Cedric Moves On

by Tim Mead

Chapter 16:

The Walls of the Monastery

As he'd promised, Cedric called Bart when he got back to Colby to tell him he'd arrived safely and to thank him for the previous evening's dinner.  He thought of making another date.  He'd largely lost his reservations about Bart, and he found himself eager to see the big man again.  Not wanting to appear too eager, however, he decided to wait.

He didn't call again until Wednesday evening.  When Bart answered they chatted for a moment and then Cedric asked him to come for supper on Saturday night.

Without hesitation Bart said he was free and would like to come.

"Maybe you'd better bring along a change of undies and your toothbrush.  You never know what the weather's gonna be like."

"Good idea.  Besides, this will be our third date, won't it?"

And all that implies.

"Can I bring anything?"


"I haven't begun to think about a menu yet.  So just bring your sexy self.  Say about six?"

"Can we make it seven?  I have a meeting in Detroit that afternoon and I'm not sure how long it will go on."

"Sure.  Seven it is."

They said their goodbyes.

Sometimes at the office Cedric found himself gathering wool when he should have been doing paper work.  Or perhaps not really woolgathering, just thinking about Special Agent in Charge Barton McNamee.  "In charge" seemed an appropriate epithet.  Bart was clearly a take-charge kind of guy.  But Cedric was coming to believe his friend wasn't the manipulative sort he'd feared at first.  

Two things, at least, were clear:  Bart was interested in him.  And he was a sexy brute.  Beyond that, he'd agreed to stay overnight and had reminded Cedric it was their third date.  Surely that meant they'd be having sex . . . the idea of which left Cedric with a hitch in his breathing.

He did his shopping on Friday evening, braving the mob at Kroger's.

Saturday morning he was at the barber shop when it opened.  There was no such thing as a black barbershop in Colby, but Tyrese had told him to go to Gary's Barbershop on East Lorain Street and ask for Fred, who'd been cutting his hair ever since.

That morning, Fred tried to talk him into having his hair done a bit shorter than usual so he could cut fancy designs in it.  

"All the bros are doin' it, Ced.  Look what I did for Leroy over there."

Leroy's head was embellished with all sorts of precisely cut arcs and swirls.  It did look good.

"That's cool, but I don't think my clients or my boss would approve."

"Yeah, Tyrese be a little uptight."

So Cedric settled for his usual short but not too-short clip.

He had his apartment shining and ready for inspection by 4:00 and he'd done all the food prep he could.  He'd baked sugar cookies, and the veggies were washed and ready to go.  Kroger's had had some beautiful lamb chops, so he'd bought a half dozen.  He gasped when he saw how much they cost.  But, aware that some people don't like lamb, he also bought a couple of New York strip steaks.  He bought new redskin potatoes, carrots, and broccoli.  And a baguette.  For dessert he picked up pineapple sorbet to go with the sugar cookies.

He had Wensleydale cheese and crackers on the coffee table, a bottle of pinot noir breathing by six-thirty.  He was shaved and dressed.  He'd taken his cue from Bart and was wearing a nice button-up shirt with jeans.  Just to keep things casual, he was wearing white socks and no shoes.  

At precisely 7:00 the phone rang.  It was Bart in the garage.  Cedric buzzed him in and then went to the door.  He was standing in the open doorway when Bart got off the elevator.

The hunk, apparently remembering what Cedric had on the week before, was wearing dress slacks and loafers.  And a cream-colored cable-knit sweater.  He hadn't shaved since morning, obviously.  For a moment, a vision of Bluto passed through Cedric's mind.

In one hand he carried what looked like a dozen and a half red roses in a vase.  A bag was slung over his shoulder.

Cedric's head swam.

"Jesus, are you ever a vision!"

Bart put his free arm around Cedric and kissed him . . . thoroughly.

"Oh, my!  You're just what every gay boy dreams about."

Bart chuckled but then said, "Shh!  What about your neighbors?"

"Oh, they're probably making out.  Besides, I'd like them to know I've got a . . . friend? . . . like you."

Once inside Cedric took the roses and plunged his nose into the mass of blossoms.  "God, these are beautiful!  But why?"

