Bachelor Party by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Bachelor Party
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 11,564 words
Scene : M/M/M, interracial, reluctant, bondage, oral, anal
Setting : Abandoned farm house
Location : Oklahoma, USA
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Richey Rickman - 29 yo - cut - Caucasian man - straight - top
Character #2 : Kosal - 28 yo - cut - Asian man - gay - bottom
Character #2 : Thomas Spencer - 28 yo - cut - Caucasian man - gay - bottom

Every straight man wishes to marry his dream girlfriend, so did Richey. When he told his friends, Kosal and Thomas, about the good news, they were happy for him. At least, that was what Richey believed. Unknown to Richey, both his friends had lusted after him for quite a long time. Without any suspicion, Richey let them plan his bachelor party. Having previous successful experiences in sexually trapping straight men, Kosal, the Cambodian guy, fabricated the perfect ploy for Richey. They took Richey to an abandoned farm house in a secluded area. Once Richey stepped in, his life was changed forever.

"Here we are. This is where we will celebrate your last night as a bachelor, Richey," Kosal said as he helped his friend get out of the car. "Sorry about the blindfold but it's a surprise. You mustn't know what we've prepared for you." Kosal made sure that Richey Rickman didn't stumble on any pebble as he got off the car. "Be careful, buddy. There are many pebbles. Just take your steps one at a time," he reminded his friend. "Thomas," Kosal called out to the other guy. "Help me, will you?"

Another guy, who got off first, quickly came to hold Richey's other arm. "You'll love our surprise for you, Richey," Thomas Spencer chuckled, not being able to stop imagining how much fun he would have. Thomas immediately sported a boner which pushed against the fly of his trousers. "Shit, Kosal. We should have brought a flashlight. It's too dark. Can I light the candle now?"

"No, don't," Kosal immediately reminded his friend. "We need the candles for our party." When talking to Thomas, that Asian man seemed very careful so that he wouldn't accidentally leak out any details about the bachelor party they'd planned. Kosal looked quite aroused, imagining the fun they would have. As he walked, he made no attempt to hide the bulge in his jeans. 'This night is going to be the night that Richey will never forget. We're gonna have so much fun tonight.' Using his other hand, he massaged the itchy bulge.

"This is stupid, guys," Richey spoke, not knowing where his friends have taken him to. His body shivered involuntarily as the night wind blew against his body. "Where are we going? We're in the middle of no where, right? But I hope that we're still in Oklahoma." The handsome hunk slowly took his steps, one by one. Actually, he was rather pissed because his friends had dragged him here without revealing anything. That night was supposed to be the last night he could enjoy his freedom as a single man, because he would marry his beloved girlfriend the next day. Thus, Thomas and Kosal, Richey's buddies, planned to throw him an awesome bachelor party. At the same time, he was also excited because he knew that something horny would happen during the party. They did mention to him that the party would be very unique, unlike the others. Richey actually did not understand what they meant, but he was glad that his friends cared about his sexual needs.

The three of them had to walk through a dense corn field before arriving at an old abandoned farm house. It was clear that the house hadn't been occupied for years. The front porch was quite dusty, desperately needing some serious cleaning. Many wooden parts of the house had rotted away. As they stepped on the floor, it gave out an eerie creak. After releasing Richey's arm, Thomas fished out a candle from his trousers and lit it. Leaving his friends outside, he went in and lit more candles. The dim light, emanating from carefully placed candles, then lit up the interior. Several minutes later, Thomas called his friends to enter.

Richey meekly let his buddy pull him in. Even though he was blindfolded, he could imagine what the house looked like, judging from the sound he heard and the smell he sniffed. Several times, he snorted because some nasty dust flew into his nostrils. He had no idea why his friends chose an abandoned house as the location for his bachelor party. However, he was very intrigued by the surprise that they had prepared. In his mind, he pictured a sexy naked lady waiting for him in the bed. That dirty thought immediately stirred his cock. Showing no shame at all, he let his cock create a prominent tent in his trousers.

Thomas saw it and he immediately told Kosal to look at it. "Look at that. Richey's got a boner." Although he meant it as a raunchy joke, he couldn't control his tone of voice and accidentally sounded as if he was mocking Richey. He led the groom-to-be to the bedroom. Obviously, Thomas and Kosal had already prepared everything because that room had been cleaned thoroughly. Even the bedsheets had been changed. Thomas led Richey to the bed before telling him to strip. "Take off all your clothes, Richey. Then lie on the bed while we're preparing your surprise. But keep the blindfold on."

Richey heard his friends leaving the room. Their footsteps caused the wooden floor to creak. As they walked away, the creaking noises died away. After waiting for a minute, Richey was sure that he was finally alone. The horny man quickly took off his tee and jeans. Even though he was physically perfect, Richey was kind of shy to get naked in front of other men. Those clothes fell onto the floor before being kicked away. His cock throbbing, Richey was tempted to remove the blindfold but he decided to leave it on. Carefully, the naked man lay on the bed. He let out a soft gasp as he felt the smoothness of the bedsheets on the surface of his bare back.

After waiting for several minutes, finally Richey heard a series of creaking noises approach him. At the same time, he heard a female voice talk to him. "I heard that you've been a very bad boy." Before Richey could respond, the woman immediately resumed, "Bad boy needs to be punished. Submit yourself to me. I'm gonna teach you a lesson for being naughty."

Hearing such beautiful voice, Richey's dirty mind ran wild as he imagined the voice owner to be the sexiest woman he would ever lay his eyes on. Richey's body immediately tingled with excitement, his cock throbbing. 'Shit! This woman really knows what I want. Finally, my dirtiest and kinkiest fantasy is going to come true. I do like to be dominated. I want to be tied, to be punished, as I'm being forced to have sex. Fuck! I think I can shoot now. This is too hot,' Richey thought, his body writhing in anticipation. Meekly, he let his hands, one by one, be tied to the bed post behind his head. However, when he was touched, he realized that the palms were rather callused. 'Damn! Maybe she's not as sexy as I initially imagined. Doesn't she use any hand lotion?'

Richey had no idea that his two friends tricked him. There was no sexy woman in the room. Kosal tried hard not to laugh as he carefully held a voice recorder. The lady voice that Richey heard earlier came from that device. Thomas was there, too. He was actually the one who tied Richey's hands. Standing by the bed, Thomas and Kosal were feasting on Richey's naked body with their lustful eyes. Richey's naked body was displayed for them to see. The former jock did have a gorgeous body. All muscles in his body were developed nicely. Even though he was in his late 20s, Richey still managed to maintain the athletic posture he had since high school. Richey's broad pectoral muscles looked very inviting, challenging their beholders to squeeze them hard. A pair of quarter-sized pinkish nipples stood hard, guarding the marvelous chest. Richey's pecs were muscularly solid and formed a narrow valley between them. Kosal almost drooled as he reached out his hand to touch Richey's pecs. But Thomas stopped him because it was not the right time,yet.

Both horny men continued to sweep their lustful eyes across Richey's perfect torso then down to his magnificent six packs. Those six blocks of muscles looked hard. In the middle of those abdominal muscles, a soft trail of body hair ran down those muscles. The trail headed for the crotch where a jungle of pubic hair grew. It seemed that Richey rarely trimmed his pubic hair. The curly pubic hair crowned the crotch and hid the base of Richey's hard cock. Attached to the crotch was a thick fuck tool. Obviously, Richey was thinking about sex because his dick was throbbing hard. Gaining full erection, the dick's length reached about 7 inches. And like most modern American men, Richey had been circumcised. The pinkish cock head was glaring back at them as it throbbed repeatedly. A drop of precum flowed down the throbbing shaft and the balls.

