Being the Bear


UrsusMajr and PapaWereBear

(Note to Reader: This is the sequel to Becoming the Bear. Although the two stories can stand alone, they are linked; some things in this story refer to events and characters in the earlier one. You may wish to read that one first. This is (obviously) a work of fiction and no real persons or events are depicted. As in our other werebear stories, safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe.)

Chapter 12

The run back to Boris's house in British Columbia was uneventful, especially after the events of the past days. The release of nervous energy after the explosion and elimination of the rogues had affected each of the bears differently, but Boris's and Moose's near miss in the mine shaft had sobered them all. Each of the bears seemed to be eager for the trip to be over now and to be back in familiar surroundings. The two survivors of the blast were taking things rather differently. Snake was naturally anxious, still not knowing fully what to expect in the weeks ahead. Rick was very quiet and rarely spoke more a sentence or two at a time. Relieved now of worry about the rogues, the others were beginning to think once again about their normal lives and all the usual problems and interests that entailed. Moose and Rusty especially were concerned about how they would arrange their lives. They had been staying at Vic's place as Moose had his first change, then waiting for Rusty to have his. Boris's phone call had pulled all of them away and propelled them into the events of the past couple of weeks.

The Trans-Canada highway climbed steadily into the Rockies, but traffic was sparse, and the convoy of three bear-laden vehicles closely followed by two motorcycles made good time. At a pee and rest stop the next morning, Moose and Rusty were talking as they got out of the front of Boris's Suburban. Rusty had been driving to give Boris a chance to rest his wrist, which was still aching and tender from its dislocation. His snores could be heard from the back seat. Rick had finally fallen into a fitful, dream-disturbed sleep as well.

Moose kept insisting to Rusty that he was fine and fully recovered from being half buried alive the previous day, but Rusty wasn't buying it.

Be a tourist. Rest up. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Boris marked the map for me, so I'm good.” He looked at Moose with concern in his eyes. “Take it easy. Sleep if you want. I'm fine, really.”

Moose reached for Rusty and enveloped him in a bear hug. “Always worrying about me, ain'tcha?” He squeezed him again.

You know I do.”

Moose kissed his lover and looked him in the eye. “I love you, you worry-wart.”

Rusty hugged Moose tightly. “You know, I've been thinking. We both look different enough that we should probably consider a move when we get back home. You can work anywhere, your skills are portable. A PT can find a job just about anywhere, and certainly you could open your own office if you wanted. This might be just the time to do that. My pension goes with me, at least for the next twenty, thirty years. When we have to move again before people notice we aren't aging, you can still be a PT somewhere else. But my pension won't go on forever. Maybe I should start thinking of something to do, you know, to sort of give me something to do in my next life.”

Moose started to giggle.

What? I'm being serious here.” Rusty couldn't quite bring himself to glare at Moose, who's belly was now shaking with laughter.

I just had this mental picture of chubby, hairy Celene Dion, standing on the prow of a ship, singing, 'My Pension Will Go On'” Moose flung his arms out and leaned forward. He ducked, but didn't quite avoid Rusty's well-aimed swat.

THAT'S for ruining a perfectly good movie,” Rusty said, grinning from ear to ear.

They climbed back in the SUV. Rusty folded the map and tucked it into the sun visor. “You know....”

Uh-oh. I know that tone.” Moose was still smiling at his mental image from Titanic. “You're planning something.”

Well, I like coffee, and you like coffee. What about a coffee shop? I mean a nice one. Comfy seats and a couch and some arm chairs, newspapers, live music some nights, maybe an open mic night sometimes. Fresh roasted beans, we could sell those, too.” Rusty's eyes had a far away look.

You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at,” Moose grinned.

What's with all the movie quotes? You don't think it could work?”

Moose smiled at his lover. “No, Rusty, it's a good idea and Charbuck’s needs competition. It would provide a good cover for you; for me, too, for that matter. And when we have to move on in twenty years or so, we could open another one someplace else. People have been drinking coffee for a long time, I don't see them stopping any time soon.”

They continued their discussion as they drove westward. Boris quietly opened one eye and listened for a bit, then smiled and went back to sleep.

In the next vehicle, conversation had lagged. Robert was focused on the road when Snake broke the silence. Snake had been looking out the window at the scenery, but now looked over at Robert. “Can I ask you something?”

Sure... what's on your mind?”

Well, you remember when Boris was, um, sniffing at me?” It was obvious that Snake still found that more than a little strange.


Well, he said something about me being 'kin'. Now, I know nearly all my family, and I know none of them are Canucks, and none of them have visited there... so how could I be 'kin'? And none of my people's got a name like Boris.”

