Being the Bear


UrsusMajr and PapaWereBear

(Note to Reader: This is the sequel to Becoming the Bear. Although the two stories can stand alone, they are linked; some things in this story refer to events and characters in the earlier one. You may wish to read that one first. This is (obviously) a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. As in our other werebear stories, safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe.)

Chapter 3

Trey and Ron came from around the corner of the old dilapidated barn and mounted the steps to the house. “Where'd you put him?” Sebastian asked.

Down that old dry well out in back of the barn, along with the old coot of a farmer,” Ron said. “With a shitload of rocks on top of him,” Trey added. The two edged their way past Sebastian and went into the kitchen to clean up.

Tell Jason to use some bleach on the floor and walls,” Sebastian yelled after them, then muttered, “I have to think of EVERYthing.”

Sebastian turned and looked appraisingly at Ron's ass as he passed, but gave no comment to show his approval. He didn't need Ron feeling too smug about his new body. It hadn't been long since Ron and Jason had made their first change. Sebastian had picked them up a week apart, and fucked them the first night he met them. Sebastian could really turn on the charm and any man who was willing to have man to man sex could easily fall for that charm... and Sebastian knew it.

Unexpectedly the two had both changed on the same night. Sebastian had jacked as he watched the fur crawl over Ron's changing body, obscuring his tattoos. He shot two or three huge loads on Ron's chest and belly. He moved around back and as soon as Ron's stubby tail had emerged, he'd jack hammered into that fine bear butt. Just as he and Ron were finishing up, Jason came barging in, crying out in pain. His body was morphing, the pawed hands on the sides of his head and tears streaming from his eyes indicating the obvious pain of his expanding skull. Sometimes the change was more painful, but Sebastian gave him a different pain to distract him from his change. Still in full bear form he wrestled Jason to the floor, positioned himself behind the changing man and hilted in his ass with his fully changed werebear cock. Jason howled at the new pain in his rear as the huge cock tore at him. Sebastian didn't care, he was claiming his right to first fuck as Jason's sire. Ron moved to Jason's front and massaged his head, wiping the tears from his increasingly furry cheeks. He cradled his head as Sebastian began pounding. When Jason had changed enough to accommodate Sebastian, pleasure over took and he began to suckle Ron's meat. When he finished, Sebastian wiped his dripping cock on Jason's furry ass, and gave it a slap. He'd left the two bears talking softly together as he stalked out of the room.

Sebastian leaned on the porch railing and massaged his hard-on, looking out over the yard area between the old house and the barn, as he thought about the pair. They were both as dumb as sacks of rocks, but they were great fucks. If it weren't for the fact that he liked to pound both Jason and Ron and that he needed the extra muscle, they'd probably go the way of Freddie. They were about as useless as the dead bear had been. At least they didn't whine. Sebastian hated whiners.

Rick let some of the tension out of his body and moved closer to Sebastian. He tentatively raised a hand to place on his lover's shoulder, and then thought better of it and dropped it to his side.

What's the plan?” When Sebastian didn't reply, Rick added, “I mean, what do we do next? Where do you think we should go?”

Sebastian turned and looked at Rick. “Oh, I got a plan, don't you worry about that. Southwest. Arizona, maybe or California. Yeah, California. I got a buddy there, he got out a couple months before me. He used to sell some weed and other shit out there. Said he'd cut me into the action. But we got to get away from here, it ain't safe to stay. We'll clear out, lay low for a while to let things cool down, then head for the coast when we get some cash.” Sebastian gazed off in the distance. “Why is there NEVER enough money?” He kicked the porch rail.

Rick abandoned his caution and put a hand on Sebastian's shoulder. When Sebastian didn't shrug it off, he squeezed. Sebastian nodded and gave Rick a small half smile. “Go tell those clowns in there to get their shit packed. We're gonna head out first light. And bring me a beer.” Rick sighed and moved to do Sebastian's bidding. Sebastian continued to gaze off in the distance. Unnoticed by any of the others, he rubbed at one eye with the back of his hand, and then shook his head, turned, and walked inside.

- - - - - - -

Dinner that night in the cabin was noticeably more relaxed. Rusty seemed much more at ease, kidding and joking in the same way he had when Mitch had met him for the first time. He just seemed 'sunnier'. Moose was delighted with the change, and even Walt noticed.

At one point during the cleanup after the meal, Walt said quietly, "Hey... what did you do to Rusty?"

"Oh, we just talked. I think he was more worried about his first change than he was letting on to anyone. We talked a lot about that." Mitch carefully avoided betraying Rusty's trust and privately decided that it would be totally up to him if he wanted to give information about his heart issues or not.

