Becoming the Bear


PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

(What follows is a work of fiction. Enjoy the fantasy, but please do not confuse it with reality. None of the incidents portrayed happened, and none of the characters are meant to depict actual persons, living or dead. This story contains descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If such offends you or is illegal for you to read, please leave now.)

Chapter 4

Mitch had thought he'd just leave after he'd made up for his attack on Moose, but Rusty had sort of changed his plans. He could read that Rusty really wanted the 'healing' to continue, that it wasn't enough to just 'make up and dash'.

The three of them sat at a four-person table, with a seat remaining empty, talking as they waited for the evening's activities to begin. Moose said they'd most likely trot out old school pictures from the yearbook and project them on the screen behind the speaker's podium as they had at prior reunions. A speaker, one of the alumni, would present a 'then and now' report on all the former students and of course, toward the end of the presentation news of those who had passed on since the last reunion with a moment of silence to follow. It was depressing, but expected; and then, the dancing.

Mitch got around to asking about Mr. Franklin and Moose smiled and admitted quietly, "I really had it bad for The Coach."

Mitch laughed. "He was something else." He said in a non-committal way. He didn't necessarily want to 'come out' to Moose and Rusty, at least not right now.

"Do you remember the 'Back to School Night' when coach Franklin's shower wasn't working and he had to shower with us?" Moose asked.

"I vaguely remember that." Mitch lied. Forty years had passed and Coach was still a favorite jack off fantasy.

"I have a confession to make." Moose said in a whisper. Mitch looked at Rusty who rolled his eyes in a, "Not that old chestnut again" way but didn't interrupt.

"I was the one who caused that to happen." Moose said.

Mitch was surprised, "Really? How?" he asked.

"Well, my dad was a plumber and I used to go out with him in the summer and help him out on the job. I didn't really work much on things, but I found out all sorts of things about plumbing." Moose said.

Mitch gave a quizzical look and Rusty interrupted, "It's true, he's still pretty good at fixing plumbing problems around the house. We've only had to call a plumber twice and those were both major issues."

"I could have fixed them." Moose said.

"Yes, well seeing as you were the cause of one of them and didn't get it fixed in the two days after, on the third day I thought it prudent to get professional help." Rusty said with a smile.

"Well, anyway," Moose continued, "I'd learned a bit about plumbing and had gotten into the back rooms of the gym where the water heaters and plumbing were a couple of times. I'd managed steal a key from one of the maintenance guys. I traced the pipes back to the coach's office and sort of loosened the fittings to the pipes with an available pipe wrench. I didn't know at the time that they'd be working on it during Back to School Night, all I wanted to do was fix it so the coach's shower wouldn't work and maybe he'd have to shower with us after practice. I'd hoped I'd get a look at him and boy, did I!"

"You did?" Mitch asked again in the non-committal way.

"Yep! I was showering at the other end, about three stations over and managed to not get caught looking." Moose said with a big grin.

"Now you see the kind of man I'm married to? A complete sex maniac and has been since high school." Rusty said wryly to Mitch.

"Yeah, I remember that day now." Mitch said.

At about the time Moose had finished his story a tall man with an iron-gray beard in a suit coat, shirt and jeans interrupted the trio.

"May I sit here?" the man said smiling widely. Mitch felt a twinge in his crotch looking at him.

The three looked up at the newcomer and Moose said, "Sure! How have you been Walt?"

Mitch's eyes widened as he looked at the bearded, pony-tailed man standing. "Yep, it's me, Mitch... you finally made it to one of these!" Walt extended his paw to Mitch and Mitch started to shake it, but Walt took a firm grasp on the offered hand and pulled him up out of his seat to give him a bear hug. "Heh, looks like we've both filled out a little over the years; it's good to see you!" Walt thumped Mitch on the back and released him.

The two men sat and began to fill each other in on their lives. Walt had seen Moose and Rusty at other reunions, but rarely in between, so there was news to share there as well. The conversation flowed easily between them as the meal progressed.

"This stuff is, umm, chewy... I wonder what kind of animal it came from," Moose said, poking at the gray substance on his plate.

"Oh Norman, stop complaining and eat your soylent green." Rusty said with a grin.

"Be glad you didn't take the fried rubber," said Walt, pushing the circular black objects to one side. "The veggies aren't too bad."

"I swear the food gets worse every time." Rusty gazed at Moose. "Did YOU do the cooking?"