Snake, when Boris said you were kin and that that would make things easier, he wasn't talking about blood relationships, at least not like non-weres would. What he meant was that you have a...,” Robert searched for a word to describe what he was trying to get across. “You've got a genetic 'affinity' for weres. No, not exactly that, but... Look, when someone who isn't kin is changed, either with their knowledge or not, it usually goes very badly. The new were often goes mad. They simply can't take what the change does to them mentally. Their minds just can't cope. Most kill themselves, not always an easy task for a were. A few manage to hang on to a part of their sanity, but those often become dangerous, unstable, giving in to their animal side completely. They become savages, but savages with a human cunning and deviousness. They are the most dangerous of all, rogues. Some of the ones you fell in with may have been like that. Certainly Sebastian wasn't taking care to change only ones who were kin. Rick said something about Sebastian possibly killing one of his earlier 'recruits', likely because of that.

Snake pressed Robert further. “So what if you are 'kin'?”

It means that your body will adapt more easily to the changes. Another werebear still needs to change you, but you are more predisposed to being one of us. It mostly means that your mind will accept what happens to you without losing sight of your humanity. It means you will have more control of your bear when he comes out. You will remain in control, the bear won't control you. Mind you, you will have to work at that control, it doesn't just happen. And the first change is painful and sometimes difficult. That's why its so important for the one who changed you to be with you, so you can learn from their experience.”

Snake looked anxious. “But that won't happen with me, will it. I mean, he's... Kyle's dead, right?” Snake thought for a moment. “He probably wouldn't have known all that much about it, anyway, would he?”

Most likely not, Snake. He was young, and had probably only just recently gone through his first changes himself. But don't worry too much. One of us will be with you. You know you're welcome to stay with us for a while, until you get your bearings.” Robert waited for Snake to continue.

It’s strange. I’m scared by all of this, but I'm kinda looking forward to it, in a way. I've always liked big, thick, hairy guys. Being in a room with all you, naked... well, that's like every wet dream I ever had, all rolled into one.” Snake paused, and his next thought came out almost as a whisper. “What if I lose it? What if I go nuts and eat people... or drink their blood?”

Robert laughed out loud at that. “Hell, man, you're mixing up your movie monsters! You don't think we're going to let you run rampant, do you? Pillage the countryside?” Robert stared straight into Snake's brown eyes. “We don't eat people, Snake. And bears stick together. We'll be there for you, don't worry. You'll be in good paws.” He paused. “You'll do fine and none of us has ever run amok and devoured a village, even our first time changing.” He smiled and put a heavy paw on Snake's thigh. For the first time in hours, Snake seemed to relax.

Robert, have you ever... you know... changed someone?”

Once, a long time ago; it didn't work out.” Robert stared out the window. “Boris says the wise bear thinks three times before changing someone. Just because a person is kin doesn't mean he'll make a good bear. After all, Sebastian was kin and look what he did. He was a risk that Steve was willing to take for love. I know that if Steve knew what kind of trouble Sebastian would cause, he never would have changed him. I think it's a good idea to watch and wait, maybe for years before taking that step. Once it's done, it's done. There's no going back.” He looked over at Snake.

There, now I've gone and made you worried again.” He patted Snake's thigh again. “You’re a stable, responsible, disciplined man; you’ll be fine. Still, being a bear isn't all fun and games, and that's the gods' honest truth. You just lived through an example of the not so nice part; but it isn't such a bad life, you know. There are compensations, some of them quite nice. Think about it... who else gets the chance to re-invent themselves every twenty or thirty years; change their lives pretty much how they want?”

René, who had been quietly listening, spoke up. “And continuous good health is nothing to sneeze at either, if you'll pardon ze, how you say, pun.”

Snake smiled. “No more aches and pains, huh?”

Exactement, mon ami. No colds, no flu. No cancer. No AIDS. No heart disease. No arthritis...”

OK, OK!” You've sold me... where do I sign up?” Snake was grinning now.

Robert looked ahead out the windshield. “You already have.”

They drove on in silence.

Later, stopping for fuel in the early afternoon, everyone was stretching. Vic bought some newspapers and handed one to Larry. They scanned them rapidly, searching for any news stories about bodies or mine shafts or mysterious explosions. They found nothing.

We had the radio on news channels all morning in the truck,” Mitch said. “No news.”

And in this case, no news is very much good news. I'd be more worried about that barn and the explosion than the mine, though,” Vic said. Walt nodded.

Well, nada 'bout either one,” Larry said, folding up the paper and handing it back to Vic. “Looks like we dodged a bullet this time, boys!”

This time, mon ami,” René said soberly. “But what of the next?”

Yeah... ,” Larry said, more quietly.

The hours passed along with the miles, with the bears taking turns at the wheels. By nightfall, they had reached. Boris's place. The filthy vehicles pulled up, flanked by the mud-spattered motorcycles. A brief thunderstorm outside of Sicamous had turned the road dust to mud, streaking the SUV's and making them look like entrants in a cross country race. Everyone piled out, stretching and talking.

Bozhe moi, I DO like road trips, but it's good to be home,” Boris exulted, working the kinks out of his back. “Oh, leave the stuff, Robert. A good soak in the tub and then bed for all of us, I think.” He was already moving up the steps to his house.