"Well, whatever you did, it worked. He's a different person. I'd almost say it was a case of 'he finally got laid', but we all know THAT hasn't been a problem with Moose around. I swear, that bear was born with a constant hard-on."

Walt kissed his cub and went back to scraping off the oven-hardened remains of mac and cheese that Moose had made. "Maybe now he can teach Moose how to make more dinner items outside the dairy group."

"I heard that!" Moose bellowed from across the kitchen where he was unloading the dishwasher. "My bear did all the cooking at home. I admit, I got no talent for the fancy stuff, but if you don't like my mac and cheese, next time I think there's some kibbles and bits in the pantry for you." Moose's wide grin took the sting out of his comment.

Walt lobbed a soapy sponge at Moose and for a moment, it looked like a frat house tussle was about to break out.

"Easy, boys. Take it outside if you want, but don't trash my kitchen." Vic peered over the book he was thumbing through at the table.

After the kitchen was squared away, Moose and Walt wandered off to the living room. Rusty helped Mitch put the clean dishes away, and went to the living room, too. Shortly after, Mitch heard Moose, Walt and Rusty in the entryway and then the front door close . Mitch finished stacking the last of the plates in the cupboard and went to sit across from the coach. Vic smiled at Mitch.

"Whatever you said really did make a difference. That man was a jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. He was making me nervous." He held up a hairy paw. "No, I don't want details. You've got a knack, son; I've watched how you've handled both of them. You've done good." Mitch colored a bit.

"Nah, it's true. I think we would have had to tie Moose down if you hadn't been there when he changed." Vic looked carefully at Mitch. "I think it would be a good idea for you to be there when Rusty changes for the first time, too." Mitch started to object, but Vic stopped him. "Son, I know you're new to this, but Rusty and Moose like and respect you. Tell you the truth, I'm kind of worried about Moose. He still doesn't have good control of his bear when he changes and you know how horny he is. He's going to want to mate with Rusty as soon as he changes. If his bear gets away from him and Rusty doesn't have good control of his own bear, well..."

Mitch nodded. He could easily imagine what damage the huge Moose could do in full bear form, and Rusty had a temper... he might fight back with uncontrolled full bear strength.

"OK, I see that. But what should I do?" Mitch asked.

"What I'd really like for you to do is talk to Moose before Rusty changes. You remember what Walt an' I did when you changed for the first time. Talk to Moose about that, let him know what he'll need to do for Rusty. Let 'em know you'll be there. We'll be there, too, but I think I'm gonna let you take the lead here."

Vic leaned across the table and gave Mitch's shoulder a squeeze. "I don't think Rusty will have a problem, and you can kind of be Moose's coach. You'll know what to do when the time comes, and Walt will be right behind you."

"Well, OK. If you really think I should." Mitch was still uncertain.

"Yep. I do. Time for you to take some more responsibility as a werebear. It'll suit you. Besides, I can't do everything around here!" Vic grinned. "Now come here and give papa a hug and a grope."

Mitch rose and reached for his old high school coach. He'd grown very fond of this gruff older man, who was by turns stern, funny, cranky, gentle, cultured and earthy. Walt had told him stories of the coach's adventures and he'd heard a few from Vic's own lips. He'd watched the way Vic and Walt interacted, the proud father and the loving son. He hugged the old bear tight, then kissed him, tasting cigar and whiskey.

He surprised himself by responding to the coach's returned kiss with tongue. He felt thick growing bear cock pressing into his groin and the answering surge from his own now hefty meat.

Vic broke the kiss and laughed. "You know, I got a feeling those three are gonna be horny as hell when they get back in here from tusslin' outside. What say we get naked and build a fire and have the living room all ready for 'em?"

Mitch was more than willing. The two rapidly shed what little clothing they had on and made up a fire and lit the kindling. They had used a lot of the wood Walt and Mitch had chopped months earlier, but there was still a goodly amount left. The two looked at each other, the lust sparking in their eyes. Mitch took in how the older bear's long, thick body hair curled in thick swirls on his shoulders and belly and at the cleft of his butt, and how the leaping flames glinted on the blond fur on his arms. He reached for Vic. Suddenly, the eager randiness that had flowed through his veins went flat, and he hesitated.

Vic had always been an astute observer of others, and noticed immediately. He said softly. "What is it, son?"