"Oh, you are SO getting swatted for that!" Moose growled.

"Oooh, when?" Rusty asked with playful excitement.

"Later... we don't want to shock the children." Moose grinned, nodding towards the rest of the crowd.

"Actually," Rusty said to the others, "he's not half bad in the kitchen. He's learned a lot since the days of beanie weenie casserole and mac and cheese when I first met him. Not as good as I am, but he's learning and he's great in the sack; so that makes up for a multitude of sins." Rusty said and smiled an evil smile. Moose actually coughed, blushed and looked down at his shoes in embarrassment.

"He's so cute when he gets embarrassed." Rusty said and took his love's hand.

"Speaking of shocking the children," Walt said through a mouthful of creamed something, "I guess you know about these guys being married and all, so I it will have to be you and me when the dancing starts." Walt waited with a sly grin on his face.

Mitch turned ashen and fumbled with his fork and started to stutter a kidding response, but Walt laughed and stopped him. "Easy, there buddy, easy. My gaydar might be rusty, but it ain't broke. And don't look like that; you aren't 'obvious', not at all."

Now it was Mitch's turn to blush.

"But, but how did..." Mitch tried to interject.

"Let's just say I always know; always." Walt smiled again. "It's a... a 'talent' I have, I guess. We're all family here, so don't worry about it."

"Oh, man, if you could see your face!" Moose chuckled at Mitch. "You look kinda like I must have when I found out about Walt at the first reunion. I had no idea. Hell, one year I had a locker next to him and I never knew. I only had suspicions about you back then, but I already told you that I'd been checking you out; but even so up until we talked outside and I hugged you again, I didn't know for sure. I guess my gaydar is broke!"

Rusty interjected, "Well yours might be, Norman, but mine's not." He looked at Mitch kindly and said, "You're a handsome Bear and so straight acting you would probably score a 'Bruce Willis' on the online 'Butch Test'. But I can read the subtle signs; I can spot a Bear in a crowd of 'Regular Joes' as easily as picking a white bean out of a bag of pintos and trust me, you're a glowing white bean to me. I could tell by looking at you when you first saw my big brute here." Moose let out a soft pleasing growl at being called 'Brute'. "Norman just doesn't really pay much attention, but I love him in spite of his minor faults." He gently squeezed Moose's hand and they exchanged a smoldering look that said, "Later."

"We're all Bears here; we're 'tuned in' to other bears." Walt explained, "Most people look at us and never think 'gay' or 'bi' and those that do are probably other Bears, so don't worry about it, you're high on the Willis/Fierstein scale."

Mitch gave them all a 'Huh?" look and Rusty explained.

"It's one of those silly online 'how gay are you' scales. You fill out the questionnaire and it rates you from one, which is Harvey Fierstein or 'sissy', to five, which is Bruce Willis or 'macho'; personally, I'd rather they had used Sean Connery for a five. Wesley Snipes or Patrick Swayze are a three, probably because of that 'Wong Foo' movie; you know, straight but can play being gay and so gives desperate gay men hope. Nevertheless, you're a five, I'm probably a four, Walt's a five and my Norman is a five until you get him in the bedroom and then he drops all the way down to a two." Rusty's evil grin returned.

"You are definitely getting that swatting for that." Moose said.

"Made me earn it, didn't you dear?" Rusty said. Moose growled slowly and the smoldering look between them reappeared.

"Well, I had no idea, especially about you, Walt." Mitch muttered, still trying to find his bearings. He'd just been outed and found out that two of the most masculine guys in high school had been gay like him; all in about thirty-five minutes.

"Listen. This place is about to get all dark and soggy with prom-like nostalgia. They're moving chairs and tables already; why don't we cut out? There's a bar and grill back at the hotel. It's quiet; we can have a couple of beers there and chat comfortably." Rusty looked at the other three. "What do you say?"

"Sounds good to me," Walt said, "is the 'pub grub' any good? I'm still a bit hungry."

"After that meal, I think we all are." Moose said eagerly.

"It's better than what we just attempted to consume here." Rusty said.

"You up for it, Mitch?" Walt said and though it wasn't in his voice, Mitch could see the 'Please say yes' in his eyes.

"Umm... yeah, I guess so." Mitch agreed. "How far is it? I walked over here from the motel."

"Not far. Walt, do you have your bike? Or we can all go in my car." Rusty said.