Breathing hard, Thomas groped his own hard-on through his jeans. His body was not as athletic as Richey's although he only had a little amount of body fat. Being one year older than Richey, Thomas possessed a tough-looking face which was adorned with sideburns and stubble. The facial hair certainly boosted up his masculine aura. Silently, the horny man took off his shirt and let it drop onto the floor. Thomas' broad chest flexed as he kept fondling his dick through the fabric. His nipples had already been rigid as the cold night air caressed them. Letting out a soft gasp of lust, Thomas seemed rather impatient. Yet, before doing anything sexual, he wanted to take some time to watch Richey's taut body flex against the rope.

Carefully, without making any noise, Kosal placed the voice recorder on the bedside desk. Getting horny, the Asian man took off his T-shirt and approached Thomas. Lewdly, Kosal leaned his bare chest against Thomas' back as they shared their sexual fantasy about fucking Richey's cherry ass. Both men groped each other while trying hard not to make a sound. As a Cambodian man, Kosal had an exotic Asian face, having mixed characteristics between Chinese and Malay. Kosal was obsessed in having sex with straight men because the thought of converting them into homosexuality excited him very much. Several times, he managed to trap some straight men and forced them to have sex with him. Kosal's perverted plan never failed. In fact, the idea of trapping Richey was fabricated entirely by Kosal. As Kosal slipped his hands into Thomas' jeans, Thomas reciprocated by groping Kosal's bare torso and then down to the stomach. Getting turned on, Kosal produced a soft sigh as a bulge grew in his trousers.

Carefully, they shucked their trousers off so that Richey would not that they were there. The tight briefs they wore were taken off, too. Two erect cut cocks were throbbing excitedly as their owners were eying Richey's naked body with unbridled lust. Standing side by side, Thomas and Kosal were groping each other's muscles. Soft moans escaped their lips as they felt lust course down their bodies. The Asian man wrapped his hand around Thomas' dick. Sealing Thomas' lips with his, he gave that cock some jerks. Without any sound, they kissed. The only sound that was heard in that room was Richey's desperate protest.

"Come on. I'm horny here. Do something sexy to me, please. I want sex," Richey whimpered, almost sounding desperately. Throbbing hard, his cock was frustrated. But precum still flowed out the slit as Richey kept imagining the great sex he would have soon. "My cock is aching It gets so hard that it feels like it's gonna burst soon. At least, stroke my cock please. Let me cum," he demanded, pulling at the rope binding his feet and hands. The muscles were contracting, displaying the manly strength.

Deliberately making the wooden floor creak, Thomas knelt down by the bed. He took the chance to admire Richey's erection from a closer distance. He brought his nose close to the throbbing cock head to smell the manly aroma. He had to squeeze his own hard-on to calm himself down. Almost drooling, Thomas stuck out his tongue. Gingerly, he swept Richey's drooling dick head with his tongue, getting a taste of his precum. Immediately, a groan of pleasure came from Richey. That was what he had been waiting for.

"Yeah, baby. Your tongue feels so nice. Taste my cock. Swirl your tongue around the head. Yeah, I like your warm wet tongue. You want my big cock, huh? Suck me. Oh yes. I love it, ah," Richey moaned, pulling at the rope. The biceps were bulging hard, as well as the triceps. Squirming, he was trying to move his cock to tease his sucker. "Suck my cock. You want it, right? Yeah, make me feel good. Suck that juicer. Oh yes! That's it. You make me hard, baby. Oh, I can't wait to fuck you," he breathed, his chest heaving up and down. "Ah, fuck!" he let out a deep guttural groan as his nipple was being rubbed. Soon, the other one received the same treatment. The macho naked stud could only pull at his restrain helplessly. "Oh, you're touching my nipples, too. You really know how to make me horny. Oh, you'll feel my manliness when I stick my hard cock into your body. Fuck yeah!"

Apparently, Richey was not aware that it was actually Kosal who was rubbing his nipples. Bending his body over, on the other side of the bed, the naked Asian man licked his lips while his hands lightly pinched Richey's erect nipples. He loved to see the muscular stud writhe on the bed. Kosal's hard cock was throbbing with unspeakable desire, its head glistening with precum. "Oh," he slightly gasped, trying to muffle his groan, when he touched himself. Looking over at the other side, he saw Thomas furiously jacking himself off. Silently, the Cambodian guy milked his own cock, too, thrusting his hips forward. Kosal's Asian dick was moving in and out of the fist, as if it's fucking a tight ass hole. "Yeah, fuck," Kosal gasped, keeping his voice as low as he could. Shuddering with much pleasure, Kosal gave a hard pinch to his left nipple. The sudden pinch jolted the man's naked body, which almost made him yelp. Fortunately, Richey's groans were much louder, compared to theirs.

Producing loud slurping noises, Thomas utilized his lips to bring pleasure. Forming a tight ring, his lips massaged Richey's thick manhood. Thomas' head was bobbing up and down the shaft as his mouth sucked that meat. Richey's cock tasted rather salty because it was stained with precum. The more Thomas sucked his friend's cock, the more precum he got. To balance himself, Thomas held onto the bed post while his other hand was used to jack himself off. That white man clearly enjoyed Richey's dick. The pleasure was expressed on his handsome face. Heaving, Thomas' lungs pumped out a series of warm breath. The breath was blown against Richey's crotch, stimulating the groom-to-be even more. So far, the straight stud still believed that a woman was blowing his dick.

"Fuck yeah! I love your sluttish mouth," Richey groaned. "Suck my cock, bitch. It wants your hot mouth. And it wants to be in you. I'm gonna fuck you afterward. You'll be fucked so hard that you'll cry for mercy. Oh, I must release my fucking loads. You've made me so wet even before I got naked. Ah yes! I love sex! Oh yes!" Sweat beads began to appear on his naked muscular body. Although the room was not that hot, Richey had already burnt with desire. He was in great heat. The rope secured his body, not allowing him to move much. Richey's head was thrashing, his body enduring the sexual ecstasy from the oral service. "Oh yes! Keep sucking. Yeah, take my cock deeper into your fucking mouth. Make me groan. Yeah, suck my dick. Oh fuck! I want your mouth, oh," Richey slurred, surrendering his body to the worldly pleasure.

Quietly, Kosal walked around the bed and joined Thomas. Running one of his hands on Thomas' bare back, Kosal gave himself up to the lust. Without stopping the blowjob, Thomas found Kosal's erect manhood and gave it a few strokes. Being stroked like that, Kosal was having trouble in keeping his voice low. The rock-hard fuck tool was throbbing happily in Thomas' clutching fist. Precum flowed out its slit and smeared the palm. It made the cock become rather slippery to the touch. For several times, Thomas' hand almost slipped off, not being able to get a good grip on Kosal's manhood. "Oh! Yeah!" Kosal moaned softly, wincing with great pleasure. Whenever the pleasure attacked him, Kosal would channel it to Thomas by squeezing his back. Dirty fantasy was rolling in the Cambodian man's head, envisioning Richey as a fuck slut. As Kosal's dick oozed out precum, it made sloppy noises when it passed through Thomas' clenched fist repeatedly.

By that time, Richey's cock had been leaking profusely. Thomas was almost choked as the excessive flow of the precum suddenly blocked his throat. Breathing hard, Richey warned about the impending orgasm. "It's getting close. I can feel it. Keep sucking my big dick. Ah! I'm gonna cum. Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot my manly cum in your throat. Ah! Yeah, I can feel it coming. Don't worry. I still have plenty of cum for you. I'm a very virile man. I'm gonna fuck you right after I shoot. You'll be impressed by my manliness, ah!" The sturdy frame of Richey's shuddered more powerfully. It was an obvious sign that he was going to explode.