I don't know, I...” Mitch paused and sorted through conflicting emotions. “I just flashed on how you and Walt and me in bed felt while I was here, waiting for my first change; and then on high school, and how I was a little afraid of you, and how I felt when I saw you naked that day in the locker room, and how I wanted you and felt it was wrong....”

Vic folded Mitch into his arms and kissed him on his bearded cheek. "Son, we left that world behind long ago. You aren't a kid, and I'm not your coach. Not any more, though I'm rather fond of you calling me that. We're both werebears; kin, like. Don't give it another thought. You aren't a perve, any more than I am. You're a bear. Just like me." Vic held Mitch out and looked straight into his eyes.

"Look. Weres are old school. I mean really old school. We don't look at relationships in the same way humans do now. Sex is great, it feels grand, and it's a wonderful thing to share with a buddy. It's how our kind show affection and love for each other and always have. I think many older civilizations used to regarded the fun aspects of sex with a different eye than they did mating and rearing of families; and family was a lot looser concept back then, anyway. But having a mate, like you and Walt; well, that's special, and it isn't based just on sex. It's a linking of spirits on a level that humankind just doesn't understand. You know, there's fucking for fun, and there's fucking for love. You and Walt could fuck every bear standing and it wouldn't touch what you two have." Vic chuckled and swatted Mitch's butt. "And in case you hadn't noticed, werebears are perpetually horny." They both laughed and Vic gave Mitch's thick erection a squeeze. Mitch moaned.

"See what I mean? Always listen to your body, son."

"I've been meaning to ask you something. I've asked Walt about it, but he didn't give too much detail." Mitch said.

"What's that, son?"

"How did you and Walt get together? He said it was in his freshman year in college and that you and he just did it... I kind of want to know how you two became a couple." Mitch felt he was skating around an issue.

Vic laughed, "He's been kind of stingy with details, eh?"


"Well, that's understandable. See, your Papa kinda took advantage of your ol' grandpa. Not that I really blame him, he was overwhelmed by his senses and instinct and I was pretty tanked when it happened." Vic smiled.

"'Took advantage, how?"

"Well, he was going to Fresno State, athletic scholarship, football. I'm tellin' you he had one fine manly figure for a kid of only nineteen, some nice muscle and a good bit of fur on his chest, but a Coach doesn't sleep with his students… at least not for a couple of years after they've graduated."

He tussled Mitch's hair like Mitch was eight years old and continued with the story.

"He was on summer break and so was I. He came by my house and he had a case of beer with him. I'd had some bad news about one of my cubs back east. We're tough, but we can be killed; I'd heard that Silas was killed in an head-on collision. Poor Silas, he was my first cub, and I still miss him. Anyway, I had finished off a whole case of beer by myself and half a bottle of whiskey by the time your Papa got to my place. I answered the door half-naked, just a pair of shorts and sandals, hadn't been shaving because it was summer break. I must'a been a sight, and your Papa's eyes almost bulged out as far as his cock did lookin' at me. Somewhere it registered in my booze soaked brain that I could smell his desire, but the thought left as soon as it arrived. I was full of grief and feelin' pretty bad and tried to turn him away, but he insisted. I blurted out that I wanted to be left alone because my son had died,. He didn't even know I had a son, he said. He said he'd always considered me to be sort of his 'spiritual father'. He said he couldn't leave me alone, not like that. You're Papa is something special, you know.”

Mitch squeezed Vic's shoulder and said, “I know.”

So, drunk as I was, I said 'what the hell' and invited him in. He sat and drank with me. I downed half his case and passed out on the couch. The next thing I know, I'm awake, really horny and just about to shoot. I'm still drunk off my butt and your Papa's got his mouth on my cock and his finger up my butt. He's drunk, I'm drunk, and I'm trying to push him away before I shoot. I guess I made him lose his balance. He was crouching, not kneeling, and I guess his socks on the hardwood floor lost traction. Anyway, he sorta fell forward onto the couch. My cock gets buried to the hilt in his throat, his fingers pull out, tickling my love nut and it's all over! I gush straight down this throat. He sucks down every drop he can get. A minute or two later, when I had a chance to process what had just happened and the implications of it I start bawling for him and what I'd done and thinking about Silas and all.”

Of course, He thought I was mad at him for suckin' on my cock, and he's all sorry that he took advantage, but he's saying he couldn't help himself, my cock was hanging out the bottom of my shorts and I just smelled so good and the next thing he knows he's playing with it and then tasting it.”

So now, on top of losing a son, I've got a new one who's life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting really quick. 'Course, I had to tell him what was going to happen to him then. He had to quit school, would have to start at another under a new ID and not in athletics when he did. He 'disappeared'; no note to his folks, nothin'; had to be that way. I quit my job at your high school and moved away with Walt and the rest, as they say, is history."