"The bike's outside, but thanks for the offer. Mitch, why don't you ride with me?" Walt turned to Mitch and waited. Mitch nodded, secretly pleased that one of his long-nursed high school fantasies was about to come true, riding double with Walt. He remembered in their senior year Walt had ridden to school the first day and all through the year, on the bike his dad rode. It was an old WWII 'surplus' Harley like the one his dad had ridden in Europe during the war; still had the olive green matte paint job on it. He inherited it when his dad bought a new one for himself. Walt never did go for the 'Bad Boy Biker' image; he was far too independent to join a club, though looking at him now, Mitch could tell the 'biker life' had left a mark on Walt.

Rusty smiled slyly, "Right, well I'll lead the way then."

Outside, Rusty and Moose pulled out ahead of Walt and waited. Walt dug in his saddlebags and pulled out a helmet. It was a flat black half helmet design with yellow-orange flames. Mitch looked and saw it was the "A Bucket of Brains" helmet, rather reminiscent of the WWII German helmets which were popular with bikers in the 50s and 60s. He handed the helmet to Mitch and sat on the bike while putting his on. While Mitch was figuring out how to strap his helmet on, Walt took off his suit coat, folded it and pulled out a rather worn black leather jacket with pins all over it. There wasn't a club logo on the back, but the pins had the names and years of different runs on them and there were many going back a couple of decades or more. Walt put the suit coat back in the saddlebag from where he'd taken the worn leather jacket.

Walt's helmet, taken from the chromed 'ape hanger' handlebars of his chopper was of the same design but had a custom air brushed graphic on it. The same graphic was on the gas tank. It was a roaring grizzly bear in metallic silver, black, white and gray on a black background with glowing fluorescent green eyes on the left side. A claw mark that had bright crimson blood dripping from the silver gashes was on the right side and unlike Mitch's helmet, it was clear coat finished so it was high gloss shiny.

Walt laughed, "It's a portrait of me." He said pointing to the bear after he put it on. Mitch thought it was a very appropriate symbol for Walt that hinted at his sexuality. Walt adjusted his seating so Mitch could sit comfortably behind him. He checked Mitch's helmet and muttered something about 'damned helmet laws'.

"Hop on, buddy." He said to Mitch and signaled to Rusty who pulled forward and out of the parking lot. He revved the motor, a sound that thrilled Mitch. With that, Walt signaled to Rusty and they pulled out of the parking lot.

"It's safer if you put your arms around me." He growled to Mitch over the deep, throaty, burbling rumble of the powerful motorcycle. Mitch gladly did so and sighed.

"What's the sigh for?" Walt turned his head a bit so Mitch could hear him.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time," Mitch confessed. "I was just so bottled up in myself; too afraid I guess, to even try to open up to you. You were the only guy I felt I had any chance of being friends with and I've always wanted to thank you for how you stood up for me in the locker room that one time. You have no idea how much that meant to me."

'Oh, I think I do,' Walt thought to himself and smiled. "It's nothing, buddy," he said aloud to Mitch. He reached down and back to pat Mitch's leg.

"Nothing to you, maybe; but it was a whole lot of something special to me." Mitch gave Walt a tentative hug.

They arrived at the hotel a few minutes after Rusty and Moose. They entered the dark bar and grill together and took a corner booth.

"What's your poison, gentlemen?" Rusty asked and ordered beers all round. The group ordered appetizers, sandwiches and burgers to go with the drinks.

The conversation once again flowed easily, from what each had done after graduating high school, to jobs and college and relationships, to politics to current work to sex to plans for the upcoming holidays. Mitch felt Walt's paw on his thigh and surprised himself a bit by resting his own on Walt's.

'Hell, he thought, what does it matter, anyway? I guess I really DON'T care what the rest of the world thinks.' He gave Walt's hand a squeeze and was rewarded with a warm smile that split Walt's iron-gray beard.

More beers and more talk eventually led to closing time for the barkeep. "Sorry, guys... gotta close." The men all headed out to the hotel lobby.

Rusty looked at Moose, "Time for bed, big guy?"

Moose grinned and said, "And more, I hope!"

Rusty turned to the others, chuckled and said, "This man has one of two things on his mind most of the time; food or sex. Little wonder they call us bears, eh?"

They all joined the chuckle and then there came that awkward moment when no one knows just how to break what was on at least several minds.

Moose glanced at Walt, then Mitch, then back to his lover. "Well... do we or don't we?"