Throwing a grin, Kosal prepared himself to take off Richey's blindfold. That was his plan all along: to watch Richey's shocked expression as that straight guy shot his sperms down his male best friend's throat. The Asian man was not interested in Richey's nipples anymore. Instead, he used the tip of his finger to explore Richey's massive torso. Lightly, he ran a finger across the bare chest. It left a trail of itchy-like sensation that shook Richey's naked body. The groom-to-be could only groan desperately, torn apart in his wildest sexual pleasure. Groaning quietly, Kosal winced when Thomas' blunt nail accidentally scraped his slimy dick head. The Cambodian man bucked violently, his guttural groan almost alerted Richey.

Thomas' lips were vacuuming the meat with stronger force. Exerting all the strength left, his cheek muscles worked hard to pump Richey's cum out. Saliva ran down the shaft, dampening Richey's pubic hair. The liquid also flowed down to the balls. Thomas knew that Richey was about to ejaculate in any second. Richey's salty precum had filled up Thomas' mouth in handsome amount. The dick head throbbed harder as it almost reached the point of no return. Its head size swelled slightly. Thomas' tongue was busily rubbing the glaring head up and down, trying to coax the cum out. Finally, Richey's dick shook, ready to erupt.

All of a sudden, the macho stud was yelling frantically. "I'm gonna cum! It's coming! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck!" Right at that moment, Kosal reached for the blindfold and pushed it upward. Richey's eyes suddenly could see everything. And what he saw was so shocking that he just wanted to scream as loudly as he could. "Ah, fuck!" The sight of Thomas' sucking his ejaculating dick was very gross. But Richey could not postpone his ejaculation as his cock had already come. "Fuck! Oh! I'm cumming! Ah!" Pulling against the restraints, Richey's muscles contracted. Every athletic muscles in his body was bulging angrily, looking as if they were about to burst. Huge gobs of thick man cream were shot into Thomas' sucking mouth. Greedily, Thomas gulped down Richey's cum without spilling it. Richey helplessly bucked as Thomas wrung out his cock.

A part of Richey felt indescribable disgust, knowing that his cock rested in another man's mouth. But he could not deny that Thomas did know how to suck cock. Richey had never received such a terrific blow job. Thus, he forced himself to enjoy the rest of his orgasm before it ended. "Ah, fuck! Drink my cum, Thomas! Fuck you, faggot! Take it all! Oh!" All muscles underwent violent spasm as he filled his friend's mouth with fresh supply of cum. The wooden bed was shaking when Richey's naked body squirmed brutally. Rope was biting into his arms, leaving reddish mark on the skin. With a howling groan, Richey emptied his balls. "Ah, fuck! Yes! Oh yes!" The stud continued to groan until the last drop of his cum left his throbbing dick. "Oh," he sighed, looking very tired. For a minute, he recuperated. His athletic sweaty chest was heaving up and down. As he turned his head, he saw Kosal stand by the bed. Richey looked quite upset after realizing that there was no sexy woman in the room.

"You have such a nice body, Richey," Kosal said, bending over to feel Richey's pecs. The bound stud squirmed when his chest was touched like that, showing disgust on his face. But Kosal did not care about that for he knew that Richey was at their mercy. "We both have been lusting after you since college, you know," Kosal continued, sensually twirling his index finger around Richey's nipple. "Now it's the time to make our horny fantasy come true. We both are gonna make love to you. We'll show you a whole new meaning of sexual pleasure." With that, Kosal bent his body down and brought his lips closer to Richey's. One of Kosal's hands was still groping Richey's chest, feeling its hardness.

Terrified, Richey tried to avoid the kiss but Kosal's hand had held Richey's head in place. There was no way that he could escape the gay kiss. "Let me go! It's not funny!" Richey protested, trying to fight Kosal's hand by shaking his head. 'Fuck! I wish these faggots didn't tie my hands. Oh shit! He's gonna kiss me. No!' As the lips got closer to his, Richey grew more panicky. "Stop it! I'm not a homo like you! No, please don't kiss me! Ah!" But Kosal of course paid no attention to the pleading. Determinedly, he pressed his slobbering lips and forced a deep wet passionate kiss. His body thrashing furiously, Richey was angry with himself because he failed to prevent the queer kiss. As the Cambodian man squeezed Richey's jaw, Richey had no choice but to open his mouth painfully. At that very moment, Kosal quickly slipped in his tongue. Richey was nauseated, disgusted by man-to-man French kiss. The muscular stud tried to scream but he could only produce muffled moan.

"At last, I can make love to your cock," Thomas said, loud enough so that Richey could hear it. Sensually, he was rubbing Richey's thighs with his callused palms. "I like your cock. It's big and juicy. Oh, I envy your wife-to-be, I wish I were her. I'd be happy if you could fuck me with that big dick of yours every day. Oh, fuck, Richey! I want you," he said, crawling up to the bed. Thomas' hard dick throbbed excitedly, a drop of precum hanging down from the leaking slit. When his hands swept across Richey's hairy legs, Thomas' body shook with desire. He knew for sure that he wanted Richey. Lewdly, one of his hands traced Richey's hairy leg. It kept going up until it reached Richey's dense crotch. "I want to make you cum again," he said, groping Richey's limp cum-coated cock. Without any hesitation, Thomas stuck out his tongue and bathed Richey's cock with his drool. The tongue was dancing on the sensitive dick head, licking up any remains of the previous ejaculation.

Tied securely to the bed posts, Richey could only groan out his anger as his two best friends molested him. Disgust filled him up when Kosal's tongue was roaming his mouth. The Cambodian man seemed to enjoy the kiss. Kosal's hands groped Richey's sweaty body, squeezing and pinching the muscles. Richey still tried to free himself, struggling as ferociously as he could, but the rope was too strong. When the kiss finally ended, Richey was so nauseated that he almost vomited. He almost cried when he realized that he could not escape the ordeal. Looking down, he noticed that Thomas was stroking his limp dick. In seconds, Richey's dick rose to full erection despite its previous ejaculation. Thomas and Kosal gazed at the throbbing meat, amazed by Richey's virility.

"No! What are you doing? No, don't do that!" Richey protested worriedly as Thomas assumed the sitting position. Carefully, Thomas gripped Richey's pulsating dick and aimed it at Thomas' clenching ass hole. "Ah, no! I don't wanna fuck your ass. Stop it!" Richey yelled helplessly. The thought of having sex with a man turned him off. But he could not figure out why his cock was still hard in Thomas's grasp. Richey's head was reeling with confusion. "Ah!" he moaned when he felt his dick head press against Thomas' anal ring. As Thomas smeared his ass hole thoroughly with Richey's cum-coated glans, Richey received waves of pleasure. His dick head was indeed quite sensitive. Grunting, Richey had no way but to surrender himself when Thomas sat down on his fuck tool. "Oh! My cock is entering your faggot ass! Shit!" Richey yelled, thrashing his head.