I'm for that,” Vic said. Vic, Robert and the rest followed Boris up the steps and into the house. Boris listened to the message machine and decided that nothing was life-threatening. Robert hurried downstairs to fire up the hot tub, and the others hit the bathrooms to relieve themselves and to shed clothes.

Rick and Snake stood in the large living room, looking somewhat lost. Each avoided the other's gaze. Boris held up a paw as he finished listening to the last message. Larry came back into the room, naked and drying his hands on a towel. Boris gestured towards Snake and Larry nodded.

Come on, Snake, I'll show you where the can is.”

Finished with the phone, Boris put an arm around Rick's shoulders. “Come with me and I will show you the downstairs. You can help me get the cover off the hot tub, and there is a bathroom down there as well.” Rick gratefully followed Boris.

Having used the bathroom and helped with the cover, Rick was listening as Boris described the view out of the large sliding glass doors that opened on the deck.

You can't see as much in the dark, of course, but in the daytime or with a full moon, the view is spectacular.” Pine scent wafted in the open door. Rick stood and inhaled. Behind him, the others were coming down the stairs, naked bears intent on a relaxing soak in the large hot tub. Within moments, Vic, Walt, Rusty, Moose and Mitch were all settled in the tub, each sighing, eyes closed and reveling as the heat soaked into their tired bodies. Snake and Robert were the last down the stairs. Boris and Robert joined the others in the tub, and Rick, a bit reluctantly, joined them. Boris made room for him and patted him on the shoulder.

Robert stared as Snake and Larry approached the tub. “Damn, will you look at that thing? He's hung like a cart horse!” His eyes tracked from Snake's crotch down the length of his thigh, following the tube of man flesh that lolled against it.

If that thing ever gets hard, there won't be room in here for the rest of us,” Vic chuckled, looking up from the hot tub.

I ain't pretty, but in some circles, I'm popular,” Snake grinned. “My daddy used to say I'd been whupped with the ugly stick.”

Well, some kind of stick, that's for sure.” Larry got in the tub and made room for Snake next to him. “You get longer when you get hard? Or thicker?”

Well, mostly just hard. I do get a little longer, and the tip flares out some, too. Wanna see?”

I think this is something that will take an up-close inspection. A prolonged, up-close inspection.” Larry grinned back at Snake, his eyes crinkling at the corners with good humor and lust. “How about we postpone that inspection and soak up some heat first?”

Sounds like a plan.” Snake stepped into the tub, his cock floating up with the rising water until he sat fully down. René and Vic both gave appreciative looks at Snake's endowment. “NICE meat,” they both said together, and then broke out laughing. Soon everyone was chuckling or giggling.

We're all getting punchy,” Mitch said, his arm over Walt's shoulder. Walt's paw was lazily stroking Mitch's leg, which was pressed tight against Vic's.

We're all tired... more than we think.” Boris yawned. “It has truly been an adventure.” The talk continued in fits and starts, discussing the events of the past days, analysing characters, with Rick adding some details that were unknown to the others. Snake filled in a little about his family and personal history, but all the bears truly were tired, and it wasn't long before they were all stifling yawns. The periods of silence lengthened.

I could stay here all night,” Robert said, sighing, eyes closed.

You would look like a prune. A winkled, furry prune,” Boris said with a smile.

Robert opened one eye and gave Boris a look that said, 'Later for you!'

Well, I am for bed,” René said, looking directly at Vic. His foot was rubbing Vic's from across the tub. Vic looked at Walt and Mitch.

Go, papa,” Walt said, nudging the blond bear in the side. Mitch nodded, too. “Go.”

Vic rose up, his cock at half staff in spite of his sleepiness. His lighter skin coloring meant that his thick cock was more pinkish in color, and even the tip that was just starting to peek out of its shrouding foreskin was lighter than the other bear's. “Come on, you French talking bastard. There's a big ol' bed up in that dorm room Boris added upstairs that should hold the two of us nicely. You can correct my French. I haven't used it for years.”

The two ambled up the stairs, Vic talking about water lilies and gardens and cranky old painters.

Mitch and Walt looked at each other. “Time for us to hit the sack, too, I think,” Walt said, fondling Mitch's nut sack. “Thought you were tired! Horny papa bear!” Mitch grinned back. They both got up and reached for towels to dry off with as they went upstairs to the room they had occupied when they first arrived. Moose and Rusty soon followed. It was evident that they had been stroking each other under the water. Both were hard and fully erect as they padded up the stairs. Rusty's reddish-blond fur contrasted nicely with Moose's much darker, auburn coloring.

Horny bears... gotta love'em!” Robert poked Boris in the belly. “Time for bed, big guy.”

Boris grunted and patted Robert's leg. “You are right, we should all get some rest.” He heaved his bulk up and extended a hairy paw to Rick as Robert climbed out and reached for towels.

Did Boris show you the bedrooms?” Robert asked. “No? No matter, just follow us.”

Um, I think I'll just hit the sack out on the couch,” Rick said. He carefully placed the towel on the shelf after drying off. Robert quietly whispered in Boris's ear and the big bear nodded.

