Being the Bear


UrsusMajr and PapaWereBear

(Note to Reader: This is the sequel to Becoming the Bear. Although the two stories can stand alone, they are linked; some things in this story refer to events and characters in the earlier one. You may wish to read that one first. This is (obviously) a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. As in our other werebear stories, safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe.)

Chapter 13
The remainder of the morning and the afternoon was taken up with various chores and projects. Mitch left the motorcycle mechanics to wash the filthy vehicles, with Boris, Moose.  Rusty helped by cleaning the interiors.  That job turned out to be far more time consuming than any of them had anticipated.  So did  the motorcycle maintenance.  The bikes, Snake's in particular, had been through a lot without much attention being given to their care.

The next morning they were all up earlier and worked hard towards finishing the general cleanup. “That bike of mine has never sounded happier... thanks, man!”  Snake hugged Larry.

If you two can stop making out for a minute, help us carry these tents in here, will ya?” Mitch shouted.  Laughing, Snake and Larry went out and each grabbed a tent and carried it back into the garage.  Mitch and the others followed with other equipment that had been washed and dried out in the sun.  Boris directed the stowing of the camping equipment they had used as 'camouflage' on the recent road trip.   It was past one when hunger drove them all indoors.

I have a suggestion.”  Boris said while stroking his luxurious beard, “There is a pond not far from here, just a half hour's walk. We can all grab food and drinks and make a picnic of it for the afternoon. I say enough of labors... time for fun!” Boris looked expectantly at the others. 
His suggestion was greeted with cheers and whoops. He and Robert handed baskets and coolers around and the bears began filling them with the necessities of a bear's picnic. In no time, they were on the trail leading to Boris's pond.
The pond sat in a small valley, little more than a depression, but surrounded by stands of tall pines and a rocky outcropping to one side. The pond itself had a sand beach in a crescent around about half its diameter and was fed by a natural spring which kept it clear, fresh and cool.  A stream ran from it further on into the woods.  A fire pit that looked natural but in fact had been made by Boris and some friends the year before was placed between the end of the path and the rocks and in the middle of the widest part of the beach. A sturdy picnic table sat close to the rocks. The portable grill was set up and the charcoal fire started for the grilling; other goodies laid out on the table. 
Vic and I will watch the grill, you bears rinse off in the pond. I think you will find the water agreeable.” The others shed clothes and ran for the water, while Boris and Vic worked on making spiced meat patties from the ground beef while the grill warmed. 

Vic popped a bit of the raw hamburger in his mouth. “Mmmmm... yours or Robert's? I can't quite identify...” Vic shrugged. “I give.”
Ah, those are mine. It's just onion, some garlic salt, Worcestershire and a bit of coriander. Oh, and a dash of soy sauce. Robert makes a killer egg salad and a potato salad for which I’ve never found an equal. I think he put big tubs of both in one of the coolers.”

Vic search for the salad and found it, along with the beers. He opened one and handed it to Boris, then took one for himself. He tipped the bottle of Moosehead up and let the cool liquid quench his thirst. He gazed at the others, frolicking in the pond.
It's good to see the all playing so well together.”
Yes, we all seem compatible. I trust that we'll all play as well after lunch,” Boris grinned.
Spoken like a horny bear!” Vic hugged Boris from behind. “They're all naked, why aren't we?”
Because grease splatters hurt, but that is no reason to deny me the pleasure of seeing your naked body,” Boris said, smiling fondly at his cooking companion. Vic did a slow striptease for Boris, and was startled with the hoots and hollers of approval from the other bears.
Go, Daddy! Go, Daddy!” Mitch and Walt chanted together from the edge of the pond. Vic threw a couple of hamburger buns at them.
Boris, laughing at the antics, tended the burgers. Vic went back to setting out the condiments and buns. Moose and Rusty, dripping wet from the pond and both sporting impressive erections, moved in to help.
You two look like you were having fun,” Vic said, handing Moose a package of extra large plates.
Damn me, but that Snake's got a talented tongue. He shoulda been in the Navy, the way he snorkles.” Rusty laughed. “He still looks half-starved, but I bet he'll bulk up nicely. Are those burger ready yet, Boris?” he said, peering hungrily at the grill.
In a moment, my friend. Go call the others, would you?”
Rusty trotted off to let the other know that lunch was nearly ready. The stocky bear's fur glowed a reddish gold in the sun's rays and Moose looked after him, lust and love shining in his eyes. Rusty found René on his knees, sucking Robert. Larry was semi-reclined, sucking René. Snake was demonstrating his talents again to Mitch; Walt and Rick were cuddled leaning against the rocks, talking motorcycles, and occasionally fondling each other.
Come on, guys. Protein shakes will spoil your appetite. Food's on!”
C'est impossible! The appetite of ze ours is never spoiled!” René said but in short order they had all broken their couplings and crowded around the grill and table. Plates were filled, and the bears distributed themselves around the table, with the overflow sitting on blankets. Beers were passed around.

