Vincent Abate was annoyed at himself for being curt with his sister Marie. It was the same old story and had to do with her husband Tony who Vincent found abrasive and a braggart.  Marie had to defend her husband and told Vincent that they would be out of his house as soon as their house was ready. She and Tony had been staying with Vincent and his father for the last month.

          Vincent only tolerated Tony for the sake of Marie whom he loved and adored. Tony constantly made snide remarks alluding to Vincent gayness and he tried hard not to let Tony's provocative comments get under his skin but they often did. They had a flare-up the other night that threatened  to get ugly and for the sake of peace in the family, he and Tony had arranged a sort of detente and tried avoiding each other whenever possible.

       Vincent walked into Tony's bedroom to deliver the message that Marie wouldn't be home for dinner and found him curled up on the bed caressing a pillow and sound asleep.  Tony was forty-five and heavy with a large belly that hung over his beltline. Vincent moved to the edge of the bed so he could get a closer look at him in his boxer shorts. Tony was a construction worker and his body was tanned from the outdoors and lying there with his large, round belly and fleshy chest with big, nipples was making Vincent horny.  Even as a boy Vincent liked heavy men and was a chubby chaser. As Sunshine flooded through the windows bathing Tony in soft light,  Vincent watched him asleep in his white boxers and he was salivating to take a peek at what Tony's dick looked like.

        Tony  was bright enough and sensed that even though Vincent didn't like him, he lusted after him. Even though their relationship was strained, there was an erotic flirtation between the two of them that they were both aware of. On numerous ocassions, Vincent found Tony staring at him and on several occasion he entered the bathroom while Vincent was showering.  Vincent had fantacised about the size of Tony's cock and what he would do with it and now looking at him, he knew that he wanted him animosity aside.

      Tony had showered and his cologne permeated the room. Vincent observed him spread out on the bed, his large, smooth belly rising and falling with each breath that he took. Carefully, Vincent put his hand gently on Tony's belly and held it there. It was soft and yet firm and silky to the touch. Tony's nipples were large and Vincent wanted to suck them as he slept but didn't dare. Vincent felt his dick straining against his jockey shorts and he rubbed himself as he looked at Tony's strong, well shaped thighs and legs. Vincent envisioned them wrapped around his body like a boa constrictor and felt himself beginning to leak pre cum.  Tony had a round face with black coals for eyes and dark brown hair that was beginning to gray. He had a warm smile and when he laughed, his belly moved up and down and Vincent wanted to hug and hold him. Tony had come home early that day from work and he and Vincent were alone in the house as his dad was out with friends.

      Tony constantly asked Vincent about his boyfriends, who they were and what he did with them. He was interested in whom he was seeing and where he went for action and especially the kind of men he liked. Vincent never responded because he thought that his sexual proclivities were none of Tony's business and told him so.  But to Vincent's annoyance, Tony still persisted and laughed when Vincent told him to fuck off when he got too personal.

     "Vincent, I have more gay friends then you do and why don't you lighten up. I ask because you're my brother-law- and I worry about you."

     "The only one you worry about is yourself," Vincent said with annoyance.

     Suit yourself but this man is," and he stopped what he had to say as Marie walked into the room.

     Once when Tony was high from too much home made wine that Vincent's father still made in the cellar, he jokingly said, "When are you going to suck my dick. Your sister won't do and I'm just dying for a blow job and I know you want it as much as I do."

    Vincent didn't say a word and Tony grabbed him and held him close to him, his lips juicy as his face pressed against his so their lips almost touched. Vincent felt the bulge in Tony's pants when he pressed against him, the scent of his cologne and his manliness had Vincent's dick pressing hard against against Tony's belly through his jeans. Tony felt it and rubbed his body against his until Vincent thought he would shoot his load.  Vincent backed out of the room before it got out of hand and left Tony standing there frustrated and yelling, " I know you want it."

   Now, excitedly, Vincent took his hand and tried to open up Tony's shorts so he could get a gander at his dick when Tony awoke.

