Becoming the Bear

by PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

(What follows is a work of fiction. Enjoy the fantasy, but please do not confuse it with reality. None of the incidents portrayed happened, and none of the characters are meant to depict actual persons, living or dead. This story contains descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If such offends you or is illegal for you to read, please leave now.)

Chapter 10

The next afternoon it started to snow. Both the TV and the internet were predicting a major storm, and by the looks of things, they were right. Mitch and Walt worked together to fill most of the front porch with split logs and by mid morning had enough to last them for a week stacked close by. Mitch noticed with pleasure that heavy work no longer made him even breathe hard. Walt stood in the snow, nose pointed upwards. He inhaled. "This is gonna last a while, cub; no more outdoor workouts for a while. Come on, let's head in."

The two climbed the steps and went around to the back, knocking snow off boots and clothes as they went. In the mud room, they shed everything, going naked as they both preferred. The lodge was cool but not cold. The night's fires were out but some warmth still lingered. Neither Mitch nor Walt especially noticed the cold, Walt's were metabolism running at a higher than human temperature, and Mitch's changing one nearly keeping up in heat output.

Mitch went into the bathroom to pee. As he shifted his stance to help guide his stream, he looked down. His shaft seemed thicker to his eye; longer, too. He remembered Vic telling him that genital growth would take place sometime during the third month. He shook and flushed and called out to Walt. "Papa, can you come here?"

Walt stuck his head around the door. "What's up, cubby?" Mitch was holding his cock in one hand. “You want me to suck you dry again?”

"Oh, hush! This is serious. Do I look bigger to you? I mean is my cock getting bigger... longer?"

"Well, lets see," Walt said. Padding over to his cub, he took his own hefty meat in one paw and placed it next to Mitch's. "You know, I think you're right. See? Definitely thicker, nearly as wide as mine now. Longer, too... well, longer than it was." Walt bent down and looked closely at Mitch's crotch and felt his balls, then straightened and rubbed his nose. "My cub's growing up." He brushed an imaginary tear from his eye. "Sniff, sniff. Soon he'll be shaving, and asking for the keys to the car. He'll start dating other guys, staying out until all h..... OW!!" Walt yelped as Mitch swatted his butt hard.

"THAT'S for being a smartassed, domineering ol' daddy bear! 'Asking for the car keys' indeed!" Mitch grinned and tried to swat Walt again as he scooted out the door and into the bedroom.

"Ya gotta be faster than that to catch this domineering ol' daddy bear!" Walt called out over his shoulder as he ran into the hall, with Mitch following with a towel he'd grabbed from the rod in the bathroom. Down the hall, into the kitchen, across the living room, back into the kitchen, down the hall again; the chase continued, Mitch occasionally landing a snap of the towel on Walt's rear.

Walt darted into the exercise room and turned to face Mitch. "Guess I'm gonna have to fight you for that towel!" Mitch grinned. "Rassel you for it!" The two bears circled each other, looking for a hold, then dove in.

The exercise room was lined with wrestling mats, with a low wall separating the weight lifting area and treadmill for safety's sake. The two bears strove together, gaining and losing holds, trading advantage, tumbling and rolling on the mats. As the struggle continued, Mitch realized that for the first time, he felt his strength and stamina staying with him. Often of late in wrestling with his lover, he would start on an equal footing, nearly or just as strong as Walt; but he would begin to fade slightly in the face of Walt's greater endurance. But this time felt different. He felt energy flowing through all parts of his body. When he needed an extra bit of muscle to break one of Walt's holds, it was there. When he needed to quickly right himself and regain balance, it happened. Reveling in this new feeling of power, he eagerly countered each of Walt's expert moves. He bridged to counter Walt's nearly-always successful pinning, and even Walt's superior weight and skill couldn't achieve the pin. Cradle, cross-face, double leg tackle; Walt tried them all, to no avail.

"Damn me, but you are getting good at this!" Walt barked as he worked to escape from Mitch's full nelson.

"You ain't seen nuthin yet!" Mitch growled.

