Disclaimer: all characters in this story were eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time these sleazy, sexually explicit events took place. This story contains explicit homosexual acts including but not limited to water sports (piss play) submissive/dominance role playing and real submissive/dominance between consenting males. This story also includes first time gay experience confessions and some of them are incest related if this is not your cup of tea please don't read any further.

Alex had invited me over to his house to spend the weekend with him from Friday morning until early Sunday afternoon. He wanted to make up for the lost 14 years of our friendship.

It was around 11:00am Alex had welcomed me in and it was just us two he only had on his t-shirt, boxers and a black du rag. Once I got settled in, he told me to get naked and that we're staying nude for as long as we're in here.

Alex had told me that anyone who has access to your nice big dick is very privileged. Just to look and it and feel it and squeeze it and watch the head of it swell and expand is such a turn on! And trying to go all the way down on it to the base of your balls is so much fun.

Alex said I have a confession, my first gay experience wasn't actually in jail. When I was 9 years old had an encounter while I was in a local play ground. A gang of four young teenagers had appeared out of nowhere and had jumped me and forced me into an abandoned lot and made me suck them off. And they all took turns fucking me it was very painful after they finished having fun with me they all ran off. Then my cousin wouldn't leave me alone he would always make me blow him off. I was just consistently suffering in silence.

I was small for my age, you and I both are relatively small stature guys. That's when I began to hate people that pick on other people who are smaller and physically weaker than they are. That's why back in middle school I used to fiend people off of you.

I liked you back then, it was something about being around you that gave me an energetic boost to get through most of my days at school. I lost my father, he was my best friend when I was only 6 years old then. Then I just ran into a lot of bad luck in a very short time frame. Just a life time of pain and confusion and I became angry and pissed-off at the world.

I was in shock and in even more disbelief. I gave Alex a very tight brotherly hug and I just held him there. With me being a mild empath I was able to sense and feel some of his pain, confusion and regret in his heart. I felt some of his emotional pain as if it were my own.

As we sat down on the couch still hugging each other I begin to confess to some of my hardships in life. I laid down my life for my mother at the ages of 13 until she died when I was 21. She had a very bad case of type-2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. She was very stubborn and wouldn't try to take care of herself properly she loved her sweets. Those pastries, chocolate cup cakes, jelly doughnuts. She wouldn't lay off of the salt. She would tell me boy “Gimmie my got damn salt!” lol. I even bought a special kind of salt that had one third less sodium and I switch the shakers. Most foods needs a ping of salt or else it'll taste all plain and bland.

During her hospital stays I'd visit her during visiting hours after school let out and I would stay home to hold down the fort so to speak. I was the black sheep on my father's side of my family I went through physical, spiritual, emotional and mental abuse when I was a kid at 8 and it stopped at 10 once my mom and I moved out. We were going through some tough times and we stayed there until we got back on our feet. We were staying with my grandmother on my dad's side. All of my cousins hated me for my intelligence and they wanted to be dumb as hell and not pick up a book and read.

I even admitted to Alex about a very close buddy I had when I was ages 15 to 18 when I moved into a different neighborhood. He was going through tough times in his life we used to “mess around”. And those few moments of bliss helped us temporarily forget about our problems. [Hint, hint]

Alex had asked me how did I manage to keep my sanity through all of that? I told him the more spiritual that you get nothing else in this crazy physical third dimensional realm, nothing else matters. That we're all spirits and energy beings which never dies. Energy isn't created nor destroyed it only transforms. I told him about my out of body experiences and astral projection. I was surprised that he heard of those terms. I told him that all of this stuff passes and grief is selfish. Damn our folks are happy and safe on The Other Side but we're still here. We're all going to end up in the same spot but the bad thing about it, is we have to wait so damn long.

Alex was is still carrying some of this guilt and a lot of emotional pain. He needed a good buddy to help him. His eyes had began to water, and I felt him sobbing. I gently licked the tear drops away with the tip of my tongue.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind and I gave him a tight brotherly bear hug. And I gently whispered. “Hey, it's okay. I'm here for you if you need a shoulder to lean on.” He then buried is face into my chest and cried softly for a few moments. He had a lot of pent-up emotions that wasn't released, I was going to help him feel better.

Alex then started to stroke my member and I instantly got hard and ready to play. He then took it into his mouth forcing himself deep down on it and all the way back up on it. This dude was good he's going to mess around and send me into space with these electrifying feelings. I told him to go easy and to stick his tongue out and flatten it and breath through his nose as he's going down it'll be easier to throat it without gagging.

I gave his back a gentle massage while gently thrusting my hips as he was sucking me.

Alex then said “Zach I want you, please make love to my sweet man pussy.” He then rolled over onto his stomach. I spreed his ass cheeks and I started to rim him and finger him. His asshole willing opened and then I gently proceeded to slide my 7” member into him. I loved hearing his soft deep moans of Ohhhh's and Ahhhh's of pleasure.

I keep on humping him at a medium pace while kissing the back of his neck and side of his cheek. I stayed still with my hard throbbing cock in his ass thrusting my cock in and out of him slowly.

I asked him “Do you like that bro? Does that feel good?”

He answered “Yes! I wished that we could have done this a hell of a lot sooner. I had wanted us to fall asleep at one time while cuddling each other naked with your dick in my ass or both of ours grinding against each other.”

I'm an only child and all that I wanted was a best friend, like a brother figure to hug and comfort during my long sleepless nights and not be that insane person that I was back at school.

I responded “We have each other now, I'm just a text or phone call away. I live right across the way from you now only 5 short blocks. It's better late than never.”

He asked me how often does my best friend Mitchel and I get together? I responded 3 or 4 times a month on average.

