Brody Comes Home

By Tim Mead

Chapter 17

When he got back to his apartment, Brody took off his shoes, poured a glass of milk, and checked to make sure that he'd done everything he was supposed to for the next day's classes.  He sat on the sofa with his feet on the coffee table.  He couldn't help reviewing his session with Dave.  The Dave Cromer who'd given him a hard time in high school, the Dave Cromer he'd instantly disliked when he saw him after a hiatus of six years that morning in the shop, was now someone he genuinely liked.  He'd gotten to know Dave better as they'd played ball together the previous summer.  And then they'd had that talk where Dave explained why he'd hassled Brody, the one where they'd agreed to think of each other as brothers.  

Brody loved his real brother, Bob, but they'd never been close.  There was so much difference in their ages that Brody would never have gone to Bob with a problem when he was a kid.  But Dave had looked after him, or tried to, since he returned to Higgins.  He'd tried to warn Brody about Adrian.  And today he'd not only come out to Brody, but he'd talked of his failed marriage, of his unhappy experience as one of Adrian Lynch's "boys."  Brody felt a strong bond might be developing between him and his "big brother" Dave.  `I'll have to call him soon.  Don't want to be a pest.  But somehow he feels like an anchor.'

Brody took his milk glass to the sink, washed it, and put it in the drainer.   Then he clicked on his computer to check for email.  There was a brief one from Pete saying he'd gotten to Columbus, had lunch, and spent the rest of the day studying. He assured Brody he'd done the right thing by breaking up with Adrian.  "Now, bro, you can join the ranks of us masturbators."  Brody thought about telling Pete all about his visit to Dave's house and the revelations that had been forthcoming there, but he decided not to.  He didn't want to out Dave to Pete.  `If Dave's done anything about coming out publicly by then, I'll tell Pete about it when he's home at Christmas.'  Then he realized he might have to wait until Pete came home to have sex with anyone.  `This could be like being in the Corps.  Just me and my trusty right hand.'

The next day, Monday, Brody had classes and then his work in the Colby shop.  They received a large order of poinsettias that afternoon, and Brody helped arrange the display.  The front part of the shop was practically overflowing.  There were the traditional reds in several sizes, including the new ones with the miniature bracts, plus white, pink, pink and white bicolor, and peach.  There were more in the back room.  The casual observer would wonder how they could ever sell so many, but Brody knew from experience that they'd probably need more before Christmas.   Closer to Christmas, they'd also need to make sure they had plenty of red carnations and red roses on hand, but he knew Bob would take care of that.

When he got home that evening, he called Dave, just to thank him again for being so forthcoming and supportive the day before.  They agreed to get together for a burger sometime soon.

On Tuesday during his lunch hour he'd thought about calling Adrian but changed his mind when he realized that Adrian would be busy at the restaurant.  When he did call midway through the afternoon, he was able to speak with his former lover.  

"Brody, I'm glad you called.  I hope this means you've reconsidered what you said Saturday."

"No, I'm afraid it doesn't.  I'm calling to tell you for sure that it's over."

"I see."

"Look, Adrian, please don't think I don't appreciate all you've done for me.  I mean, you've been generous to me.  Way too generous, in fact.  You've taught me a lot, too, and we had some great times together.  I won't forget that."

"But you're willing to give it all up because of your silly pride?"

"Well, call it silly if you want to, but yeah.  I just don't feel right always taking from you.  Besides, you'll find somebody else soon enough."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I understand you always manage to have some young guy to be your, uh, pupil."

"Brody, I never asked you about your exes.  I shouldn't think mine would be any of your business."

Determined to stay calm, Brody responded, "Yeah, you're right.  They aren't.  Except for one.  You lied to me, man, about Dave Cromer.  You said you didn't know him."

"Oh, you've been talking to David, have you?"

"Yeah, he's my friend."

"Well, don't believe everything you hear."

Brody noted that Adrian hadn't apologized for lying to him.

"I think I can sort out the truth from lies.  But all I wanted to do was to say thanks for the good times.  You are one sexy dude, and I've learned a lot."

"There's a lot more I could teach you, Brody.  Too bad you're shutting the door, but that's your decision.  So, thanks for calling.  Have a good life."

"Yeah, you, too.  Bye."


