Brody Comes Home

By Tim Mead

Chapter 19

Although his body was celebrating its post-coital glow, Brody's mind was still in shock.  He'd just had more than satisfying sex with a man he used to dislike intensely.  Cromer had come to him expressly asking for it.  More surprising was that he'd chosen to be the bottom rather than the top.  That certainly wasn't what Brody would have expected.  But then Brody would never have dreamed Cromer would have wanted sex with him in any way, under any conditions.

When Cromer had appeared at the door, importunate, Brody had put his surprise, his confusion, his reservations on hold and surrendered to the heat of the moment.

Now they were sitting naked, except for their socks, cross-legged on the bed, each with a bottle of beer in his hand.

Brody asked, "Now, you want to tell me what this was about?"

Cromer took a swallow of beer.  "Damn, this is going to be hard.  And no jokes about hard, okay?"

Brody grinned but didn't say anything.

"I've never said this to another man.  I've only ever said it to Beth."

If ears could actually be perked up by humans, Brody would have perked up his.  "Hmmm?"

"Oh, shit, I guess I've got to just come out and say it.  Brody, I love you.  I've always loved you."

Brody strangled on some beer and it came out his nose.  He coughed so hard he almost spilled beer from the bottle in his hand.  When he'd gotten his air passage clear, he set the bottle down on the night stand, unmindful of the ring it would undoubtedly make.

"Come on, Cromer, you're fuckin' with my head!"

"No, man, I'm not.  It's the honest to God truth."

Brody stared intently at him for a few moments.  "I can't believe it.  I mean, you've turned into somebody I like to think of as a friend in the last six months or so.  You've been pretty decent to me.  But love me?  How can that be?  You sure didn't act like you loved me back in high school.  You were the only person I knew who made me feel bad about myself.  At least until I met my drill sergeant in boot camp."  His mouth turned into a slight grin as he remembered how frightened he'd been of Sgt. Jefferson and how much he'd respected him by the time he'd graduated from boot camp.

Cromer took another swallow of beer and set the bottle on the floor beside the bed.

"Can I just say this?  Just listen, please.  When I'm finished you can throw me out if you want to."

"Dave, I'm stunned, man, not mad.  Relax and say whatever you need to say."

He looked at the man sitting Indian fashion facing him.  Dave's summer tan had faded, but his skin was naturally dark, contrasting with the pale skin that Brody had always thought was a curse.  Brody admired Dave's buff body, and while Dave couldn't be called movie star handsome, his green eyes, his short dark hair, and his long, narrow nose made his face very sexy in Dave's eyes.

Brody put his hands on his knees, cocked his head to one side, and waited for Dave to continue.

"As I said, I've always loved you, Brody.  From the first time I saw you, I wanted to be like you.  Hell, I wanted to be you.  You had a sunny, carefree disposition.  You had natural athletic ability.  You were a golden boy, with your blond, blue-eyed looks.  And I suspected you were smart, though you didn't always give that impression."

Brody could feel himself blushing.  

"You got B's when you could have gotten A's.  You were a good athlete when you could have been a fine athlete.  And that pissed me off.  I wanted my Brody to be the best."

When Brody raised an eyebrow, Dave smiled wryly at him.  "Yeah, I know I had no right to think of you as mine.  I did, though.  I couldn't tell you.  I wasn't out.  By the time I'd graduated there was no real indication you were gay.  But I sometimes wondered what you and Clifford were getting up to, and then I'd be crazy with jealousy."

Brody wouldn't have believed what he was hearing except that Cromer obviously had no reason to lie to him.

"So I went to the university.  I fooled around with a few guys, including the brief affair with Junior, enough to know I was really gay, but then I decided the only man I really wanted was you.  You graduated and went to the Marines.  I met Beth.  We became wonderful friends.  I thought that would be enough.  She thought she could change me.  We decided to get married, but it didn't work."

"Sorry, Dave, but I gotta interrupt here.  Did my coming back to town have anything to do with your breakup?"