   "What the hell is going on?" Tony yelled out and grabbed Vincent by the T shirt. His strong, muscular arms held him tight. "Trying to grab a peek?" he said and held Vincent's face inches from his. Vincent was terrified that he would tell his father and sister. He wasn't worried for himself but for the embarrassment that he would cause both of them if they found out. His father suspected that he was gay but never a uttered a word. He was sure his mother knew and on her death bed said, "be happy, in the life you lead."

    Vincent was twenty eight,  tall and muscular. He was one of those gay guys that excelled in sports and worked out five days a week and was in terrific shape. He was handsome  but never flaunted his looks. Women found him sexy with his jet black hair that he wore long and piercing blue eyes.  He was ruggedly masculine and most people never suspected that he was gay. He was self employed owning a landscaping business with a degree in landscape architecture.

   "Is this what you wanted to see?" Tony hiss and slipped his dick out of his boxer shorts.  Vincent just stood and stared at the beautiful piece of equipment that was hanging there. It was close to eight inches, thick and uncut. Tony grabbed his meat and held it. "don't you want to taste this? I bet you would." He began to play with himself. "Come here and get some of this. You always wanted it and now's your chance."

  Vincent broke away and began to walk out the door.

  "Where are you going? he asked. Just a second ago you were trying to see what I had between my legs and now you're running away like the coward that you are."

   "I don't need to hear that shit from you. I just came up to give you a message that Marie wouldn't be home for dinner and that you were to eat with me. There's leftovers in the freezer."

   "That's it and instead you decided to look me over." He smiled and his eyes danced with mischief. "So it's me and you alone in this big house. Why is it that you don't like me?  How come?"

   "That's true, I don't like you," Vincent said.

   "Why? What have I done to you?"

    "You're a bigot who doesn't like gays."

    "Well, you're wrong." Tony said and got up from the bed and stood next to Vincent. His dick was hanging out of his short as he put his arm around his Vincent's shoulder. The excitement of Tony's hand as it held him made Vincent look down and stare at Tony's meat but Tony looked directly into Vincent's eyes. "You think I care that you're gay? I don't a shit as long as you're happy. I've seen you with straight guys who don't know that you're gay and you act exactly as you think that I act with you. At least I'm not a hypocrite but you are."

   The words stung Vincent but he knew that what Tony said was true.

   "I've heard you make the same derisive comments that you accuse me of making because you don't want them to know that you're gay. So don't go calling the kettle black." Tony looked at Vincent and smiled. "You may dislike me but you want to climb into my pants and we both know it." He turned towards Vincent and pulled him into his arms with a quick move and kissed him squarely on the lips. The kiss was a long, sensuous one that smoldered with heat. Vincent tried to pull away but couldn't and instead returned his kiss. They stood there not moving as Tony pulled off Vincent's shirt and kissed his muscular chest and sucked on his nipple that had Vincent leaking precum.

   "I've wanted that for a long time," Tony said. "I also knew that you wanted me," he said with hunger in his voice.

    Vincent was surprised at this revelation and didn't know what to say or do. He felt a disloyalty to his sister but he wanted Tony as much as he wanted anything in his life.

   "Every time you looked at me, or said something hurtful, it made me ache. This is tough for me to say as you look at me as this big, buffoon and that is not what I am. I'm gay, Vincent, as gay as you are but I happened to be married to your sister. I didn't plan it that way but that's the way it is. I would never hurt Marie but I can't change who I am. Every time I look at you, my dick gets hard," Tony said.  "When I fucked your sister I was inside you and that was how I came. It was me making love to you. So if you hate me, hate me for loving you and not your sister."

  The words washed over Vincent like a tidal wave and he thought he was suffocating. He didn't know what to say and looked at Vincent and saw a different man standing before him.

   "So what do we intend to do about it?" Tony asked and then lavished kisses on Vincent that was sweet and tender.

