on some sunglasses at night.

Who the fuck was this fashionable guy and what the fuck did Ego do with my fiancÚ?

What gets to me the most is that Urge and Ego actually look good together. They are the same skin tone. They have similar builds. Ego is so fucking handsome that I want to punch his face in. He smiles at Urge and Urge actually smiles back. My eyes are getting red in this telescope when I see what happens next.

Urge lowers his hand off of Ego's shoulder. He laughs about something Ego says to him. He reaches over to Ego. His hand is on Ego's ass.

"Oh FUCK no!"

Is this why he lied to me? Is this why he didn't tell me he was headed to Vegas?

He wanted LEISURE time with this homewrecking pretty boy?

I head out into the living room.

FUCK NO! This isn't going down on my watch. If Ego thought he was going to steal my man he had another thing coming!

I'm grabbing my kukri. I wave it around in the air. It is long, heavy high carbon blade, which is flat ground to produce really incredible cutting power but still has perfect balance. The blade is 10 inches and it has a hardwood handle. I grab the leather sheathe and put my small machete in it. I'm going to cut Urge's dick off. I was going to cut Urge's dick off and FEED it to Ego.

"What's the rush?"

I am so focused on going down there that I don't even notice that the floor is covered in roses. I'm a little confused. I don't know what confuses me more though. When did Craving have the time to get roses, why were petals all over the floor and why the hell was Craving laid out butt naked on top of the wet bar with his dick covered in whip cream.

"You got to be fucking with me right?" I ask Craving.

Marvin Gaye is playing in the background and Craving is probably going to start a fire because he has red bedsheets all over every lamp in this place.

"I'm dead serious baby," Craving says.

"Craving stop fucking around. I'm going to go cut someone. I think Urge is cheating on me."

Craving flexes his muscles. He grabs on his dick that is already clearly swollen from turning himself on and lathered in whip cream. He leans his head back biting his lip hoping to seduce me. He squints the entire time. He jerks his dick a few times making a little bit of a mess. He takes the whip cream that is smothered all over his fingers and after rubbing all over his dick he puts it in his mouth.

"You say he's not treating you right. Baby spend the night now. I'll love you like you need to be loved. No need to look no more. Because I've opened up my doors. You'll never want another love. You'll never find another me. You see you need someone, someone like me. Yeah. To make love to you baby, constantly..."

"Wait... are you quoting R. Kelly?" I ask him.

Craving's eyes get wide. It's funny because he's so serious. This guy is literally trying his hardest right now to really seduce me.

"" he lies straight to my face looking away. Craving couldn't even lie to me right.

"You're in here butt naked on a wet bar, covered in some low-fat whip cream trying to seduce me using the lyrics to Bump N Grind. Craving, best friend---does this really work on people?"

Craving seems to be embarrassed all of a sudden. I can tell by his expression. If I did have even the slightest attraction to Craving in the back of my mind somewhere hidden deep he ruined all of that for me in an instant. There would NEVER be anything between Craving and I. I think he realizes that as he hops off the counter as well. I start removing all the bedsheets from the lights all around me. This is pure fuckery.

"This does nothing for you at all does it?" Craving asks.

I shake my head, "No buddy. I'm in love with Urge. Even if I wasn' are like a brother to me. This is kind of creeping me out. I mean you are attractive. I'm sure guys would kill to hear your romantic dedications of love via 90s R&B music. But there's nothing between us Craving."

"Damn. Fuck. Maybe you're right. Maybe I was just emotionally confused or something. You think?"

"If you have to ask then I'm not the guy for you. Can on a towel or something? I can't take you serious when your penis is dripping dairy products."

Craving wraps a towel around his body, "I'm sorry. Fuck I don't know what I was thinking. He said it was a good idea. He said..."

I stop Craving.

"Wait what?"


"Craving you said someone said this was a good idea," I respond to him, "What the fuck are you even talking about it?"

Craving seems resistant, "It wasn't just his idea. I was just talking to Ego after we had hooked up one time. At first I thought having sex with him was just releasing some energy but he noticed that I was really aggressive when I fucked him. He said I had some built up tension...or whatever."

"What the fuck does he know about you or your tension?" I ask confused as hell, "This guy takes it doggy style a few times and all of a sudden he's a shrink?"

"I don't know. Ego said he felt like I had something I was holding back. Something that was bothering me. I told him about Love but Ego said it wasn't him. He said it was something else. For the longest I couldn't think about what it was. I was just telling him one night how I hated the idea of you marrying Urge. He said that was it. He said I was in love with you. And then it all made sense. I thought, hell, maybe I was in love with you. Maybe this whole time I've been falling apart because I really was supposed to be in love with my best friend."