Rusty spoke up. "Spoken like a true romantic!" He kissed Moose and turned to Walt and Mitch. "I never quite know how to word this, but if you're interested, you're very welcome to come up. Norman and I occasional play with other couples if the chemistry is right. We discussed it in the car and we think the chemistry is right between the four of us."

Rusty paused and cleared his throat; Mitch could tell he felt a bit awkward, as he was somewhat less glib than usual.

"Mitch, I know we've all just met... well, sort of just met; anyway, what I'm trying to say is that we would enjoy your company if you'd care to join us. We've played with Walt several times before and we all enjoyed it, but it's your call. I'm just very glad we finally got to meet you after all these years and I know Norman here is happy you came."

Mitch was dumbfounded. There was a long pause as his brain worked out the possibilities of all three of these handsome bearish men in bed with him. His erection began to tent his pants, but went unnoticed amid the visions of furry sex filling his brain.

Walt nudged Mitch. "You're supposed to say something here, buddy." Mitch actually blushed.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't get out all that much. I didn't mean to be that slow-witted. I AM glad we all got to meet, too. If you are asking what I think you are, well... it's been a long time and I could sure use some R and R. That is, if Walt is interested?" He looked at the big bear standing next to him.

Walt put an arm around Mitch. "With you? Of course I am! I've waited a real long time for you to ask."

"Well then, it's agreed!" Rusty said rubbing his hands together somewhat excitedly. "Next stop room 808!"

The four entered the empty elevator and as the doors were closing Moose said, "Damn Mitch! Are you pitching the big top in those pants?" Roaring laughter could be heard fading away as the elevator climbed up the shaft.

They got out on the eighth floor and Moose led the way to the room. Once inside, Rusty gave Walt a hug and they began to deep kiss and as easily as that, the married couple had wordlessly decided the paring for the first round.

Moose hugged Mitch, lifting him off the floor. Bones in Mitch's spine popped and he gave a sigh. "Oh, that felt good!" Mitch said.

"You think that was good? I'm a licensed physical therapist. I can massage you in ways you never dreamed possible all while we're making love. I like to give pleasure as much as receive it." Moose said with a lustful grin.

Rusty turned to the pair; his shirt was off by now his torso front covered in strawberry blond fur that had a substantial silver patch on his upper chest. Walt was working on opening his pants, kissing his way down from the chest to his belly.

"You're in for a treat Mitch, my Norman gives me a full massage while he's fucking me from behind." Rusty said.

There were two king sized beds, one with a couple of suitcases on it. Moose put Mitch back on the floor and moved the cases off the second bed. "Plenty of room for bears!" Moose said and began undressing Mitch.

Rusty stood completely naked in front of Walt. Rusty didn't seem to have much hair on him except his beard and on his chest and belly, his groin being the only other place and that was covered in a thick bush of flaming red-gold curly fur of a slightly darker hue than that on his face. His body and crotch fur had silver strands scattered through the strawberry blond. His cock and balls were a compact set; a thick tip nestled above his nuts, with no shaft showing yet.

Walt stood and Rusty began to undress him. Walt looked over at Mitch who was being undressed by Moose. "Now see how much fun this is, Mitch? If you'd bother to come to these events, we could have been doing this all along!" Walt said and winked at him.

Moose interjected, "Well, let's make up for lost time, shall we?" He paused in his undressing, having just removed Mitch's shirt and looked at Mitch's furry torso. He ran his hands over Mitch's chest and let out a sigh of pleasure followed by a soft growl of lust. Moose pulled the shorter man into a sloppy French kiss. Mitch's tongue wrestled with the bigger man and Moose's hands ran all over Mitch's back, feeling the thick salt and pepper fur. Moose broke the kiss.

"I realized some years back that I've wanted to do that since I saw you naked in the showers in high school. I've wanted to run my hands over your hairy body for decades. Am I forgiven?" His bright blue eyes looked down into Mitch's from his six-foot plus height.

"Of course you're forgiven." Mitch said, reaching up with both hands to pet Moose's thick silver and red beard, running his fingers through the soft silken strands. Mitch felt deep in his heart a final release, a healing he never thought possible. Warmth grew and radiated from that area in his soul where he'd nursed the hurt for so long, melting and obliterating any last trace of resentment he ever felt for Moose.

