Being the Bear


UrsusMajr and PapaWereBear

(Note to Reader: This is the sequel to Becoming the Bear. Although the two stories can stand alone, they are linked; some things in this story refer to events and characters in the earlier one. You may wish to read that one first. This is (obviously) a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. As in our other werebear stories, safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe. We both hope you enjoy this story. If you have comments, you can contact the authors: PapaWereBear , and UrsusMajr )

Chapter 1

Sebastian, let's just clear out, OK? Let's just get out, go somewhere else where they haven't seen us. I don't see why we had to kill that guy anyway.” Freddie stood nervously in front of Sebastian, who was scratching his back.

Because, as you so brilliantly put it, he saw us. Because of you. They saw us because of you, Freddie.” Sebastian looked speculatively at the sweating bear . “You know, I think I made a mistake with you. Yes. A serious mistake.”

Freddie continued in a whining tone of voice, “I don't see why we can't just pick up and move, we did before. We stay here, someone's else is gonna see us, someone's gonna find out.” Some of the other weres shuffled their feet, but none spoke out. “And those guys are going to be nothing but trouble, you know tha...”

Sebastian cut him off. “If you'd done just what I told you, no more and no less, no one would have found out about anything.” There was a pause. The room grew silent. “You have got to be the biggest pussy I know, Freddie. I thought changing you would give you guts, give you a backbone. I see I was wrong. Very, very wrong.”

Sebastian put his hand behind his back again as if to scratch another itch, and felt for the old axe on the table behind him. His hand closed on the axe handle worn smooth with years of use on the farm. He whipped it out from behind him and sliced through Freddie's neck with one sweep. A fan of blood spray spattered the walls as well as Sebastian. Freddie's head, with eyes wide open in silent surprise, hit the floor with a crack. The silence continued.

One less problem to deal with.” Sebastian ignored the blood that covered his front. “Come on. We need to make plans.” Sebastian gestured to Ron and Trey. “Get rid of that. Make sure no one finds it.” He nudged Freddie's head with his boot. “Don't forget this.” Trey picked up the head, and Ron dragged the body by the feet.

Sebastian cut them short. “Oh, for fuck's sake... get some plastic. I saw some in the cellar. You'd leave a trail a blind man could follow.”

I should help,” Rick said, starting to move.

Forget that. We got plans to make.” Ron fetched the plastic sheeting from the cellar while Sebastian strode out onto the porch. Rick followed, and the two watched as Trey and Ron lugged the plastic-wrapped guts across the open ground behind the house.

Where's Jason?” Sebastian asked. Rick shrugged an 'I don't know'.

JASON!” Sebastian turned and bellowed through the screen door. “Get your lazy ass down here and clean this mess up!”

- - - - - - -

Vic lay quietly, alone in the big bed, listening to the sounds of the slumbering house around him. It was early, the sun would be up in a half-hour or so. He yawned, and scratched his hairy belly. His enhanced hearing caught the sounds of Mitch and Walt mating down the hall in their shared bedroom.

"Early bird gets the worm!" Vic said in a sleepy growl and chuckled at the double meaning. He grinned, wondering who was breeding, and who was being bred. He lay back and closed his eyes, listening to their sex. He was pleased that his cub had finally connected with the man he had talked about so much over their years together.

Later on, as he had gotten to know Mitch, Vic had become increasingly impressed with the man's good sense and practicality. The last two days had only increased that respect. Here was a brand new were, literally only a couple of days into his own new life, being the calm, steady influence on the distracted pair of soon-to-be werebears. It had been Mitch that soothed and quieted Rusty, and provided some much-needed gentle discipline for Moose. Vic had watched as Mitch deftly arranged tasks so that both Moose and Rusty were engaged and active rather than allowing for time to sit and worry about the coming upheaval in their lives. The bonus, of course, was that Vic's house was cleaner than it had been in years. Better yet, all the little repairs Vic had been meaning to get to over the last year were done. Vic was more convinced than ever that his cub had chosen wisely; Mitch was definitely a 'keeper'.