"So, why do you think Walt was sketchy on the details?" Mitch asked

"Oh, I think he's a bit embarrassed. See, he's been really careful about who he shares seed with since and here Moose has been changed in a similar way to him, and with his seed. I mean, I know it wasn't his fault, but maybe he's just a bit sensitive about it; I dunno. The parallels between how Walt was changed and how Moose was changed are really close in a way, a deep desire to take a particular man's seed into his body, without the 'knowledge' of the one giving it. And your papa's first change wasn't easy either, not exactly like Moose, but still... he went more than a little wild. Real hard time learning control. You know that part of the story, of course.”

Now, I've told you because you asked me my side of it and I feel you have a right to know, but it doesn't mean you have to talk to him about it. Let him tell you in his own time… know what I mean?" Vic gave him a gentle kiss and then stood back. "Now, how about we get down to some good old fashioned bearsex?

Mitch smiled broadly and growled as he changed to half form. He had developed a taste for playing in this transitional form. He liked the animal feelings he had, and the enhanced senses and strength it gave him. Vic obligingly changed along with him. They could talk easily in this shape as well as use their hands; and yet looked more ursine than human. Their cocks slid from furry sheaths and blunt flattened tips dripped precum.

"Aw, fuck, man. I got an itch and I can't quite reach to scratch it. Think you could help out with that?" Vic lay on his back and lifted his legs, parting his ass cheeks with thick hairy paws.

Mitch all but drooled as he eyed the pinkish pucker, matted with dense, darker blond swirls of hair. It was obvious that he was listening to his body. His erection pounded back to fullness and he snugged up against Vic's warm ass, placing his rigid meat tight against Vic's waiting hole.

"Gee, Coach... should we be doing this?" Mitch said, a wicked gleam in his eye.

"It's fifty push-ups right now if you don't," the blond bear growled.

"Yes, SIR!" Mitch barked, and drove his fuck-pole home in one swift stroke. Vic's eyes opened wide as Mitch penetrated him, and then he sighed.

"Oh, yeah... that's it. Just what I needed."

Mitch worked his swollen meat in and out of Vic's butt, making each stroke count for them both. Long and slow, then quicker; almost all the way out, then back in deep with a wiggle of his hips as he bottomed out each time. He savored each stroke, concentrating on the feel of his cock in the coach's ass, feeling each inch of the inside of the older bear's tunnel, shivering each time his ridge cleared the muscle ring and plunged back in. He watched his cock slide out, dragging some of Vic's butt fur along with it, long dark blond strands sticking to his skin as he pushed back in. Finally, unable to last any longer, he began to jackhammer Vic.

"Gonna fucking shoot, gonna fill your blond ass, man!" In half form, his fur was darker than Vic's, and his body, though larger than his normal human form, was slightly smaller than the coach's. The firelight made both their pelts glow. Mitch's butt muscles bunched as his hips rotated forward, driving his cock in as deep as he could manage.

The three bears, Walt, Moose, and Rusty, came in from the kitchen, brushing the last flakes of snow from their clothes. Walt spoke first.

"Now, don't my cub look like a prime stud? Lookit him go!" His voice showed the pride he felt.

"What are we waitin' for?" Moose said, shedding his pants and sweater, his thick furry body slightly damp with sweat. Rusty and Walt weren't far behind. Mitch's growls got louder and louder as he shot, and Vic joined him, his deeper voice adding to the happy noise as he shot a heavy load on his own chest and belly.

Walt dropped to all fours and lapped up his Papa's cum, then kissed first Mitch, then Vic, sharing some of the cream with each. Mitch moved off, and Walt's hard cock slapped up against his belly as it dragged across Vic's thigh. He positioned himself, straddling the coach's torso. “Lift,” he growled.

Vic lifted his legs onto Walt's furry shoulders with a grin. Vic growled, “So now you're tellin' the old man what do do, eh?” Further comment was cut short by Walt's hard on sliding deep into werebear ass slicked with werebear cum. Balls-deep, he pressed hard against Vic's ass, and then began to jackhammer, pounding Vic's thickly furred butt, now slick with Mitch's cum and his own sweat. Intent on fucking his papa, Walt hadn't changed to half form before mounting, but his human sized cock was still doing a number on the half-formed bear under him. He gripped the shaggy shoulders and held on tight as he shouted and began to pump his seed into his papa bear. As his body shuddered and bucked, Mitch put a hairy ursine paw on his back, stroking and holding him while he shot. When Walt slowed and finally pulled out, Mitch pulled him over on top of himself as he lay down. They embraced and tongue wrestled for a good long time.