Mitch had realized something. At some point in their wrestling sessions, both bears usually got erections, and the bouts often ended in vigorous sex. Mitch was hard as a rock now, and in this full nelson position he was poised with his meat lined up with Walt's ass. He felt strong as a bear; the salty sweat tang of their bodies combining with the stale locker room smell of the mats excited his crotch. Mitch pressed his rigid cock into Walt's sweat-soaked crack, feeling the fur there scratch against his swollen glans, making it swell even more.

Walt struggled, clinching his butt tight as he fought to escape the hold. Mitch's senses were hyper-sharp and he felt both the texture of Walt's pucker and the heat of his entryway with his cock. With one final lunge, he penetrated his lover, feeling his tip spread Walt open and begin to slide in.

Walt, his face towards the mat and unseen by Mitch, smiled and thought to himself, 'House rules.' He went still, growled, and said to his cub, "You're makin' me proud, cubby. My ass is yours... make it count."

Mitch sank his cock halfway into Walt's ass, held for a moment, then pulled nearly out. He pushed back in, sweat and precum doing duty as lube. It was rough going, and after a third shove, he pulled all the way out, squeezed out a blob of precum and smeared it on the head of his cock and rapidly worked his way back in. "Take your time, cub," Walt rasped, his faced turned against the mat.

"Don't... want... to... take... my... time," Mitch wheezed as he pumped himself deeper into Walt's furry bear ass. "Want to breed... want to fuck that hairy ass of yours. Gonna fuck it into next week!" Mitch was growling now, deep-dicking his lover and grunting with each thrust.

"That's it, cub... POUND my ass! Fuck me full of your cub seed! Come ON!! That's my cubby!" Walt tried to brace himself on the slick mat but was slowly being moved across the floor with the heavy thrusts of the bear on his back. Mitch's consciousness was narrowing, closing out all perception of the room around him, focusing only on the sight of Walt's furry back directly under him, on the heat of Walt's gut surrounding his cock , and the friction on his shaft as he pistoned in his daddy bear's ass. Mitch slowly slid into an animalistic mode in which parts of his developing werebear brain and libido were awakened. He was gradually becoming more animal than human as he drove towards his climax. His only goal was to thrust, to penetrate and plant his seed as deep as possible. Walt struggled up onto all fours as Mitch began to jackhammer his butt, and Walt's large frame shuddered with each pounding. His belly quivered with each impact, slight ripples traveling up and along his sides. Mitch could feel Walt's prostate as he plowed in and out, could feel his tip flare as his butt and thigh muscles bunched and drove him in deeper. His growls increased and his balls tightened up against his crotch. His load boiling up and surging, he tried to yell out that he was cumming, but all that issued from his mouth was a deep, powerful roar. Walt joined his cub in his cry of triumph and shot his own load down onto the mat while Mitch was filling his ass with scalding hot seed. Mitch lost his rhythm as he pumped his last few squirts deep in Walt's gut and then collapsed on top of his hairy daddy bear.

The only sound for a few minutes was the heavy panting of both bears. Finally, Walt broke the silence. "Damn." A single word, but one filled with love and pride and just a little awe.

Soon, Mitch rolled off of Walt and over onto his back. Walt dropped to his side, much of his belly fur sticking, then pulling free of the puddle of semen his cub had fucked out of him. Mitch's eyes slowly refocused, and he looked at Walt.

"Its never been like that before... I..." Mitch broke off, and then started to laugh.

"What?" Walt asked, looking at the exultant face of his cub.

"I just realized... that's what they always say in those trashy romance novels. 'Oh, Fabio! I never dreamed it could be like this <swoon>.' But its true! I've never had a fuck feel so goddam good before. I felt like I was pumping everything I had in me into you. I felt like I was becoming you... and you were becoming me." Mitch paused, and Walt put a paw on his side, stroking gently.

"I felt it too, buddy." Walt said.

"It was weird, though. There, at the end, I felt really strange. It was like I was smelling and hearing and seeing things different. I can't quite explain, but..." Mitch was stopped by Walt.

"I could hear it in your voice. You were becoming the bear, man. Just for a bit, but yeah, definitely; becoming the bear."