These are great!” Rick said, nodding between mouthfuls at Boris, who accepted the compliment with a smile.
Snake devoured everything on his plate, but waited until others began reloading their plates before getting up to take seconds. Vic leaned over and nudged Boris and said quietly, “It looks like Snake is doing justice to a bear’s appetite; did you bring extra?”
Silly bear, of course I did. It wouldn't be a bear's picnic without 'extra'.” He looked at Snake. “We need to get some meat and much more fat on him.  I know it's weeks until he will change for the first time, but he needs to make up for lost time... or in this case, lost meals. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has thirds or fourths and I’m not about to discourage him if he does. If he and Larry would stay with us, I could be sure he would be beefed up in time. But I am not sure that will happen.”
Oh?” Vic asked, raising his eyebrows. “You know something we don't?”
Well, Snake and Rick are rather like, how do you say… 'oil and water'? They don't mix that well, and I rather think that Rick will be staying with us for a while.” Boris smiled.
You dawg! That's why you been pushing Larry and Snake together!” Vic play punched Boris on the shoulder.
Only in part, only in part. Regardless, I think that Snake will be a handful. Even though he seems to have accepted his new circumstances, I sense he’s troubled about it too.  I think it’s why he avoids Rick.  I think part of him blames Rick for being changed, even though he didn’t have anything to do with it.  Anger, especially unfocused unreasoning anger, doesn’t have to be logical. I also think he will do better with someone who's background is similar to his own. Larry fits that bill far better than either I or Robert would.  Besides, have you seen the way that cantankerous ol’ bear looks at him?  That man is in love!”
Vic smiled, “Yeah, I think I noticed that only about a dozen times or more since breakfast.  Now Rick, well, the world hasn’t been very kind to Rick.  He’s had a lot of fucked up situations in his life so far.  He opened up some on the way back here, and it’s amazing he’s not a total sociopath after all he’s been through.  He could do with a couple of good papa bears to show him that love he missed out on growing up, give him role models… standards to live up to.” Vic looked at Boris. “I don’t think he could do better than you and Robert.”
Boris laid a paw on Vic's thigh. “Thank you. Both Robert and I have grown quite fond of him in a very short time. He’s a genuinely good soul with an eagerness to please. I think with proper guidance he will overcome his unfortunate beginnings as a bear.  I think he will do us all proud.”