Bart grinned.  "So you'll see my romantic side.  I'm not always a manipulative bastard."

Manipulate me!

Cedric put the roses on the coffee table and relieved Bart of his bag, making something of a point of taking it to the bedroom.

"I hope you like lamb.  I found some nice chops at the store yesterday, and they are in season.  If not, I've got steaks I could broil."

"No, lamb will be a treat."

Cedric was relieved because he had already rubbed the chops with garlic and pepper.

After they'd enjoyed a glass of wine and some of the cheese, Cedric went to the kitchen.  He invited Bart to sit at the bar which separated the kitchen from the larger room as he broiled the chops.  The table was already set, and the veggies were ready.

Bart seemed to enjoy the whole meal.  He said his favorite kind of potatoes were the little red ones in their jackets.

"The mint sauce is a great touch.  Too many people just put on mint jelly with lamb.  Did you make this?"

"Yeah.  It's no biggie if you can find fresh mint."

"Did you learn to do that from your mother?"

"No, it's something that . . . uh, my ex and I figured out together."

"That would be the skinny guy with the dark red hair, Dr. Mead?"

"Jesus, Bart.  You really checked me out!  Did you actually see Tim?"

A chuckle rumbled from the big man.  "I've only seen a facsimile of his driver's license.  So I've seen his hair color and I know his height.  Oh, and since he ran cross-country at Kenyon, I'm assuming he's the skinny type.  Unless he's let himself go."

"No, he runs every day and keeps in great shape."

"You're sounding pretty protective, babe.  I thought he'd hurt you."

"He did.  But we're cool now.  Enough said, okay?"

"Yeah.  Sorry I brought it up.  It's too early for us to be talking about exes.  But the first time I saw you I knew you'd been hurt."

"No shit?  Is it that obvious?"  He cocked an eyebrow at Bart.  "I was wandering around the museum looking `hurt'?"

Again the rumble from Bart's chest.  "Maybe not obvious to everyone.  But I saw something in your eyes.  And then the next time I saw you, you were a real mess."

"Yeah.  But I was really glad to see you.  And Ray, too, of course."

Bart smiled.  "Of course."  He took a sip of his wine.  "You know, if Mead's ever a problem, something might happen to him."

Horrified, Cedric said, "You couldn't!  You wouldn't . . . would you?"

"I could.  But I won't unless you ask me to."

"Hey, Tim's a good guy.  He's happy with Max.  Let's just leave it at that, okay?"

"Relax, Ced.  I'm only yanking your chain.  Apart from my profession, I'm really a gentle beast.  As I hope to prove to you over and over again."

When they finished the main course, Cedric mentioned the sorbet and cookies.

Bart stood and came around the table.  Cedric stood to face him.

"Baby, that sounds nice, but I have something else in mind for dessert.  It would be more delectable in the bedroom."

"I'll bet it would be.  And you'll have to believe me when I say I want it.  Um, that.  In the bedroom."

"You're gonna say but next, aren't you?"

"'Fraid so.  The thing is, the whole place smells like lamb now.  And as much as I love the meat, the odor isn't good.  And I just can't imagine having to scrub the broiler pan tomorrow morning.  Or even later this evening after everything has congealed."

Bart heaved a theatrical sigh and rolled his eyes.  "I guess we'll just have to clean it.  I wouldn't want you to be worrying about that while we"—he ran his knuckles over Cedric's left nipple—"have our dessert."

"Well, we can't clean the broiler pan.  But you could load the dishwasher while I clean it."

"I think I can manage that."

Fifteen minutes later the kitchen chores were done, Cedric had sprayed air freshener, and the two men were in the bedroom.

"It's always awkward the first time, isn't it?" Bart asked.

"What is?" Cedric asked, a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Making love."

"You mean we're not just having sex?"

"Have I been too subtle?  Surely you can't think what we're starting out on is something casual!  I've wanted to hold you and gentle you since that day last fall when we talked about the Victorians.  And that's what I want to do right now.  We can go sit on the sofa and I'll put my arms around you for as long as you'll let me.  But I warn you that could still lead to making out."

"Hell with the making out.  Let's get naked."

"Allow me, sir."

