Alex Walker 5' 8” 150lbs 25 years old African-American, medium complexion, stocky, black hair brown eyes.

Zachary Phillips 5' 9” 165lbs Slim 27 years old African-American medium complexion, a little bulky, black hair, brown eyes.

Hi, I'm Zachary Phillips my friend Alex and I have been budds for about 6 years now. But it wasn't always that way he used to be a bully and used to harass and threaten me. But in 2007 we sorted everything all out. You can read the short story here:

To fully understand the motive for his actions and the plot of this true story which happened in the summer of 2013. We have formed a stronger bond and an excellent brotherhood.

One morning in the late spring of 2013 as I was doing my daily rounds a.k.a. running errands for my family members. Nobody can take shit from my family the way I take shit. I'm always the go to person.

I meet back up with Alex he ran up to me and he gave me a manly hug. He asked me how have you been bro and where have you been. I told him I've been hanging in there; I feel as though we're on a sinking ship. We're being severely oppressed. But I'm making it. I told him that I had to move across town and I plan to stay at this spot long term.

He wanted to hang out with me for that day. I accepted. I finished my rounds shortly after 9:00am.

Alex had the whole house to myself, he wasn't expecting anyone until 9:00pm. that evening at least. We had a little Q & A and some confessions.

Alex: Zachary you know you've always been my dawg right; Despite what has happened? (Dawg is urban slang term meaning a close friend or homie.)

Me: Yeah, I was nice to you and helped you bring your grades up because I felt bad for you. I'm mildly empathic so I envisioned myself in your life circumstances and I wouldn't want to just fail endlessly without anyone trying to help me.

Alex: I was so happy when you helped me get through the 6th grade that I hugged you very tightly and kissed you on the cheek. I saw you as sort of like a brother. Then when that lie went around about you talking about my family behind my back I felt angered and betrayed.

Me: I tried to tell you that I didn't do it. That your friends were trying to turn us against each other. And man did it work.

Alex: When I asked you time and time again about that somehow I knew that you were telling the truth but I still didn't know what to do. After getting expelled from school and narrowly escaping death and doing 3 years in jail had really opened up my eyes. Man, if I could turn back the hands of time we would have been the best of friends. Our friendship would be so special and sacred. Again; I'm very sorry man I've been having a hard time forgiving myself for all of the pain that I've caused you.

We then hugged again. Keep in mind it's the late spring very warm and sunny 85 degrees. We were only wearing t-shirts and our boxers-shorts with sweat shorts over them and sneakers. We hold this tight brotherly bear hug for quite some time. Alex proceeded to confess that at one time he had sexual feelings for me. He wanted a special buddy where we can look at porn and mags and j/o together and give mutual blow jobs and not find it gay. He was turned out in jail, every night he cried to myself just thinking about you. I felt his dick (I perfer to say cock) getting hard and pressing against my cock.

Alex started to cry a little bit. He proceeded to say that he was forced to suck at least 10 huge 6ft 4, 6ft 5 guys and their buddies off on mostly a daily basis. They would hold my head in place as they shot their loads down my throat.

Alex: I also forced to rim a few of them. When I came home, I was in such shock and stunned so I tried to get as much pussy as possible to suppress my confusion and to get that out of my mind. But I couldn't get rid of my feelings. I couldn't find a cool buddy for mutual j/o and oral.

Me: I comforted him and told him that human sexuality can't be put inside a box. “Straight, Bi, Gay, Curious” are all just stupid labels. There's nothing wrong with two predominantly straight guys to express their brotherly love and affection for each other or for “best friends to be very intimate with each other or have down-low guy fun”. The common term for this lifestyle is called “bromance”

And the fact that you were violated doesn't make you anymore less than a man than you are now nor does that makes you gay.

Alex broke the hug and stared at me with his watery and teary eyes. He then said to me after that jail ordeal he wondered what “I tasted like.”

Alex: I'm std free as of May 25th 2013. (He showed me his medical documents.) I'm willing to explore with you if you want too.

I instantly got a hard-on. My 7 & ¼ inch cock was bulging through my shorts. I told him we can do what ever will make him feel better.

After a few short moments of touching and fondling each others cocks we whipped our T-shirts off. Alex then playfully depantsed me and started to stroke and suck on my cock. I moaned in lustful pleasure and I thought to myself if all goes well this would be a perfect way to renew our brotherhood and to bond tighter.

I told him oohh shit bro, that feels good. My cock came out of his mouth with a “pop” and he said that I tasted good. And smelt masculine that “dick smell” and “musk”. He then turned me around and he started licking through the crack of my ass and tongue fuck me. (This wasn't my first rim job that I've had) but this was one of the best rim jobs that I've had since I was 15/16) Alex said to me wow, “You've got game, you have a nice sweaty and hairy ass.”

Alex: I love the way you taste, Zach lets go into my bedroom to continue this.