A single tear ran from Moose's left eye and Mitch wiped it away. They kissed, squeezing tightly against each other. Then Moose pulled away and opened Mitch's pants. Mitch kicked off his shoes and his pants dropped to the floor. Mitch sat on the bed to remove his briefs and socks and Moose almost tore his clothes as he hurriedly removed them. By the time Mitch had finished, Moose was standing only in his tighty whities, an obscenely huge bulge stretching the fabric out.

"Fuck me running if you haven't gotten even hairier, Mitch." Moose said in a low appreciative growl while looking Mitch over.

Mitch let out a gasp as he touched the front of Moose's briefs, rubbing the moist area that covered the tip. Rusty, who was now getting head from Walt, moaned, looked over at an astonished Mitch and said, "Did I forget to mention that Norman is hung like a Bear as well as being one?" There was an impish grin on the stocky man's face.

Mitch pulled Moose's pelvis to his face and buried his groin in his beard. Mitch snuffled deeply, drinking in the manly scent. Moose closed his eyes, tilted back his head and let out a low satisfied moan as he rubbed the back of Mitch's head, pushing it softly against his groin. Mitch was sucking on Moose's shaft through the fabric, licking and sucking the precum out of the underwear.

Moose looked down and said huskily, "You're going to make me nut if you don't let go."

Mitch pulled away, he gently squeezed the hefty balls in their cotton sack and kissed them and then he moved back further onto the bed. Moose dropped his briefs and bent over to remove them from around his ankles. He stood naked, covered in dark red body fur with silvery strands distributed throughout his pelt from neck to toes, not as hairy as Mitch, but he was definitely a furry critter. Mitch could see when he bent over that his back wasn't covered like his chest and belly, but it had a goodly amount all the same. His cock was huge, at least nine inches long and even with it still slightly flaccid it was meaty and thick. It emerged from a dense bush of deep red pubic hair that covered a substantial portion of his groin. Mitch guessed that Moose probably would take just a bit more stimulation to get full on hard, probably growing an extra inch at full mast.

Moose grinned. "Don't remember it being this big, do ya?" he said to Mitch.

"Well, given our relationship back then, I didn't really dare look." Mitch said. "But damn, when did you get so furry? You were really smooth in high school."

"Well, surprise then! I got my fur in my twenties so I experienced first hand what it felt like to be stared at, and sometimes made fun of, too. Made me feel really bad about how I'd teased you. I was about this well hung then but grew a little more as I moved into my late teens." Moose said and the pride in his voice was evident. Mitch didn't begrudge him that pride; a man that well endowed had every right to be proud. "My ex used to complain about my size. She said that it hurt when I'd put it in her so, if I'm too big, we don't have to fuck; we can do other things."

"Your ex was a fool." Rusty said. "But her loss is my gain." He let out a passionate grunt; Walt was sucking his balls and licking his cock. He had a couple of fingers up in him, playing with his prostate. "It just takes a little know how to accommodate such a wonderfully big cock, almost anyone can do it with the proper technique and preparation."

Rusty petted Walt's head and smiled down at him, "Oh what a jewel you are."

Walt came off Rusty's cock and balls and spoke up then, "Well, I can sympathize with Moose." He said with that same tone of pride in his voice Moose had. "He and I are twins separated at birth." He stood and showed off a cock at least as large as Moose's. "I'm glad Rusty here has the experience to take me."

"My pleasure, believe me." Rusty said with a grin as he fondled Walt's stiffening member.

"I need to put a condom on." Walt said and fished around in the leather jacket he'd dropped on the floor, found a condom, opened it and rolled it on.

Mitch looked at the thick iron-gray fur covering Walt; Walt was easily as furry as he was. Walt had tattoos on his arms, chest and back. They wouldn't have been so easy to discern were it not that Mitch was only a few feet away and a lot of the fur on Walt was silver. Mitch noticed an ursine theme: bear paw prints, roaring bear faces and bears in profile or clawing their way out of Walt's skin. Mitch understood now why Walt had said the grizzly on his helmet was a 'portrait'. Walt was a silver and black grizzly.

Moose moved to the bed, Mitch scooted over and the two lay together, face to face. Rusty and Walt moved to their bed and into the classic all-fours position.

"What would you like to do first, buddy?" Moose asked, caressing Mitch's furry arms. Mitch, of course, was running his fingers through Moose's thick chest fur.