"No.  It was pretty much over by the time you got here.  Remember that morning when I came into the shop, the first time we saw each other after you came home?"


"Well, Beth was pretty unhappy by then.  She realized that I couldn't love her the way she loved me.  The flowers on her birthday were part of my effort to make her know that I really did love her."  He'd been looking at his hands as he spoke.  Now he looked up.  "I still love her, Brody.  But, dammit, not the way I love you.  I wish to hell I didn't feel this way because I know you're going to tell me to fuck off.  And I deserve that after the way I rode your ass that year in high school.  But I sat at home and argued with myself about telling you how I feel.  Most nights I'd whack off thinking about you and then wake up the next morning and feel like the world's prize fool."

Brody's heart went out to Dave.  And somehow he felt guilty.  He leaned forward.  "Not a fool, Dave.  Not that.  Go on, please."

Dave took a deep breath and looked at Brody.  There was something dark in his green eyes:  pain, perhaps, or guilt.

"I went to Gridley's tonight, hoping I'd see you there.  I drank while I waited.  Eventually, it was obvious you weren't going to show.  By that time the beer had messed up my judgment, I suppose.  Anyway, I decided one way or the other I had to tell you all this and get it off my chest.  So I marched over here, knocked on your door, and you know the rest."

"Wow!" Brody said.  "No one's ever told me they loved me.  I don't think even my parents ever said that, though I always took for granted they did."  Brody's mind was busily trying to come to terms with Dave's confession.

"Okay," Dave said, swinging his legs around so he could put his feet on the floor.  "Thanks for letting me dump all this on you.  I know you could never love me.  And that's my problem, not yours.  I guess I'll go now.  Thanks for listening."  His lips turned up a little at the corners.  "And thanks for the fuck."

"David Cromer, don't you even think of getting out of this bed!"

"Well, Brody, if I don't, I'm going to have to piss all over your bed."

Brody chuckled.  He waved his hand toward the bathroom.  "Help yourself.  I'll be next."

When they had both relieved themselves and were back in the bedroom, Brody said, "Dave, I'm floored by what you've told me.  I'm gonna need some time to digest it all, I think.  But please don't go home tonight.  I don't know how much beer you've had, but you probably shouldn't be driving.  We've just had great sex.  And whatever happens tomorrow and down the road between us, we aren't going to be anything less than good friends.  Sleep with me tonight?"

"You sure?"

"Damn sure."

"I'd like that."

"Okay, considering where your tongue's been lately, you shouldn't mind using my tooth brush.  Brush your teeth.  Here, I'll get you some clean towels."

After they'd both used the bathroom, they climbed back into bed and Brody switched off the light.  He gave the other man a friendly kiss, said "Good night, Dave," and rolled onto his side, facing away.  It took longer than usual to get to sleep because his mind was still teeming with thoughts about Dave's stunning revelation.  

He woke up during the night to find that Dave had spooned up behind him and had his arm slung over his chest.  

`I could get used to this,' Brody thought.

He woke up a few minutes before six, as usual.  Some time in the night the two had separated and Dave was lying on his back.  He wasn't snoring, exactly, but Brody could hear his breathing.  He propped up on one elbow and looked at the sleeping man, whom he could see from the night light in the bathroom.

`This hunky man says he loves me and that he always has.  How could that be?  How do I feel about that?  What will I tell him?'

Dave's eyes fluttered and closed again.  He swallowed.  Then he opened his eyes and looked up at Brody.

"Good morning, Brody.  Do you have anything to tell me?"

"That's typical of you, Cromer.  Push, push, push!"

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I suppose I'll just go now."

Brody leaned down and kissed Dave lightly.  "Now you won't.  I do have something to tell you."  He ran his hand across Dave's chest. "What I've got to tell you is that right now I'd like nothing better than for you to fuck me.  But since I don't know whether that's from love or gratitude or just lust, it wouldn't be fair to ask you.  I'm still pretty overwhelmed by what you've told me.  So, let me fix us some breakfast and we can talk."