Fuck. This was pissing me off. Ego was up to something after all.

I shake my head, "Craving don't you see he's trying to use you to break up Urge and I?"

Craving looks confused, "He is?"

"He's trying to fucking manipulate you so that you can get between me and Urge and he can have Urge for himself."


Craving is so confused. Thank god he had his looks and he was the strongest guy I knew. He definitely wasn't the sharpest person out there.

"Yes. Craving. I just saw him out there. Him and Urge. They looked like they were flirting."

"Oh fuck. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have fallen for it."

"Don't be sorry. Get your gun and come with me."

"Which one?"

"The big one."


We head outside. I'm standing there looking around. As we approach the club a part of me knows that Craving is big and blonde. He's shaped like an NFL linebacker. It would be hard enough getting in the club without Urge noticing me alone let alone if I came in there with Craving. It would just be basically waving the white flag saying "look over here, your boyfriend is here catching you red-handed cheating".

"Stay out here," I tell Craving.

"I'm not staying out here," Craving responds, "I got your back. I'm staying with you. You're my best friend."

It's nice Craving seems like he's gotten over this phase of thinking he was in love with me. Still I wanted to catch Urge red handed. I wanted to put him on the spot. I wanted to make Ego pay for bringing Urge out here and definitely pay for manipulating my best friend.

"Craving...if I need you I'll call. You hear me scream or if I take too long in there you come in OK?"


"No. Don't shoot please don't shoot."


I knew Craving. He was going to shoot anyway. He was right. He would kill for me. He'd kill Ego and he damn sure would kill Urge. I didn't want Urge dead though...not really. Not even if he was cheating. It was good enough for me that Craving was standing outside though. I just had to make sure that I didn't call him in this place.

I head into the club. It's a strip club.

It seems like a bisexual strip club. I'd never seen a bisexual strip club but sure enough on the stage there are men and women taking their clothes off for money. Titties, vaginas, penises and asses are everywhere. People are gathered around the small stage and throwing wads of cash at them. It's an intimate night club. There aren't many people in there but the guy at the door charges me damn near 50 bucks to enter. As I get in there I see all these booths. People are having little private VIP sections. I am careful as I enter. I know Urge was very aware. He was the last person that I wanted to upset.

That's when I see him.

My mouth gets dry. I approach slowly. He wouldn't notice what I was doing. He wouldn't notice what I was doing because he has Ego SITTING on his fucking lap! Ego, this pretty boy with an annoying attitude was sitting on MY man's lap. His hand is planted really close to Urge's crotch!

They have a private booth in the corner of the club. It is away from most of the other booths. Urge is whispering in Ego's ear. He has his hand under Ego's butt. This wasn't fucking happening. Urge seems so interested in whatever is going on that he doesn't see me walk up to the booth. Urge doesn't see me walk right up to Ego.

When he does see me his eyes get wide as fuck.

"Desire?" he says.

I can't help it. I grab Ego by his shirt. I lift him off of my fiancÚ. I throw him to the ground and stomp him right on his crotch area. My heel sinks hard into Ego's balls. Ego bellows out in pain. I kick him agian. This time it's not a stomp. This time it is a soccer kick. I punt my his balls like a football player trying to score a few extra points.


He struggles to compose himself but I don't give him the chance. I deliver a knee to his face. Ego forehead busts open and sprays out blood. My knee delivers him sliding across the club floor where he knocks over a few of the strippers dancing.

People in the club get up shocked at what I was just able to do.

"I want answers. NOW!" I bark at Urge.

I pull out my kukri knife. I point it at Urge.

"Are you threatening me?"

Urge looks hurt. He looks like he is honestly hurt even though I'd pulled out a knife on him a million times before. I guess this was different though. The look in my eyes said that I was ready to use it against him. A part of me really wanted to stab him. This wasn't us practicing. No. My heart was broken and I wanted Urge to feel all the pain that I felt.

"You looking at me like I'm crazy. Hell maybe I am. Maybe you made me this way."

"Desire...get the fuck out of here..." Urge states.

"No fuck you. You lied to me. You said you were headed to California."

Urge gets up at that moment, "How the fuck did you find me?"

"Is that your first question? I catch you in the middle of cheating on me and the first thing you can ask is how did I find you? Urge. I fucking LOVED you! How could you let that piece of shit come between us?"