A muffled grunt from the 'boys room' down the hall brought Vic out of his sleepy cogitation. They were hardly 'boys' of course. Vic being an old bear, however, tended to refer to those men in the fatherly way a man does of his grown up sons; continuing to call them 'boy' long after their reaching manhood. Far from being offended, Mitch nearly glowed when he called him 'boy' or 'son' with that paternal tone in his voice.

The sounds of sex coming from the room brought a tickle to the back of Vic's mind which traveled down the spine to his crotch. The thought of his cub, and his cub's cub, together, sharing seed and love, excited him. He reached for his own surging cock and slowly stroked, enjoying the tingle deep in his balls. He squeezed out a thick blob of precum, and smeared it all over his broad tip, working it down his shaft. Soon his own sleepy grunts joined the happy noises from down the hall. It wasn't long before he brought himself to satisfaction, half dozing in sated bliss, his seed plastering down the fur on his chest and belly as it dried.

Perhaps a half hour later Vic rose, and padded to the shower. He washed his furry body, squeezing out the last of his ejaculate. He rinsed off and stepped out, reaching for a large towel. Having mopped most of the water off, he went naked to the kitchen to begin breakfast. He was surprised to find Moose there, sitting at the large table.

Vic had made the table years ago out of thick planks taken from the one tree he had allowed to be cut down to provide a place for the cabin's basement and foundations. It bore the marks of many meals, and its smaller brethren sat beside Vic's bed and Mitch and Walt's.

Moose looked up as Vic padded in. The big man had apparently figured out the coffee machine, and had a pot brewed.

"What's up, son?" Vic yawned, eyeing the coffee pot. Moose filled a mug and pushed it towards Vic.

"Oh… I couldn't sleep. Got up a couple hours ago. Too many weird fucking dreams. I've been having more and more of them in the past month. Really weird shit. Scary. I haven't had nightmares like that since I was a kid. " He took a swallow of coffee. "Is that part of... changing?"

Vic stirred sugar into his coffee and drank. "Yep. Everybody has 'em. Your body is sending signals to your brain, things it's never heard before. The dreams are your way of working out stuff about your coming change. Common themes are monsters chasing you, you changing into something that's in some way embarrassing or dangerous, you chasing down an animal or human and consuming it. Psychiatrist would no doubt be able to help you through this time, but that's not exactly an option, given what we are; so that's what we elders and your siblings are for, to guide you through the change."

Moose still looked troubled.

"What's eatin' you?" Vic said and sipped his coffee.

Moose held back, as if he was going to dismiss the invitation to talk and then relented. The words came out in a rush.

"I... I dreamed I killed Rusty. I mean, it wasn't like I meant to, but in the dream we were lying together after sex and I just… I changed into this impossibly huge, monstrous bear... thing. He was scrambling to get away and I wanted him. I wanted to fuck him, so I threw him on the floor and mounted him and then, as soon as I was in all the way I bit his head off, like he was a gingerbread man or something." Moose's face had gone ashen and his eyes spoke of his fear. "You know, watching that show on bugs last night, the part about preying mantises, probably gave me that dream, but it was so fucking real! I'm afraid that might really happen, Coach. Maybe I should go somewhere, at least until after I get some control."

Vic patted the man's thick hairy arm. "You're not going to hurt Rusty and you're not going away anywhere. The truth is, this is the best place for you to be right now, and the safest. Even if you were to make a lunge at Rusty when you change, there's three of us to keep you from harming him."

"But what about when we're alone?" Moose looked haunted. "Look how I hurt him before. I was out of my mind with the need to fuck and I hurt him and all this is my fault to top it off."

"Look, Norman, dreams are just that, dreams. You devouring Rusty in that dream is probably less about you actually eating him and more about you 'being eaten' by what you're becoming. The sex, of course, is your overwhelming desire to mate with him while as a bear. Trust me Moose, the theme fits in with the general themes of the dreams we all have when we're changing, it's nothing to worry about and certainly nothing to go running off into the woods alone about." Vic smiled broadly and rose. At his beckoning, Moose rose, too; Vic took Moose into his arms, hugging him with all the strength his body could muster, a real Bear Hug.

Moose hugged just as strongly back and whispered, "Thanks, man."

"Anytime, son, anytime."

They parted from their embrace and both noticed how very hard the other was.

Vic smiled, "Nice wood there." He said and gave Moose's cock a squeeze.

