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August 1st

Hi everybody, here is an installment of one of my life experiences. On 1st of August, was my birthday and one of my `friends with benefits' wanted to spend it with me. Even now as I write this, I have to smile with contentment and great satisfaction over that night. Because this is a real experience, I have not given his name, except for the nickname I so fondly gave him. After all, he has a young family to consider.

Lawyer boy reserved a place for us at the Novotel Hotel, called the Loft Apartments. He actually had it in his planner that it was my bday, and he wanted to spend it with me. Anyway, our room was all the way at the top of the hotel, and the view was spectacular. You could see Darling Harbour and the rest of Sydney central. We actually got there and he wanted to fuck right away. Naturally, me being me, told him to wait. He gave me these puppy dog eyes, but I wasn't going to cave. (It's called having a wank before hand so you don't fall for his tricks) So he took me out for Dinner. Now, I'm no connoisseur of wine, but my jaw nearly hit the floor when he ordered a bottle of wine that was $250 bucks!

I ordered a potato and lentil broth. That was divine! Next came a huge crayfish, (or lobster, depending on which part of the world you are) I'm actually chuckling before I explain the next part. There are utensils to help you eat the damn thing without getting your hands dirty. But I thought `fuck it' and started using my fingers to get the job done better. Lawyer boy actually watched me and said "You know, you look hot eating that." I just shrugged my shoulders and continued eating. Every once and a while I would roll my eyes in bliss as each delicate morsel went down my throat.

By this time Lawyer boy had stopped eating all together, and just sat and watched me. I gave him this cheeky smile before I finished my meal. Because we were in the Hotel Restaurant, we asked if we could have our dessert sent up to the room. I had ordered a chocolate gateau and a caramelized rice pudding with ice cream. We told them to wait for an hour and a half before sending it up because we were going to the IMAX theatre first.

We went and watched the Simpsons in 3D. I liked it. Lawyer boy wasn't that keen, but this was my day, so we were going to watch what I wanted. By the time we got back to our apartment, I was pleasantly full, had watched my movie, and about 5mins later our dessert and what remained of our bottle of wine was brought up. (personally I thought the wine was fucking disgusting. I hate the taste of beer, and usually end up drinking those lolly looking drinks because I don't like anything else. Well, maybe a little top shelf.)

There was a spa bath, so we sat in the tub relaxing with our wine and eating our dessert. I remember sliding my toes between his legs to glide against his cock. He just lay his head back and opened his legs for better access. It felt hot and silky sliding over my toes and he thrust his hips back and forth. Because of his size, he can't get fully hard, or more accurately, gravity pulls his dick downwards when he's hard. However, because we were in the water, I watched that monster grow and part of the shaft appeared above the water, while the head remained submerged. It could have passed for the arch of the neck for the Lochness monster. A nice juicy beige piece of flesh.

I swam over and glided into his arms. He leisurely wrapped them around me, and I went in for a kiss. When we first met, his kisses used to be impatient things. But I had taught him the art of teasing with lips, tongues, and sometimes teeth. There were times that passion consumed us and our kisses were intense heated moments. However, I wanted to prolong this, and so I nibbled, licked and teased his mouth. I felt the blunt end of his cock prodding up and down my ass. That was his way to tell me that my kissing was driving him to want to fuck, but at the same time, it told me he was enjoying me controlling how fast or slow we went.

I had met this man three years ago. I was up in Brisbane at the time. We had been invited to go to the Valley, where all the night spots were situated and that's where we bumped into each other. Literally speaking. He crashed into me and my drink went tumbling to the ground. Because he hadn't seen me while he was attempting to dance and because he wasn't the most sober of people, he apologized and bought me another drink. It started from there, and we swapped phone numbers half an hour later. The next time he was down in Sydney, he called me and our rendezvous began. The down side to this story is that yes, he is married, and he has two children. There are a lot of other things we have discussed over the years, him and I, but I won't go into it this time round.

So here I was, now 29, with a hot 37yr old man. Who is moaning his pleasure into my mouth, while my ass teases his cock. We moved out of the spa and dried each other off, before I pulled him into the lounge area. I wanted to fuck him while I could see the sights of Sydney. It gave me decadent pleasure to know that only glass separated me from the world outside. To know that I would be fucking shortly and that if anyone with a telescope were prying, they would see me riding this glorious man. I slid down his body and licked him from just slightly below his ball sack, and all the up that mountain of flesh he calls a cock. He moaned and closed his eyes. I stopped and demanded that he keep his eyes on me at all times. I could feel lust rising like a leviathan within me, and I wanted this man to see that look in my eyes and vice versa as I pleasured him.

There was a small amount of precum at the slit, and I licked it eagerly hoping to catch more. He shuddered as I glided my tongue over that small slit that could produce such tasty seed. I lowered my head once more, and instead of using my tongue, I opened my mouth and glided it up and down the side of his shaft. When I reached the tip, I looked up at him watching his face. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were dilated, almost pleading with me to take him into my mouth. I gave a wicked smile before I used my tongue to lick the frenulum. That small but sensitive spot beneath the penis, that joins the shaft. He loved me licking there and hearing his moan of delight had me wanting to do more.

I grabbed his shaft firmly, and my mouth watered at the sight. Opening my mouth, I placed his head at the entrance, and stuck my tongue out as I began to slide over him. He shuddered as I closed my lips over him firmly. Feeling him hit the back of my throat with so much more to go, I closed my eyes. I considered myself damn good at deep throat, but Lawyer boy had always stretched my ability to its limit. His length meant that I had to concentrate if I wanted to get at least two thirds of his dick down my gullet.