Mitch kissed his lover and said, "I tried to tell you I was coming, but I didn't seem to be able to get the words out."

"Yeah... you roared instead, don't worry I understood." Walt pulled his cub in close and the two fondled and cuddled for a while. Eventually, the congealing drips and puddles of cum sticking them to the mat and each other caused them to get up. Walt tossed Mitch a clean towel from the lifting area they used to mop up sweat, "Winner cleans up!" Walt grinned.

Mitch bent down and cleaned up the puddle. Walt tossed him a bottle with cleaning fluid in it.

"For the dried stuff; Coach would skin us if we left a mess." He said and headed for the shower while Mitch finished up. By the time Mitch got into the shower the water was steaming hot, Walt, already wet down pulled his lover into a kiss.

"Fabio? FABIO?!?!" Walt said with a 'what the hell?' look on his face. The two bears laughed as they soaped each other up and hugged, flaccid cocks rubbing against furry butts and bellies. The special feeling of soapy bodies rubbing together aroused them and they hurriedly toweled each other off and headed for the bed.

"I got an idea," Walt said as they pulled back the skins on the rumpled bed. "Let's spend the rest of the day fucking our brains out; we'll call it a workout. Deal?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself!" Mitch replied.

The next two times were filled with urgency and need, but as the afternoon faded to night, their couplings became gentler, more lazy. Finally the shorts naps extended to sleep. Outside, the snow continued to fall, blanketing everything with soft white silence.

The rest of the month passed more slowly. In spite of the intense horniness Mitch was feeling along with his increasing strength, he was also feeling a kind of lassitude.

"Its hibernatin' time, cub. I'm sleepy, too." Walt would often say when Mitch would yawn. Most of the afternoons were spent in bed, dozing or sleeping soundly. They would wake and play and often fuck; and Walt was proud of his cub's progress. His balls and cock were undoubtedly getting larger; and although they had backed off some on the workouts, substituting naps for weights, Walt could tell that Mitch's strength and endurance was increasing.

"He needs to layer on some fat now, store energy for his first change. I wish Vic was here, he'd know better than me how to handle Mitch when he changes." Walt pushed the worry from his mind. "Coach said it would be all right, that he'd be here in time and Coach is always right; well, almost always."

More days passed, and the pale light of January faded into February. The occasional warm day hinted that spring would come, but it was still snowy in the Tahoe Basin; winter wasn't done yet. Inside Vic's lodge, the fires burned brightly in the hearths. They both preferred a fire to central heat, especially on the cold nights. There was something primal within them, as with most, that wanted it... something very human in the need for fire. Indeed most nights the couple ate by candle and firelight, not so much for romance (though it was romantic) but to satisfy that need for fire.

Certainly there was enough wood to last, the bears' labors had seen to that. Walt, naked except for the soft cotton blanket wrapped around himself and his sleeping cub, flexed his biceps and pectorals. Chopping wood and all the other exercise had put mountains of muscle back on his huge frame. Coach was a wise old man. Walt smiled… "My ol' man" he corrected himself.

Walt yawned and stretched and Mitch stirred slightly. Walt's round belly fit comfortably in the small of Mitch's back. It was seven-thirty in the evening and he felt like dragging his partner to bed. Oddly, he didn't want sex now, he just wanted to curl around his cub and sleep… the sex would, predictably, come at two or three in the morning when Mitch woke and needed to cum.

What a horny beast he'd become! Probably no more horny than he himself had been with Coach, but waking up two, sometimes three times in the night to satisfy Mitch's 'need to breed' was something he just wasn't used to. Perhaps he didn't remember being so horny with Vic because all the sex had run together so much he lost track or that he was so frenzied in his need that he just didn't remember how often he'd done it in a night. Being with Mitch made him realize he must have done the same to Vic. No wonder the ol' man split before the cub started needing it often! Coach was fond of a good night's sleep and Walt was the Daddy after all. Walt wondered just how much of the preparation for Mitch's new identity was simply letting Walt baby-sit his cub. He thought about Vic hanging out in one of his other dens. No doubt, his ol' man was hanging out with some werebear buddies too. Probably drinking beer, smoking cigars and playing cards or watching sports… eating pizza with ice cold beer. Walt wanted a beer, but he wasn't going to disturb his cub to get it. Vic was probably having a grand time with 'the boys' while Walt was here alone. He followed the logic; the ol' man wants a deep bond between bear and cub, like the bond we share, that requires lots of time… alone. If Vic were here, it wouldn't be the same, Mitch would bond with us both just as deeply. He's my cub, he's been my cub all along. My ol' man has known that since high school!