"Yes! Take my ass, Richey. I love your big cock," Thomas grunted, his eyes flashing with lust. Spreading his legs, the horny white man lowered down his body slowly so that Richey's cock would break into his ass. His face was contorting, showing mixed expression of both pain and pleasure. After making sure that Richey's cock head had stretched the asshole, Thomas released Richey's dick. Facing the handsome straight man, Thomas reached out both his hands and held onto Richey's pecs. "Fuck yeah! Give me your cock! I want it! Richey, fuck my ass! You won't regret it. My ass is so tight. Yes, slide it in. Oh!" Throwing his head back, Thomas gradually sank himself down, inch by inch. The clenching ass lips slowly gave way to Richey's dick as they were forcefully pushed inward. Both men groaned out lustfully. "Shove your cock in, Richey! Come on. I love it, yeah!" Thomas whimpered. And suddenly, the dick head popped in. "Ah!" Thomas groaned, feeling as if his hole had been torn apart. Although Thomas was not a virgin anymore, being fucked by Richey's big dick still brought some pain.

Upon being squeezed by such a tight hole, Richey could not deny the pleasure it gave. Getting sweaty, Richey's athletic body flexed again as he endured the penetration process. "Fuck! Your hole is too tight, ah! I've never fucked a very tight hole like yours. It's choking my dick head," Richey groaned, his body squirming. The cum layering his dick served as lube, easing up the penetration as the dick head moved inward. "Oh!" Richey whimpered, his eye balls rolling upward. "Fuck yeah, it feels so good. Ah!" At that point, he had decided to stop resisting and to give Thomas what he wanted. "You want it, faggot? Fuck yourself on my cock, then. Yeah, show me how much you want my dick!" Whimpering, Richey tried to push his hips upward. When the sensitive dick head brushed Thomas' insides, Richey moaned with great pleasure. His dick was encased by indescribable warmth and tightness. Its shaft was squeezed hard, as if Thomas' ass would not want to let it go. Throbbing, Richey's dick exuded a pearly gob of precum deep inside Thomas' ass. The dick continued to crawl in until Richey's thighs slapped against Thomas' ass. "Oh! What a tight ass. It's unbelievable," Richey whispered, staring at Thomas with equal lust on his face.

"See what you've missed all these years, Richey?" Kosal said, watching the evident pleasure on his straight friend's face. "Such tightness like this can never be found in women. You like Thomas' tight ass, don't you? Yeah, fuck it hard. He needs your big straight cock to breed him." Deliberately, Kosal talked dirty because he knew that Richey needed some encouragement. "You're very sexy, Richey. I'm hard for you," he added, wiping the sweat drops off Richey's flexing pecs. As Kosal touched them, his hand shuddered. "I love touching your pecs. You're very manly. And you turn me on." To emphasize what he meant, Kosal grabbed his own erection and slapped it on Richey's arm. "Do you feel my hard cock, Richey?"

Confusion was brewing in Richey's mind. 'How come I enjoy fucking Thomas' ass? I'm not gay but I like fucking him. What's going on here?' However, like most men in this world, Richey was quite weak when it came to sexual temptation. Although he was straight, he couldn't ignore the pleasure. His dick responded to the tightness of Thomas' ass. It was truly an eye opening experience for him. Richey's face reddened when his eyes met Thomas'. All of a sudden, he felt very embarrassed.

Panting, Thomas sat on Richey's hard-on. His legs were spread apart. Thomas' dripping dick was pulsating in front of Richey lasciviously. Without any shame, Thomas moaned as he reached for his own nipple. "Fuck me, Richey. Make me your slut. I've been dreaming of this for years. I want your big cock in me. Yeah, fuck my ass, Richey. Fuck me hard!" His legs contracting, Thomas lifted his body up. The movement caused Richey's cock to slip out of the clenching hole. "Oh, my ass..." Thomas groaned, enjoying the pleasurable friction in his ass. But before Richey's cock escaped the tight hole, Thomas quickly lowered his body down. Thus, the cock was sheathed again inside it. Eagerly, Thomas repeated what he did. Gradually, the fuck rhythm was established while Thomas was rigorously fucking himself. His short brown hair was dampened, sweat beading up his handsome face. "Fuck! Oh, fuck! Yes!"

Minutes later, Richey was carried away by the unspeakable sensation. His anger slowly faded away, replaced by the growing desire to shoot his loads. Trying to enjoy his first man-to-man sex, Richey didn't put up any fight. His bound arms relaxed, no longer pulling at the rope. Rising up, his broad pecs expanded when the air was pumped in. Even though it was rather cold, Richey couldn't help sweating. His naked body was damp. The beads of sweat rolled down his torso and drenched the mattress. "Yeah, fuck yourself on my cock. Yes! I'm fucking your ass, faggot! Take my big straight dick. You're made to be fucked, queer! And I'm screwing your asshole. Yeah!" Richey groaned, clenching his tied hands. Pulling vainly against the rope, Richey let the queer pleasure course down his naked body. If he had known that fucking a guy's ass would feel that good, he would have done it long time ago. "Yeah, fuck you, Thomas! You're a fucking faggot! I love fucking your homo ass! Yes, fuck yourself! Impale your ass on my big dick. Fuck!"

Stroking his own erect cock, the Cambodian guy brought his meat to Richey's lips. "You've made me so horny. Look at my cock. It's hard for you," he said, inhaling a deep breath. Kosal crawled up the bed, groping Richey's trussed body. The weight of his body sank the mattress. A hard dick was dangling above Richey's face, emanating nauseating precum smell. Lustfully, Kosal squeezed one of Richey's pecs. "Suck my dick, Richey," the Cambodian man said. "I know you want it. Suck it."

Upon hearing such demand, Richey gave him the what-the-fuck look. "No way. I'm not gonna suck your cock. I'm not a fag." At the same time, he turned away to avoid Kosal's dick. But then he realized that Kosal wouldn't take no as an answer. "Get a way from me. I don't want to suck your dick, faggot." The straight man was clearly annoyed.

"Stop pretending, Richey. I know you want my cock because you can't take your eyes off it. Come on, open your mouth and let me in," Kosal insisted. His breath was loud enough to be heard, Obviously, Kosal could no longer restrain himself. Against Richey's will, Kosal pressed his slimy dick head on Richey's lips. Yet, no matter how hard he pushed, he couldn't break the defense of Richey's mouth. Getting impatient, Kosal finally reached for the straight man's nipple and twisted it as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" Richey cursed. Not being able to bear the pain, he opened his mouth wide. Richey's body squirmed violently, trying to ease the pain. His twisted nipple ached, almost like burning. Just when he thought the pain would fade, suddenly he found himself sucking Kosal's manhood! Apparently, the Asian man saw the perfect opportunity and quickly inserted the throbbing dick into Richey's gaping mouth. 'No! I don't want to suck his cock!' Richey protested, his eyes wide with horror. A feeling of nausea invaded his mind as the foul-smelling dick made contact with his tongue. It was the first time ever that Richey tasted precum; he hadn't even tasted his own yet. The texture of precum was like snot, and Richey did not like it at all.

Before Richey could think of any way to escape the ordeal, Kosal threatened him. "Be a good boy and don't try anything stupid. If you dare hurt my cock in any way, I would rip your nipples off your chest." To show how serious he was, he pinched Richey's nipple again. This time, he also pulled it away, thus giving more pain.

A deep guttural cry resounded from Richey's stuffed mouth. His eyes turned wet as tears broke out. All of a sudden, he no longer knew who Kosal was. But he did know that Kosal meant every word that he said. Hence, Richey thought that it was wise to do what Kosal demanded. It was not easy for him to taste another man's cock but he had strong determination. After several minutes passed, Richey was eventually used to having a cock in his mouth. And it didn't taste as bad as he thought it would.

Kosal was certainly ecstatic to notice how well Richey handled it. "See? You like cocks. Oh, it feels so warm inside your mouth. I can feel your wet tongue caress my sensitive dick head." While moaning, Kosal shuddered involuntarily. "Yeah, lick my cock slit. It feels so damn good." To show his appreciation, the Asian guy gently caressed Richey's pecs. He also paid special attention to Richey's nipples, running his finger around the aureola. He could see from Richey's facial expression that Richey liked the nipple treatment.