"Thanks, but I've really got to go.  If I don't, poor Tom will explode."  He got up and reached for his jeans.  With a concerned expression on his face he said, "I realize I've dropped something pretty heavy on you.  You need time to think.  I had no right to expect you were going to tell me you love me.  I just hope you'll think maybe you could love me.  So why don't you give it some thought, see how you feel, and call me when you come to a decision?"

Brody swallowed.  "Yeah, I'll do that."

As Dave was putting on his clothes, he asked, "Hey, did you just say you'd like me to fuck you?"

Brody grinned.  "Yep."

"I'll take that as a hopeful sign."

"Could be."

After Dave left, Brody went for a run.  He came back, showered, dressed, and fixed himself some breakfast.  

Midway through the morning, Sheila said, "Brody, what's wrong with you, baby?  Your mind's been a million miles away ever since you got here."

He might have been inclined to confide in Sheila, but doing so would mean outing Dave, and he didn't want to do that.  If the two of them became a couple, that would be another matter.  But it wasn't for him to do or say anything to suggest that his friend was gay.

"Oh, just a personal matter, Sheil.  Sorry if I've been a drag this morning."

"Okay.  You know I'm a good listener if you want to talk.  And I'll not pry if you don't feel like talking."

He hugged her.  "You're the best, girl!  But this isn't something I can tell you about.  Maybe someday soon I'll tell you something that will knock your socks off.  But not yet."

"What a tease!  Now you've really got me curious.  I just hope you're okay."

"Yeah, I'm fine.  Thanks for caring."  He gave her an affectionate hug.

After he and Sheila had closed the shop and he'd gone back to his apartment, Brody opened a can of soup and heated it.  As he ate he remembered that he and Roger had a date that evening.  His first impulse was to call and cancel, but then after thinking about it he decided to go.  They had planned to see the 7:30 showing of "Brokeback Mountain," a must-see movie for all gays, and then go somewhere afterward for beer and post mortems.  

Thinking that his old friend might help him sort out his feelings, he tried several times to get Pete on the phone, but there was no answer. He left a voice mail message for Pete to call when he could, but explained that he would be out that evening.  

As he did laundry and cleaned up his apartment, his mind was busy with thoughts of Dave.  

`Why did he never let on?  Why didn't he tell me?  Of course we didn't see each other between the time he graduated from high school and I got back here last summer.  And then he was married.   Oh, God, am I responsible for his divorce . . . ?  He says not.  At least not entirely.  He is gay.  It must have been terrible for him to try to make Beth happy.  It must have been hell for her, realizing she couldn't make him happy.  It's all so sad.  He's hurt a lot.  Damn!  If he's had a thing for me since high school, that's a long time to carry a torch.  But what he says he feels must be real.  Otherwise he wouldn't have continued to think about me for all those years.  I wonder how he's feeling right now.  I wonder why he finally decided to tell me.  And think how he felt when he saw me going out with Adrian! He knew what Adrian was like.  He warned me.  If I had known then he cared for me, it would have looked like jealousy if he'd come right out and told me what kind of guy Adrian is.  He had to be walking a tightrope.  Poor guy!  Great guy!

When Brody picked him up for their movie date, Roger leaned over and gave Brody a kiss on the cheek.  They exchanged greetings.  As they drove to the mall, Roger talked about how slow business had been that afternoon, about a term paper that had been assigned in one of his courses, and about how he was looking forward to seeing the movie.  Brody listened, but he didn't say much.  

Despite all the publicity the picture had received, Brody wasn't prepared for the impact the film had on his emotions.  He choked up twice before the ending.  Roger grabbed his hand and squeezed a couple of times.  When, at the end, Ennis touches the shirts and says "Jack, I swear," tears began to stream down Brody's cheeks.  Roger sobbed audibly.  