*          *          *

By the end of the week Brody was lonely and horny.  He remembered that Roger Norton had written his home phone number on the back of his business card, so late Friday afternoon he called.  The person who answered was Roger's mother.  She said that her son would be going directly from classes to his work at Dillard's, but that she'd have him call if Brody would leave his number.  Brody gave Mrs. Norton his name and number, but he was impatient.  After he'd made and eaten his supper he called Dillard's and asked for the men's department.  

"Men's department, this is Roger.  How may I help you?"

"Rog, this is Brody Cox.  Remember me?"

"Oh, hey, Brody.  What's up?"

"Look, I'm sorry to call you at work, but I was wondering if you'd like to meet me somewhere after you get off."

"You know I would.  I can't help wondering why you're calling, but how about if we meet up at Gridley's about ten?"

"Great.  I'll see you there."

When he got to the pub all the booths and tables were full.  Brody took a stool at the bar and ordered a draft beer.  A few minutes later some people left, thus freeing up a booth.  Brody took his beer and claimed it.  Not long after that, Roger arrived.  He was wearing a dark suit, either charcoal or black, carrying an overcoat.

"Man, you look great!" Brody said.

Roger looked embarrassed.  "Oh, thanks.  I didn't take time to go home and change, and this is my work outfit."

"Sit.  What'll you have to drink?"

"Draft is good."

"Okay, I'll be right back."

Brody went to the bar, where he got a pitcher of draft beer and another glass, and returned to the booth.  Roger looked so good he felt a little scruffy in his sweatshirt, work boots, and jeans.

"Thanks, Brody," Roger said as Brody sat opposite him.  "You seemed a little urgent on the phone.  In fact, you look a little tense.  Is anything wrong?"

Brody was embarrassed.  "Not really.  It's just that, well, I, uh "

Roger chuckled.  "Brody, whatever it is, relax.  Have a drink of beer or take a deep breath."  He hoisted his glass to Brody and took a swallow of his own beer.

"I'm sorry, Rog.  Now that we're here together, it's hard to say what I had in mind."

"I hadn't figured you for the strong, silent type.  Just tell me what's up.  Is it some sort of trouble between you and the guy you're with?"

"How'd you know that?"

"Why else would you call me?  You told me last time we could be friends but that you had a boyfriend.  Now you want to meet with me.  Unless it's a matter of clothing, what else could it be, I ask myself."

Brody chuckled.  "Yeah, I guess I'm pretty transparent.  You're right.  I've broken up with, uh, with my boyfriend, as you call him.  And I thought . . . oh, shit this is hard."

"You aren't telling me you're enamored of me and want me to become your boyfriend, I suppose."

"Well, no.  But I thought maybe we could explore becoming friends."

"Brody, I'd have no problem with that.  But I think what you really want is to get laid."

Brody blushed deeply.  "No, not, well, uh, yeah.  I guess that's what I really had in mind."  He grinned sheepishly.

"So you're on the rebound, you're horny, and you thought I'd do?  Is that it?"

"Jesus, Rog, you don't mince words, do you?"

Roger smiled.  "I believe in being honest with guys I'm about to go to bed with."

"Go to bed with?  I thought you were going to tell me to take a hike."

"No way.  I told you before I liked you.  Or at least I'm strongly attracted to you.  Who knows where this will go?  But if you're interested in bed right now, I'm available.  Shall we go to your place?"

Brody grinned.  "You wanna waste all this beer?"

"Well, now that you mention it, we may as well enjoy it.  Then we can go to your place."

They chatted as they drank, getting to know more about each other.  Brody learned that Roger's mother was a secretary at Colby State, that his father had died of cancer three years earlier, that Roger was majoring in theater.  

"You want to be an actor?"

"Well, I'll never make it to Broadway as an actor.  To tell the truth, I'll probably wind up being a high school drama teacher. I'm taking courses in acting, but also in sets, costumes, lighting, all the tech stuff.  And I'd really like to be a director sometime."

"Hey, I saw the O'Neill play this fall.  I thought it was great.  Did you have anything to do with that?"

"Well, I was on the stage crew, so if you look very carefully you'll find my name in the program."

Brody nodded.  He was sure he hadn't kept the program.

"You told me about being in the Marines the last time we were here," Roger said.  "Are you a full-time student at Colby?"

"Yeah, I work for the family business after classes and on Saturday mornings.  We're florists."

"Oh, sure, Cox Floral.  I should have made the connection."

"It's a fairly common name."  He went on to tell Roger about his parents in New Mexico and about Bob and his family.

"What are you majoring in?" Roger asked.