Rick, you are of course welcome to sleep on your own if you prefer, but there is no need to sleep on the couch. There are several beds for you upstairs in the large guest dorm if you wish to use one. But Robert and I would be pleased if you spent the night with us.” Boris looked at Rick, hoping the younger bear could overcome his reticence.

I don't want to intrude, and, well, I kinda.... I mean I....” Rick's voice trailed off.

Rick, there'll be no pressure, just you sleeping with two bears at your side, warm and comfy. Better to sleep with someone, don't you think?” Robert said. Both he and Boris felt that Rick needed security and support just now. “You can always head upstairs if you change your mind.”

Rick hesitated, then nodded. He knew that Boris and Robert meant well, but he wasn't sure he was ready to let others into his life just yet. He followed the two to their bedroom. The large, fur-covered bed was in the center of one wall, lit by two low bedside lamps. The room was spacious without seeming huge. A partially open door to one side obviously led to a bathroom, and another pair probably to closets. A fireplace on the opposite wall completed the cozy room. Boris and Robert drew back the covers and Boris indicated that Rick should climb in. Then he and Robert joined him, settling in comfortably, each laying a paw on Rick's chest and belly. Rick at first felt as if he was being hemmed in, but then relaxed, feeling safe and protected by the two big bears, one on each side.

Just relax now, Rick. There is plenty of time to sort things out, to come to terms and think about the future. For now, just let the worries go. The bad stuff is behind you now. You can let it go.”

Rick said quietly, “But there was good stuff too.”

I know,” Boris said and brushed Rick’s beard with the back of his hand, “but good and bad, it is done now and we want you to know that you have a place here if you want it.”

Both of us agree on that.” Robert said patting Rick’s chest.

I’ll think about it.” Rick said and stifled a yawn.

Boris's deep voice seemed to lull Rick's senses. The scent that rose from the bedcovers, or maybe from the two bears themselves, seemed warm and spicy, and reminded Rick somehow of baking and Christmas... pine trees and cider and cookies in the kitchen. The sense memory comforted Rick and helped him off to quiet, peaceful sleep, the first in a long time.

Night,” he mumbled as sleep overtook him. Robert and Boris smiled and cuddled close to the younger bear.

Back at the hot tub, Larry woke from a light doze and looked at Snake. “Hey, looks like it's just us good ol' boys.”

Yeah, the others all went off to bed, though I doubt if they're all sleepin',” Snake said with a smile.

Larry put a paw on Snake's cock and stroked softly. Snake nearly purred. “You minded to make use of that thing tonight?”

You bet!” Snake was showing extreme interest in Larry's attentions, his cock rapidly becoming rigid. The tip broke the surface of the water, foreskin nearly retracted. Although he didn't know it, his libido was already adjusting to the changes that were beginning in his body. Larry bent in for a kiss, and Snake nuzzled the Texan's thick beard. The kiss turned into a prolonged tongue wrestling session. They broke, and each stood, their dicks and bellies pressed together, hugging and fondling each other.

Well, call me soft, but I kinda like a bed under me when I'm doin' the nasty... wanna go upstairs and find us a bed in that dorm room Boris talked about?”

Snake nodded, and the two played grab ass on their way up the stairs. They crossed the dining and living rooms and passed the hall way leading to the main floor bedrooms and climbed the second stair case to the converted attic area. At the head of the stairs, they heard grunts and gasps from Vic and René. It was obvious in the dim light from the stairwell that the two had taken the first bed immediately across from the stairs, and were already far advanced in the typical werebear friendship rituals.

Both had shifted to half form and René was panting as Vic growled, “Oh, YEAH! Right there... that's the spot!” René's bulbous tip was rubbing up and over Vic's prostate on the in strokes, and the bottom of his cock compressed it on the way out. Thick, glistening ropes of pre-cum dripped from Vic's twitching cock. René made small in and out motions with his hips, stoking the gland repeatedly. “Oh, FUCK yeah!” Vic shivered.

I am almost there, mon ami,” René rumbled in a deeper than usual voice. Hunched over Vic's thick body, his arms were wrapped around the hairy bear's middle, his crotch pressing against Vic's furry ass. The dim light showed little detail, but the sounds conveyed a sense of urgency. “Zut alors, I shall cum!” René growled and drove his cock in hard. Both were oblivious to the others watching them.

Vic grunted and braced, while René hammered his ass and unloaded. The stubby tail at the base of René's spine twitched in time with his contractions. Vic could feel the heavy hot spurts of René's seed as he hunched against his butt.

That is so hot!” Snake breathed, watching intently.

Yeah, that Frenchman does a pretty good imitation of a top,” Larry said quietly.

No, I their fur and... and their shape.” He turned to Larry. “Will I be able to talk when I'm a bear? Will I look like that when I fuck?”

Oh, they ain't bears yet, leastways not full bears. That's what we call half form. You can still hold things and open doors and such and talk. Easier to walk and pee in that form, too. Full bear form, well, you are a bear and yeah, I bet you'll look just as hawt when you're a bear.”