Brody couldn't remember when he had last wept.  He was embarrassed to think about leaving the theater and going back into the mall until he could get himself under control.  Then he became aware that many others in the theater were openly weeping as well.  He was surprised to see that, although there were a few other male couples, most of the people were either straight couples or in a few cases pairs or small groups of young women.  

"Rog, you okay?"

Roger smiled at him through tears.  "Yeah, Brody, I even cry at happy movies.  No wonder I lost it with this one."

As they walked to the Cherokee, Roger said, "You still on for a beer?  I know we planned to go to Nelly's, but I don't want to see all the boys there right now.  Could we go to Gridley's and see if we can get that back booth where we can just think about the flick and maybe talk about it?"

Brody grinned.  "Sure."

It was still only 9:45 when they got to the bar, and they were indeed able to take a pitcher, two glasses and a large basket of fries to the back booth.

"Wow!" Roger said, "that was something, wasn't it?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Which guy do you think is cuter?"

"Blue-eyed blonds aren't my type.  But that guy who played Jack is sexy."

Roger began to talk about Jake Gyllenhaal and other roles he'd played.  Then he got started on Heath Ledger's career.  Brody listened.

Finally, Roger wound down.  

"Brody, you've been dipping that same french fry in the catsup for ten minutes.  I don't think you've heard a thing I've said.  What's wrong?  You still thinking about the film?"

"I've just got something pretty heavy on my mind, Rog.  Sorry."

"Come to think of it, you were quiet in the car all the way to the mall, too.  Want to tell me about it?"

Brody ate the fry and took a swallow of beer.  

"I guess I owe it to you, since this could affect our friendship."

"Oh?  Have I done something?"

"No, it's nothing like that.  It's just hard to talk about."  He took a deep breath.  Then he made little circles with his glass, sliding it around in the puddle of water that had run down the sides.  "I've gotta be careful how I say this.  A guy I've known for a long time told me he loves me and has loved me since we first knew each other."

"Oh, my God!  And you never guessed?"

"Didn't have a clue."

"Well, that's wonderful, isn't it?  Or, uh, how do you feel about him?"

"See, that's just the thing.  I like him.  He's a great guy.  He's really good looking and sexy.  But this has all hit me between the eyes.  I'd never thought about loving him.  For one thing, I thought he was taken.  I can't get into that, though."


"Rog, you may know this guy.  Everybody in Higgins knows everybody else.  And he's not even out yet to the community.  So I don't want to out him until he's ready."

"Okay.  I understand that.  I promise not to pry.  And if I do figure out who he is anyway, I'll not say anything.  Until you two are a couple anyway."

Brody grinned.  "Don't you mean unless we're a couple?"


"Until we're a couple assumes we're going to be at some point.  That's what I don't know.  That's what I'm trying to deal with right now."

Roger ate a fry.  Then he looked seriously at Brody.  

"Brody Cox, were you paying any attention during that movie?"

"How could anyone not be?"


"So?  I guess I'm being a bit thick.  What's your point?"

"Love, real love like Ennis and Jack had, is a scarce commodity.  You and I have great sex, and we're good friends, but what we have isn't love.  We're not going to spend our lives together.  Ennis and Jack wanted nothing more than to get to spend their lives together, but they weren't able to.  In their world it just wasn't possible.  And that was the tragedy of their lives.  They didn't feel they could make it happen.  Too many cards were stacked against them.  And look what happened to Jack!

"Yeah.  I think I see where you're going, but you want to explain it to me?"

"Like you said, you're a bit thick tonight.  Honey, you just told me you've got a good-looking, sexy man who says he loves you.  This dude has loved you since high school?  You know it's not that he's just got the hots for you, because the hots cool down after a while. Man, you owe it to him and to yourself to see if there can be something real between you two."

"You think?"

"Come on, Brody.  You said the guy was a friend.  You said he's a hunk, right?"

Brody grinned as he thought of Dave at his apartment the night before.

"Oh, God, yes"

"Do I fuckin' have to draw you a picture?  Go see the guy!  Give yourselves a chance!  See if you two can have what Ennis and Jack weren't able to have!  Jesus!  When did the poor guy tell you all this?"