We went into Alex's bedroom and stripped buck naked. Alex then said to me Zach, I going to do something to you that I should have done a looooong time ago! Alex pulled me towards him we both closed our eyes then we French kissed. This was hot as hell. Our tongues exploring each other, our hard cocks rubbing against each other. He had a 5 inch circumcised pointy head cock average thickness. I have a 7 ½ inch circumcised cock with a mushroom shaped head and the girth of a hot sausage.

We kissed, hugged, and caressed each other while moaning and groaning for about a minute. Alex then started confessing more things to me such as he made other people his bitch for his protection and he endlessly apologized for all of the bad things he'd done to me. He told me after he realized the truth, every person that he had hurt, he would have nightmares of hurting me. I gave him a bear hug and spoke to him in a kind, loving brotherly tone. I then said to him:

Zachary: It's all okay, I forgive you and after our bromance love-making session you can begin to take steps towards forgiving yourself.

Alex: I'll try but it's difficult. Alex then popped in a gay porno of straight dudes having their first gay experience and best friends helping each other to release some tension.

Alex then proceeded to suck my cock, he was good, although he couldn't take it all, I still held his head and passionately rubbed it while gently face fucking him. We then got into the 69 position he then took brief moments to eat my asshole. I slowly followed suit. My cock started to get hot and pulsate I told Alex that I was about to cum. He said feed it to me bro, give it all to me. He sat up and I face fucked him slaming my cock balls deep into throat. He had gagged a little but that slobber made it more pleasureable. A few seconds later,

I started to cum. OHHH FUCK BRO, I'M CUMMING OH SHITT, AHHHH, YEESSS, YESSS, YEAH, YEAH, TAKE IT ALL BRO SWALLOW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! I had one hell of an orgasm and I shot about 7 strands of my salty, hot, steamy spunk down his throat.

(I thought to myself this former tough guy wanted to suck my cock all along if he had pulled me aside and asked if we could hang out when we were 13/14 it would have been a lot easier)

Alex: Oh shit Zachary that was fucking hot, please bro, help me cum.

I took his cock in my mouth and I did a little tongue action on the head of his cock and I let it slide really fast on the inside of my jaw, A few seconds later Alex was having his orgasm. OH SHIT! ZA-CH-ARY! OH FUCK BRO. He pulled out and jacked off and shot his hot load on my chest a little hit me in the face and eye. (lol I sometimes cum so hard that I get myself in the eye)

Alex calmed down from his orgasm and licked my eye and face clean, we kissed again and his cum tasted sort of sweet. Alex then wanted me to fuck him. His ass was so stretchable it was tight at first then it loosened up and took my whole cock with ease. I kept hitting his prostate and riding his ass doggy-style we both came again at the same time. I pulled out and Alex licked my cock clean.

Alex had another request, he wanted to lick my hairy asshole. I rolled on my stomach and I spread my checks and I let his warm wet tongue go to town.

(Damn he was good, he matched my best friend when I was 15 that rimed me so well but that's another story.)

This went on for 15 to 20 minutes then we both took a shower together and then Alex told me to piss on him, all over him. His chest, back, ass crack and his face. I was in shock because this was my first introduction to raunchy sex and piss play. I asked him was he sure? He said yes, he had a piss slut before and it was so hot. He wanted to introduce me to it. Because we're going to be getting our cocks sucked and our asses eaten by a lot of online man sluts.

I released my strong piss stream Alex had rubbed it in his chest, he enjoyed it in the crack of his ass he then put my cock in his mouth and swallowed the rest of my piss load.

Alex then released his hot stream and pissed all over him self. I never knew that piss play could be so hot! We cleaned ourselves off thoroughly he scrubbed my back and I scrubbed his. We got dried off and got dressed and shared one last good-bye hug and kiss.

Alex: I feel a little bit better by having this experience with you, I'm still very sorry about our past. I still have some making up to do for all of this lost time. I'm going to try and find some piss-sluts and invite you over along with a few friends that are cool with this kind of play. And we're gonna have a gay bukkake party. I'll tell the other guys about you. You're one of us now, you're one of our brothers. And they'll love you and accept you in.

Zachary: We'll wait and see what happens, my mind will have to process all of what had just happened between us today. You know where to find me and you can text me online with iPod messenger.

Alex: *Sighs* please at least think it over, I've never told you this before but I think you're hot and good-looking! You're also mentally very strong, to endure all of that shit from your childhood and still maintain your sanity is way beyond me. I don't care what anybody else says and the other guys will have your back. I also take everything back about calling you ugly, ET, creepy and a sewer rat. I was just angry.

But I want the next few sessions to just be us two, I love you man, I'm very fond of you and you are like a true brother from another mother.

Zachary: Thanks, I think that I'm beginning to see you as a “special friend” or a brother as well. Alex please take care of yourself, stay out of trouble and stay safe.

Alex: I will.

(Please let me tell what you guys think? Have any of you guys had or still have bromances? So far 3 former bullies have came out to me and admitted their boy crushes they had on me. I knew that with a little bit of time Alex was going to reveal his true feelings towards me). is my email address that I use for sites like this one and enjoying my down-low homosexual life style.