"I'd like to be in you." Mitch said. "I want to fuck you and then I want you to fuck me, but you're going to have to take it easy. I've never had anyone in me as big as you before and it's been a few years since I've had anyone at all."

Moose smiled, "You got it buddy. I'll take it slow and be gentle. How do you want it, face to face or belly to back?"

"I'd like to do it facing you." Mitch reached up and traced a finger along the vertical scar on Moose's forehead that had once stretched into his hairline but was now completely revealed by his baldness. It was the scar he'd gotten from slipping and hitting the shower pedestal so many years ago. The gash that had to have thirty stitches. "You're a handsome man."

"Who, me? I'm a homely, grumpy ol' grizzly bear with scars all over me from years of playin' sports and damned lucky to have a cute little pocket bear who's willing to overlook my imperfections." Moose smiled warmly, "Thanks, though, I think you're pretty damned handsome too."

He rolled over and retrieved a tube of lube from the night stand. He coated Mitch's cock and put some on his puckered hole. Moose then rolled over on top of Mitch and kissed him deeply.

"How about you relax and I'll straddle you to take you inside of me?" Moose said and bent down and nuzzled Mitch's neck as he positioned his hole over the tip of Mitch's cock.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" Mitch said.

In the other bed, Walt was roughly plowing Rusty. The shorter man was growling out between thrusts, "Fuck! Fuck me… oh!… harder... fuck me... harder... and smack... my ass!"

Walt growled back, "Shit! I forgot how rough you like it." Walt whacked Rusty's ample butt three or four times and Rusty moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, that's it." Rusty said. "Pump... that cock... deeper!"

Walt was pounding into Rusty, his groin and balls slapping against the smaller man. Walt could see why he and Moose liked to have sex so much. Walt was about Moose's size and he fit perfectly over Rusty in the 'Bear position'. Fucking Rusty from behind, clinging to the smaller man's body made for a very intense fuck. Walt could plunge deep into Rusty and because he could squeeze the pocket bear's thighs shut, it made for a very satisfying stroke both in and out. Of course, Rusty was enjoying his plowing as much as Walt was. Walt was a good playmate; he knew just how rough to be and was generous with the kisses on the back of the neck, the nibbles on the ear and neck. He was also long on praise, telling Rusty just how hot and sexy his chubby little body was. The only thing Rusty wished Walt would do is bite into him hard enough to draw blood as he went into orgasm, but Walt had flat out refused to do that from their first encounter years ago and that hadn't changed over the years. Rusty figured everyone had their quirks and kinks and well, Walt was a hell of a good fuck, so it didn't matter. Norman could bite him later when it was just them.

Moose lowered his ass over Mitch's erect cock and slowly engulfed it. He slid down Mitch's average sized pole and once Mitch was completely inside he wrapped his arms around him, kissing him, gently biting him softly here and there, as he pumped his ass in rhythm to Mitch's thrusts; he growled as he nibbled. Papa Bear was enjoying his new playmate.

"You feel so good inside of me, man," Moose said as his strong hands worked over Mitch's hairy body, massaging, caressing and working his muscles expertly as his ass muscles worked their magic on the throbbing erection inside of him. Mitch was larger than Rusty. Rusty had been so defensive about his size when they'd first got together, but Moose had changed that with the way he worshipped Rusty's dick. All Rusty had needed was encouragement and love to realize that his size was not an issue. Rusty's sharp wit and tongue had been his defense against comments about his endowment and all in all, Rusty was only a little smaller than average at five inches. But what he didn't have in length or girth he made up for in endurance an enthusiasm. Moose had been the first man who had even asked Rusty to fuck him; most men assumed he was only interested in being a bottom and indeed, he still was more often than not, but Rusty also enjoyed being the top on occasion and Moose had brought out that side of him.

Mitch was bigger but it really wasn't an issue. Moose and Rusty had played with other men, some rather big, and there was Walt too; he was damned near Moose's twin for size. When Walt had first fucked Moose, he had been as gentle and as slow as Moose would be with Mitch tonight. Moose had always wanted Walt to bare back him, but Walt had refused. He'd talked it over with Rusty later and both had concluded that some guys just had their own ways of doing things. Perhaps Walt couldn't get off unless he had a condom on. A fetish didn't have to be logical, after all, and some guys really didn't get their nut without a condom. Still, Moose always wanted Walt's seed in him. Mouth or ass, it didn't matter, but that was his own particular fetish; Moose liked the imagined feeling of virility transfer and exchange between men. He'd fantasized about Coach Franklin filling him with his virility, pumping him full of his hyper-masculinity by giving him his seed all through high school and still did occasionally. Of course, now those fantasies didn't fill him with shame, self-loathing and undirected anger as they did then. Now they were healthy outlets for his lust.