"Last night."

"And what, if I may ask, did you tell him?"

"That I needed time to think about everything."

"That's fair enough.  But can you imagine what he's feeling?  He's been in love with you for years, and he finally got up enough courage to tell you.  Assuming he was sincere, that he really does love you, that he has loved you for a long time, just imagine how worried he must be right now.  You need to figure out what it is you want to do, man, but you can't leave the poor guy sweating for too long.  That would be cruel.  And I know you, Brody.  You may be a big, tough, ex-Marine, but you're not cruel"

Brody put his hand across the table, laying it on top of Roger's.  He squeezed it.

"Rog, you're a good friend, dude.  I think I know what I've gotta do.  Would you mind if I take you home now?  I know we kind of figured we'd go back to my place, but . . . ."

"No need.  Some friends of mine just came in.  I'm sure I can hitch a ride with them later.  You go to lover boy.  And I want to know who he is when you can tell me."

"That would be appropriate only if he and I become a couple, in which case I promise to let you know.  If not, then I don't think I can "

"Yeah, you're right."  Roger slid over and got out of the booth.  Brody followed suit.  When they were both standing, Roger said, "I won't kiss you here.  But can I have a hug?"

"You got it man."

After they'd hugged, Brody said, "Thanks, Rog.  You're a real buddy."

"Love you, Brody.  Now, go call Mr. Wonderful."

When he had taken a few paces toward the door, he heard Roger say his name.  He turned.  Roger had his right hand beside his head, the little finger and thumb extended.  "Call me."

Brody nodded agreement and left.

As soon as he was outside, he pulled out his cell phone and then realized he didn't have Dave's number programmed into it.  When he got home, he looked up the number and punched it in.  He got Dave's voice mail.  He didn't leave a message because he still wasn't sure quite what he was going to say.

He had a restless night.  Visions of the movie kept coming to mind.  Then he'd see himself and Dave as Ennis and Jack.  He woke up once and looked at the clock.  It was 3:22.  He usually slept well, and when he found himself lying awake in the middle of the night he became irritated.  He didn't want to be awake. This was the time to sleep.  

Finally, he did what he knew was pretty sure to relax him, put him back to sleep.  He grabbed his cock and began to play with it.  As he did so he began to think of the sex he and Dave had the night before.  Soon he achieved the released that would let him sleep.

When he awoke at the usual time the next morning, he got up, had his breakfast, and read until he could go to the gym.  He finished his workout at 10:00.  He hadn't called Dave earlier because he hadn't wanted to disturb him if he was sleeping in.  Now he figured it was safe to call.  Again, however, he got no answer.  Then he remembered that Dave usually went to church.  

So Brody went home, showered, put on his best pair of jeans, a plain blue dress shirt, and a navy cable-knit sweater Adrian had talked him into buying.  At noon he went to have Sunday dinner with his brother's family.

As soon as he'd read the obligatory after-dinner story to the kids, he thanked Sam for the meal and left.  He pulled out his cell and nervously punched in the newly-programmed number.


"Dave, it's Brody."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess.  Why are you calling?"

"I'm just leaving Bobby's house.  Can I come over?"

"I'm in for the day.  Come ahead."

"Right.  See you in fifteen minutes."

When Brody got inside Dave's house, he was greeted by Tom, who'd apparently decided Brody was a friend.  The dog stuck his snout in Brody's crotch and goosed his balls a couple of times.  Brody dropped to one knee to hug and pet the dog, which promptly whimpered and rolled over onto his back to get his belly scratched.

"Dave," Brody chuckled, "I think you've got a gay dog here."

Dave smiled.  "Wouldn't have any other kind."

After Tom had received his due, Brody stood again.  The two men hugged.  Dave hung up Brody's coat and asked if he wanted anything to eat or drink.

"No, thanks.  I'm good."

"Well," Dave said, "I've got a fire going.  Come sit."