"You're not bad yourself!" Moose said and answered with a squeeze to Coaches' cock.

Moose moved to the kitchen counter sipping his coffee and staring out the window as the early morning light cut across the clearing to the back of the cabin. He felt better but still brooding a bit. Vic understood; no amount of talk would completely banish his fears, he'd have to just experience it, it was the only way. Vic stood, his hand on Moose's furry shoulder, his coffee cooling as he reflected on the past few days. When Walt had first seen Moose under the covers at the motel, he assumed that Moose was already fully changed. In fact, he hadn't completed his first change. He'd been well on his way, and perhaps uninterrupted, he would have completed it. But he had stopped short, more than likely because of all the sedatives Rusty had fed him to keep him docile and his raging libido under control. They had probably slowed his metabolism down and he had reverted to nearly human form, and stayed there as a result.

Moose turned away from the window and said to Vic, "I feel strange."

"How?" Vic asked and finished the last of his cup.

"My skin feels tight and I'm itchy." Moose tried to reach around to an itch on his back and Vic moved behind to give him a proper full back scratch. The delighted grunts of the man's appreciation were music to Vic's ears. He liked giving a good scratch as much as receiving one.

Vic said nothing at first, but could not help but notice copious amounts of fur had begun to sprout on the big man's arms, neck, chest, head and, of course, the back he was scratching. Vic tapped Norman's shoulder and simply pointed to the arm.

"Oh, god... it's happening again, isn't it?"

"I think this is going to be your first complete change, Moose. Your body tried before, but those sedatives blocked it somehow, I'm positive. They've finally washed out of your system, and now you're good to go. We should get you downstairs to the changing room. You'll be more comfortable there, and my house won't get trashed." He patted Moose on the shoulder.

"Let's go. I'll get you set and then wake the boys and Rusty."

The two went downstairs to get Moose settled in.

Meanwhile, Rusty had already awakened, and not finding Moose in bed with him, had gone looking for him. Unfamiliar with the downstairs area, he headed to Mitch and Walt's room. The two had finished their bear business and were laying back on the bed, holding each other, their cocks softening.

In his concern, Rusty forgot his manners and hurriedly asked, "Have you seen Moose? I can't find him."

"Well, if he isn't with you, he's probably in the kitchen, or maybe outside." Mitch said, getting up. "Is Coach around? Maybe he's seen him."

"They could also be down in the basement, it's a bit early for a walk and if they were both in the kitchen we'd likely hear that.” Walt yawned, then stood behind his lover, hugging him from behind. “Papa might have taken him down to the changing room. I'll check." Walt strode out, cock at half staff and naked; smelling of sex.

Rusty turned to Mitch. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt something?"

"Nah. We were done, at least for a while." He smiled and pulled Rusty into a hug, then kissed him lightly on the lips and said. "Come on, I'll get breakfast started. You need to eat more. You'll be changing soon, too, you know." They both walked out to the kitchen, with Mitch naked and smelling equally strongly of sex.

When they got there, Walt was coming up the stairs. "Yep, that's where they are. Moose's pelt is growing out and Vic says he thinks it's time."

There was a rumble from the stairwell.

"What was that?" Rusty nervously asked, startled by the loud noise.

"That's the sound of a werebear beginning his first change. We're a bit loud." Walt grinned. "You didn't get to hear that from him before, because you had Moose all doped up. Not that I blame you, he must have been a handful.” Walt scratched his beard. “And really, it was better the management at that hotel didn't find a grizzly fucking a man in one of their rooms." He grinned again.

The roar from below caused the floor to vibrate slightly. Rusty looked nervously down, and then to his two companions.

"I should be there." A second roar, more powerful than the first and full of bass tones caused the spoons in the stainless steel sink to rattle.

"We'll all be there for Moose, don't worry, but right now, Coach is handling things, We need to explain some stuff to you so you are prepared... and safe." Walt said.

Mitch looked steadily into the worried eyes of the smaller, red-blond man.

"It's nothing to worry about, Rusty. It hurts a lot the first couple of times, but it gets easier. That's why your hubby down there is making the silverware rattle in the sink. Things shifting around can smart just a bit, but you'll like the new Moose. Trust me." Mitch smiled and looked at his Papa.

