My name is Mark. At the time of this story I was in my mid 20's and was the manager of sporting goods department for a large retailer. Like most mall stores we were blessed with the usual group of 18-20 year old guys that worked there for college money. I was in the closet and it was frustrating place to work since I had these hot guys at my beckon call all day. The fantasies were always rolling around in my head. Here is one of my favorites:

It was early morning before anyone showed up for work. I noticed my assistant, Jerry and the stockboy Brian's car already in the parking lot and thought it was strange to be there so early. Well, Jerry was bucking for promotion and Brian always needed the extra money so maybe Jerry let him work some overtime.

Jerry was in his late 30's, nerdy with glasses and always sweating. He ran the day-to-day workings of our department and was responsible for the warehouse crew.

Brian was an 18-year-old kid who handled our stock and assembled the exercise equipment and bikes. He was about 6 feet, well built and gorgeous. Shoulder length black hair, a great smile, and an ass to die for that was always well displayed in his tight Levi's.

As I approached the bike shop I heard what sounded like Jerry's voice groaning and mumbling something about "You're such a good boy, you can have all the OT you want, oohhhhhh, grunt, grunt."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Jerry was leaning against Brian's tool cabinet, his pants around his ankles. Brian was kneeling in front of him wearing just his red football jersey.

Brian was blowing Jerry! The hunky teen stock boy was stroking his own swollen cock as he he licked the goofy asst mgrs cock head. Jerry's eyes were closed so he didn't see me, I quickly darted behind the rack so I could watch and not be seen. I could hear the slurping and smacking sounds and saw Brian's gorgeous, hairless, round peach of an ass jiggle as he sucked Jerry. I saw Brian's hand jacking his own cock as he asked Jerry if he liked it. Jerry just groaned and said "God yes!" Then Jerry, pulled his cock out of the teen's mouth and smacked his cheeks with it, saying:" A big, straight boy like you loves to suck my man cock don't you? Brian said "yeah, its so fucking hot!, I`ll do anything for extra money"

Then Jerry said: "Well, you know what to do if you want even more OT don't you?" With that, Brian turned around on all fours and proffered his hairless bubble butt. "Do you want to stoke my hole?" He asked a drooling Jerry who just stared at the teenager's winking asshole. Jerry thought" Oh my God, I can't believe this! All the times I have stared at that ass and now its in front of me!" I saw Jerry go to his knees and then bury his face between Brian's upturned cheeks. I could see Jerry's cock was about 5 inches but fat and very red and wet from Brian's spit. Brian's own cock was a thing of beauty. A good 7 inches with a fat mushroom head and low hanging balls, it arched up and almost touched his hairless belly. No wonder his girlfriend adored him! As Jerry munched and licked up the sweaty teen crack, Brian licked his lips and moaned: "Eat that stock boy ass, boss man! Think if Mark could see you now, Mr. Tough manager eating out the stock kid's 18-year-old ass like it was ice cream! Stick that tongue in there! Fuck my chute!" "Mmmmm, Jerry moaned, this is our little secret, and he never has to know." Jerry began stroking his cock and applied some lube from his coat pocket. Brian said: You're driving me crazy with your tongue! Please fuck my ass with that man pole before anyone comes in!"

With that encouragement, Jerry kneeled behind the boy, while Brian arched his eager ass up. Jerry was drooling as he pressed his slick cock head to Brian's tight pucker wet from his spit. Brian, bit his lip as he felt his boss' hard penis tip touch his most private place. Jerry slowly pressed and pushed past the grip of Brian's ass ring and was in! Brian gasped and licked his lips as he pushed back to meet Jerry's thrust as he bottomed out in the boy's asshole, his pubic hair flush with teen's round ass. He grabbed Brian's shoulder and began to piston in and out of the tight butt glove. Brian grunted through gritted teeth, "Oh yeah! Fuck that boy cunt good, Mr. Bossman, I want to earn my OT!" Jerry was just lost in euphoria as he pumped away, the sweat pouring down his face; his geeky glasses kept slipping off his nose.