This time the fire burned behind glass doors, and the temperature in the house was comfortable.

After they were seated, there was an awkward silence.  Finally it was Dave who spoke.  "Well, whatever it is, say it."

"I read the word `gobsmacked' in a Nifty story the other day.  I think it was a British guy who said it.  That's a good word for how I felt Friday night.  I don't mean the sex.  That was great.  It's what you told me afterward."

"That I've loved you since high school?"

"Yeah, that."  When Dave didn't say anything, Brody continued.  "I was so surprised I couldn't begin to figure out how I feel about you until I got past the shock.  You know, you've had years to at least get used to being in love with me.  It might take a while for me to catch up."

Still Dave didn't say anything, though he watched Brody intently.  Brody's hands were sweating, something that seldom happened to him.  He wiped them on his thighs.    

"Like I told you, no one's ever told me they loved me.  My first reaction was `why me?'  What is there about me that would make you love me?  I still haven't got an answer to that one.  But don't they say `love is blind'?  Then I wondered why you waited so long to tell me, but after I thought a lot about that, I kind of figured it out.  Just about the time your divorce was final I was going with Adrian.  And you were too decent to try to interfere then."

"I really struggled with that, Brody.  I didn't want to barge in and tell you who you should be sleeping with, but I had experience with Lynch.  And I knew about all the other guys who came after me.  So I didn't want you to get hurt.  I figured I could give you a heads up and that you were smart enough to be wary, to see what he was really like before you got hurt too badly."

Brody smiled. "At some point in the last day and a half I realized that, Dave.  You handled that with class.  Thanks."

Dave nodded.  "So, please go ahead.  As you can imagine, I'm anxious about what you're going to say next."

"Well, the more I've thought about it, the more I realize you're like some of my Marine buddies.  You're tough on the outside.  You have the strength and the guts to do what needs to be done.  Inside you're more sensitive than you let on.  You just cover it up with this macho veneer.  I know that.  I'm like that myself sometimes."

Dave was sitting quietly, hands on knees, watching Brody.

Brody took a deep breath.  "I can't honestly say I'm in love with you, Dave.  But I think I could be.  I'd never have thought it was possible, but it's gotten so I'm really comfortable with you.  Now that I'm discovering the real you, I like what I'm finding.  And, God knows, you're one sexy son of a bitch."  

He looked at Dave, whose face revealed no emotion.  He took a deep breath.

"So can we, umm, if we could . . . ."  He looked at Dave again.

"You're going to have to tell me, Brody.  I don't know what you're about to say."

"Even though I'm only 23, well, almost 23, I feel like I'm ready to start looking for somebody to settle in with, you know, like for the long haul.  Sex is great, and I don't suppose I'd have much trouble having casual sex, at least until I get a bit older.  But that's not what I want.  I want to find a good man, somebody to go grocery shopping with, to cook with, to walk the dog with, to read and discuss books with.  I could love a man like that.  Of course, he'd have to be great in bed."  He grinned.  "I think you've already passed that test."

Dave's face was beginning to relax, but still he said nothing.

"So, can we take this one step at a time and see what happens?  Let's try being--what?  Boyfriends sounds silly.  But let's try being together and go from there.  Of course, that would sort of speed up your coming out process.  Are you ready for that?"

Dave stood up and held out his hands to Brody.  When Brody stood, Dave pulled him into a bear hug.  "I'm ready for anything you're willing to give, lover," he said softly.

After a gentle kiss, they fell back onto the sofa together.  Brody, at Dave's urging, took off his shoes.  They sat there and snuggled for a while, watching the fire.  They knew they still had much to talk about, but now there seemed to be no hurry.  

It was eventually settled that Brody would stay not only for supper but for the night.  

When they were in bed, Brody said, "It's your turn."

"What do you mean?"

"Make love to me, Dave."

Dave grinned as he reached for the condoms and lube.  "I'm relieved.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to become a dedicated bottom just to get you."

"Would you really have done that?"