Fuckin' hot,” Snake said again.

Well, you'll be there soon enough,” Larry said, giving Snake a squeeze. Snake's cock twitched..

Snake looked up at Larry. “How long, you know, how long until I... until...”

Until you change? Well, let's see. You fucked with that rogue about a week ago, and it takes about four months, so you do the math.” Larry paused. “Don't worry, we'll be with ya.” Larry looked down at the still half-starved looking man. “In the mean time, we need to get some meat on those bones of yours and I know jus' where you kin git some high quality liquid protein,” he said, with a wolfish grin.

Snake didn't say anything but walked to one of the beds further along the wall. As they walked by, Vic winked a large brown eye at the pair and grinned.

Larry laid down on the bed and pulled Snake along with him. Snake put out a hand and stroked Larry's thick meat. “Could you, you know, change while we have sex?”

Best not, son; at least, not yet. You're not were yet and I'd be hard to take, even in half form. I’m not braggin’ when I say that... I don't wanna hurt ya. This is good for now.”

Snake nodded and attached himself to Larry's upright member and began to suck and tongue the thick flesh, lapping up the sweet pre-cum that flowed from it.

Damn, you leak a lot!” Snake said, looking up from his task.

Less talk, more action,” Larry growled. Snake happily returned to his job. Within moments, Larry was bucking in Snake's mouth, moaning and writhing.

Oh, man... I'm gonna... I cain't.....I......AAARRUGHHHH!!” Larry's hands gripped the bed as he shot volley after volley into Snake's waiting mouth. Snake swallowed as fast as he could, humming and growling and holding on to Larry's legs as he strove to keep up with the flood of bear seed. Larry's tanks finally emptied themselves and he stopped bucking. His breath rasped and his chest heaved. Snake nuzzled the now-flaccid cock and let Larry's thick bush help clean off the stray blobs of bear cum from his stubbled face.

Keee-rist! WHERE did you learn to do that?” Larry asked.

Snake just smiled and flicked his tongue a few times rapidly.

Hellfire, I jes' figgered you got your name from that piece of meat you're hung with, but I reckon it's because of somethin' a bit further north.”

Snake grinned. “I ain't tellin'.”

Larry chuckled and pulled Snake up close for a cuddle. After their heart rates had returned to normal, Larry reached down and began pulling at Snake's cock, playing with the foreskin and teasing its length.

Now, I want that in me,” Larry whispered. “Bet you're right good at tenderizing ass.”

Snake nodded and asked, “How do you want it?” His meat was hardening rapidly, with a big drop of precum making the tip slippery.

Well, I like it any way, but I'm kinda partial to 'classic bear'.”

You mean all fours?” Snake was on his knees now, his cock pointing straight out towards Larry.

Shit, yeah.” Larry gave Snake's meat a slurp and then scrambled into the classic position. Snake moved behind him, spat in his hand, and worked it into Larry's waiting hole. He slicked his own cock with a combination of Larry's saliva and his own, along with own his precum. He centered his rigid meat on Larry's hole and adjusted his stance a bit.

You ready?”

More than ready, buddy. Feed it to me.”

Snake paused, “I know you can’t be a bear when you're fuckin’ me, but…”

“…But their ain’t no reason I cain’t be when you’re pluggin’ me, right?”

Snake slapped Larry’s ass, “Get to it, you horny fucker.”

Larry growled in a bit deeper voice than usual, “Way ahead of you, son!” Larry took very little time, and as he changed to half form, Snake rubbed this hands through the growing fur, bent forward and began rimming the bear’s increasingly furry hole. Snake had the odd thought of bestiality, but pushed the thought aside as Larry growled out, “Fuck! Eat that hole! Make yer Daddy happy!”

Snake eagerly obliged, stroking the growing bear cock as he did so. After slicking the bear’s hole and nibbling on the stubby fat tail (which was met with a string of appreciative obscenities) Snake reared up, positioned himself and pushed into Larry's ass. It resisted for a moment, then opened. Snake looked down and watched his tip disappear into Larry. He slowly pushed himself in, an inch at a time watching in awe as his cock was devoured by the furry ass in front of him. A deep rumbling sigh escaped Larry.

Oh, man! That feels so fuckin' great! And damn me but you're a long one! If y’all grow any from yer change, yer gonna have a monster, even for a werebear!” Once he was all the way in, Snake paused and waited, savoring the heat of Larry's gut surrounding his cock. Larry wiggled his ass and pushed back, letting Snake know that all was well.

Snake began to stroke, pulling nearly all the way out with just his tip still in Larry, and then sliding back in to the hilt. He was in no rush and stroked in and out with a pace that ensured his cock rubbed Larry’s nut for as long as possible without being too slow. He set up a steady fuck rhythm, but varied his angle up and down and side to side. Larry was an appreciative bottom, and worked his ass muscles to increase the friction Snake was feeling. Each was working to make the ride good for the other, and soon both were sweating and moaning with pleasure. Snake didn't jackhammer, he kept his steady pace which both teased his own cock, keeping it just on the brink of orgasm, and built anticipation in Larry's ass.