   Vincent took Tony by the hand and led him into his room and undressed him. Tony lay down on the bed and Vincent looked at him and took his large nipple and sucked on it until it grew in his mouth. Tony, was ecstatic and moved and groaned as his nipples were sucked. Vincent held Tony's cock that was throbbing in his hand and pulled back the large foreskin milking it back. Pre cum rimmed the head that was a red, bulbous mass and he licked the cum with his tongue and Tony cried out as if shocked with a bolt of lightning.

 "This is how I imaged it would be with you," Tony said and held Vincent's head tenderdly.

   Vincent got between Tony's legs and took the massive piece in his hand and held it and kissed the head lovingly. He licked at it until it was slick with saliva, then moved down the shaft slowly not sure if he could get this large tool into his mouth but he was sure going to try. Tony moaned with joy as Vincent sucked his dick using his tongue, mouth and hands as he manipulated his organ to give him pleasure. All his anger had dissipated with Tony's dick in his mouth.  The taste of his cock was sweet and he wanted this man so bad he ached. He licked at Tony's balls, first one and then the other until his balls were slick and the hair matted down with saliva so it was easier as he took first one ball and then the other into his mouth. Tony cried out in esctacy as Vincent's tongue found the underside between Tony's balls and ass and licked at it as Tony dripped pre cum. It was thick as honey as Vincent licked the nectar.  Vincent lifted Tony's legs until his could reach his touch hole and his tongue snaked into the crack of Tony's ass and he gasped as the warmth of Vincent's mouth licked at his love hole, flicking his tongue in and out of the treasure trove that had Tony moving his ass from side to side and up and down.

  "Don't make me cum," he begged like a young child. "Please kiss me and love me," he said and pulled Vincent toward him and held him close and smothered him with kisses.  He held Vincent's cock that was as large as Tony's and went down on it.

   The head of Vincent's cock was like velvet against Tony's tongue as he sucked at the head and down the shaft moving his head in a circular motion as he took Vincent's whole cock into his mouth. His mouth was like a vacuum cleaner as the suction from his lips had Vincent on the edge and he held Tony's head to make him stop.

  "Not yet," he cried out as Tony wanted to taste his load. "Let's sixty nine," he said filled with passion.

   Tony moved into position with Tony on bottom. Vincent face was nuzzled in the soft patch of hair surrounding his cock. It was soft and silky as he took Tony's throbbing instrument that twitched involuntarily. They began sucking each other with feeling that they both had never experienced. They weren't having sex but making love. Vincent was experienced and his tongue worked its magic and Tony felt himself getting ready to cum. Vincent sucked faster and faster and Tony cried out, "here it comes and gushed a load that filled Vincent's mouth with the sweetest, creamiest load that he ever had or tasted. He held onto Tony's dick and sucked every drop until Tony was spent and rolled over on his side.

  They both laid there quietly.  Tony then took Vincent's tool and began to suck on it slowly moving up and down the shaft in slow motion as he twirled his tongue around the head of Vincent's cock until he could no longer stand it and filled Tony's mouth with his cum. Tony held the load and tasted it and savored it and then swallowed it with delight.

   They held each close and didn't say a word. Tony looked at Vincent and kissed him sweetly on the lips and then Tony the braggart cried in Vincent's arms from joy.

                                    Three Weeks later.

    I don't believe that you're going hunting with Tony," Marie said. "I know you don't like him much but are doing it for my sake."

   Vincent didn't say a word feeling guilty for what he had done with Tony, but knew that he wanted Tony again and again and this weekend alone with him was something that he dreamed about when it was first mentioned. They were going to Tony's brother-in-law John's cabin. It was really a shack with no running water and an outhouse. It was used it during hunting season where he, John, and John's father hunted deer.

   Don't worry about John and his father," Tony said as they drove down a dirt road for what seemed like hours. Vincent didn't care as he was with Tony who held his hand as he drove. This was the first opportunity they had to be alone since that afternoon in the house. "Just remember when Marie asks about the cabin, shake your head and say that pigs stay in better dumps."

  "Isn't it a dump?" Vincent asked.