The bed was still creaking while Thomas was fucking himself using Richey's throbbing manhood. Not being able to reject the pleasure from fucking Thomas' ass, Richey was torn apart between lust and disgust. Kosal's excessive precum kept filling Richey's mouth. A part of Richey felt very humiliated, but he couldn't stop it. 'I don't know what I'm feeling now. I start to doubt my heterosexuality. Am I a fag too? Why am I getting excited by these homos?'

"Suck my Asian dick, white boy. Do you know that a lot of white gays are begging to have sex with a hot Asian guy like me? You're very lucky I'm horny for you. Work your cheek muscles and suck harder," Kosal instructed, pulling at Richey's short damp hair. Thrusting his dick into Richey's mouth, Kosal almost gagged him. "Oh yes! Suck my dick, Richey!" he moaned, holding onto Richey's head. "Take my cock. Taste the true taste of manliness. Yeah, cum is good for you. Oh!" The perverted Asian man continued to use Richey's mouth for his own sexual pleasure.

Bound to the bed, Richey could not do anything but to comply. Clumsily, he was blowing Kosal's dick. Loud slurping sounds resounded as he did his best to please Kosal. Tears almost flowed down Richey's handsome face, out of humiliation. He felt so degraded, lost to two gay men. Never sucking any cock in his life, Richey's blowjob technique was very disappointing. But Kosal did not mind, because he was quite excited just by seeing Richey lick his drooling manhood. Roughly, Richey's head was being manhandled. The Cambodian guy controlled the suction, using Richey's head. Pumping the mouth without pausing, Kosal was determined to break Richey down and turn him into a fuck slut.

With a cock stuck in his mouth, Richey could only produce muffled noises when he tried to talk. Saliva mixed with Kosal's precum seeped out from the corners of his lips. The white jock was reduced to a sex toy under Kosal's control. Confused, Richey started to feel something strange stir in him. The disgust that he had earlier had slowly faded away. As he got used to tasting precum, he started to like its salty taste. The more he licked it, the more he liked it. Emitting muffled groans, Richey maneuvered his tongue around Kosal's glaring dick head. Although his sucking technique still hadn't improved, he showed Kosal that he liked cock. When he licked the cock slit, he obtained a generous supply of precum.

Bouncing up and down Richey's manhood, Thomas grinned at Kosal victoriously. It was obvious that their plan worked. Richey, the straight man, had shown strong inclination of becoming a fag. Thomas' entire body was covered in a thin film of sweat. It took him a lot of energy to fuck himself. His breath became erratic, his pecs heaving up and down. With one hand on the mattress, Thomas milked his raging hard-on. Covered with oozing precum, Thomas' dick was ready to cum any time. "Oh, fuck! Fuck my ass, Richey! Fuck me," Thomas kept groaning. His voice was vibrating as the result of his body's bouncing up and down. Occasionally, some of Thomas' precum was splattered on Richey's sweaty torso. "Give me that big cock! Oh, shit! I want you so much, Richey! Oh, fuck my ass!" Still babbling, Thomas stroked his dick harder. His face started to contort as if he had been in pain. "Shit! My cock is so wet. I think I'm gonna shoot. Oh!" he warned, sensing the approach of his climax.

Hearing that Thomas was about to shoot out his seed, Kosal got very excited. There's no sexier sight than to watch another man reach orgasm. "Yeah, shoot your cum all over Richey's chest, Thomas. Don't hold back. Just shoot it." The thought of Thomas shooting his thick loads all over Richey's broad pecs drove Kosal to his own climax. Groaning, he warned Richey that he was about to unleash a torrent of cum. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum, too. I've been saving this load for you, Richey. Keep sucking my dick. Suck my cum out," Kosal said, looking down on the macho straight man. Bending over, the Cambodian man maintained authoritative eye contact with Richey to show him who the boss was. "I'm getting really close. I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cock juice. And you must drink it all down. Don't spill any of it."

Richey's mind was jolted, hearing such order coming from Kosal. At that precise moment, he realized that he never really knew Kosal. First, he failed to know about Kosal's homosexuality. Second, he had no idea that Kosal was so eager to rape him. When he heard Kosal's sexual demand, he suddenly lost his ability to think, out of shock. 'What the fuck?! I have done things I never thought I would enjoy doing, like fucking Thomas' ass and sucking Kosal's dick. And I also have to gulp down his cum as well?' There was a string certainty in him that he could not possibly bring himself to do such a disgusting thing. However, he also realized that he was at Kosal's mercy. With his hands tied, he wouldn't be able to defend himself if Kosal decided to harm him. 'Fuck! I have to suck his cum out if I still want to live. There's no telling what Kosal would do to me if I defied his wishes.'

"Shit! Your tongue feels great on my cock. Oh! I never felt so horny like this," Kosal moaned, his eyes shut tight. The Asian man's chest expanded, looking slightly larger. His full pecs, looking rather heavy, hung down from the torso. Kosal was not the kind of guy who loved working out. Thus he had some body fat here and there, some accumulating in his pecs. Eagerly, he pumped Richey's mouth up and down. To get more comfortable position, Kosal stretched his body horizontally above Richey's head until Kosal's hands reached to the other side of the bed. Kosal's leaking dick was still planted deep in Richey's drool-filled mouth. "Take my queer cock, Richey. Suck the cum out. Oh! Make me cum. Come on, you sexy stud. Milk me!"

Thomas' hand ran down Kosal's sweaty back. It managed to wipe off some sweat drops. Lustfully, Thomas traced the contours of his friend's broad back. Occasionally, he squeezed and kneaded the flesh, leaving reddish marks on the skin. When he looked into Kosal's face, their eyes met. Thomas' dick pulsated hard, obviously stimulated by what he saw. Thomas was indeed into Asian men, as well. The sight of Kosal's naked body really turned him on. "Oh, fuck! I don't think I can hold on for any longer. I'm too horny." Bouncing up and down really drained much of his energy. Steady streams of sweat streaked his body. Gradually, he became exhausted. Yet, he didn't need to worry because Richey's hips soon took over.

The joy from fucking another man's ass was proven to be overwhelming. Richey had no idea why it felt very good. The tightness was incredible. There was hardly any space left inside Thomas' fuck canal, but Richey kept inching in the best he could. Whenever his sensitive dick head grazed the fleshy wall of Thomas' rectum, Richey would groan. However, with Kosal's thick dick jamming his mouth, Richey could not express his ecstasy vocally. More precum escaped Kosal's glaring cock head. Judging by how hard it throbbed, it was very obvious that it would not be able to hold on for much longer. And Richey knew it!

'Fuck! Kosal's dick is leaking profusely. There's so much precum in my mouth now. It's like he's pissing out his precum!' Richey thought, gulping down the liquid. He admitted, he didn't like the taste earlier. But after tasting much of it, he began to change his mind. 'I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really like the taste of Kosal's precum. But I'm still unsure about cum. Will it taste as good as precum? Shit! I never imagined I'd be tied here and raped by my two gay friends.' Still not being able to decide whether it's a disaster or a bliss, Richey prepared himself to receive Kosal's sudden gush of cock juice.

"I'm fucking close, Richey. I'm gonna cum in your mouth. Ah!" Kosal grunted, droplets of sweat trickling down his naked body. And all of a sudden, the Asian man's body stiffened. His face was contorting with much pleasure. Grabbing Richey's head, he was yelling, "Here I come! Take my cum, you cock slut! Oh, take it!" Mercilessly, the Cambodian man thrust his dick downward. His manhood was driven in, almost hitting the back of Richey's throat. At that exact moment, the cock erupted in a series of strong violent spurts.