Still grinning, Dave said, "I hate to feed your ego, but, yeah, I think I would have."

The foreplay was the best Brody had ever experienced.  He was reminded of a poem he'd read in high school honors English where the poet was telling his mistress what they would do if the world weren't rushing them.  

Dave seemed to feel they had "world enough and time" that evening. He caressed, rubbed, and stroked.  He licked and nibbled and occasionally bit, though not too hard.  Oh, there'd be hickeys the next day, but no bite marks.  And they shared such kisses!  Dave's kisses were new, different.  Brody had not been kissed often, but when Dave did it, his mouth and tongue were unquestionably making love to Brody's.  

No one had ever licked Brody's arm pits.  He knew from his online reading that it was done, but he'd never wanted to and no one had ever done it to him.  He discovered that when Dave did it, his body tingled all over.  It wasn't intensely erotic, but Dave's versatile tongue licking his pits helped maintain the warm fog that assured Brody he was in a good place.  

He had no idea how long Dave kept him in this state.  He was torn between wanting Dave to continue what he was doing forever and wanting Dave to fuck him.  But Dave seemed to be avoiding Brody's genitals.  He'd start with a finger and work his way up the arm.  He'd be at a nipple and gradually move to the navel and then stop.  He gently urged Brody to turn over so he could use his lips, his tongue, and amazingly his nose as he worked from a spot at the base of Brody's neck (the one which caused shivers all over his body when Dave merely touched it) all the way to the top of the crevice between his buttocks.

He worked at glacial speed from Brody's ankles up each leg,  

Both men murmured their pleasure, occasionally saying the other's name, sometimes moaning softly, but they didn't talk to each other.

The intensity changed when Dave used his hands to spread Brody's cheeks.  Dave's tongue on his pucker caused Brody's already hard cock to quiver.

"Are you going to come into me now?"

Dave took his time removing his face from Brody's trench.  "Patience, sweetheart.  I'll get there."  He pulled Brody's hips up so that he could reach between his legs and play with Brody's cock as he rimmed him.  Brody had never experienced anything quite like that before.  He had certainly pumped his own cock as he was being fucked, but having someone else stimulating both his anus and his dick was novel and incredibly exciting.

Never had sex been so much about him.  And when he realized this, he felt guilty.

"Dave, why don't you let me do something for you now?"

Dave swatted him gently on the rump.  "You are, stud, you are.  I've gotten off for years fantasizing about this.  But I think you're pretty relaxed now.  Roll over for me, please."

Brody rolled onto his back and pulled his knees up to his shoulders.  "Please, David."

Dave gently, carefully lubricated Brody.  Brody noticed, however, that Dave's hands were shaking as he rolled the condom on his straining member.  It was then that Brody realized how important this moment was for Dave, that Dave really had dreamed of doing this.

"Lover," he said, smiling up at the man kneeling above him.

"I do love you, Brody."

As they coupled, Brody kept his eyes open.  Dave's face showed such love that again Brody felt almost guilty.  But guilt, as it so often does, gave way to pleasure.  Soon he felt as if there were no bed, no room, no world, just Dave above him, inside him, making him feel sensations and emotions no one had ever given him before.

Inevitably, it ended.  The cloud settled gently back to earth.  He felt the warmth and heaviness of Dave's body lying on his.  The weight was nothing.  He loved it.  They kissed.   Dave's body moved slightly.  Brody felt a stickiness between their bodies.   Dave had fucked the cum out of him and he hadn't even noticed.

They kissed.  And again.

Eventually they showered together, each reveling in soaping the other's body, but they rinsed and dried themselves without further sex play.

Dave let Tom out for a final time.  Then, after locking the doors and turning back the heat, after both of them had given Tom a goodnight hug, they changed the bed linens and slid between the fresh sheets.  

Before Dave had a chance to turn off the light, Brody got a mischievous look on his face and said, "Dayum, Cromer, y'all sure kin fuck!"

As he turned out the light, Dave grinned and said, "Smooth talker!"


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