Mitch moaned as Moose worked his ass muscles on the upstroke, "You smell so good; musky, manly... so masculine."

Oh what that did for Moose! It was as if Mitch were reading his thoughts about masculine exchange. It increased his arousal for his furry partner; put a tingle in his balls that if he didn't slow down would cause him to shoot right onto Mitch's silver and black chest hair and into his nearly white beard.

With a great roar, Walt shot his load, "Shit!! Oh, fuck!" Walt growled, still pumping into the condom buried in Rusty's bowels. At almost the same time Rusty cried out, "I'm coming!"

Mitch and Moose both looked over at their companions.

The two shuddered and bucked in orgasmic bliss; growls, grunts and expletives came from Walt. Rusty came all over the bedspread; he and Walt were still in the classic bear position with Walt's arms locked around Rusty's chest, his bearded face lying on Rusty's upper back. Walt's eyes were distant, unfocused with orgasmic bliss as he looked into Mitch's face. Mitch felt the animal, the beast within Walt, through his glassy unfocused stare as his pumping continued and then slowly eased up. Walt closed his eyes and he and Rusty collapsed together, both out of breath and sweating profusely.

Moose began to ride Mitch's cock faster. "It looks like we're behind." He said and chuckled merrily. Mitch began to thrust harder into the great bear on top of him. Sweat dripped from Moose onto Mitch and Mitch rubbed it into his furry chest. Moose's fur began to cling to his body and it was the same for Mitch.

Rusty and Walt were lying together, fondling, kissing each other in the afterglow. After a few minutes, Rusty repositioned and was lying on top of Walt. Walt had sheathed in him again. Soon, both were dozing together as their partners continued to fuck.

It didn't take long; Mitch hadn't had a chance to relieve himself this morning, having awakened late and run a few errands before going to the reunion. Mitch was charged, primed and ready to fire and in short order with a strangled cry that's exactly what he did. Mitch pounded Moose's ass from below, thrusting into him with a passion and need that burned brightly. Moose held Mitch's wrists tightly as he bucked under him, squeezing his own cheeks together as much as he could to give Mitch the tightest fuck possible.

Moose, feeling the hot rush of seed filling his bowels, was pushed to the edge of orgasm. In his mind, Mitch was filling him with his furry virility, his masculine essence, and of course, this meant the exchange needed to be complete. With that thought, Moose looked down just in time to see the first of five powerful shots, plaster Mitch's chest and beard. Moose roared and cursed, his ample flow pulsing out slightly weaker to coat Mitch's belly. Now, to finish; Moose collapsed onto Mitch with Mitch still inside of him. He began rubbing his cock in the sperm caught in Mitch's belly fur and was rubbing their furry chests together. Mitch was already trying to lick the come out of his beard and mustache and Moose decided to help him with that, collecting it on his tongue and feeding it to Mitch as they kissed. After a short while, both were asleep, Mitch still partially coated in Moose's bear seed.

Thirty minutes later, the pair was awakened by the sounds of Rusty and Walt fucking. This time, they were spooned and Rusty was pushing in and out of Walt's ass. The two were locked together passionately.

"Switch!" Moose said to Mitch so Mitch pulled out of the bear's slick hole.

"I've gotta take a leak, those beers we had gotta come out and now!" Moose said.

"I'll join you." Mitch said and the two went into the bathroom. They held each other's cocks as they pissed, feeling the flow through their tubes as they emptied. They kissed and Moose swatted Mitch's butt as he turned to leave.

"I've gotta do a little more than piss buddy, how 'bout you join my hubby and Walt, I'll be in there to fuck ya in a minute." He said.

"Right." Mitch said and shut the door.

As Moose was doing his business, he looked around and saw Walt's discarded condom in the waste basket. Since he was wearing another, Moose guessed that he'd put a new one on and with good reason it seemed. Moose picked it up, it was half-full of Walt's seed and he guessed that, having mostly filled this one, Walt needed a new one. Moose's half-hard cock came to full mast. He was going to indulge a long held fantasy; taking Walt's virile seed into his body. Moose heard the sounds of three men having a really good time in the next room and knew he'd have a few moments of privacy to savor this rare opportunity.