By the time Snake couldn't hold off any longer, Larry was nearly whimpering with his desire to be filled with Snake's cum. He pushed back hard twice onto Snake's cock, the second time matching Snake's final forward thrust and ejaculation. Both cried out and shook with passion as Snake pumped his life into Larry. Larry’s cock shot in time with the twitch of his tail and he moaned, sharing the orgasm with his new buddy. The spasms continued, slowly becoming less frequent. Finally, then both sank down onto the damp sheets. Larry kicked out his legs and lay flat, with Snake laying on top of him, still deep inside.

Larry turned his head to the side so he could speak clearly. “Stay in me, boy... don't pull out.”

Snake grunted and hugged the bear under him. “I ain't goin' nowhere.”

They lay like that for a long time, Snake nuzzling in the fur on his partner’s back, drinking in the musky ursine scent, a scent that made him feel oddly secure and happy. But eventually the pair had to break contact. Larry, still in half form pulled a sheet over them both. Snake lay face to face with the bear, kissed him on the muzzle and nuzzled down into his broad furry chest. Larry wrapped his arms around the younger man and they fell into a deep sleep.

During that sleep, Snake's changing body and mind continued the necessary preparations for his first change, even though that was still some time off. Kyle was, of course, Snake's papa, the bear who had made him; but Snake had never had the chance to bond with him, and now never would. But the newly-developing were mind required a 'sire' to bond with, a sort of arch-type to model on and look to for guidance and support during the first change. He needed to imprint on an elder bear. One of the bonding mechanisms, in fact the strongest of them, was smell. Unconsciously, Snake nuzzled and rooted for the smell of the bear with him. He slept most of the night with his nose buried in Larry's armpit, inhaling his scent and pheromones. Silently but efficiently, unnoticed by either Larry or Snake, neural pathways were formed in Snake's brain, connections and linkages that would provide Snake with the image and identity of the needed papa bear to bond with.

Those same processes were at work in Larry too. The constant scent of a changing Cub would activate them. He wouldn’t realize it for weeks to come but he was going to change, too. Some weres did, and some didn’t, when they became a Papa; but Larry was one of those that would. He would grow broader shoulders, a thicker neck, wider hands with thicker fingers, and be thicker from back to front and put on a bit more weight giving him a round belly to be perfectly framed by suspenders. He’d get a bit taller, his nose would become a bit larger and his chin a bit more pronounced. His balls would grow larger and hang in a longer sack and his beard and hair would gradually develop distinguished grey markings. His attitudes and mannerisms would change, too; mellowing out his sometimes combative personality. He'd take on some paternal mannerisms. He would settle comfortably into being Snake’s Papa Bear.

Back downstairs, Moose and Rusty were in each other's arms, chest to chest and belly to belly. Their cocks lay against each other, warm and slick with their mingled precum. They both sighed together. Rusty pushed Moose over onto his back, and nuzzled the auburn fur of the bigger bear. He found a nipple and latched on, sucking hard and tonguing it, lapping and nipping. Moose writhed. Rusty spent a lot of time working over Moose's broad chest and then moved down to his thickly furred belly, finding the navel and tickling it with his tongue. Moose's rigid cock, fully extended now, tapped at Rusty's head.

Without speaking, Rusty rose up on his knees and put one leg over Moose's cock and crotch, but didn't straddle his ass over the straining pole. Instead, he lowered his own meat, now quite large, to rub against Moose's. His body was still smaller than Moose's, and always would be; but he was larger, thicker, and certainly hairier than he had ever been in his life. He was pleased with his new bear body, in both its human and bear shapes. His weight settled on Moose, who growled with pleasure. Rusty began to hunch Moose's gut.

Oh, I fuckin' love it when you fuck my belly, man!” Moose growled again, and hugged his lover tight to increase the friction he was feeling against his own cock and tummy. Rusty continued his fucking motions, the precum from both of them slicking Moose's belly fur so Rusty's cut cock slid more and more easily through the thicket.

You, too, fucker,” Rusty growled, his voice surprisingly deep. Moose began to hump in time with Rusty.

Suddenly, Rusty began to change. His strawberry blond body hair thickened and covered the few bare areas of his skin, his arms and legs grew heavier. The fur was nearly white, but tinged with a orange hue. His ears shifted on his head and his face began to transform itself, creating the bear muzzle. His eyes turned a deep brown. His cock flattened somewhat, and the baculum formed within. With some effort, he arrested the change so that he was in half form, still able to talk and stroke his lover's beard with paws that still retained most of their human dexterity.

Moose eagerly changed as well. His earlier problems with changing had been overcome, and he managed it now with more smoothness, if not the speed of more experienced bears. Still, he was beginning to enjoy the change for the pleasure of it, not just the end result. He, too, halted the process before completion. His now nearly full ursine head turned slightly so he could focus his own chocolate brown eyes on Rusty.