Thick milky juice was squirted into Richey's oral orifice. As the first shot hit his tongue, the strong bitter taste overpowered him. The taste was very horrible. It reminded Richey of the laundry water. Frantically, he tried to vomit it out but he had no chance. Kosal's dick had filled his mouth completely, jamming it. Perforce, Richey guzzled down the man's cream. He did it hurriedly because his mouth was flooded. No matter how fast he tried to drink it, some cum was finally spilled out. It flowed out from the corners of his lips. Richey's Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he took in all the acrid seminal liquid. Meanwhile, Kosal kept convulsing as he poured out his manly loads into Richey's hungry mouth. A loud groan f satisfaction ended the ejaculation. Feeling exhausted, Kosal immediately pulled his dick out of Richey's gaping mouth. Kneeling on the bed, Kosal milked his dick head and managed to wring out a small drop of cum. When he shook his half-limp dick, the cum drop was splattered on Richey's sweaty pecs. Breathing heavily, the Asian guy let the sweat beads roll down his body.

'Shit!' Richey thought. 'I just drank another man's cum.' Despite the unpleasant smell, the straight man was surprised to find that he actually liked the taste. His tongue kept licking the lips, cleaning any residual cum. Some of the viscid liquid clang onto his throat. Rickey cleared his throat several times,gulping down his saliva, to force the liquid to slide down. In his mind, he imagined seeing millions of Kosal's tiny sperms swim in his stomach. When he looked up, he saw Kosal smile at him. The Cambodian man then brought his lips closer to kiss Richey. Without any resistance, Richey reciprocated the kiss.

"See? You're a queer, Richey. You just drank my cum and you love it." Treating Richey like a little boy, Kosal tousled his hair. Bringing his face close to Richey's Kosal took his time to watch the pleasure on Richey's contorted face as Richey continued to fuck Thomas. "You're very handsome, Richey. I really wish you were mine. I..." Before he could finish his sentence, he was distracted by Thomas' sudden groan. Kosal then turned to his buddy and encouraged him to unload his cock juice. "Shoot your cum out, Thomas. Drench Richey's pecs with your man cream." Using his knees, Kosal approached Thomas without getting off the bed. Kosal's limp dick was swaying as he moved around. "Don't hold back. Just shoot it. Cum for Richey," he said, his voice quite seductive.

"Yes, I want to cum. Richey's dick is so big. It feels so good to have it inside me. Fuck my ass, Richey. Oh!" Deliriously, Thomas tried hard to maintain the balance of his awkward position. His two arms, clutching the bedsheets, were carefully placed behind him to support his body. Arching his back backward, he thrust out his naked torso. Thomas' pebbled nipples sent delightful tingles as they were stretched. Several drops of sweat trickled down from his body onto Richey's legs. "I'm close. I'm gonna cum. My cock is leaking." True to his words, Thomas' hard dick couldn't stop throbbing. The fuck rod swayed from side to side, following the rhythm of the anal penetration. Precum had been oozing profusely out the cock slit, running down the shaft and drenching the hairy crotch.

"Fuck!" Richey cursed, not believing how good it felt to fuck his friend's ass. He wished his hands were free because he would love to try groping another man's naked body. Exhibiting his virility, Richey exerted the muscles around his hips as he kept thrust his cock upward to meet Thomas' clenching fuck hole. After doing it for some time, Richey looked quite tired. Besides sweating, he also had difficulty in breathing. However, the combined pleasure from the warmth and the tightness of Thomas' ass kept Richey constantly excited. "I'm fucking your ass. This is what you want. Take my fucking straight dick up your ass. Fuck!"

Eager to see his friend shoot his cum across Richey's bulging pecs, Kosal deliberately talked dirty. He knew how much Thomas enjoyed it. "You're such a horny slut, aren't you, Thomas? I know how much you want Richey to nut inside your ass. Yeah, now your fantasy has come true. Richey is fucking your ass now. Show him how much you want him to breed your ass." Reaching out a hand, Kosal wrapped his hand around Thomas' slippery rod. It throbbed hard under Kosal's palm. "You're a fucking fuck slut and you long to get fucked by a manly virile straight man like Richey. Oh yeah! Look at his wincing handsome face now. Listen to his groans of lust. This stud is horny for you. And he wants you to cum!" Kosal's grip on Thomas' pulsating dick tightened, choking it. To boost the effect, Kosal ran his callused palm across Thomas' sweaty pecs.

When Kosal's palm made contact with one of Thomas' nipple, Thomas couldn't help growling loudly. At the same time, his body convulsed. Crying out "I'm cumming!", Thomas finally unleashed strong jets of warm cock juice. The first strong was so powerful that it hit the wall behind the bed! Without any reservation, Thomas howled out his orgasm. He clearly didn't mind looking like a slut in heat. His lewd groan could be heard from outside, loud and clear. "I'm cumming! Oh! Richey, you're so fucking hot. Yeah!" With Kosal's hand gripping his erection, Thomas had no control over the milking. He was totally at Kosal's mercy.

"Fuck yeah! Shoot out your cream," Kosal encouraged his friend, not wanting to release Thomas' ejaculating dick. Despite the slippery liquid running down the thick shaft, Kosal could squeeze it and wring out more cum. To his amazement, he found that the amount of Thomas' cock juice was more than the usual. The creamy white liquid ran down Kosal's fingers and emanated its pungent yet arousing smell. "Damn! Watching you cum makes me horny all over again," the Asian man commented, realizing that his limp dick began to twitch. Kosal then turn to Richey and saw the surprise on his face as he watched Thomas' ejaculation. 'This must be Richey's first experience of watching another man squirt his cum before Richey's face.'

Indeed, Richey was speechless as he witnessed how far Thomas could shoot his loads. He had to turn his head painfully around to get a glimpse of Thomas' goo clinging on the wall. 'No way! Thomas hits the wall behind my head with his cum! This is fucking unbelievable! Hell, I masturbate almost everyday but I have never had any orgasm like that. Most of the time, my cum simply flows down the shaft. Sometimes, it does shoot out but only a few inches away. What Thomas just did is incredible. Do all gay men cum that way?' he would love to ponder about that but the constant pleasure that he received from fucking Thomas distracted him. "Fuck, my cocks continues to be stimulated this way, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Oh fuck!" Thomas whimpered, looking as if he had been in great pain. He kept wincing, his handsome face contorting. When the orgasm took over, his body went into violent spasm. His legs contracted so hard that they began to cramp. From behind, Kosal brought his face closer and Thomas gladly greeted it with his mouth. Those men were kissing noisily as if they tried to suck each other's tongues. Thomas' cum no longer shot far. Instead, it ran down the throbbing shaft. Much of the liquid clang onto Kosal's gripping fist. Still moaning, Thomas shuddered as he released the last drop of his ejaculation. "Fuck!" he cursed, laying his body against Kosal's. Their sweaty skins came in contact with each other.

"Hey, what about me, guys?" Richey protested when Thomas stopped fucking himself. "You two have come but I haven't." The straight lad tried to move his hips so that his cock could lurch upward into Thomas' fuck hole. However, with his tied hands, fucking an ass became quite challenging. "Come on, Thomas. Don't you like my big dick anymore? Fuck yourself please. Make me cum." A few hours later, the idea of having sex with men disgusted him. But after sampling how pleasurable it could be, Richey now craved for it. "Come on, guys. What should I do to have a fucking orgasm?"