   "You'll see," Tony answered and reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

   It was done so sweetly that Vincent dick sprang to life and Tony laughed. "The joy of youth. Babe, I expect to make a lot of love to you this weekend."

   "What about John and his dad?"

    "There are two bedrooms in the cabin and you and I will be sharing a bed." He smiled and squeezed Vincent's dick.

     As they drove down a private road, Vincent spotted a broken down shack and thought it was worse than what he had imagined but Tony drove past it.

    "Isn't that the place? Vincent said and Tony smiled.

    About a quarter mile down the road was a log cabin nestled among the pines. There was hand hewed Cedar logs and smoke coming from a stone chimney. John was already there when they arrived and the house smelled of coffee. The cabin was tastefully decorated and had a stone fireplace with a roaring fire going. The room was warm and cozy and not what Vincent was led to believe. Outside was a hot tub sitting on a flagstone terrace. Vincent suspect that John didn't want his wife to invade his private sanctuary and took pictures of the cabin that they had passed on the road and told her that this was his cabin. Vincent didn't want to know how he perpetrated that lie and how his wife could believe it.

  "Where's your dad?" Tony inquired.

   "Home. His back was kicking up and he didn't want to risk it. It's just us three."

    John was around fifty and married to Tony's sister. He was taller then Tony and just as round and heavy. He had black hair that was beginning to gray that he wore in a brush cut. He was wearing a plaid, flannel shirt that was unbuttoned and Vincent could see the patch of graying hair on his chest and Vincent knew he was a bear unlike Tony who was smooth. John was masculine and knew that Vincent was gay and hugged him warmly.

   "Welcome to Dog Patch," he said and winked, his brown eyes sparkling. He put Vincent at ease immediately. "I know that you aren't going to hunt but you won't be bored as there are plenty of books and magazines to read and a large TV and stereo equipment. I want you to feel at home here."

   Tony saw the way that Vincent looked at John and there was annoyance in his face. He was jealous.

   "Why don't you guys grab a cup of coffee and relax. Tony will show you where you're bunking down. There is only one bed and that big lug snores. I have ear plugs if you need them." He hugged Tony warmly and Vincent envisioned himself sandwiched between these two handsome men.

    Rain began to fall and lightning filled the sky.

    "Let's hope it stops in the morning as there are bucks to shoot and venison to eat."

    That night they ate lasagna that John's wife had made along with a big salad. He and Tony brought the booze and they ate and drank until they were stuffed. Vincent was enjoying himself and every now and then when John wasn't looking, he winked at Tony. After they cleaned up, John announced. "I don't know about you guys but I'm bushed. Tomorrow's going to be a long day." He said goodnight leaving Vincent and Tony alone. They talked for a while and Vincent realized how wrong he was about Tony. Sure, Tony was a braggart but it stemmed from his insecurity of being a heavy man. He had known that he was gay since he was a teenager but got married because of family pressure. He loved Marie but sexually he was glad that it wasn't important to her so he occasionally was free to explore his homosexuality.

  They went to bed and laid in each other's arms holding each other tight. Vincent was nervous about John in the next room but Tony whispered, "go to sleep." Tony rolled over Vincent put his arms around his belly and held him close snuggling up against his ass. The heat emanating from Tony's body and their closeness had Vincent's dick erect and it was pressing against Tony's ass. It was an incredible feeling and Tony responding by pulling down his shorts and letting Vincent rub his dick against the crack of Tony's buns.

 "I want you inside of me, loving me, " Tony whispered.

  "What about John?"