"Yeah, but it's best you know what to expect ahead of time," Walt said, adding his voice to his cub's. "Rusty, Moose is a big boy. Well huge, really; and he's going to get bigger as a bear. You've already seen that transformation start. What's happening now is full on transformation and he's going to be very impressive, but most importantly, he'll be immensely strong and much quicker than he looks for his size. We've all noticed how horny he is and this change will kick his libido into overdrive."

"Will he hurt me, do you think?" Rusty was still remembering the last few love-making sessions before Moose began to change while he was doped.

"Rusty, Moose would never deliberately hurt you, you know that." Mitch said, "But his bear is going to be fully out now, and he'll have a real struggle to maintain control. It's not easy the first time; believe me, you truly are a mostly wild creature then. You have to concentrate to understand speech. If someone doesn't hold your attention, you kind of zone out and their speaking becomes like the bark of a dog or the chattering of birds. It's a sound, but you don't understand it as language unless you concentrate. You're too busy with all that's happening to you and you're thinking like a bear. Unless you can get focused, you kind of turn off the language portions of your brain. You'll understand that when your change comes in a while.” Mitch smiled and put a hand on Rusty's shoulder. “I think you have a bit more self-control than Moose does, so you might not find it as hard to focus. You've sort of been his restraint and his focus when he gets a bit wild or crazy or temperamental. He won't have that now because you can't help him with this. He'll need to do this on his own."

"Norman does tend to be easily distracted, particularly by passion." Rusty said, "It's what attracted me to him, he was so… free, so unrestrained by comparison to me and I knew that would have a downside when I met him, but I didn't care, I loved him from the moment I laid eyes on him."

"Well, the change can magnify some traits, and that one is one of them; but don't worry, we'll be there to help restrain him if it's needed. But he'll have to learn that control on his own. It comes from within." Walt rubbed Rusty's bare shoulder, feeling the soft peach fuzz that heralded the dense body hair he would eventually have.

Another roar reminded them all that Coach was downstairs on his own with Moose.

"Let's head on down," Walt said. "Now, Rusty, no matter what happens, I want you to stay behind me, Mitch, or Coach. We can take care of things. Don't try to be brave or to think you can handle Moose by yourself. He really won't know his own strength. You're being there may excite him even more, and I don't know just how he'll react."

"Should I stay away then? I want to be there, but if it's going to make it harder for him..." Rusty desperately wanted to be with his lover, and the continued roars and growls were making him more and more anxious.

"No, I think you're being there will help," Mitch said. Walt looked quizzically at his cub. "It'll make him feel safer in a way. I felt that way because you were there, Walt. Just knowing that made things easier for me."

"Yeah, just don't kick him in the balls and you'll be fine." Walt said and Mitch gave him a look that said, 'You're not helping!'

"What?" Rusty said, puzzled.

"I'll explain later." Mitch gave Walt another look and Walt feigned innocence. "Look, just stay back if we have to restrain him. Once he changes back to human form, he'll need a lot of physical contact to soothe and reassure him."

Walt began to head for the stairs.

"Remember, let him see you, but keep back, OK?" Rusty nodded, and the three descended the stairs.

The feral, musky scent was prominent even before Walt opened the door to the 'changing room'. Rusty's nose twitched and he began to erect. Mitch noticed, and smiled. The heavy soundproofing that Sam had suggested to Vic years ago when he was building this home muffled some of the noise, but Moose's mighty voice was coming through louder than ever down here.

"That's your bear!" Mitch said.

The door swung open, and the three bears could see Vic's broad hairy back. Beyond him, there stood an immense, glossy-furred bear, reared up on his hind legs, growling, rubbing at his face with the backs of his huge paws. A quickly healing scratch down the side of Moose's face spoke of inexperience with the use of paws and the need for caution not to reach so quickly for his face again. All three stared at the face, which was still largely human, though the rest of the body was fully bear. Walt stepped forward and whispered into Vic's ear.

"Is he stuck?"

"I think so. His change was slow but steady up until about ten minutes ago. It looks like his face will change last; different from you or Mitch, more like me when I change. But he can't quite seem to manage the last bit. I think this was as far as he got last time." Vic turned to the others. "Let him see you, Rusty."