Bart began to unfasten the buttons of Cedric's shirt.  As he did so, he tilted his head down and kissed the top of Cedric's head.

"Did you just get a haircut?  It looks shorter than last week."

"Yeah.  This morning."

"I wish you'd let it grow a little longer."


"I think you'd look great in a tight `fro.  Besides, I might want to grab a couple of handfuls sometime."

After a bark of laughter, Cedric commented, "Now that's my romantic hunk!"

Bart slipped Cedric's shirt off, let it fall to the floor, and began a gentle, exploratory kiss.  It tasted mostly of wine.  And Cedric, who'd been looking forward all week to this moment, found his jeans uncomfortably tight around what he'd called Sneaky the Snake or just Sneaky when he was in college.  Funny.  He hadn't thought about that in years.

As they continued to kiss, Bart unfastened the buttons on Cedric's jeans, allowing them to drop around his ankles.  Then he began gently twisting Cedric's bare nipples.

Cedric grabbed the bottom of Bart's sweater and began to raise it, but Bart grabbed his hands.

"Um, dude, I seem to be the only one getting naked here."

"Patience, baby.  All in due course.  I believe I was invited for the night, so we've lots of time."

Bart dropped to his knees.  He nuzzled Cedric's hard dick through the cotton fabric before slowly sliding the boxer briefs down Cedric's legs. He tapped on one of Cedric's feet as a signal to lift it.  Cedric stepped out of the jeans, his cock springing up.

Bart stood up.  Grinning, he said, "Commando, huh?"

"But I'm still the only one naked."

"If you'll turn back the covers and lie down, I'll take care of the problem."

Moments later Cedric was lying with his hands clasped behind his head as he watched Bart do a slow strip tease.  As he'd imagined, the man was a bear, covered with dark hair.  When he turned and shimmied his boxer shorts down over his butt, Cedric noticed first that Bart must have his back waxed, and second, that his glutes were deliciously hairy.

"Mmm!  Come here, sexy!"

Bart got between Cedric's legs and positioned himself so that their faces were even with each other.  Most of his weight rested on his forearms.

"Relax, baby.  I want to make you feel good."  His eyes were dark, his voice deep.

"I feel pretty good already, but go ahead."

When Bart brushed his lips lightly across Cedric's, Cedric opened his mouth.  But Bart kept going.  He concentrated his attention on Cedric's left ear, nuzzling it, licking it, breathing on it, and, finally, sticking his tongue in it.

Cedric shivered and giggled.

Bart licked his way slowly to that point where the neck joins the shoulders and began sucking there.  Cedric shivered again, and his cock lurched. He knew there'd be a bruise the next day, but no one would see it and he didn't care.

He was disappointed when Bart moved again, but when the big man licked his way to the spot between his pecs where Ced had some hair and began pulling on it with his teeth, he was once again tingling.

Slowly, tantalizingly, the busy tongue moved toward a nipple, and things inside Cedric really began to zing.  

Cedric put both hands on Bart's head, his fingers combing the thick black hair.  Then he practically convulsed when he imagined Bart holding fists full of Cedric's hair while Cedric sucked him.

"Oh, dayum!"

The busy tongue and lips moved slowly to the other nipple.  After a while, to the navel.   Then, still slowly, toward the cock.  Cedric, eyes closed now, was floating away in a warm, golden haze.

Then Bart took Cedric's swollen dick in his hand.

Hot Diggity!  Here we go!

But there was no warm, wet mouth.  No stroking.  Bart merely moved the weeping cock out of the way.  He took one of Cedric's balls into his mouth and began to suck on it.

Cedric floated away again, staying in his stupor while the mouth worked his balls and then the tongue laved his taint.  He could take a lot of this. But he should offer to do something for Bart.  He was being selfish.

"Um, don't you want me to . . . ?"

"Roll over, baby and stick your sweet ass up for me."


After doing as instructed he felt the mattress give where Bart had taken his place behind him.  His ass cheeks were grabbed and separated by Bart's big hands.  

He'd been rimmed before, but the next thing he felt was a new sensation:  Bart's mustache.  And then the more familiar feeling of a tongue.  After the tip danced around his pucker for a short while, he felt the whole tongue lapping up and down his crack, sometimes going down his perineum to his balls.