I took a deep breath and pushed. My throat reluctantly opened up, and I pushed him slowly, but steadily down my throat. I felt Lawyer boys hands coaxing and teasing my head, as I swallowed more of him. My throat wanted to rebel, so I swallowed. Lawyer boy shouted as my throat gripped his cock. I took slow even breaths, grateful that my air passage hadn't been completely closed off, now that I had Lawyer boy so firmly entrenched in my throat. I opened my eyes and would have cried out in dismay if I could have when I saw how much more I had to swallow to feel his trimmed pubes tickle my nose.

Tonight, I was determined to get his whole damn shaft all the way down. I pushed, and my throat was starting to ache, I didn't give a shit, I was going to try. Lawyer boy, by this time was thrashing his head side to side. It meant he was damn close to spilling his load. I pushed harder and scrunched my eyes shut. That's when I felt it. I had managed to swallow Lawyer boy all the way to the base. His pubes tickled my nose. I would have jumped up and down for joy, but because he was so deep down my throat, he could hurt me real bad if we tried anything too rough. Instead, I swallowed some more and rotated my mouth at the base of his cock. He shouted once more, and it was balm to my ears hearing how desperate he had become. But I didn't want to end this first fuck so quickly, so I carefully pulled back off. There was copious amounts of my saliva gliding down his cock and it looked damn hot to see.

He threw me on the bed and covered me with his body. He slid his tongue deep into my mouth. Almost as if he wanted to slide his tongue down my throat where his cock had only recently resided. I didn't care, I loved it and when he was in this mood, it just made me crazier. His kisses grew deeper, more demanding. There was a slight growl in his voice, but we were kissing so that his cock could come down from the high it was in. Besides, we both knew that if he was going to blow, it would be while he was looking deep into my eyes.

There has been only one time that we ever went bareback. We had both been drunk, and our inhibitions had been way low. Over the next five months, I got myself checked, and was grateful to know I was safe. He had done the same, and in some ways we were both relieved we were clean, however we both made a vow to be a little more careful. So we didn't practice bareback that night. Although if either of us had pushed for it, I think we would have been in trouble of breaking our one true rule. Nevertheless, we played it safe.

I put the condom on, while he leisurely lubed my ass up. I felt one finger, and then two slide into me. I gasped, but we needed as much preparation as possible so I wasn't complaining. My job was to keep his cock nice and ready, but not too ready that he would blow his load. So I gripped and stroked his cock, played with his balls while he continued fingering my ass. The biggest obstacle I had taught him to overcome, was ass play. Fingering my ass was okay, but he had considered rimming a disgusting thing to do...until I introduced him to it. From the moment I wallowed in the crevice of his ass, he was in pig heaven. When it came for his turn to return the favour well, that had been another story. However, I threatened him that he would never get another one of my blow jobs again, if he refused. After he realized that I made sure that I was very clean down there before our rendezvous, he was more than happy to glide his tongue over and into my ass. He felt my ass muscles loosen under his constant attack with mouth and fingers and moaned his satisfaction. I was about to get well and truly fucked.

He lubed up my ass a little more, before liberally applying it onto his sheathed cock. One of his favourite positions was me on my back, with my knees up to my chest. It gave him greater access to plunge deeply into me. I watched him line his cock up with my moist looking asshole and gasped as I felt the blunt head penetrate my sphincter. If I told you that his thickness didn't hurt a little, I would be bullshitting. It hurt, but I was prepared. On the side of the dresser table was some amol, and I inhaled upon that bottle gratefully. It helped loosen me up, but also gave me a nice rush. I raised my arms around his head and pulled him down for a kiss as I felt him pushing ever deeper into me. He was panting heavily and I watched as sweat beaded on his upper lip and along his temples. I licked the sweat from his lip, and that's when he lost it.

I felt him plunge so deep into me that he bottomed out. I bit into his shoulder at the pleasure and yes, pain that coursed through me. But he only shuddered as my teeth left indents in his skin. Grabbing my face, I felt him pull out, and push all the way back in. It left me panting, and he looked into my face, searching to see if there was still any pain after his rough insertion. Seeing the look of lust fill my eyes, he smiled gratefully back, and lowered his head beside my neck. His thrusts had me rolling with his hips and I could hear the bed squeak with each thrust into me. Little mewling sounds kept falling out of my mouth with no conscious effort and Lawyer boy rumbled his contentment at those sounds. He told me a few times before, that he knew when I was really into it just from the sounds I made. I wasn't aware that I had different sounds for different pleasurable moments, but he assured me I had.

The pace increased, and I tried frantically thrusting back. But he had the power and the control in the position we were in, and I uttered my annoyance that I couldn't move. I heard him chuckle and he only increased the strength in which he thrust into me. The pace remained the same, except there was a little more oomph when our bodies melded. Soon I could hear a thick sound of flesh meeting flesh as his thrusts grew even harder and faster. I could feel myself rising towards the edge as his thick shaft kept squashing and mashing into my prostate. I groaned, gritting my teeth to prevent my imminent arrival, but Lawyer boy knew his stuff and just sped up another notch. My pleasure peaked and I shouted out my euphoria as my cum exploded over the two of us. I felt his body lose its rhythm as he too began nearing orgasm. With a lot of heavy breaths, I heard him utter one drawn out note of satisfaction before he dropped his whole weight onto me.

Well guys, I'm hot and horny all over again just thinking about all of this. I'm going to send Lawyer boy a copy of this to read at his convenience. He too loves my stories, hehehe.


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