I know I'm causing a scene. Urge looks like he wants me to leave so bad. He's looks beyond embarrassed. I want him to feel this embarrassment though. I want everyone in this club to know how betrayed I feel right now. Tears are rolling down my face. I can't stop them. A part of me wishes Urge would even understand it. He doesn't though. He just stares at my tears in confusion. He is being the same Urge that doesn't understand a tiny bit of my emotion.

"Wait. You think I'm cheating on you?"

"Clearly you are. Ego and you are being all fucking cozy."

"You really think I would fucking cheat on you? You really think after all these fucking years I would cheat on you?"

"Then why are you here?"

Just at that moment I notice we are surrounded on all sides. The dark club is illuminated with piercing lights. There is a spotlight shined specifically on us.

The strippers have surrounded us. Half naked men with their dicks in man thongs have grabbed Ego up. They have him in a bearlock. He isn't going anywhere.

Half naked women have surrounded Urge and I from all sides. I must not have really noticed them before. The men and women were about the same age as Urge and I. They definitely had been cosmetically enhanced. These were signs that these people were part of the Assembly. Sure enough there are at least 30 guns pointed at us at this moment. These weren't just normal guns either. These were Assembly guns.

"Thanks," Urge replies, "You just single-handedly blew up our mission."


"This is the hide out of the 8th sin."

The customers of the club are lined up against one wall. Ego, Urge and I are lined up against the other. I feel like a fucking idiot especially when I see what I did to Ego's face. I look over at Urge. I've never seen him look so pissed at me. He doesn't even look back at me. He's beyond irritated.

I really fucked up this time...

The Assembly members are laughing at me. The embarrassment is something that I can't stress enough. The feeling of regret is something that I don't know how to relate to. I can't take Urge looking at me the way he is looking at me.

It isn't until Avarice comes out that it really hits me just how much danger I am in.

"Kill the onlookers. We don't need any witnesses," Avarice states.

I notice the onlookers who were patrons of the club being killed one at a time. They use silencers and their screams can't be heard over the loud music. It's a fucking massacre! I can't look. It's not because I'm not used to death. I can't look because I know that I'm the reason these people are dying. If I hadn't stormed in the club they would still be tipping strippers and enjoying their peep show. Now blood was splattered all over the walls. The Assembly members have no emotions when they kill these innocent people. They seem more annoyed when they have to bring out plastic bags and cleaning material to clean up the club afterward.

"Your boyfriend fucked us," Ego tells Urge.

Urge doesn't disagree with him. I want to apologize. I want to say so many things but I can't. I just turn away. Avarice is walking towards us. She has on an all black leather suit. Her accent is different. It is clear she was faking her Spanish accent. Now she has a more Middle Eastern accent. It's clear she is a very talented assassin for her to have infiltrated the kitchen at the SOS building so well.

"You know when I got a message that Tom's son and his friends had literally walked into the club and started fighting amongst themselves I got religious," Avarice says clapping her hands, "I swear after all the people I've killed I really thought about repenting finally. Hallelujah! My enemies come to me and give themselves to me freely. From across the country! HA! There must be a God."

Avarice starts laughing. The other members of the Assembly join in. I notice how embarrassed Urge is. He was a professional killer. On all the missions he's been on he's never had anything personal like this happen.

It all makes sense now. It makes sense why he was wearing the sunglasses at night and dressed weird. He wasn't trying to look nice for Ego. It was a disguise.

"You? You are the 8th sin?" I ask her, "All along?"

Avarice laughs, "Who me? No. Is that why you came all this way Desire? You wanted to know who was running the Assembly? Didn't they tell you who it was?"

I look over at Ego and Urge.

Ego shook his head, "We couldn't tell you Desire. Clearly you don't know how to control your emotions..."

"Who is the 8th sin?"

"Why don't we show you instead?" Avarice asks.

They take us to the back room. Down a dark hallway they open a trap door. I try to get Urge's attention. He isn't even looking at me. Urge, Ego and I are marched into a dark room. The room almost looks like some sort of butcher shop. There are all these knives laid out on the table. That's when I realize something else. Instead of animal meat there are human ligamaents hanging up from the hooks. Fuck. This person was crazy. This person had to be psycho.

"What the fuck is this?" Ego asks looking around.

He's panicking. So am I. The room is stained with blood.

"You are just in time for dinner," someone says.

Why did this person sound so familiar? There is a single chair there. I am aware that the person sitting behind that chair is the 8th sin.

"Who are you?" I ask.

I'm nervous. Why does this voice sound SO fucking familiar to me?

That's when she turns and I'm blown away by who is sitting there...

"They call me the 8th sin: Ignorance. They also call me the Chef. I have many different names but I believe Desire you know me as your mother."

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