   Tony took his hand and reached back and placed it on Vincent's dick and guided it to his hole. Vincent kissed Tony's neck and licked his ear lobes, a spot he discovered that drove Tony wild. He pushed gently at Tony ass and felt the head enter. He stopped and felt the adrenaline race through his body as the heat spread through him. They lay their silently as Tony moved his ass slowly taking in Vincent's cock like a fisherman reeling in a fish. Vincent fit into Tony's ass perfectly and he held his belly and squeezed his nipples. They moved slowly fearing the bed would creak. The sensuality of the slowness as they moved had Vincent so hot that he was ready to cum so he pulled out to cool off. Vincent kissed Tony and he sucked his cock making love to it with feeling that he didn't think he was capable of. Vincent had many lovers but it was just sex. With Tony it was love and he felt it when Tony held his hand as he blew him. Vincent wanted the taste of loving in his mouth as he moved along Tony's shaft and lovingly tongued his balls.

 "I want you back inside of me now," Tony said.

   Vincent kissed Tony's round buns and slipped his dick into him once more. It slid in and the fire that he felt made him crazy with lust as he fucked Tony slowly at first and then Vincent driving his dick up to the hilt into Tony's ass and Tony taking his thrusts and begging for more.

   "Oh, baby, love me. Cum in me," he shouted loudly not being able to contain himself.

    John came out of his room and headed toward the toilet when he heard Tony's yell. He listened at the door and heard Tony's voice.

   "Fuck me, give it to me sweetheart."

   John didn't know what was happening and burst into the room and opened the light to see Vincent fucking Tony.

   "Holy Shit," was all that came out of his mouth. He stood there in disbelief. " What the fuck is going on here?"

   "What does it look like?" Tony answered.

    Vincent was silent.

    "You're a fucking queer?" John shouted.

    "That's right and don't knock it until you've tried it."

    "Right," John said and was ready to leave.

     "Come here and find out for yourself," Tony said and beckoned for John to come to the bed.

      John began to back away.

      "You always said you would try and do anything once.This is your opportunity. Nobody will ever know or find out and I promise you will like the feeling. "

      John came to the side of the bed and Tony pulled down his jockey shorts and held his meat in his hand. John didn't stir but as Tony put his mouth on John's cock it rose immediately. It was uncut and thick as Tony sucked hungrily on it. His mouth was warm as his tongue licked at the head pulling back the hood and licking the flesh and then sliding his mouth down the shaft and up to the head in a slow, tantalizing manner that had John excited.

   "Oh, Jesus," John moaned as Tony licked his balls and made love to his cock.

   Vincent jumped out of bed and came up behind John and held his belly and played with his nipples as Tony's mouth took John's cock and deep throated him. Vincent felt John's nipples that were staiff.  He sank to his knees and put his tongue at the crack of John's ass and spread his cheeks and put his tongue into his ass. It slid into the crevice and he tasted John's honey as his tongue worked his magic sending John in waves of spasms that had him shouting with excitement. Tony knew he was ready to cum and stopped what he was doing and ordered Vincent to do the same.

  "Get into the bed John," he said.

   They all got into the bed and Tony began kissing John who responded now without hesitation with long, soulful kissed. Vincent began to suck both their cocks, alternating between one and then the other. As he sucked John's cock he inserted his finger gently into his ass. He moaned but Vincent sucked his dick and moved his finger farther into his ass.

   "Oh, Oh, John moaned as Vincent moved his finger in and out of his ass as he sucked him as Tony sucked on his nipples that were hard as a cherry pit as they grew in his mouth.

    Vincent lifted John's legs and began to rim him. John moved his ass into Vincent's face as his tongue tasted honey as he found his sweetness.

   "Oh, please fuck me," he shouted. "I want to feel what a dick is like inside of me."

    Vincent looked at Tony who winked.

    "Give it to him baby and then daddy is going to give you his love."

     Vincent put spit on the head of his dick and lifted John's legs in the air so he could penetrate him and placed his throbbing cock gently against John's ass. He pushed it in and John groaned in pain.

    "Easy," Tony said. "This is a cherry." His tongue found it's way into John's mouth and kissed him.