Cedric wiggled his butt and moaned, which seemed to spur Bart on.  He nipped each cheek none too gently and then attacked the pucker.  It became the most aggressive rimming Cedric had ever experienced.  Unable to be quiet, he alternately moaned and offered verbal encouragement.

"Oh, God!  That's the best rim job I've ever had.  Don't stop.  Don't ever stop!"  He began to float away again, even as he pleaded for more.  He'd always loved being rimmed, but this time was far and away the most scintillating.  He pushed out of his mind thoughts of how often and with whom Bart had honed his skills and gave himself over to pure sensation.

He lost track of time, but Bart worked over his hole for what had to be the longest rimming in Ced's experience.  And then it stopped.

The mattress moved again.  Bart was lying on top of him.  He offered the middle finger of his right hand to Cedric's lips.

"Suck it, baby.  Get it good and juicy, `cause it's goin' inside."

Cedric worked on the finger as if it had been a cock while feeling Bart's hard tool sliding up and down his butt crack.  This was no golden haze. This was basic sex, but every bit as good.

It didn't take long for Cedric to slobber all over the designated digit.  Bart removed it from one opening and slowly inserted it into another.

"Oh, yeah!  Play with my ass!"

"Huh!  I'm not playing, babe.  I'm finger fuckin' you."

He quickly found Cedric's prostate and began to massage it.  Cedric pushed back onto the finger, groaning now in his need.  Somewhere in his mind Cedric knew he should feel guilty.  This had been all about him.  He should be doing something to return the pleasure.  But he also knew that Bart wanted to do this, wanted to give him this gift.  To refuse it would be churlish.  Besides, it felt too fucking good!  He'd make it up to Bart later.

Cedric didn't know how long Bart stroked his love nut.  But when the finger was removed, he was brought out of his fog, hating the sense of loss, of emptiness.

Without opening his eyes, he knew from feel and sound that Bart had pulled out the nightstand drawer where he kept his stuff.  Then another moment while he heard the cap of the lube being opened.

"How'd you know that was there?"

"Duh!  Where else would it be?"

"Yeah, okay.  Not thinkin' too clearly here."

"I'm gonna have to open you up, sweetie.  I'm kind of big."

That fact hadn't escaped Cedric's notice.  Bart was bigger than any of his previous lovers and, while he wanted that big cock inside him, he was sure it would be a painful entry.

Bart used two fingers at first to stretch and tease and stimulate.  Cedric had expected that, but he was relieved that the big guy was slow and patient.  He gave himself over once more to the sensations, trusting.  Eventually a third finger joined the others in twisting, entwining, stretching. After a while longer he grunted when he felt an intense burn.

"Four fingers now, babe.  Relax."

Cedric knew he was being stretched more than he ever had been before.  He also knew it was necessary.  And his need for the big cock grew.

Bart withdrew all the fingers.  Cedric felt as if his hole must be gaping open.  He lay there motionless, listening as Bart tore open a foil packet, rolled it down his big cock, and covered it with lube.  He also worked more lube into Cedric's hole.

"I'm gonna do this very slowly.  You tell me if it hurts and I'll stop to let you get used to it.  Okay?"

It seemed forever, but according to the bedside clock, it took a little over ten minutes of stopping and starting before Bart was fully in.  As he'd promised he entered almost centimeter by centimeter, checking after each movement with Cedric.

Cedric, who'd always thought of himself as versatile, not just a bottom, had never been so full, had never felt so thoroughly invaded.  

Once he was in, Bart left it to Cedric to indicate his readiness to begin.  

"Okay, man, but go slow."

Slow it was.  Until Cedric pleaded with him to pick up the pace.  

It felt as if the massive cock was in constant contact with his prostate.  He knew he was being royally fucked.  And it was . . . well, he couldn't think of a proper word.  And he was momentarily amused that he was thinking about words in the midst of being screwed.  

As before, Cedric withdrew into that world of sensation where time doesn't exist.  He had no idea how long it was before he erupted onto the sheet below him nor how long after that Bart kept going.  Later he remembered it had been a long time since he'd come without his cock being touched.