Believe it or not, I’ve seen worse cases turn themselves around in circumstances not nearly as fortunate. I have a lot of faith that Rick will do just that.  He’s got an inner strength he’s just starting to discover.  All he needs is someone to treat him with love and respect and I know he will get that with you guys.”  Vic reached over and gave Boris a kiss.  “You’ll be great mentors.”
Seconds and thirds having been consumed, along with additional beers, the friskiness had resumed, both on the blankets and on the picnic table. Vic looked over at Rick, who was laughing and kidding with the others but not actively taking part in the sexual horseplay. 
Boris stood up, brushing crumbs from his chest fur. “And now, I think it's play time. With so much young blood around, I am beginning to feel we are being ignored, don't you? Shall we show them how it's done?”
Vic grinned with eager lust. “Why not? Can't let the young'uns have all the fun, now, can we?” The two headed towards the picnic table where Rusty was taking everything Moose could give him. The crowd of bears were growling with pleasure, watching the pair’s sweaty coupling.
What all y'all really need is a sling,” Larry said. His paw was fondling Snake's butt and Snake was watching intently as Moose's monster vanished in Rusty's furry ass. Rusty was on his back on the table, and Moose was jacking him with one paw, while he worked one of his nips with the other. His eyes rolled back in his head and he shouted as he shot deep in his lover's ass. Rusty squirmed and wriggled as he was loaded.
Nah... slings are for lazy fuckers,”  Vic said scratching the healing scar on the back of his head absently.
Larry gave him a look. “An’ jus’ what do you have down in that changin’ room of yours?  You an’ me have both had ourselves a turn or two in it over the years.”
I didn’t say I wasn’t a lazy fucker…” he said with a mischievous grin, “I’m just not today.” Vic stepped up next to Moose and tapping him on the shoulder. “Can I have the next dance?” Moose looked at Vic, his breath rasping, sweat pouring off his face and chest.
If it's OK with Rusty.” He looked down. Rusty nodded, squeezing Moose's paw with his hand. Vic stepped up to the plate, centered and drove in with one vigorous thrust that scooted Rusty partly across the table and made the bear yelp in appreciation.
Yeah!” Rusty's eyes rolled back. Vic grabbed his thick legs and hauled him back to the edge of the table and began a thorough job of pounding the strawberry blond bear's hairy ass.
Damn, son, you've sure gotten furry! That cock of yours is some sight, too. You like showin' it off for us, don'tcha? Moose musta been fuckin' you regular, filling you up with bear seed from that fuckin’ telephone pole of his.”
Vic continued pounding Rusty's rear, all the while talking dirty to him, hunched over him, giving no quarter. Rusty loved every minute of it, knowing that Vic was playing this role just for him, tapping into the exhibitionist streak that was usually buried in Rusty's personality. Up till now, only Moose had mined that particular vein; now, Vic was making it public. Vic's muscular furry butt and muscular thighs bunched and clenched as he drove his cock deep into Rusty's cum-filled tunnel. Vic looked over at Moose.
Man, your cum makes damn fine lube... nice and silky smooth.” He turned back to Rusty. “Ready, man? “ Rusty nodded. “Here comes! Gonna fill that bear ass of yours, son. You'll have plenty of lube in there, fucker!”
Moose came up behind Vic and clamped his nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, twisting and rolling them.  Vic growled out, “I’m gonna shoot!”  Moose continued working Vic's tits and added to  it by biting Vic's hairy shoulder; with that, Vic trembled and jerked spasmodically as he shot his thick load into Rusty's waiting ass. It looked like Vic would never stop pumping Rusty's chute, but eventually he withdrew the slick, glistening fuckpole, red and still swollen, from Rusty's rear.
Moose kissed the blond bear’s neck and released him, patting his furry butt.
Vic reached out and grabbed Boris's arm and hauled him over. “You game, you Russkie bear fucker?”
Boris, far from being offended at Vic's abrupt invitation, scrambled up on the table as Rusty made room for him. Vic greased his bloated pole again as Boris put his heavy legs up on the blond bear's shoulders. 
Vic grinned evilly. “Let's kick this up a notch, OK? Change with me.”
Both bears began to metamorphose into full bear form. Each became a magnificent specimen of bear flesh; torsos, legs, arms, heads transforming before the eager gaze of the others. The table groaned with the additional weight but held. Vic toyed with Boris's hole, popping the flattened head of his bearcock in and out. Boris growled out a command, and all but Snake could understand that he had said the ursine equivalent of 'Fuck me, dammit!'. Even Snake got the gist of it when Vic nodded and sheathed his meat in Boris's ass.
Boris's cock, that had been half extend from his sheath, was now fully engorged and a fat blob of precum was jolted out by Vic's sudden intrusion. Boris's growls and vocalizations seemed to add to Vic's intensity. He was hunched over Boris, his belly nearly rubbing the Russian bear's cock, thrusting faster and faster into the big bear's body. Each impact sent waves rippling up the sides of the bear under him. The precum flowed steadily out of Boris's cock, making his belly slick and shiny. Vic's heaving gut rubbed against Boris's rigid pole and compressed his ball sack. Boris thrust upward, matching Vic's pounding thrusts.