Moose and Rusty stood and watched the intense scene, both erect and drooling. Vic looked at the big man and said, “Moose, why don't you change and log some bear time in my ass?” Moose looked delighted, but then his face clouded and he turned towards his smaller lover. Before he could form the question, Rusty nudged him towards the coach.

Go ahead, Norman. I love to see you as a bear. Besides, when I change, I guarantee you'll be the first bear in my ass!" Moose eagerly stepped up to the plate. He began to change into full ursine form, this time having an easier time of it. Rusty was slowly jacking him while he made his change, whispering encouragement to him. Once Vic saw that Moose was successfully making his change, he completed his own to full werebear form and was ready for Moose when he finished.

Moose towered over the supine bear, panting, snuffling and growling. In Rusty's eyes, he was an awesome Bear God; and in fact, Moose was an impressive grizzly, tall and broad, thickly muscled and covered in a glossy reddish brown pelt of surprisingly soft fur. He put his great ursine head down and lapped at Vic's densely furred ball sac, tasting the seed that had trickled down from the huge shaft. He gently mouthed each orb, then trying, but failing, to get both in his mouth at once. He ran his rough tongue up and down the shaft of Vic's cock, snuffling in the warm spicy skin and fur of the sheath. Taking the flattened tip in his mouth, he worked his way dawn the shaft then up again, curling his long bear tongue around the shaft as he did so. He placed a paw against Vic's balls and pressed lightly while he worked his meat. Vic growled and grunted in satisfaction, and then raised his heavy legs up and onto Moose's shoulders. Moose nodded and hunched forward.

In full were form now, the loud growls and grunts told Moose's ears that Vic wanted it hard and fast, for him to plow instead of thinking. Moose did so, thrusting home, sheathing his meat in the slick warm cave of Vic's butt in one strong stroke. He threw back his head and roared as his balls slapped against Vic's. He pushed forward, trying to get more of himself into the coach, and scooted the big bear a ways across the floor in the process. The other bears gave the ursine equivalents of chuckles, and Rusty laughed out loud.

The slick warmth of the coach's insides enveloped Moose's cock. He whined, and drove himself forward, intent on fucking the bear under him into next week. He growled louder and louder as Vic thrashed beneath him, loving every minute of it. This was no lazy fuck, this was urgent bear breeding. Moose's chocolate brown eyes lost their focus as he drove towards his climax. He pumped faster and faster, his balls slapping against Vic's and sweat dripped off his fur. A triumphant roar shattered the air as a torrent of his seed gushed into the coach's bowels.

Vic moaned and groaned, his ass awash with the seed of three of his family. The look on his expressive bear face spoke of happiness and satisfaction.

Rusty was so turned on by seeing his lover fucking that he all but shot a hands-free load. As he trembled with excitement, his cock bobbing and jerking with his rapid heartbeat, Mitch and Walt looked up at him, then at each other. They both smiled and nodded, and scrambled to their feet. Both were still in half-form when they embraced Rusty and hugged him tight, their glossy fur and heavy bodies pressing against him. The smaller man's skin was alive with the feel of thick bear fur and his head spun with the intoxicating scent of bear cum that clung to the two bears hugging him tight. Rusty uttered a cross between a moan and a yelp and soaked his friends with his ejaculation. As the second and third heavy spurts slicked them, they squeezed and kissed the soon-to-be were telling him how proud they were of him and what a big bear he was becoming. They guided him to the floor and formed a tangled mass with Moose and Vic, lying exhausted. Rusty snuggled down in the bear pile, cuddling with his newfound family. A nap was definitely in order after all the exertion. Considering how warm and comfortable as they all were, sleeping on the thick rug on floor for the night was not unreasonable. Rusty was indeed comfortable enough lying in the arms of his well-padded lover.

Soon, Rusty was dreaming… he was in a forest. He was naked. He looked over his body and noticed there was much more hair on him than he ever remembered having, platinum blond hair mixed with his usual red-gold. Before him was a huge white bear of a similar color. The bear chuffed and stood on his hind legs. He regarded Rusty and roared thunderously. He swiped at Rusty with claws that seemed to be unnaturally long, but still missed. Rusty turned, running as fast as his legs could carry him and heard the bear roar again behind him as the chase began. Rusty twitched in his sleep and Moose drew him closer to his body as they slept.