Carefully Moose squeezed some of Walt's cooling sperm out into the palm of his hand; without hesitation, he licked it off. The taste was heaven to him: salty, sweet and just a little bitter. It was strong and musky too, like Walt's under arm scent and it left a slight tingle in his mouth. He squeezed out a little more, no more than a teaspoon and coated a finger in it. He reached back and pushed the sperm coated finger up his own ass, massaging it in and licked the remainder from his palm while doing so.

Moose put the still partly-full condom back in the wastebasket, flushed and washed his hands. It was time to get back to the fun now that he was all horned up; time for him to complete the virility exchange again and fill Mitch's ass.

When Moose opened the door, he saw his husband still slow fucking Walt. Rusty was now face to face on top of Walt, pushing his cock in, thrusting hard. Rusty was moaning, telling Mitch, "Harder! Harder!" Mitch was behind Rusty, buried deep in the chubby ass. Apparently, Rusty had provided Mitch with his life cast dildo of Moose's cock that he carried in his suitcase and the two had lubed and inserted it into Mitch. Moose could see the end of the dildo bob with Mitch's thrusting.

"Perfect!" Moose thought, "He's already stretched and ready for me."

Moose walked up behind Mitch and pushed on the testicle base of the 'Rubber Moose' as Rusty called it.

Mitch moaned as he thrust into Rusty. "Oh, that's good!"

"How about replacing it with the real thing?" Moose growled and waved his completely stiff cock to show Mitch he was in great need of a good fuck. He was feeling extra horny after tasting Walt's seed. He needed to breed Mitch now. He was a horny, virile; hyper-masculine papa bear that needed to shoot his seed in Mitch to complete the exchange.

"Well that's why rubber Moose is up there now. I didn't want to wait for you to open me up; I wanted you as soon as you were finished." Mitch said, reached over and squeezed Moose's cock.

"You'll get no complaints from me!" Moose said as he pulled his rubber twin out and swiftly replaced it with the hot, throbbing, real thing.

"All right,now that Norman's decided to join us, let's ramp up the action a bit." Rusty said and began pumping into Walt faster. He grabbed Walt's cock and began pumping it in his fist. Walt reached up and pinched Rusty's nipples, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the chubby pocket bear. "Fuck! You can do that all night if you want." Rusty said gritting his teeth as Walt pulled on them and twisted.

It wasn't long before they all got into sync, catching each other's rhythms. Sweat poured off them and soaked their fur. Moose humped Mitch harder than he had expected to and asked occasionally if everything was OK when Mitch would grunt. Everything was OK, according to Mitch, “Better than OK... fucking fantastic!” The energy in the room was building. The smell of man-sex was making the room musky and locker-room like, a smell that turned all of them on and pushed them closer to climax.

The well-timed rhythm broke as each began to feel their needs peak.

The first to shoot was Mitch; taking his cue from his ursine buddies, he let out a deep growl and clung tightly to Rusty. His clenching ass set Moose off, who panted between sexy growls as he filled Mitch. Walt was next, cursing and grunting at the same moment Rusty shot and let out a higher pitched moan than the rest. For several moments there was twitching and quivering as electric shocks of orgasm pulsed through them at random moments, but quickly they subsided. Each of them was drenched with sweat but none were energetic enough to get up and go to the shower. Instead, they agreed to sleep for just awhile, together in one bed, tangled up in each other. Walt spooned with Mitch as Moose and Rusty wrapped themselves around each other, face-to-face, kissing.

Walt reached over and pulled the cover off the other bed and draped it over the four of them, being that he was closest to the light he turned it off too.

Each said good night and huddled together, very warm, very musky and very sleepy. In no time, Moose was snoring and Rusty's face was buried in his chest fur. Before drifting off into sleep, Walt whispered to an already sleeping Mitch, "Later buddy. We'll have some alone time, I promise."

A few hours later, Mitch awoke in the darkened room. The soft snores of the other bears were oddly comforting to him as he idly thought about what had happened in the past few hours. It had been so long since he had shared a bed with someone, and he had forgotten the joy of sleeping next to another living being. He shifted his position slightly and Walt, still asleep, draped an arm over Mitch and pulled him protectively closer. Mitch smiled, hugged Walt's arm closer to himself, and drifted back to sleep.