Finally, however, Bart thrust more deeply into him than would have seemed possible moments before, a rumble began to emanate from his chest, and with a loud exclamation he came.  Cedric could feel the condom-covered cock pulsing inside him.

Bart fell forward onto his forearms, his torso covering Cedric's.  He nuzzled the back of Cedric's neck.

"Thank you, sweetie."

He rolled over, peeled off the condom, and tossed it into a nearby waste can.

"Come here."  He lay on his side, inviting Cedric to snuggle closer.

"Don't you want a shower?  Are you ready for sorbet and cookies?"

"No, babe.  Not now.  Just let me hold you for a few minutes."

Without a word Cedric moved into his arms, ignoring the wet spot under him.

Cedric woke up at 2:14 AM.  The bedside light was still on.  And they were practically stuck together at the groin where Cedric's cum had dried in their pubes.  When he tried to move Bart opened his eyes and smiled.

"You okay?"

"More than okay.  You?"

"Drained.  Gettin' old."

"You?  I doubt that."  He pushed back, allowing his hand to run down Bart's hairy chest.  And then down the lower abs to the pubes.

Bart grabbed his hand.  "No, baby.  We need showers."

Cedric grinned at him.  "What if we just got all sweaty and sticky again?  I owe you some pamperin'."

"Well, there is that.  What ya got in mind?"

Cedric put his free hand behind Bart's head and pulled him closer for a long, persuasive kiss that ended up with Bart on his back and Cedric lying on top of him as they ground their reawakened cocks together.

"Mmm.  Ced?"

"Yeah, stud?"

"Don't want frottage.  I want you to fuck me good."

Surprised and not a little relieved, Cedric responded, "We aims to please."  One of his last concerns had been that Bart was not only a top but a Top.

"Before we go any further, how about a pit stop?"

"Go right ahead.  I'll be next."

While Bart was in the bathroom, Cedric changed the bottom sheet and checked that there were still condoms and lube on the bedside table.

When Bart returned, Cedric used a damp wash cloth on his pits, groin, and crack.  He rinsed his mouth with Scope and returned to find Bart spread out in all his glory, cock already hard.

"How do you want me?"

Cedric chuckled.  "The obvious answer is `any way I can get you.'  But stay on your back while I do some exploring"

His exploring consisted of his working his way from Bart's stubbly face down to his hairy pecs and thence slowly down the hairy body as he nuzzled, licked and nipped, occasionally growling as he went.

He was surprised, after all that hair, to find the pubes had been neatly trimmed.  But he discovered that the balls hadn't been touched, and the taint, crack, and pucker were all any bear lover could want.  He was also surprised by how much all that hair turned him on, as none of his previous sexual partners had been particularly hirsute.

Some time later while Cedric was enthusiastically tonguing Bart's hole, he heard, in the usual low but now foggy voice, "I'm ready, baby."  So he sheathed and lubed up, making sure that Bart, too, was well lubed.

Bart was tight, so entry was once more difficult.  Cedric went slowly and carefully.

"Man, you're tight!  How long's it been?"

"Too long.  Right now, baby, I need you.  Let's get on with it."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"Just do it, please!"

Having come not that long ago, Cedric was able to keep going for a long time, Bart growling constant encouragement.  

When Cedric woke again, it was daylight.  Once more he was wrapped in Bart's arms, though this time with his back to the other man, spoon-fashion.  He was happy his bladder wasn't about to burst so he could nestle closer and just enjoy the warmth and security his lover provided.  

Lover?  Too soon for that maybe, but sex partner sounds so clinical.  Could take a lot more of this, for sure.

It was after 10:00 when Bart kissed the back of his neck.  Soft lips.  Scratchy beard.

"Mornin', hunk."

"Mornin', baby.  You okay?"

"Sore.  But a good sore.  How about you?"

"Maybe tender's a better word for me.  A nice feeling."

Cedric felt Bart's hard cock pressed against his ass crack.  

"My god, you want to go again?  I mean, not that it wasn't awesome, but—"

He felt the chuckle rumbling in Bart's chest.  "No, this is just a morning piss-hard.  It's been what, six hours?  And my bladder's ten years older than yours."