"Man, I don't have a clue.  I've taken a botany course this semester and liked it and I really liked my freshman English class, but I suppose I should major in business."

"Well," Roger said, "a combination of botany and business would make sense if you're planning to stay with your family's company."

After they'd finished the beer, they left Gridley's.  Since Brody had walked, he suggested riding with Roger so he could show him the way to his apartment.  

Roger's car, an aging Intrigue, was white.  It was so covered in gray slush and salt that only the roof gave any indication of what its true color was.

"Here," Brody said, "let me have your overcoat.  You may as well take off your suit coat and tie, too.  You need to get comfortable."

Roger grinned.  "Okay," he said, pulling the tie loose and slipping out of his jacket.

Brody put Dave's coats on hangers and draped the tie over one of them.  After putting them in the coat closet, he came back into the living room.  Roger immediately sank to his knees and began to chew on Brody's dick, which was sticking down the left leg of his jeans.  

"Oh, man, you don't waste any time, do you?"

"Mrmmph," Roger replied.  Still on his knees, he unfastened the top button of Brody's 501's and began to pop the others in turn.  When they were all undone, he pulled the jeans down around Brody's knees.  Brody, hoping for just such an eventuality as this, hadn't worn any underwear to Gridley's that evening, so his hard cock slapped up against his stomach.

"Freeballing, huh?" Roger said, grinning.  

"Yeah," Brody said, returning the grin.  "That was a major no-no in the Corps, but tonight I just felt like it."

Roger didn't answer.  Instead he put a hand around the base of Brody's tool and shoved the rest in his mouth.  Brody put his hands lightly on either side of Roger's head, not so much to guide or force him, but simply to communicate his pleasure to the kneeling man.

Roger showed at once that he was no novice, quickly taking Brody's eager member all the way down.  Before he wanted to, Brody was on the verge of erupting.

"Rog, hold up a minute, guy.  Let's make this last a while.  Don't you think we're overdressed?"

"Yeah," Roger chuckled.  "It's almost like a quickie in a park or something."

Brody put his hands in Roger's armpits and lifted him up.  Then he began to undress him.  When Roger was standing before him naked Brody took the opportunity to look him over.  Roger was lean, with sinewy muscles.  Although he had hair on his legs and forearms, there was no hair on his chest.  He did not have a treasure trail, and his pubes were carefully trimmed.  Brody guessed Roger probably shaved the front of his body.  He wondered why, but he wasn't about to ask at that point.  Roger's penis was pointing straight ahead.  It was so big Brody doubted if it would ever stand straight up.

He grinned appreciatively at Roger and began to take off his own shirt.  Roger pushed his hands away and finished the job.

"Brody, I've wanted to do this since the day I first saw you there in the store."

"No shit?"

"Oh yeah!  While you were in the changing room, I imagined I would go in and we'd get it on right there.  And I really got off marking the alterations on your slacks.

"You perv!" Brody said, chuckling.

"Guilty as charged.  And since you called I've fantasized a lot about what we would do when I got you naked."

"Well, why don't we see if we can make your fantasies come true?"


"Sure, why not?  You aren't going to hurt me are you?" Brody asked, grinning.

"Like I could.  Aren't you trained to kill guys with your bare hands?"

"Yeah, but I haven't ever had to do that."

"Well, I hope you don't start this evening.  Instead, why don't you just sit on the edge of the bed?"

When Brody had complied, Roger knelt between his knees and began once more to work on Brody's dripping cock.  It had been over a week since Brody had had any sexual release other than that provided by his hand, so before long he warned Roger, "Dude, I'm about to come."  

"Spray it all over my face," Roger said, smiling up at him.

"Whatever floats your boat," Brody responded pumping his throbbing member.  In a couple of minutes he did indeed shoot cum all over Roger's smiling face.

"Rog," Brody said, chuckling, "you look like a hot cross bun."

"And it isn't even Lent yet."

Brody was about to lean down and lick his semen from Roger's face, but Roger pulled back.

"Now, Marine, in my fantasy you would lie on your stomach and put those sexy buns in the air."

"Whatever you say, sir."

Brody wasn't sure what Roger had in mind, but he had no problem going along with the other guy's wishes.  He was surprised when Roger pulled his ass cheeks apart and stuck his cum-covered face into his crack.  He slid his face up, down, and around, coating the trench with Brody's own cum.  The sensation was unlike anything Brody had ever experienced, and he said so vehemently.