The crescendos of growls, expressions of ursine delight and the scent of bearsex increased the sexual interest of the others. Watching was fun but not nearly enough for the others. The sensual stimuli combined to excite the libidos of the others and within moments, desire flared. Couples and triples formed, kissing, fondling and groping. An almost crazed lust overtook them, the passionate need to couple with their own kind, to be with and in each other, to link and to bond, drove the bears into increasingly tight groupings. Vic roared thunderously, accompanied by Boris’ growls of pleasure as  they orgasmed together; but neither were much noticed by the group of horny bears by this time involved with their own pleasure.  Eventually, all but Boris and Vic were in one huge bearpile, spent, covered in cum, holding and stroking each other tenderly as they each came down from their sexual highs.
Vic pulled out of Boris, his meat still rigid thanks to the internal penis bone that always formed in full bear shape. Boris had shot all over himself and was rubbing it into his fur with his huge paws. They both lumbered upright and quickly changed back into human form. Vic hugged Boris and the two stepped around the bearpile and made their way into the water.
Guess we showed them, eh, old man?” Vic chuckled.
Boris laughed. “That we did. I don't think that picnic table will ever be the same, though.  I must remind Robert to build the next ones more sturdily and to add at least one more.”
The others in the pile slowly disengaged, some looking a bit dazed still.
Wow... that was something,” Rick said. Snake nodded. The two had been avoiding each other for the most part, but the bearpile had brought them together, at least temporarily.
It's good to let the bear out sometimes, no?” René said, giving Larry a hug. 
Larry hugged back and gave the French Canadian bear a friendly grope. “You got that right, bro!”
You know, I never thought of it, but fucking's thirsty work,” Mitch said, “any more beer in the cooler?”
Walt bent over one of the coolers and opened it.
Now, that's what I call a pretty sight!” Moose said, appreciatively.
And I'm lucky enough to get to see it every day!” Mitch agreed.
Plenty left in this one... who wants one”? Walt asked, straightening up, two bottles in each paw.
The rest of the afternoon passed in easy conversation, some naps and some more friendly coupling, this time with less intensity as they were all more or less sated. The new bears had cemented clan relationships between themselves and their elders and the bonds of family were strengthened by it.  They’d all become closer to each other since their arrival at Boris and Robert’s place weeks ago.
Rick was laying back on one of the blankets. Robert held him from behind, running his hairy hands through the younger bear’s chest hair.  Rick reflected on the afternoon as he watched the others play wrestle, nuzzle and kiss and horse around in the water, “This,” he thought, “is the way weres are supposed to be.”
I wish Sebastian could have seen this,” he said softly.
Robert kissed his neck, “Why do you say that?”
Because, maybe it would have changed him; maybe he would have finally understood.”  He reached behind with one arm and hugged Robert.
Maybe…” Robert said and kissed the young bear on the top of his head, smiling to himself.
The sun was beginning to drop below the tree line, and the shadows lengthened. Feeling the need to clean off, most of the others headed back into the pond of a rinse off and some final friskiness before they all headed back to Boris's house.
Boris leaned back, Vic's head pillowed on his belly. He sighed and looked off across the pond, enjoying the sight of his bear buddies playing in the water. Vic nodded in their direction.
All this yours, Boris?”
Yes. I was able to buy it a few years ago when the man who inherited it decided he didn't want to forsake the temptations of Montreal night life and decided to sell it. A friend alerted me that it was going on the market, and I quickly put in an offer.” Boris idly thumbed one of Vic's nipples.
I envy you the land and space, man. Tahoe is getting way too crowded. Developers are everywhere.”
Boris nodded. “That was my primary concern in buying the extra land. If development ever reaches here, it will be well beyond my sight and hearing. The privacy is a great comfort. I wouldn't want to have to give up the gatherings I host here.” Boris looked down at Vic. “I hope you and the others can come this summer. It would an ideal way to introduce our new brethren to the rest of the weres.”
We'll do our best. I know Mitch would like to meet the others, and I'll tell Moose and Rusty. Maybe if you talk to them, too?”
Boris nodded. “I shall. And to Snake and Larry, though Larry already told me he would be here for our regular midsummer gathering.” The big bear leaned down and sought for the nipple he's been rubbing, his lips and tongue parting the fur. When he found it, Vic groaned, then growled loudly as Boris chewed on the meaty nub.
Aww, fuck, man! You sure know how to get my motor runnin'...”
Snake looked at the two from his vantage point on the rocks. “God damn, don't they ever run out of steam?” Everyone else laughed. 
Hell no!” Larry said, “But you’ll find that out soon enough.”