The smaller man stepped out from behind the two larger bears into the room. Moose stopped what he was doing, his nose visibly twitching. He fixed his stare on Rusty and growled something deeply. All the werebears understood what Moose said; they each clearly heard 'fuck' and readied to cut the bear off. Moose pawed the air and then lunged forward, intent on reaching his lover.

"Moose! NO! You'll hurt him!" Vic shouted and the room reverberated with the power of his voice. He was all sternness and daddy bear authority. Moose stopped, looked longingly and mournfully at Rusty and then moved a step or two back and sat there on the floor, plopping down on his big furry butt.

"He's got no control, he'd crush Rusty. Besides, he's needs to finish his change now or he'll always have trouble with it. Boys, I'm going to change. Walt, keep his attention on me, make him watch me as I change. You know what to say to him."

Walt stood closer to the panting Moose, who was once more pawing at his face, carefully avoiding his new claws. "Moose! Look at me." The nearly full-formed bear turned his ursine body and looked with worried eyes at Walt.

"Coach is going to change with you. Watch him!" Moose's attention began to wander back over to Rusty. "Moose!" Some of the same authority and volume Vic had used was in Walt's voice now, "Focus! I need you to watch him real close. Think about doing what he does, really keep that picture in your mind, especially his face. Imagine that you are doing that." He nodded to Vic.

Vic began to change into full werebear form. He deliberately slowed the process so Moose would have a template to model.

Vic's muscular body swelled, like a balloon slowly being inflated but not with puffs of breath, but a constant expansion. His arms lengthened and his hands and feet became broader, muscle building over the already impressive muscle on his limbs. His hairy chest began to barrel, his pecs becoming massive plates but the sight of them was quickly vanishing under a thick coat of golden bear fur.

Mitch, watching Coach slow change, had a huge erection he unconsciously began to rub and then, noticing Rusty's staring at him, he stopped, blushing.

Rusty smiled, "It IS exciting, isn't it?" Mitch nodded, and slowly stroked himself while watching Vic. Rusty's eyes were on Moose.

Mitch wasn't the only one intently watching Coach change from man to bear. Moose sat on his butt with rapt attention, watching the metamorphosis. Vic's shoulders were rotating forward, a muscular hump growing between his shoulder blades, his claws had pushed out his fingernails and his hands and feet were fully padded now. Moose watched the face now intently, the ears migrating up the side of Vic's head distracted him for a moment. Vic's thick beard began to be enveloped by bear fur. Coach had reached the same point in transformation Moose had.

"Look at his face Moose!" Walt said sternly, "Copy it, do what he's doing! See yourself doing that, really feel it happening. Focus on that. You've got to close your mind to everything else. Come on, big guy. Come on! This is what you are, this is how you are meant to be now. Do it!" Walt emphasized the last two words with a note of command.

As the two bears stared at each other, Vic saw the gleam of understanding bloom into full recognition in Moose's eyes. He gave a growl in the bear tongue, encouraging Moose with a 'That's it!'. Moose and Vic's jaws and palates elongated, becoming muzzles, their noses blackening at the same time, their eyes changing from the lighter human shades to deep chocolate brown. Beards disappearing completely in the fur now growing all over their faces.

Mitch's fist closed tightly on his meat as he grunted and shot all over Rusty's side and back. He pulled the wet bear close to him, and Rusty put his arm around Mitch, still intent on the final moments of Moose's transformation. Moose awkwardly stumbled and then stood. He started lumbering around the room, faster and faster, trying out his new bear body and musculature.

Walt eyed Mitch's dripping cock and chuckled. “Can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?”

"Uh, oh. Look out for the furni..." Mitch said, half laughing, releasing Rusty. Moose crashed into bed, which took the blow and survived, as it was built to withstand such. Moose reared up and stepped back and promptly got himself tangled in the chains of the sling hanging in the corner of the changing room. He growled angrily and batted at them with his paws, wicked claws fully extended. Once freed, he looked around, searching for his lover. Spotting Rusty, he padded awkwardly but rapidly towards him, his paws outstretched, cock rigid and fully extended from the fur-covered sheath, dripping.