Gawd, I love being this way with you,” his basso voice rumbled. “Wish we could stay like this all the time!” His claws raked down Rusty's back, leaving red furrows in his fur that rapidly healed. Rusty threw back his head and did his best to smile with his bear face. His eyes closed in pleasure, as he continued to hunch Moose's belly, their cocks straining against each other, slipping next to, then on top of, each other.

Rusty picked up the speed, his eyes lit with lust and love. “Fuck me, Norman.” Rusty started to move up so Moose could drive his cock into his ass.

Aww, too late!!” Moose grinned, then groaned and thrust up and forward hard against Rusty's balls, crotch and cock. He gripped Rusty's back tight and shuddered as he pumped out shot after shot of scalding hot seed, filling what slim space there was between their two forms. The slick cum coated their bellies.

Feed me,” Moose rasped; and Rusty raised up and moved forward, offering his slimed cock, the tip flared and extended from his bear sheath, to Moose. He was right on the edge, and when Moose's elongated bear tongue touched the underside of his shaft, Rusty quivered and began a volley of heavy spurts. Moose drew Rusty's meat into his muzzle, using his tongue to wrap around the tip and shaft, its moist warmth stimulating the pole so that Rusty bucked and shuddered. Moose made the suckling bear noise as he milked Rusty’s cock.

The spurts reduced in volume and intensity, and finally Rusty pulled out and sank back down on top of Moose, his belly cemented to his lover's, his beard meshed with Moose's, face to face. His legs were on either side of Moose's hips. He kissed Moose, long and deep. “Let's sleep like this.”

You mean stuck together?”

No, doofus! Like this, in half form. I get off waking up next to a bear.”

You got it,” Moose rumbled. They peeled themselves apart, and Moose and cuddled Rusty close to his chest.

Mitch and Walt were spooned, dozing. Mitch slowly surfaced as he felt Walt's hefty meat thickening and poking him in between his ass cheeks. Mitch smiled to himself and raised his leg, while hugging Walt's hairy forearm across his chest. Walt stirred and pushed forward, his cock searching for its home. Mitch let go of Walt's arm and reached back to help. He gently guided the solid tube of hot desire to its target. Feeling the wrinkled surface texture of his lover's pucker, Walt slowly pressed forward. He grunted heavily as his tip cleared Mitch's muscle ring.

Gods, I've missed this. I'm so glad you can take me easily now,” he whispered in Mitch's ear. He strained forward so his cock was nearly buried in Mitch's ass.

Mmmmmmm... damn, you feel good, woofer,” Mitch sighed. He hugged Walt's arm tight. “Slow and easy, OK?”

Walt nodded, and kept to an easy pace, using mostly his tip to stimulate Mitch's chute. He whispered in Mitch's ear all the while. “My cub. My hairy stud bear. My thick, horny bear of a man. My fucker. You feel so good to me. I love doing this with you. I love making love to you. You're my life. I fucking love giving you my seed. Oh, Mitch...,” and his cum flowed into his lover, filling him as he hugged Mitch tight and pressed himself against his back and butt as tight as he could manage.

Mitch and Walt held each other and slowly drifted back into sleep. Walt's cock shrank and slipped out, but about half of him remained wedged between Mitch's cheeks. Their breathing kept time while the night sounds rose and fell outside Boris's house.

Later that night, Rick awoke. Beside him, Boris and Robert's soft snores and warm bulks reminded him where he was. He realized he hadn't been troubled by the anxious dreams. He had no desire to get up and move elsewhere. For the first time in a very long time, almost longer than he could remember, Rick had a feeling of genuine belonging. He turned on his side and was pleased that Robert did the same, so that all three of them were now spooned. Robert quietly draped an arm over Rick's middle and pulled him slightly closer. The rhythm of his snores resumed. Rick tentatively put his arm similarly over Boris's bulk. Boris grunted and sighed, and then hugged Rick's arm to his chest. Rick opened and closed his hand a couple of times, running his fingers through Boris’ thick chest hair and sighed. In his half dreaming state he mused; he’d never known any man as kindly as either of the two that slept beside him. He put his nose to Boris’ back and drew his warm scent in deeply, drifting off to sleep again.

The next morning, everyone rose at different times, so breakfast was a do-it-yourself task. By the time Rusty and Moose wandered into the kitchen, Walt, Vic and Rick had pushed the two bikes to the garage and we deep into an overhaul of both while Mitch watched and enjoyed the conversation. Larry and Snake were out exploring Boris's property, and Rene was still asleep. Moose and Rusty had stayed in half form all night and were still. Boris was in his kitchen, grinding beans for another pot of coffee. He looked up and saw the two pelted bears and growled in appreciation. “Nice! If you are hungry, help yourselves,” he said, gesturing toward the pantry. Both bears padded over to the shelves and began collecting the makings of a bear sized breakfast. Still somewhat clumsy in their bearish forms, Moose and Rusty slowly changed back to human form.