"Never had anybody do that to ya before, huh, Brody?"

"Fuck, no, man!"

Once Brody's cream was distributed all along his trench, Roger began to lick it off.  When he'd swallowed it all, he began to circle Brody's pucker with his tongue.  Brody was wiggling his ass and moaning mindlessly.  When Roger began to tongue-fuck him, he thought he might cum again.  He had discovered since coming home that he loved assplay, and Roger was doing it like a pro.

Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer.  "Rog man, your tongue's great, but I need that big cock of yours in there.  Grab a condom and some lube from the nightstand and fuck me!"

Roger giggled.  "This is even better than my fantasy.  Hang on a sec."

"What do you mean, it's better than your fantasy?"

"I never thought I'd get to top the sexy ex-Marine, for sure not the first time we had sex."

"Oh," Brody chuckled as Roger was putting the condom on his dick, "you thought there was going to be more than one time?"

"Yeah, in my fantasies. Now, hold still."  He squirted lube into the top of Brody's crack and let it run down.  Brody began twitching and wiggling his ass as the cold liquid approached his anus.  Soon Roger's well-lubricated fingers were making Brody crazy again.

"I'm ready, I'm ready.  If you don't want a mad Marine on your case, you'd better fuck me."

"Yessir, or whatever it is you guys say."  Roger knelt behind Brody and began to slide the tip of his dick up and down Brody's slippery crevice.

"So help me man, if you don't "

"Okay, okay, but this could hurt a little."

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever had one that big.  Just go slow.  But dammit, start now."

When Roger pushed until the head of his big cock popped through the ring of muscle,
Brody grunted.  Roger waited to give Brody time to get used to the size of his dick.  

"Okay, Rog, do it in stages."

After Roger was pubes deep into Brody, the bigger man said, "I never thought I was a size queen, but that's not like any other dick I've ever felt.  That's fantastic!  Now, you know what to do with it.  Just start slow."

Roger started slowly.  He obviously knew how to pace himself.  

A half hour later, the two men were lying side by side, panting.

"Well, Rog, fantasies often are better than real life.  How did this measure up?"

"I could say `fantastic,' I suppose.  It was incredible.  You've got a very talented ass.  Have you always been a bottom?"

"I'm not a bottom.  I'm an equal opportunity fucker.  I used to think I was a top, but I've been learning recently how much I really like to have a talented guy like you inside me."

"Well, old man, think you're up to doing me?"

"Old man?  I'm two years older than you.  I've got a few good cums left in me, I think!"

Roger turned his head and grinned.  "Yeah?  Care to prove it?"

A few minutes later Roger's weight was resting mostly on his shoulders.  His feet were against the wall at the head of the bed.  Brody was standing on the bed fucking down into Roger's hole.  Both men were sweating and grunting.  Because Brody had cum once already that evening, he was able to keep going and going.  Eventually at Roger's request they changed to the standard missionary position.  

Later the two were once more lying side by side.

"You know, Rog, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be walkin' funny at the shop tomorrow."

Roger laughed.  "Yeah, I'll have to be careful around Mother.  I mean, she has probably guessed what you and I are doing, but I don't like to walk bowlegged in front of her the next day.  But you just gave me a royal reaming out."

He sat up and began looking for his underwear.  "I guess I'd better get home."

"It's snowy out.  You could stay here."

"No, thanks, Brody.  I'm used to driving around here in the winter, and though I told Mother I'd be late getting back, she'll probably not go to sleep until I get there."

"You're welcome to stay, and you could call your mother.  I warn you, though, I'll be up at six so I can go to the gym before I get to work at 9:00."

"In that case, I'll definitely go home.  I really like to sleep in on weekends.  But thanks for the offer.  Can we do this again sometime?"

Brody, who by this time had gotten up and pulled on his jeans, said, "Yeah, Rog.  I'd like that.  You're fun in bed."

"That's all this is, isn't it Brody, just sex?"

Brody nodded.  Then he felt he needed to explain.  "You're a nice guy, Roger.  I hope we can be friends.  And if we both want to, maybe have more great sex like we had tonight.  But I'm not sure I'm ready for anything more than that right now."

When he was dressed, Roger gave Brody a kiss on the cheek.  "Thanks for being up front with me.  Call me sometime.  Or I'll see you at Gridley's, probably."

"Count on it, hunk!"