Walt chuckled, "Sneaky ol' bastard!" he whispered so as not to wake his cub.

Walt stared into the fire as he lay on the couch stroking Mitch's furry chest and belly while the cubby lay in his arms. He remembered the fire he'd built almost four months ago in the desperate attempt to save Mitch. He remembered the flow from his wrist, the life giving blood from his body. Walt's fears were all but banished and still… visions of Eddie's face before he left that last day haunted Walt. He looked down at the naked hairy man he held; Coach was right, Mitch would be fine. A phrase came to mind, one Vic often used on him when was younger and changing, questioning, fighting against what seemed to be contradictory advice from the big silver and gold bear man; "Daddy knows best". Walt had even used it a couple of times on Mitch but not nearly as often as Vic had used it with him. Of course, he had only been twenty and had started questioning everything. Mitch was almost sixty; the need to question everything had been satisfied four decades ago and thus he patiently considered before he protested, if he protested.

Walt yawned again and looked over at the clock. Gods, seven forty-five! Was that all? It felt like at least ten. The wine with dinner earlier had helped that and so had the mead and apple pie for dessert. Vic's wine cellar was open to them both. Well, SOME of it was. There was an 'off limits' iron gated alcove in the cellar, which had some very old and rare vintages. It wasn't there so much for Walt and Mitch but for others. Should there be a break in, Coach wanted to make it as hard as possible for thieves. There were two prized bottles in that alcove that Monet himself had given Vic, the last of a case. At the time they were nothing, an ordinary vintage. Now they were priceless. The more common stuff Coach had out for consumption was nice, though. A number of bottles from the early sixties to mid eighties sat in the racks. The mead, however, was last year's. It was potent and sweet, a drink for bears. Liquid gold, Nectar of the Gods, beverage of choice in Valhalla; Coach brewed and bottled it himself and it rarely lasted more than a year after bottling.

Walt ran his fingers gently through his cub's beard; they'd both been much more lethargic lately. Walt, being the daddy, had to push his cub to exercise which was pretty hard being that he had to push himself too. Both had had their cranky moments, which lead to grumbling, which lead to wrestling to blow off steam, which lead to Walt pushing into Mitch, or vice versa now, which immediately calmed them, which lead to vigorous sex… House Rules! Sometimes they would do some weight lifting after a nap on the wrestling mat in the workout room but more often it just lead to going upstairs and sleeping.

He hadn't had to push Mitch to eat though. Mitch had gained almost a foot in height and a good hundred pounds in muscle and fat and was fueled up and topped off for his imminent change. Walt knew from experience he'd probably gain another three to six inches in height and fifty or so more pounds in muscle while burning a lot of his fat during the change. It was going to be somewhat painful for him, indeed that was why a bear needed his daddy during the change; to hold him, massage him, stretch out the new muscle, scratch his furry hide and best of all, to satisfy his primal lusts as the animal within took control and satisfied his hunger to mate.

His cub's first change was due in perhaps a week, probably much less. Vic had just a few more things to do before coming back to the lodge. He'd called yesterday to say he'd be back in three days.

Walt nodded off, but awoke to Mitch suckling on his cock. It was almost twelve o'clock and pitch black out; the fire was nothing but a few glowing embers. It was clear outside, he could see the stars but it was a new moon so no light from the windows. Mitch had him very stiff and came off him. He moved up Walt's body and growled, "Fuck me, Papa Bear." Walt needed no further encouragement. He pulled Mitch to his furry chest and spread his legs. They were face to face, Walt propped up against the arm of the couch, pillows under his back. Mitch reached back and positioned Walt for entry. Mitch must have used his precum or Walt's to slick his hole because he sank into his cub with great ease. Mitch moaned and wrapped himself around Walt, hunching his cock between their furry bellies. Walt noticed that in the last few weeks Mitch had been mostly nonverbal when fucking, making growling bear noises. He'd even made that motor noise once or twice while sucking Walt's cock, another sign that Mitch was almost a werebear.