"You don't have to do anything," Kosal said as he got off the bed. Turning to Thomas, he ordered him, "Don't move, Thomas. Stay there. Let Richey's dick throb inside your ass." The naked Asian man then walked out to fetch something. The wooden floor creaked under his feet, following his foot steps. A minute later, he returned with a candle and a box of matches. He stood beside the bed to make sure that Richey saw what he brought. "This candle will turn things hotter," he said, almost whispering. Slowly, he lit the candle. "Thomas," he said, "Start fucking yourself again. Let Richey cum."

"Ah fuck!" Richey groaned as he again received the familiar pleasure. Excitedly, he thrust his hips upward to meet Thomas' unbelievably tight butt. "Yeah, fuck yourself on my cock, Thomas. Fuck!" Amid his sexual frenzy, Richey was oblivious to the fact that Kosal brought the burning candle close to his torso. But when he felt the heat, he was snapped back to reality. "What the fuck are you doing, Kosal?" he asked, his voice vibrating with fear. "No, don't." But to his disappointment, he was ignored. "Stop it, Kosal. I'm not into that kind of shit." Out of anger, Richey's facial expression clearly showed how he was feeling at that time. Yet, his angry expression couldn't last long because it was continuously interrupted by the ecstatic waves of sex. "Fuck!" Richey groaned.

"I bet that you haven't tried it. So how come you've already known that you aren't into it?" Kosal asked, mocking him. Menacingly, he brought the candle close enough to one of Richey's nipples. "Don't move or you'll burn your nipple," he warned, grinning wickedly. Kosal looked very pleased as he saw the tension on his straight friend's handsome features. He took about a minute to tease Richey before taking the candle away. "You look so sexy when you tense up like that." To show Richey what he meant, he made a point of tracing the contours of Richey's pecs with his finger. Kosal also didn't forget to circle the nipples ever so slowly. "Yeah, you like it, don't you?"

All of a sudden, Richey yelped painfully when the hot wax was poured onto his nipple. His body jerked violently out of surprise, but was steadied by the ropes. Thomas was almost thrown off but he managed to get a firm grasp around Rickey's sweaty torso. Breathing erratically, Richey gave Kosal an angry stare. But it was replied with another scalding pour which sent Richey cursing and writhing. The bed shook and gave out a series of creaking noises. Richey's eyes were wide, looking as if they were about to pop out of the sockets. He was very pissed at Kosal.

Actually, no matter how hot the wax was, Richey could still tolerate it. However, during the ecstasy of sex, his senses were heightened, including how his skin responded to stimulation. A drop of candle wax, just an inch away from his bare skin, felt much hotter. The pain grew worse because Kosal dripped it onto Richey's sensitive nipples. Despite Richey's growls of protest, the Asian man continued to cover both nipples with wax. Still sitting on Richey's dick, Thomas pressed his weight down to pin down Richey's convulsing body. Richey might be strong but was easily overpowered.

"Fuck off! Oh! Damn!" Richey cried out. He cursed out his anger and yelped out of surprise in turns. Richey's muscles contorted and bulged up, as if they were about to burst. After several times of dripping, he realized that the burning sensation on his nipples waned away. Instead, he felt the hardened wax hold them tightly, protecting them from the continuous dripping. The pressure from the wax stretched the nipples, stimulating them furthermore. "Fuck!" Richey croaked, clearly disturbed noticing how horny he became. "Oh fuck!" A loud cry sounded when the hot wax dripped in other place. This time, it hit Richey's navel. Immediately, he curled up but the weight of Thomas' body on his crotch stopped him from doing so. His body writhing painfully, Richey's dick resumed expelling its precum.

"You like it, don't you? I can tell. Yeah, groan as loudly as you can. You're just a horny slut." Kosal didn't have to see Richey's cock to know how horny Richey was. Smirking to himself, Kosal continued to drip the wax. He no longer focused on one body part. Instead, he haphazardly dripped it in various locations, making Richey groan continuously. Seeing Richey's sexual predicament caused Kosal's limp dick to harden again. "Fuck! You turn me on, again. Lucky for you, I'm a bottom. Or else, I'd have fucked your ass and bred you with my cum." Turning to Thomas, he ordered him to scoot over. "It's my turn now. I want to feel how good it is to have Richey's big cock in me."

For a moment, the wax dripping was paused. Looking exhausted, Richey used the chance to resupply his breaths. A soft moan escaped his mouth as Thomas' clenching asshole left his dick. A streamlet of precum rolled down the exposed head. After holding the candle for Kosal, Thomas got off the bed. The bed creaked when Kosal stepped up and straddled Richey's crotch. Not having his orgasm yet, Richey seemed quite excited because he would get another tight ass to fuck. The three of them were sweating profusely even though the night cool breeze blew in from the broken windows.

"If you think Thomas' ass is tight, wait till you try mine," Kosal promoted himself, trying to entice Richey into fucking his ass. Actually, even without blatant promotion, Kosal knew that Richey were dying to breed him because Richey hadn't come yet. The Cambodian man was just about to lower his ass onto Richey's slimy erection before he came up with another wicked idea. "I can see it in your eyes, Richey. You're a queer now. Admit it, that you desperately want to fuck my ass." To tease the once straight man, Kosal lowered his ass until the ass touched Richey's cock. But before Richey could shove it in, Kosal immediately lifted his body thus denying Richey of sex.

"Fuck! What are you doing?" Richey asked, annoyed by Kosal's teasing. "I know that you like my big cock. You want me to fuck your ass." Naked and tied, Richey felt very vulnerable. His pecs and cock were exposed for Kosal and Thomas' sexual pleasure. Even though, at first, Richey was repulsed by what his gay friends did to him, he later enjoyed it and even wanted more. Thus, Richey was furious when Kosal made him admit how much he wanted to fuck another man's ass. If Richey hadn't been tied, he would have knocked Kosal down and raped his Asian ass without any mercy.

"You're not in charge, Richey. I am. Don't forget, I have come. So it doesn't matter whether I'm fucked or not. But you haven't shot your cum yet. So, it's either you say what I want to hear, or we'll leave you tied up until morning. How's that?" Kosal proposed, his voice calm yet threatening. Noticing a subtle hint of panic shot through Richey's face, Kosal placed a hand on the wax-coated pecs and began to flake the wax stains.

"Oh! Fuck!" Richey cursed, admitting silently how turned on he was. He never thought that man-to-man sex could be so stimulating. In fact, the pleasure was more than he could handle. As a sex lover, Richey had fucked many women. Yet none of them managed to push his lust off the roof, like Kosal and Thomas. "Ah!" He growled again, Kosal's finger breaking the wax sealing one of the nipples. When Richey's hardened nipple was flicked, he writhed violently owing to its sensitivity. The lust became unbearable, torturing him endlessly. Unattended, Richey's dick was literally soaked with oozing slimy secretion. Kosal resumed his work, removing all traces of wax off Richey's torso. The bound hunk kept moaning frustratedly, gradually surrendering himself. "Fuck! You win. I'll do what you want. Anything," he said, looking quite desperate.

Grinning contently, Kosal leaned over and looked into Richey's desperate eyes. "I want you to admit how gay you are. Tell me how much you enjoy fucking a man's ass. Say it to my face."

Immediately, Richey obliged. "Alright. I'm a fucking queer. I'm a faggot who likes fucking men." The sentences might sound simple, yet had strong shocking effect in his mind. It dawned on him that he might have been gay after all. Which straight men who enjoyed fucking with men, he thought. Yet, the sexual frustration hindered him from pondering the matter any further. What Richey needed the most at then was the chance to shoot his cock juice, as hard as he could. "Please, let me cum now. I want to cum."