Moose's human cock was very large, but his ursine one was larger still. The look in his eyes made it clear that he was intent on using his new equipment. The change had kicked his libido up more than a notch. His eyes focused on Rusty, who's own cock was hard and red, glistening with a glaze of precum. Seeing his lover transform and the smell of sex from Mitch had inflamed Rusty's body and clouded his reason. He badly wanted his lover's meat in him, and he was clearly ignoring the near certainty of injury that would bring.

Sensing the impending disaster, Walt swatted Moose on the muzzle, hard. "NO!"

Moose turned and roared out in anger. Perceiving that his lust was to be thwarted, his ursine temper flared and he swung his paw back, ready to swing forward and eviscerate with razor-sharp claws.

Vic moved rapidly, blocking the blow and pinning Moose's paw back. It was not an easy task. By this time, Walt had changed into half form, Mitch moved in front of Rusty and began to change as well. Their half forms would give them additional strength to aid Vic if needed.

"Stop! Get control of yourself, Moose. Control the bear!" Walt was literally in Moose's face, shouting at him. He devoutly hoped Vic's grip on Moose's raised paw would hold.

"Easy, Norman. Easy!" It was Rusty who spoke. It was a commanding yet gentler tone, one quite different from Vic's yet every bit as effective because it was the voice of a lover. Moose's eyes lost their fire. He moved around Mitch. "Easy. That's it. Easy, bear."

Moose relaxed a bit, and took a deep breath. He seemed to struggle briefly, then breathed deeply again. He turned towards Vic, who was still tensed, ready for trouble. He growled then gave the ursine equivalent of a chuckle and patted Vic on the shoulder. The growls and grunts went over Rusty's head, but it was obvious to the others that Moose was teasing Vic.

"I coulda taken you, old bear, and you know it!" Moose growled.

Vic warbled and grunted back, "We'll see about that, Cub, we'll see."

Mitch motioned Rusty towards Moose, then spoke to the big bear. "Go slow, and hug him lightly. Pretend he's just a kid. You can bear hug later."

Rusty, who was still some time from his own first change, seemed to be unconsciously straining his body forward, willing it to make the change early. He threw himself into his lover's embrace, reaching as far around his bulky, fur-covered belly as he could, his stubby erection poking into Moose's hairy thigh.

"Oh, Norman!" The rest of his words were lost to the others, muffled by the dense pelt Rusty had buried his face in. Moose put his paws around Rusty, squeezing him dangerously in spite of his effort to moderate his strength. Rusty's cry of distress instantly made Moose ease off. Rusty hugged again, and this time the answering pressure from Moose was much gentler.

The embrace lasted for a bit, and Vic let it go on, knowing it was good for both Rusty and Moose. Finally, though, he put a heavy paw on Rusty and carefully drew him away. He growled, and then vocalized at Moose. Moose could understand that Vic was telling him he needed to change back to human form now, instructing him to imagine the process in reverse, and that he would change back with him.

Moose, for all his size and occasional social clumsiness, was a sharply intelligent man. He watched Vic slowly change back to human form and mirrored the moves. He still had some difficulty, reaching a point and straining with visible effort. Again, he had trouble with his face, his muzzle stubbornly refusing to recede. Finally, with an audible crack of bone it did; and back in his human shape and covered with sweat, he spoke.


"Not your usual Sunday-morning-walk-in-the-park, is it?" Vic said, himself now fully back in human form as well.

"Fuck, no! It was... it was..." He suddenly paused, then reached for Rusty. "Did I hurt you, love?"

"No, I'm fine.” He gulped. “Oh, Norman, you were beautiful! Such a big, strong bear!" He reached out and hugged his mate tightly and kissed him long and hard. Both men were erect and drooling precum.

"I wanted to fuck you so bad!" Moose said, fondling his lover's ass.

"And I wanted you inside me so bad, too!" Rusty breathed, massaging Moose's hefty ball sack.

"And he would have damn near killed you in the process. You'll need to wait until you've changed to be able to take him as a bear. Hell, he's a challenge enough in human form. But there's nothing to stop you playing around now." Vic slyly eyed the rigid cocks of both bears.