Mitch had been making full use of his growing cock and balls. He wouldn't reach full size until after the change, but he was impressive now, having grown from six to nine inches in the last month and gaining a good amount of girth. Walt could tell that Mitch was going to be wider than usual and his balls were probably going to be as hefty as Vic's.

Mitch sped up in his thrusting against Walt's belly and growled out, "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!"

Walt never tired of that, being called Daddy lit fires in him that burned fiercely to fuel his lust.

"Yeah, you like that, don't ya cub! You like Daddy's big bear dick. You like me poundin' your furry ass. Show me how much you like it, you furry fuck! Ride my big bear cock!" Walt growled.

Mitch tightened the ring muscles and rode Walt faster; grunting with each thrust. Walt reached up and played with his cub's nipples. Savagely, Mitch pulled his mate to him and kissed, a deep rumble in his chest as he tongue-fucked Walt's mouth. He moved at a frenzied pace, moved from Walt's mouth and bit hard into Walt's shoulder. Walt lost it; he was bucking hard into Mitch. He threw back his head and roared, his voice slipping deeper and deeper into a low bass bear growl. He was starting to change while inside of Mitch and Mitch was moaning in response to the pleasurable expansion in his bowels. Walt shot load after load; Mitch plastered his Daddy's beard and chest with his own seed. Walt, suddenly aware of his change forced himself to relax, panting, squeezing the overstuffed back of the couch with one hand, reigning in his transformation. He'd only gotten as far as the first stages of metamorphosis, his face hadn't even started changing yet, but he could have easily given into the bear within and let the beast mate. It would have been very painful for Mitch and not just the fucking. Walt would have bitten into Mitch's shoulder and possibly broken a collarbone. He could have dislocated his shoulder while lost in passion by grasping him with his greater full werebear strength.

He hugged his cub to him tightly and in his deeper than normal voice rumbled, "Soon, my cub, soon. Soon you'll have me as a bear. You're bringing out my changes now; your scent, your ferocity, your wildness, I almost lost control. It won't be long." Walt smiled proudly and petted his love's beard.

Mitch sighed deeply, "I felt it again this time. I felt the bear in me coming out. For a moment, I thought I was going to start growing fur."

Walt, his vision still enhanced by his receding change, looked at his cub's face. "You did, a little. All over your face there was a fuzz. It's just now vanishing into your skin. You've got a day, maybe two, until you change." They lay together for a while longer, Mitch licking his come out of his love's beard and from his chest then sinking back down on top of his papa, who was still inside of his cub. Walt swatted his cub's butt softly, "Let's go to bed cub, I'm pretty fuckin' tired."

Mitch yawned, "Me, too."

The pair untangled themselves and padded off toward the bedroom. They fell into bed and soon both snored soundly.

It was about thirty minutes before dawn when Vic pulled up to the lodge in his truck. The kids were probably still asleep by the looks of things. He couldn't blame them, he'd been feeling the need for more sleep too. He stubbed out the butt of his cigar in the ashtray and got out of the truck. Santa had presents! He'd missed Christmas, but they were big kids so he figured they wouldn't mind getting the gifts late. He pulled a couple of parcels wrapped in brown paper out of the back of the cab. He reached for another box in the front seat, a carved cherry wood box, special made by a bear buddy who well knew his tastes. It had intricately carved grizzlies, black bears and polar bears all over it doing various naughty things to each other. They were all, quite obviously, male bears. It was filled, of course, with cigars like the one he'd just finished and the box even had a device in it to keep it at the proper humidity. Santa had been nice to Vic too.

Vic stomped the snow off his boots, noting the large amount of wood on the porch. He smiled, "Good bears!" He said as he unlocked the door.