I had my own cock out and was jerking off in the stock aisle about 8 feet away, just out of Jerry's eyesight. That was when Brian opened his eyes and looked up and met mine! His eyes widened for a minute, then locked on mine! He saw what I was doing and licked his lips when he saw my hard pipe being jacked. My piss slit was leaking precum on a box as we locked continued to lock eyes. Brian than began fisting his own cock which was very hard and leaking cum as well. Jerry was still pumping away and was getting deliriously close to blowing his load up Brian's butt. As Brian and I kept eye contact I could see him open his mouth and mouth my name as he arched his body and shot a spray of stock boy semen across the floor. Oh Gawd!! He gasped as he continued to orgasm, Brian's cock still pumping away. Then Jerry stifled a scream and pulled his red pecker out and let loose his own turret over Brian's hairless globes, gasping and grunting then falling back on his heels.

I blew my load the instant Brian did and we shared our orgasm as we eye locked. The boy I had lusted after, but disregarded because he was straight, just came after having a man's cock up his ass!

They quickly cleaned up and get dressed. Jerry seemed very flustered and red faced. He said, "Thanks Brian, I can't tell you how great that was." Brian replied that it was pretty hot and how he had never had an older guy do him before. Jerry said that if he wanted any more OT or easy jobs, he better keep it up. Brian said: "Do you think Mark might get suspicious if I get too much OT though?" John said: "Naahh, he'll never know, he's clueless anyway. You just keep taking care of me and I'll take care of you, stock boy, you understand?" Jeff muttered, "Yeah, I guess I really need the money for school."

I had cleaned up best I could and snuck back out of the aisle so I could walk down the main stock aisle like I was just coming in for the day. I met Jerry coming out of the tool aisle as I rounded the corner. "Hey, you guys are in early what the deal?" He was still showing signs of sweat and his crotch was slightly bulging. "Oh, Brian and I wanted to get all the exercise equipment ready for the sale today." I said:" I guess you made sure the pistons and pumps were ok?" He stammered and said:" Yeahhh, they're fine." I saw his crotch grow at my sly remark. I said: "Did Brian work on that shaft we needed? "He almost died and turned red as he said: "Oh, Brian did a great job handling the shaft already." I was trying hard not to bust out laughing and said, "Ok well you guys sound like you got a load done already." He smiled a shit-eating grin and said "Yup, we worked up a sweat already." I said I'd see him later and he went on. I was smiling to myself as I approached the bike shop area and saw Brian. He was looking down at a bike and was very red faced, as he knew I saw him. "Hey Brian, Jerry said you got loads done this morning aleady; you must have worked your ass off!" He smiled and looked my in the eyes, "I'm really sorry Mark, I don't know what to say...I'm not like that, I just need the money." I said, "Brian, if you need the money that bad, you don't have to that, why didn't you just come to me and talk about it?"

"I dunno, it just sort of happened. I mean I knew he wanted my ass and I needed the money, I think I kinda am to blame. I kept bending over and showing him to get him worked up. When he brought it up, I said ok. He's not my choice of fuck buddies, but he has what I need." He stammered and his eyes were a little wet. He had that puppy dog look that drives me nuts, bangs in his brown eyes, incredible lips and upturned nose. "I saw you and you seemed to enjoy watching it. I'm embarrassed to say, I've wanted to have sex with you and seeing you jerk your cock is what drove me to cum. I'm straight, you know I bang my girlfriend all the time, I just have a thing for a man's cock in my ass, I don't know what it is!" He looked at me sheepishly then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, sticking his tongue in to meet mine. I couldn't believe it! I pushed him behind the stock shelves so no one would see us and unzipped his Levi's. I pulled his briefs down and his big boytool snapped up to his belly. I went down on this 18-year-old piece of rock hard boy meat and sucked for all I was worth. He moaned and breathed heavily as I lovingly licked every inch of his pulsing shaft. I spent extra time on his velvety, shiny head. He held my head and I could soon feel his muscular thighs begin to tremble and he soon came for a 2nd time that morning only down my gullet instead of the floor. I stood up and kissed him again savoring the salty cum in my mouth.

"Don't worry about Jerry; I'll take care of you."

He grinned and said, "Lets hang out after work tonight at my house, I want to show you how hard I can work my ass off."

I said "deal", and went to my desk to start working.