He looked at his family, hand on his hips, smiling. "You guys get up to some mischief if you want to. I've got work to do upstairs." He reached for a towel from the stack by the door and tossed it to Walt. "Clean up when you're done, son."

Walt and Mitch looked at the two men, who had sunk to the bed and were eagerly pawing each other. They looked at each other and grinned.

"Insatiable, aren't they? Mitch said, laughing.

"And you're not?" Walt punched his mate playfully on the shoulder. "I seem to remember being skewered by that cock of yours twice this morning. And you still had enough to coat Rusty a bit ago. I've created a monster. You can't wait to fuck any hairy butt you see."

Walt moved fast to avoid the snapping towel in Mitch's hands, but not quite quickly enough.

"OW! That fucking hurt!" Walt whined in an exaggerated way.

"Serves you right. Besides, you love getting skewered and you know it!" Mitch tried to land another snap, but this time, Walt caught the towel in his paw and dragged Mitch in close to him. The two embraced and kissed.

"Should we join them?" Walt asked, indicating the two coupled figures on the bed.

"Well, isn't there something about the Papa having the privilege of the first fuck and all? After all, it was your seed that changed him. That makes you his Papa, right?" Mitch still wasn't sure of the were etiquette in matters of changing.

"Woah, wait a minute. I'm not responsible for Moose, I never..." Mitch's raised hand stopped Walt in mid-sentence.

"I know how it happened, Walt. Rusty told me."

"Rusty told you?" Walt was confused.

"Well, Moose explained to Rusty what he had done with that condom full of your seed that he found in the bathroom. Of course, he had no real idea what he was doing. Just fulfilling a fantasy, I gather. Anyway, Rusty told me the morning after we got them here. Once he knew, he didn't want anyone blaming you. I know it isn't your fault, love." Mitch embraced his lover and hugged tight.

A loud grunt and louder groan switched their attention to the couple on the bed. They were surprised to see that it was Rusty with his cock buried in Moose's hairy ass and not the other way around. It was more than obvious that he was filling Moose's butt with short-and-stocky-strawberry-blond bear seed. His impending change had given the shorter bear an increased interest in topping.

"Awww... they didn't wait for us," Walt said in mock disappointment.

"Wait? Hell, they don't even know we're here," Mitch responded. "What say we just let them come to terms with all this, OK?"

"You mean, give Rusty a chance to get familiar with that log Moose is sportin'? Yeah, I guess we can do that." Walt grinned and tossed the towel onto the bed. "They can do the honors when they're done."

Smiling at the happy sounds of bears mating, the two padded out of the changing room and up the stairs to the kitchen and a belated breakfast.

After the two had left, Rusty gave a loud grunt and began to jackhammer his lover's ass. In moments he shot another load into Moose's already-filled butt. A few more strokes and he collapsed onto Moose's broad hairy back.

"Oh, lover! God, I can't wait to change, too... I want to fuck you as a bear so bad!"

Moose looked over his shoulder at Rusty. "You ain't doin' half bad now, stud." He squeezed his ass tight to help milk out the last of Rusty's seed.

"Walt said something about first fuck, and I want to fuck you so bad now it hurts. But I don't want to hurt you, and I really want to breed with you as bears... I mean both of us. If you were to change in a day or so, I could wait; but.... oh, GOD!!"

Moose moaned out loud as he felt his lovers mouth close over the tip of his large cock.

"Oh, Rusty... don't fucking stop! I'm gonna....." The rest of his sentence was lost in the bucking and moaning as he shot a huge load into Rusty's eager mouth. No way could the smaller man swallow fast enough. Thick white bear cum spilled out the sides of his mouth and down his bearded chin, to drip into Moose's crotch.

Moose's were-enlarged prostate and testes produced greater than average loads, and they recharged quickly. And even though Rusty still hadn't made his first change yet, he was getting noticeably bigger. His short, stubby cock was larger, a bit longer and definitely thicker. His balls were impressively large, too. He was getting fuzz on his legs and butt, places where he hadn't been especially hairy before.

The two men, one a werebear, the other still some time from it, happily compared their old and new bodies while they cuddled and stroked each other.

Mitch had been instinctively right in leaving them alone for this bonding time. It was just what was needed.

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