It was a bit chilly inside, he set the packages down in the entry area and walked into the living room. He looked at the cotton blanket on the couch, picked it up and gave it a sniff. "Heh, horny bears," he said and gave it another sniff, this time to gain more information. "I think I got back just in time." He went over to the thermostat and adjusted it to bring up the heat to a comfortable yet still cool temp. There probably wouldn't be time for fires and lazy cuddling today. From the scents on the blanket, Vic figured today was the big day. Vic could hear snoring coming from his bedroom.

Papa went to the kitchen and started pulling out food. If Mitch wasn't already waking up starving, he would be as soon as the smells got back to the bedroom. He put twelve dozen sausages in a huge cast iron pan and put it on the stove. Ten pounds of bacon went into another huge pan. He put coffee on to brew and three dozen eggs were quickly cracked and whisked, ready to be cooked. He put bread in the eight slice toaster but didn't push the levers down. Vic walked back to his bedroom, the door wide open, he stood leaning in the frame looking at the two. Walt, as always, was behind Mitch, holding him close as if he'd get away. Vic thought, 'My boy is quite the muscle bear now and his boy is a gorgeous muscle chub!' The smells from the kitchen were just beginning to reach back this far into the house.

He looked Mitch over critically; the boy has grown! He was as tall as Walt and would gain a bit more. 'He'll probably be as big as I am by the end of it.', thought Vic. There were telltale signs of today being the day too. Mitch's ears were covered in light brown fuzz, his nose seemed darker and a bit wider at the end. The arm that stretched out from his body ended in a hand that had darkened palms and fingertips, the first signs of paw development. The outline of Mitch's morning wood under the sheet was more ursine than human, the head more flattened than the usual human 'helmet' shape and the boy had grown down there too! Vic guessed a baculum was growing within that rod. That could well be a feature of Mitch's morning wood today. It was funny, not everyone showed the same signs on the day of change. He had grown fangs first and his face had started to push out into a muzzle, his body had started growing bear fur. Walt's eyes had changed color first, he had grown a short furless tail and had lost his fingernails and started developing claws. Vic's musings were interrupted by a grunt from Mitch. His nose was twitching. "Food!" Vic smiled.

"Wake up boys, come help me make breakfast." Vic said.

Walt stirred, opened his eyes and yawned out, "Papa."

Mitch woke, smiled at Coach and scratched at his ear. He then got an odd look on his face as he began to feel the 'differences' all over his body.

"Looks like I got back just in time." Vic said as Walt began looking over his lover's changing body.

"I'm starving." Mitch said, pausing in his inspection.

"I bet you are, today you're gonna be a werebear." Vic said. "Now you two get up and get into the kitchen."

Vic turned and left, on the way dropping his jacket on the couch. He began unbuttoning his flannel shirt. He'd cook in his tank top and jeans instead of naked; bacon popped and splattered and he wasn't fond of the shower of hot grease.

Walt wasn't far behind after a quick trip to the bathroom. He was naked and put on the apron to guard his privates.

"What's your cub doing?" Coach asked.

"Looking at is reflection in the mirror." Walt began to call for Mitch and Coach put a paw on his cub's shoulder.

"Give him a few minutes. He needs to see the changes. You may have had only two things on your mind on your day," Vic grinned, "but your boy is a scientist. This is probably fascinating to him on many different levels. Has he been talking about his change from that viewpoint?"

Vic poured scrambled eggs into a large pan.

"No… he hasn't said anything about it from a professional point of view." Walt said. "He's asked me to change a couple of times, but I did the same remember. I wanted to see what I was becoming."

Walt was turning the sausages and moving the bacon around.

"He's been thinking about it though and in ways we wouldn't. I saw it in his eyes when we talked about the upcoming changes. He'd pause and I could tell he was trying to work it out in his head. Now that they're happening to him, he's analyzing them." Vic said.

The two were talking quietly in the kitchen while Mitch walked down the hall and added to the conversation.

