The following morning when Alex and I woke up the following morning and after showering and having breakfast Alex and I continued to have our best of friends "bro fun".

Zachary man, I could eat your musky-masculine smelling ass and lick your musky smelling balls all day and all night. It's something about your hot lustful moans of pleasure that turns me on. And I just want to pleasure you and do better than Mitchel when we get to that point. I just want to be yours! Meaning I'll suck your dick, gag on it, drink your piss and eat your ass with no reciprocation. And you can fuck me until I cum, piss, bleed even and shit myself. Then I'd lick your cock clean afterwards.

I owe this much to you for a few years man until I feel as though that I paid my debt off with you. We're going to have so much fun together."

Alex had told me that he wants to get so damn close to me until we're inseparable

We just hung out in the nude, talking and fore-playing Alex and I talked about different thngs pertaining to our childhood and how Alex wish that he had the balls to come forward to me and made an attempt to have a special, sexual down-low bromance with me in our teen years of 13 to 15.

He asked me to please let him sit on my dick with him facing me.

And we just hugged each other tightly and french kissed while I had gently humped Alex. We were sitting on his couch. For some reason he just couldn't stop crying and holding back his tears. his eyes were red from crying and they wouldn't stop watering. "Zach, man this was all that wanted and needed, a special best friend who's like a brother as well. To secretly have down-low fun like this and to share our deepest, darkest secrets with each other. I wish I could prove my limitless brotherly love for you man. And repay my debts completely."

I told Alex not to be so hard on himself and that he's perfect just the way he is. And we'll make the best of the time that we have remaining. And that he's proving himself now.

I had told Alex to just stay in the moment while we hug each other and let's clear our minds and let our hearts become one. I ran my hand through his head and I've licked his tear drops. I've told him that it's okay and that I'm here for him.

Alex had climbed off of my cock after about 10 minutes and he sat back down on the couch and he begged and demanded me to face fuck him. And that he wants more practice deepthroating me. We both went into his bedroom and he sat at the foot of his bed and I stood in front of him and I proceeded to skull fuck him.

He couldn't take anymore than 4.5" without gagging. I was skull-fucking my little brother from another mother. He says my dick will spend more time in his mouth than in Mitichel's mouth. And Alex could suck for hours without end.

Alex had took my cock all the way down until his nose was in my pubes and my balls was partically in his mouth. He had pulled me toward him and stayed like that.

Then a few moments later we popped off and gasped for air. He then layed down on the bed and I got on top of his face and I was humping his slippery and slimy throat and kept on making him gag. I had put all of my weight down on him with my cock deep in his throat. He was tapping me on my ass, kicking, flailing and making noises and then I let him up. He gasped for air again and I rolled onto my back and I let him suck me and gag himself. I had no intentions on cumming anytime soon. I had him eat my ass, and tongue fuck me. My goodness the electrical sensations. Damn I needed two dudes, one to eat my ass and the other to suck on my cock. It was now time to give little bro his reward for being such a good cock sucker. I sat up and I had my hand on the back of his head and I humpped his mouth and seconds later had shot my load deep down his throat. And } just held his head firmly in place as he swallowed my load. Afterwards, we 69ed each other, He was eating my ass and I was sucking his cock and then Alex had spewed his hot and tangy load in my mouth and I had swallowed.

Alex had said that he has a very kinky idea, he wanted to give me a piss enema, and then wipe my ass clean afterwards. I agreed.

He got my ass lubed up as much as possible and I got his cock nice and lubed. I got on my knees and knelled over. He had very gently eased his way in and he'd promise that he'd never hurt me again. He told me "I love you big bro!" as I loosened up and he was fucking his big bro like a wild horse. I told Alex that "I love you too little bro!

FUCK YOU'RE BIG BRO'S ASS! FUCK YEAH!!, HELL YEAH!!!" Fill my bowels with your hot little bro love juice and hot piss!

A few minutes later Alex wailed "I love you big bro! OH FUCK YEAH, I'M CUMMING!!" Alex had then shot his load in my ass and a few seconds later he had filled my bowels with his hot piss.

I ran into the bathroom, he had told me to leave the door open. After about 20 to 30 minutes of me emptying my insides I flushed the toilet. Alex had urged me not to wipe, that he was going wipe me clean. Alex had told me that "this is our little secret." When he was in jail this alpha male had took a shit in the cell and had forced him to lick his ass clean. "Zachary please don't try to talk me out of it, come on into the living room and bend over and I'll eat and lick your asshole clean."

I bent over and he did just that, it felt so damn good, I still can't believe that he was degrading himself by eating my waste products. Alex had told me that he's not licking nobody's dirty hole clean except for mines.

I've told him that only special people could fuck my man hole, that was my best friend when I was 16, Mitchel and you. nobody else.

Alex said he'll pleasure me better than the both of them and he'll get another bitch or two and they'll both pleasure me at the same time and he and I will take our turns with them.

After licking my asshole clean, Alex had got some mouthwash and cleaned his mouth and I did the same. Then we just laid next to each other in bed nude, while Alex drank my piss every time I had to piss and Alex kept recycling it by drinking his own piss. Until finally it became crystal clear and he pissed it all out in the toilet and then we started another new cycle.

I had never in a million years thought that I'd have a good time like this.

After our long day of kinky fun and role-playing we turned in and took a nap at 8:00pm and we fell asleep nude but this time Alex was hugging and cuddling me from behind. And we woke up around 2:30am and had some late night fun.

Alex just wanted to suck my cock dry literally, he wanted to drain my nuts until I had dry orgasms. He wanted my nuts to be bone dry before I leave tomorrow afternoon.

I had a full bladder that needed to be emptied and Alex took care of that for me, he also drank his own piss. He started sucking my cock he was on his knees and I was face fucking him and then suddenly he started puking, still I kept feeding him.

Alex had made himself gag all of that piss out of his belly and I hammered his throat then BOOM! I blew a load I kept on skull fucking him I kept the orgasmic pleasure going a few moments later BOOM!! I blew another load, I kept my dick deep in his throat making sure he didn't waste not one drop.

Alex has a gag fetish, he loves to choke and gag on my cock, and finally I my last load, those back to back orgasms were awesome! I had ran dry when I came is was only a drop. My nuts was sore for a few minutes.

Alex was smiling at me, as stroked his cock hard and fast and shot his huge load.

We took a very hot shower afterwards, I had him eat my ass, damn he was good.

We got out of the shower and went back to bed. Since Alex an exponentially great and obedient lil bro, I granted him his wish. When we were kids back in middle school, he wanted us to fall asleep with either one of our dicks in the ass. I told him to eat my ass and get it lice and lubed and we can fall back to sleep with his cock in his big bro's ass.

And we both drifted back to sleep with Alex spooning me while he had his cock in my ass.