     Vincent pushed once again and felt his dick as it popped into John's ass. The tightness of his ass as Vincent moved slowly and the friction it created was incredible. John didn't groan as Vincent moved within him as he slid his dick farther into his ass until he had it all in. Vincent knew how to please himself but wanted to also please John so it he held onto his hips and began to move slowly at first and then built up a head of steam as John howled with joy. He placed John's legs on his shoulders so he could look into his handsome face as he fucked him and as he moved within him, he bent down and began to suck his cock as he fucked him. It was all that John could bear with Tony sucking on his nipples and Vincent both fucking and sucking him that John was ready to pop. He began to spasm and cried out, "Oh, sweet mother, I'm going to cum and unloaded a stream of semen that filled Vincent's mouth just as Vincent exploded in him. For them time stopped as John didn't move and Vincent waited until his dick went limp and slowly pulled it out of John's ass. He had John's load still in his mouth and kissed Tony who savored his brother-in-law's load and then he kissed John so he could taste himself.

    John just lay there not moving or saying a word as Vincent got on his knees at the edge of the bed getting prepared for Tony entering him. Tony was larger then anybody that Vincent had ever taken but he wanted his love inside of him. He prepared his ass with KY and greased Tony's pole and he was ready to be penetrated. Tony licked at Vincent's buns that were large two ripe melons and fingered him so he opened a bit. He rubbed his dick against the crack of Vincent's ass as John watched. Tony played with himself and the vein on his dick ran the lenght of his shaft and the head of his prick was like a large mushroom as he entered Vincent who felt the big piece of meat as it strained to enter his love hole. He gritted his teeth knowing that once he passed the pain threshold it would be nothing but pleasure and love.

   "Can you take me," Tony asked with excitement as he felt the warmth and wetness of Vincent's ass. He waited until the spasm of pain passed and then inched his way like a snail into Vincent who began to move his ass as Tony filled him with his love tool. He felt the heat as his ass opened up to him. Tony had never fucked a man before and Vincent's ass was tighter then any pussy as he began a ride that he hoped would last. The feeling of being inside a man who responded was something that Tony had never experienced and the sensation was indescribable.

    John began to kiss Vincent and Vincent responding with their tongues searching and finding each other as Tony was now up to the hilt in Vincent's ass and beginning to move quicker. The thrill of seeing his prick enter and come out of Vincent's ass was a turn on and Tony played with Vincent's balls as he fucked him.

    John had never sucked a dick before but was so turned on by the action taking place that he began to suck Vincent's cock and concentrated on the head. It was pleasant as he moved up and down the shaft and held Tony's belly with his hand as he fucked Vincent. John was getting hard again, something that never happened to him with a woman.

   "Oh, babe, it feels so good in me. I want you load inside of me," Vincent cooed as Tony thrust his powerful tool into his ass. Vincent took his thrusts and begged for more.  " Oh, yes, it feels wonderful," he shouted. "Fuck me and fill me with your love," as Tony's powerful dick was in his ass and his balls flapped against Vincent's side.

   His words spurred Tony whose belly moved up and down and he pinched his own nipple as he blasted away at Vincent's ass.

  "That's it babe, give it to me with that beautiful piece. Give me your love. I want it. Oh, Tony it feels incredible."

    Tony was delirious as his huge prick had found a home in Vincent's ass and he made love to it and knew that he was ready to cum. "Here it is sweetheart," he shouted and held Vincent's hips as a torrent of cum filled Vincent who moved his ass to take Tony's load.

    John's dick was hard as steel and he kissed Tony and said. " I have to fuck you, I want your ass."

     Tony gave John a long kiss and let him enter him. He was wet and wanted to feel John's heat. John entered him and felt the warmth and wetness and smiled as Tony's tight ass gripped his cock as he moved inside of him. Tony knew that John wouldn't last too long as he was so hot and this was his first trip to the altar like him. Tony moved his ass from side to side and up and down as John pumped away, a look of pleasure on his face as he cried out, "Oh, Tony, I gonna cum and spurted his spunk into his round ass. He almost collapsed and fell on the bed.

   Tony kissed him and then Vincent and then led the two of them into the shower where they cleaned up and they lay in the bed and held each other and all thoughts of deer hunting was forgotten as rain began to fall.