Repositioning himself, Kosal brought his ass over Richey's glaring cock head. Without any hesitation, the Asian guy slowly sank himself down. Having been fucked by many men, Kosal's asshole was quite pliant. It easily stretched out to accommodate the thickness of Richey's manmeat. Soft gasps of pleasure came from both men. Kosal's asshole continued to encase Richey's manhood until Kosal's ass rested on Richey's groin. "You want my ass?" he asked Richey teasingly. "Then you shall have it." Taking hold of Richey's waist, Kosal began fucking himself. As soon as he began, he was rewarded with a series of sexy grunts from Richey's gaping mouth.

"Oh yeah! Fuck yourself, Kosal. Let me have that sweet ass of yours." No longer shy, Richey blatantly expressed how he felt. Even though his hands were immobilized, he could still move his hips to deliver deeper penetration. When Richey's thick cock brushed Kosal's fuck walls, Richey let out a low roar of satisfaction. Simultaneously, his body shuddered helplessly. However, he knew that he wouldn't last long. The previous stimulation had left his cock close to the bursting point. All he needed was several more shoving, to create enough pressure in his balls.

Quite experienced in gay sex, Kosal could tell the signs of men who nearly came. While bouncing on Richey's erection, he motioned for Thomas to come closer. Thomas, still holding the burning candle in his hand, knew what he had to do. Kosal had to change his position by arching his back in order to give Thomas unrestricted access to Richey's exposed pecs. With two hands supporting himself from behind, Kosal continued to milk Richey's excited manhood with his flexible ass ring. Meanwhile, Richey was too deep in his sexual frolic. He was oblivious to what Thomas was going to do. The creaking noises of the bed resounded endlessly as Richey desperately raced to the orgasm.

"Fuck yeah! Your cock is indeed big," Kosal gasped, his head thrown back. Reclining backwards, Kosal displayed his bare torso for Richey's enjoyment. In such position, Kosal's pecs were thrust forth as if challenging Richey to grope them. Two sizable nipples stood up, looking quite provocatively sexy. Owing to the weight, those pecs hung down. The shadow, created by the flickering candles around the room, accentuated the contours of Kosal's body. Thus, the pecs looked thicker. Without stopping, Kosal continued to plow his own ass, especially after knowing how close Richey was. "Fuck my ass, you horny stud. Oh yes! Tell me you like it."

"Like? Fuck! I love it. Oh! I'm fucking your ass hard. I love being queer," Richey panted, sweat dripping down his forehead. Considering that he was about to marry his girlfriend the next day, what Richey just said was crazy. Yet, when lust took over the mind, what mattered the most was the sexual ecstasy. The familiar sensation began to build in his balls. Cum was broiling inside, ready to jet out through the narrow piss slit. "I'm close. I'm gonna shoot. Ah!"

"Then what are you waiting for, Richey?" Kosal asked, taking a lot of effort to speak each word. "Cum for me. Shoot your loads into my ass. Breed me!" Deliberately, he wiggled his ass. The effect was proven to be quite strong because, at the same time, Kosal heard louder roars coming from Richey. Inside, Richey's drooling manhood was being massaged, twisted, and rubbed against Kosal's anal walls. Even though Kosal couldn't feel it but he was sure that his fuck canal had been coated heavily with Richey's precum.

His body shaking from the rigorous fucking, all of a sudden, Richey realized that he was easily aroused simply by looking at Kosal's naked body before him. His dick in Kosal's ass throbbed more violently. At then, a thought crossed his mind. 'Shit! I think I'm really gay. I mean, the reason my cock got hard earlier was because of the physical stimulation I constantly received. But now, I'm hard as I watch Kosal's sweaty athletic pecs shaking about. And I can't get my eyes off his perky brown nipples. I even have the urge to suckle them. Fuck! I wish they could untie me so that I had the chance to make love to Kosal's body.' Yet, before he could think of anything else, a sudden wave of pain washed down his pecs. Simultaneously, Richey gave out a loud cry, a mixture between pain and shock. His body shook violently, causing the bed to creak even more loudly. Amid his bemusement, he managed to get a glimpse of what actually had happened.

By the bed, Thomas stood with a candle above Richey's pecs. The sudden pain that Richey experienced came from the poured wax. Across Richey's vulnerable pecs, the wax quickly dried and hardened. Thomas looked down, with a horny smirk on his handsome face. Another batch of hot wax was poured down. As soon as the first drop touched Richey's exposed skin, Richey growled and convulsed. However, this time, Richey took pleasure in it. The searing pain on his pecs and the massage his dick received mixed together, pushing Richey to the brink of orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum. Ah!" Richey croaked, pulling against the rope. Desperately, he saw Thomas' hand reach over the hardened wax flakes and removed them forcibly. "Ah fuck!" he cursed, his abdominal muscles contracting beyond control. The convulsion became more uncontrollable when his nipples were thumbed. It was both ecstatic and torturous. "Fuck! Here I cum!" he warned, his voice hoarse. Before the cock juice could make its way out, more hot wax rained down upon Richey's pecs. Groaning painfully, Richey finally released his loads deep into Kosal's insides. "Ah! I'm cumming!" Thick globules of cum jetted into Thomas' bowels, immediately flooding the anal canal. Richey couldn't find the right words to describe how pleasurable it was.

During the ejaculation, Thomas continued his onslaught on Richey's torso. At the same time, Kosal didn't stop fucking himself, either. Both men enjoyed watching the sexual ecstasy on Richey's face. The relentless stimulation drove Richey over the edge and somehow prolonged his orgasm a few seconds longer. Producing deep guttural groans, the athletic man shook with great force. Never had he underwent orgasmic seizure as powerful as that. Cum still spurting out, Richey helplessly pulled at the rope that bound his limbs. Rivulets of sweat ran down his body. The glistening body displayed the obvious outline of its muscles. Breathing hard, Richey no longer remembered how many times he had spurted out his cum.

While Richey was enjoying his orgasm, Kosal finally reached his climax for the second time. Although he didn't touch his dick, he constantly received hard pounding against his prostate. Yet, as soon as his dick began to shoot, he immediately took a firm grip around the head and milked out the content. His impaled body jerked hard, as if it had a mind of its own. Kosal's ass muscles were squeezing Richey's spurting dick head, coaxing it to give up every drop of cum it had. "Damn! I'm cumming, too! Ah yes! Fuck! Oh fuck my ass! Yeah!" Uncontrollably, Kosal's dick hosed down Richey's abs with a shower of gooey white liquid. Some of the goo splattered onto Kosal's lower torso, as well. Bouncing up and down, Kosal moaned lewdly like a slut in heat. Milking the head with his fist, he forced his dick to keep cumming, over and over. Kosal's stomach contracted hard, gathering energy to squirt out the rest of the cock juice. Small sweat beads clinging onto his body were splashed to various directions as the body jerked frantically. The moans continued until no more cum flowed out.


Morning came, bringing the rays of sunlight into the bedroom. Yawning, Richey was awoken by the blinding light. Still lying lazily on the bed, his naked body was no longer tied up. As he turned his head, he found himself being sandwiched by Thomas and Kosal's naked bodies. There were some dry cum stains all over their bodies. Even though there was no clock to tell time, Richey reckoned that it was almost 9 AM. However, Richey chose to stay with his best friends. After spending hours of pure man-to-man lust, Richey came to realize that heterosexual life was not his destiny. Turning his face away from the window, Richey embraced Kosal's body from behind. He pushed his half-erect dick into Kosal's cum-stained asshole and continued his sleep.


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