Several days later, Boris and Robert stood on the deck, naked, looking down as Snake and Larry mounted their bikes and waved. Rick had decided that the bike he’d owned would only bring back bad memories and so he'd given it to Larry. He’d get another, he knew that. He enjoyed the open road far too much, it was one of the best things about being on his hawg with Sebastian. Maybe he’d even build one from the ground up. Larry could build good memories on his old bike and he would build good memories on his new one. Larry offered to pay but Rick turned him down saying that if he wanted to pay him back he should take long rides with Snake and enjoy riding.
So, Larry had cashed in his return ticket, and he and Snake had made plans to return to Texas on the road, with a stop in Colorado to see some old friends of Larry's. Rusty and Moose had left in Mitch's truck two days before, and Vic, Mitch, and Walt had hit the road in Vic's Avalanche the day after. Snake and Larry were the last to depart. After strapping on helmets, they gunned the scoots and roared off.
You think they will make out OK?” Robert asked.
Yes, I think so. I think it will be good for Larry to have the responsibility of a cub. Snake will need a strong hand, too. He was rather amenable here, but he was still a bit at sixes and sevens, still grateful to know where his next meal was coming from and happy to have friends he could trust. His natural independence will surface soon enough, and then he will be a handful.” The big bear laughed. “I don't envy Larry the task, but he will be equal to it, I think.” Boris's arm went around Robert's shoulder. “It helps that there is a bond of affection growing between them.  They’re growing closer by the hour.”
Heh. Thanks in no small part to you, you old grump. I noticed you kept arranging for them to have time together and jobs to do together.” Robert put his head on Boris's shoulder.
And I think the next time you see Larry, he’ll look a bit different.”
Really? How?” Robert asked his curiosity piqued.
Well, I could swear that Larry’s grown in the last week or so. He seems taller and bulkier, not by much, but I’ve seen it before.”
Seen what?”
Well, long ago when my Alexander changed me, he too changed. I had known him, watched him filled with lust, memorizing every detail of his form for years before he showed me what he was and I accepted the gift we all share. Alexander was a bear of impressive size and bulk… and became more so after I became his mate. He told me it happens sometimes. I think it’s going to happen to Larry, too.”
Robert smiled, “Well, like he says, ‘ever’thang’s bigger ‘n Texas ’.” Robert had managed to capture Larry's facial expression, tone of voice and drawl perfectly.
Boris laughed, “Indeed!”
Rick, also buck naked, stepped out onto the deck with a tray of cold beers. He set the tray down on the table and joined the two in looking out over the scenery.
I am very glad you decided to stay with us, Rick,” Boris said, taking a beer. Robert nodded. Rick colored slightly.
I'm glad you asked me, but I'm still a little hesitant. Are you guys sure that...”
Quite sure. It will do him good to have someone else around to argue with. OW!” Boris yelped at the slap on the rump Robert gave him. Robert softened it with just a bit of a smile.
Well, it's true. I'm a solitary old grump, as Robert is always pointing out. He likes people around, so it's nice to have a third here with us and there is a small business proposition in Vancouver that I am interested in that will take my direct attention for a while. I will be away for a month or so. You are most welcome to stay as long as you want, Rick.”
Robert nodded. “As long as you want.” He looked at Rick, who smiled back at the two bears who had taken him in. They’d given him a sense of stability and belonging. They’d opened their hearts and home to him, something no one else had done so easily and without asking anything in return.
Boris raised his glass, “To those we love!” The other two clinked their glasses against his and repeated the phrase and all drank.