You're handling your changes well. Vic tells me that you have not had many opportunities to practice.” Boris poured the water into the tank and set the machine brewing and the two began preparing their breakfast. Soon Moose and Rusty had heaped their plates high. Boris occupied himself with some clean up while the pair ate. When they were at last finished and more or less full, Boris sat at the table with them.

If you don't mind, I should like to have a talk with you both.”

Uh-oh... sounds serious. We do something bad, Coach?” Moose sounded like an errant high school football player who's missed another practice, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

Boris caught that, and chuckled. “No, my friends, do not be upset. But I did want to chat for a bit.” He looked at the two weres sitting across from him. “I wanted to say that I find you both much more than meets the eye.” He looked first at Moose. “You have been thrust into unusual and threatening circumstances, yet you have remained calm and sensible. You have a steadiness about you. And in spite of your size, you move much more quickly than I would have expected. Back at the mine, you acted quickly to save your mate, pushing him away from danger. Well, I would have expected that. But you also have a large heart to go with your large frame.”

Here, Moose blushed. He was used to his size being commented upon, but not to being praised for his heart.

Once you were sure your mate was safe, you moved faster than I ever would have thought possible and put yourself in grave danger to save me. If it had not been for your body sheltering mine, I would almost certainly have been crushed. You saved my life, at the risk of your own. I thank you with all my heart.” Boris looked straight into Moose's eyes. “If ever you need help, no matter what, you have only to ask.”

Moose mumbled an embarrassed thanks.

Boris turned to Rusty. “You, my friend, are unusual; and I don't just mean your coloring. You have an ability I have never seen before in a were. Our senses are very acute, one might say preternaturally so. But when you knew the rogues were close to us, back in that town... You weren't sensing them with sight or sound or smell, were you?” Rusty shook his head. “I thought not.”

It was something...,” Rusty started to reply, but Boris interrupted him.

It was something else. Yes, I thought it was,” Boris nodded

But it's more. When I sense any of you, or Norman, it's.... clean. Fresh, I mean, not tainted. When I sensed those others, it was, well, not exactly dirty, but more unclean, somehow,” Rusty said, anxious that Boris understand what was still puzzling to himself.

Well, this is very interesting. It will need closer investigation, but that can wait for another time. I wonder, though ...”

Wonder what?” Rusty asked.

I wonder only if it might be in some way connected with your being a kermode.” Boris looked thoughtful, and then laughed. “But, as I said, another time. I trust you both slept well, or at least got some sleep last night.” Boris's eyes twinkled. “I get the impression, I cannot think how, that many of my guests last night slept rather less than usual!” He grinned wolfishly. Moose and Rusty looked at each other and smiled.

What was your first clue?” Moose asked with a big grin.

Well, the fact that you are covered in each other's cum might have something to do with it.” All three roared with laughter.

Now, you both know you are welcome to stay here as long as you...” Boris stopped as Rusty started to say something.

Thanks, Boris, but we...”

Boris held up a paw. “No, I know. I was about to say that you are both anxious to get back to your home. I know you have plans and arrangements to make. But if you will allow me to make two small suggestions?” He looked at the pair.

Shoot,” Moose said.

Well, I do not know if Vic has discussed this with you yet, but there will come times when you will feel an overwhelming urge to run free as a bear, to roam the woods and experience your full ursine nature. Do not try to suppress that urge. Honor it whenever and wherever you can. Such urges happen to all weres, and they are an essential part of our being. What I mean is, when you consider where to move when that become necessary, seriously consider a small rural town. Not just for the anonymity, but for the proximity to wild places. There are many bears who live in Canada for that reason, and a good number in your northwest as well. If you really think an urban setting is more to your needs or desires, at least consider someplace in this general area, Vancouver, or Seattle perhaps. Someplace within a short drive to wilderness.”

We have been talking about a possible move, but we haven't gotten all that far in our plans. I can go anywhere, and my Norman would really like to open his own practice. And he still has family, even with the divorce, so he feels a bit tied. It's all still up in the air.”

Well, give it serious thought.” Boris sipped coffee contentedly. He wasn't worried about these two. They had shown a great deal of steadiness during the stress of the past days, in spite of their newness to everything. Boris had watched them carefully, and the bond between them was a strong one, likely to withstand the test of time.

You mentioned two things?” Moose asked.

Yes. Well, there is time for this, of course, but you will also need to be thinking about finances. You will live a long time. You, my friend,” nodding at Rusty, “will outlive your pension. Of course, you can work at another profession, but some savings will come in handy, and I mean money you can put your hands on some time in the future, decades or even centuries from now.”

You mean a kind of trust?” Rusty asked.

Oh, my no. Trusts are too closely watched and regulated for our purposes. Besides, we have to think long term. But there are ways. When you have had time to sort things out and make some plans, come to me and we'll talk further. I help many bears in this way, this is sort of my speciality.” He rose. “ And now, I think we should help Mitch with the cleaning of those vehicles.”

The other two rose, and Boris swept them into a massive bear hug. “Welcome, brothers.”