Alex then said how about we try and make arrangements to meet up 3 or 4 times a week? Even if some days are just quickies, you have a nice rod there and you need somebody to take care of that on a regular basis. If it's me or one of the guys.

By the way, they said that they can't wait to meet you.

I pulled out of Alex and I began to suck him off he didn't want us to cum just yet, he wanted me to edge for a little while and then flood his throat with my hot, thick and creamy man juice.

I just want us to make sweet brotherly love to each other man. Zachary, you have that look of innocence and that little angel approach. Zach, it's people like you that always have a hidden dark side, I want to help awaken your sexual mischief side.

What's your wildest sexual fantasy?

Alex was right, I did have fantasies of face fucking a guy who was willing, non-stop until my cock exploded in his throat and then wash my cum down his throat with my hot load of piss. After I recovered from the orgasm, I would then ram my cock into his tight asshole without loosening him up first. And hear him yell and moan in pain and pleasure while screaming my name and I'd then shoot my second load deep in his ass and I then let my cock soften and slide out of his ass.

Then last but not least have him eat my manhole.

I confessed this to Alex and he smiled and grinned and he said “I knew it was something along those lines. I can't wait to see you do that. it'll be so hot!”

But for now lets just stay in the moment and enjoy each others company and make sweet love to each other. Zach - - I have something I want to give you. Alex then gave me a black du-rag out of his drawer. I opened it and I put it on. Alex had then put his on. Alex then said now we are two super cool bros' that's hanging out with each other and having fun. We then shared a long, passionate hug and kiss. We wrapped our arms around each other while fondling each others ass cheeks.

Alex started to lick and suck on my nipples and he then worked his way down to my belly button and finally he took my cock in his hand and he asked me “Can Mitchel do this?” He then took my cock into his mouth and forced himself all the way down to the base of my 7 inch cock until his nose was in my pubes and he pulled me closer to him a few moments later his gag reflex kicked in and he took a quick breath and repeated.

I was moaning and cursing in pleasure, I lustfully answered “No Mitchel can't do that quite yet but he's practicing. And be careful bro, I don't want you to hurl.”

Alex told me that he wants to properly pleasure me and had wanted to begin his practice now. Alex told me to “Get in the 69 position and suck him while he practices deep throating me and that we are going to suck each other dry!”

He had a leather covering over the bed for protection. “This is going to be a lot of fun getting kinky and messy with you Zach, I had always wanted this from you. You're too smooth and proper, you need a little corruption or some super hot fun with some really good friends. Now hump my throat!”

As he requested I face-fucked him, Alex was on the bottom and I was on top. I shoved my full 7 inches down his throat, Alex gagged and snorted. “Yeah!, That's it Zach! Glaze my face and make me gag more until you shoot your load down my throat!”

I want to be “yours” and want you to be “mine!” We have a lot of lost years to make-up for.

I kept on fucking his throat for all that it was worth as he told me so and with in a few moments Alex's face was covered in mucus and the slipperiness of that throat slime rubbing against the head of my cock which became very sensitive, it had caused my cock to explode in his mouth a few seconds later Alex shot his load down my throat.

Alex said damn that was hot! The last time you pumped your load down in me like that was hot as hell. The way you just dominated me I want to see you do the same thing to the internet whores. But for now lets do each other.

We went into the bathroom and Alex had the water steaming hot. We both got in, and Alex said “Let's piss on each other, let's mark our territory.”

We both at the same time let our hot golden piss streams shoot all over our chests, stomach and even the face. Alex took some of my piss in his mouth and swallowed it.

We got our soapy wash rags and we washed of really good. Alex had turned me around and asked me to bend over. Which I did and he washed the crack of my hairy asshole, and he started to finger me. I started to tremor in pleasure those sexual electrical shocks going through my spine felt so good. He then ate my ass for all it was worth,

He then whispered into my ear “Zach, you're greatest big brother that I always wanted; Please promise me that you'll help stretch out my throat. I want to be your only best friend that can throat you and drink all of your piss.

We then shared a very long and tight passionate hug and we French Kissed and we let our tongues explore each other until the shower water ran cold. We got out and dried off and we made cheese steaks and french fries to eat. And we were still nude.

Now it's official, we have a big bro, lil bro bromance.

Later on that evening we were cuddled up next to each other on the bed almost not knowing what to do next with each other, Alex just wanted to pleasure me way better than anyone has done before. He told me to just lay back and relax and he'll do all of the work. He wanted to practice deep throating my cock.

Alex said that he'll do better than Mitchel, he said that “I'll keep on endlessly sucking you and swallowing your every load until your nuts run dry! I'd do anything for you man to protect our renewed fond friendship. I'd take a bullet for you and I also promise you that I'd never purposely hurt you again. Ohhhh I swear that if I ever catch anybody attempting to do you harm, I'll turn them over to the guys and they'll be turn into the little punk-ass bitches that they are!”

Alex then said I'm going to throat your big dick, I'm going to try for at least 15 seconds. He then took a deep breath and went all of the way down on me. I looked at the second hand on the clock and counted down for him. He kept on repeating this. He made it 45 seconds tops before having to come up for air.

Alex kept on throating me, while gagging and choking himself a little, he sucked my cock for two hours non-stop and ate my ass for an hour non-stop. All that night I gave him my cum and piss loads. Every time when he had to piss he'd recycle it by drinking it again and again. We finally decided to call it a night at 4A.M.

Alex fell asleep spooning me, cuddling me very tightly. I was very happy that my wildest dreams was finally coming true, and I could tell that he was happy because whatever he wanted from me to taste I lovingly gave it to him.