Cedric offered Bart the master bath, saying he'd use the guest bath off the bedroom hallway, but Bart told him to go ahead and shower.  He'd snooze until the master bathroom was free.

He didn't bother to shave, opting for the scruffy look.  Besides he didn't want to run the electric shaver in case Bart wanted to sleep a while longer.

When he came out of the bathroom Bart was lying there on his back, hands clasped behind his head, eyes shut, looking big and powerful.

"You smell good," he said, opening his eyes and smiling.

"I don't imagine you do.  I'll go start breakfast while you shower.  There's plenty of clean towels."

As he walked through the living room Cedric bent and buried his nose in the roses, which by now had begun to open, and deeply inhaled their perfume.  

Bart seemed to take a while in the shower.  And then after the water was shut off, he lingered in the bathroom.  Cedric had the breakfast bar set, coffee made, juice poured, link sausages crackling in the skillet, and buckwheat pancake batter made when the scent of Cedric's shower gel announced Bart's arrival.

He sniffed appreciatively.  "You smell good."

"Breakfast smells good, too," came the basso reply.  "Can I have a hug?"

"Oh, my, yes!"  He's a sweet beast, Cedric thought as he was squeezed against that big body.

"Have your juice," he said when Bart released him.  "I'll make the first batch of pancakes."

Bart took his juice to the window.  "Another of northern Ohio's little weather treats.  It's raining."

The snow cover hadn't melted any in the week since Cedric had spent the night in Toledo.  But this morning it was cloudy and mild, with a slow drizzle falling.

"That means there'll be flooded basements and streams out of their banks soon, probably.  It happens every spring after a winter with big snow accumulations."

"Well," Bart said, grinning.  "It's good you and I don't have basements."

Cedric put a jug of maple syrup in the microwave for 30 seconds.  As it heated he put two big pancakes and two sausage links on each plate. There was plenty more batter but he didn't pour any onto the griddle because he wanted to enjoy eating without having to tend pancakes.  They'd cook quickly enough when they were ready for seconds.  And he hoped this would be a leisurely breakfast.

The microwave dinged.  He took out the syrup and said, "Okay, come and get it!"

When they'd had their first round of pancakes and sausage and were working on their second, Cedric put down his fork.

"My mother wouldn't approve of this as breakfast table conversation, but man, I have to tell you how great last night was."

Bart's dark eyes twinkled.  "And this morning, sometime after two."

"It's been a while since I've had any sex, and maybe never anything that good."

"Why, thank you, sir!"  Bart took a sip of his coffee, set the mug down, and looked directly at Cedric.  "I have no right to ask, but have you had any sexual partners except Banerjee since you broke up with the prof?"

Ced grinned.  "You're right.  Your question is a bit pushy.  But in the spirit of getting to know each other, I'll answer.  First of all, Tim and I didn't just break up.  He dumped me."

"More fool he!  I can't imagine that."

"Well, there's a story there.  I'll tell you about it sometime."  Cedric put down his fork.  "There's some batter left.  Would you like another pancake or two?"

"No, baby, thanks.  They're great, but I've carb loaded enough."

"Okay."  Ced got up and refilled their coffee mugs.  "I'm embarrassed to admit it, but Jay's the only person I've had sex with more than once since Tim.  Pretty pathetic, huh?"

Bart's smile caused Cedric's body to flush.  "What a waste.  All those men in Ann Arbor and Cleveland and Colby who didn't know what they were missing!"

"Thank you.  And for the record, Jay dumped me, too.  He said I didn't love him and he saw no point in continuing a relationship that wasn't going anywhere."

Bart's face was serious.  "I can't say I'm sorry.  He probably did the right thing."

"What about you?  I don't expect an accounting of all your exes, but surely a stud like you hasn't had to live like a monk."

"More than you think.  I've had to be very discreet.  The Agency accepts gay people.  But I understand that—and this isn't stated policy, mind you—while it's okay to be gay, one shouldn't do anything gay or anything that's even perceived to be gay."

"My God, you've been as much of a monk as I have!"

Bart leaned forward and covered Cedric's hand with his.  "Yeah.  But I think the walls of the monastery started to crumble last night."

To Be Concluded

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