*          *          *

At the gym the next morning Brody was well aware that he'd been fucked by the largest dick yet.  As he went through his routines the soreness kept reminding him of his evening with Roger.  And that memory made his dick begin to chub up.  He tried valiantly to get his mind off of things sexual.  After all, he didn't want to be sporting a hardon at the gym.  He did a few extra reps of his last set to work on controlling his tool.  Finally it subsided, and he was able to shower, dress, and leave the gym without embarrassment.

Although it was newer, the shop in Colby did a better business than the original shop in Higgins.  Bob had decided, however, to keep both stores open all day Saturdays until after the first of the year.  So, Brody packed a couple of ham salad sandwiches and an apple into his lunch bag.  He knew he could get something to drink at work.

He opened up at 9:00 as usual.  It was 9:35 when Sheila got there.  By then he had two customers and a phone order.

"I'm sorry, Brody," Sheila said apologetically.  "The baby pitched a fit this morning, and I just couldn't get Jeremy awake to take care of her."

"No prob, Sheil.  Is she okay?"

"There's not a thing wrong with her.  She's just going through a phase where she doesn't want me out of her sight.  Jeremy's perfectly able to take care of her.  In fact, he spoils her.  I just couldn't get her to realize that she'd be home with her dad today."

"I'll bet she was fine as soon as you were out the door and Jeremy took over."

"Yeah, you're right.  I'm just sorry I was late."

"Hey, you've covered for me often enough.  Like I said, it's no problem."

They were busy that day selling potted poinsettias and making up arrangements for delivery.  

Sheila hadn't had time to fix herself a lunch, so at noon Brody told her to go get something and he'd manage.  She made a quick trip to Wendy's for a sandwich and was back in time to help him with a flurry of customers who'd come in during the noon hour.

Things quieted down for a while after lunch, so Brody was finally able to grab a cup of coffee and have his lunch.  

"Brody," Sheila asked as he ate, "have you broken up with Adrian Lynch?"

"Jesus!  How did you know that?"

She grinned.  "Well, I didn't.  But you were seen leaving Gridley's last night with some young stud, and I just wondered."

"You've got spies everywhere, haven't you?"

She chuckled.  "Not really.  But Cathy Price called last night to remind me it was my turn to help with the coffee hour after church on Sunday, and she said her Hugh saw you."

"I've got to get out of this town.  Nobody has a private life here!"

"Oh, relax.  It just means we all care about one another."

"Sheil, you're so full of shit!"

She grinned.  "Well, so tell me.  Did you and Lynch break up?  Or were you just cheating on him?"

"None of your goddam business, lady."

"Okay, be that way.  But you know I'll find out."

Brody finished his lunch just as more customers arrived.  He and Sheila were kept busy taking care of the front of the store and making up arrangements.  At 3:00 they agreed that no more orders for deliveries that day could be taken.

"What about Carl?  Is he coming in?"

"So far as I know," Sheila said.

When Carl hadn't shown up by 4:00, Brody decided he'd better make the deliveries.  He was getting ready to load the arrangements and potted flowers into the van when Carl appeared.  

He had just left when Justin and Gary turned up.

"Hey, dudes," Brody said, "what brings you two here?"

"Oh," Justin said, "we caught a flick at the mall and thought we'd stop by here and see what was happening."

"It's been pretty busy, twerp," Brody said.  "Carl just left with the deliveries.  If he hadn't showed up, you might have been recruited to do them."

"You know Gary and I wouldn't mind doing that if you needed us."

"Thanks, little brother, but we won't have to draft you this time.  You guys want a Coke?"

"Yeah," Gary said, "all that popcorn made me thirsty."

"Help yourselves."

When they were all perched on stools around the work table, Justin took a swig of his Coke, turned to Gary and said, "Dude you should see the guy Brody's sleeping with.  He looks like Marcus Schenkenberg."

Gary's eyes widened.  "No shit?  You told me he was gorgeous, but you never told me that!"

Justin grinned.  "Can't you just imagine those two guys in the sack?"

Gary looked appraisingly at Brody, who glared back at him.

"Oh, yeah!"

Brody was about to say something when Sheila interrupted him.

"Please, guys, there's a lady present.  Besides, it looks like Brody and Adrian aren't an item any more."

"No shit?" the boys exclaimed simultaneously.

"No shit!"  Sheila said, looking at Brody out of the corner of her eye.

"Jesus!"  Brody muttered as he got up to put his lunch detritus in the trash barrel.


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