"Well, actually," he said as he came into the living room, "I've been thinking about it since I first saw Walt change." He smiled. "Seems my hearing has been somewhat augmented too." Mitch said pointing to furry round bear ears on the side of his head. Chocolate brown fur was beginning to grow all over his face and his nose looked decidedly more ursine. "Was it that obvious that I was keeping a lid on my professional curiosity?" Mitch moved into the kitchen.

"Fairly, though my boy didn't notice. I'm an older bear and not much gets past me." Vic said. "I could see the gears turning, figured you just needed to work it out for yourself. So, have you worked it out?"

"Not everything, I've got some good ideas, but they'd need testing for conclusive evidence. The DNA analysis would be fascinating.” Mitch sipped some coffee. “In a way, it's too bad I'm retired. I'd have access to a lab and proper equipment. You can't do this kind of work at the kitchen sink. But I've been thinking about it a lot, and I guess it's really better this way. If I did this at the lab, it would be noticed and I don't want that. It would be dangerous for our kind. If it's recorded, it can be copied, transmitted, reanalyzed… exploited." Mitch said.

"I told you, you had a bright one." Vic said.

Walt smiled, "Our kind." He repeated and leaned away from the stove to kiss his love, turning with the skillet and spatula in his hands still over the stove.

There was a growl from Mitch's belly.

"Breakfast will be done in a minute or two." Vic said.

"I think it's done enough for me right now." Mitch said looking hungrily at the huge amount of food. "So what are you guys having?" He smiled a pointy-tooth smile.

"Apparently just coffee and toast." Vic said with a grin.

The three sat to eat, most of it was consumed very quickly by Mitch, though the other two did get some of the goodies. After finishing, Mitch leaned back in the chair and patted his furry round belly. Through breakfast he had continued to change and now he looked something like a real live Teddy Bear being that his face hadn't grown into a long muzzle yet. He scratched, something he'd been doing periodically through breakfast, and yawned. "I need a nap." Mitch said got up and headed toward the bedroom.

"No, no!" Vic said, "You're not ripping up my nice expensive silk sheets and goose down pillows. Down to the basement. We've got 'The Changing Room' set up with some sturdy furniture, some comfy cheap sheets and leather restraints if you're into that sort of thing." Coach smiled.

"Restraints?" Mitch asked, somewhat worried.

"Some bears go a little wild during their first change. A good stout muzzle, a harness, leash, and some leather mitts; they can keep them from completely trashing the place; even got a grizzly sized sling down there. Some of my friends like to do the Circus Bear thing every so often when they're playing with me." Vic grinned evilly and looked at Walt. Walt blushed.

"Walt?" Mitch said in his now deeper voice and smiled.

Vic chuckled, "You mean you didn't tell him?"

Walt, still seated at the table studied his toes for a moment. "Well, I thought we might explore that area of my sexuality after my cub changed, Papa."

Vic leaned over and kissed his cub. "He had to find out sooner or later, but I'm sorry I let the cat out of the bag."

Mitch walked over and scratched gently at Walt's back with growing claws. "I never would have guessed." Walt looked up at his cub. "Could be a lot of fun!" Mitch said.

Walt smiled.

Mitch took a step back, not breaking contact with Walt's eyes and said, "Wouldn't happen to have a unicycle down there, would ya Vic; maybe a whip and a chair?" Walt's eyes flashed and he was up out of the chair, Mitch was already running down the hall and headed for the stairs to the basement, Walt right behind him.

"Cubs." Vic said and shook his head. In human terms, these were full grown, mature men; but in were terms, they truly were just 'young'uns'. He stood up and followed the pair; sipping on his coffee as he walked into the living room. He downed the contents of his mug, set it on the coffee table and stripped out of his black tank top, jeans and engineer boots. He stretched his furry naked body. "Better get on down there before the fun starts." His cock was inflating as he scratched. He reached for the ornately carved cherry wood box and retrieved a cigar. He pulled the lighter out of his jeans, cut the end off with his guillotine cutter and lit up. He was changing into his half form as he got a good amount of ash on the end. He lumbered toward the basement, gold and silver glints of light in his growing fur from sunlight streaming in through the windows.