By Mickey S

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Chapter 16

Even though I didn't want to talk to Barbara, for Dad's sake I decided to see if I could get her to put all of the unpleasantness behind us. The next day after lunch I called her from the barn before I went back out to the fields.

"Yes, what is it, Silas?" Her voice was cold, but cautious. She probably thought the only reason I would call would be if I had bad news.

"Don't worry, Dad's okay, or as okay as someone with his kind of heart trouble can be." I went on to explain his limitations, the oxygen and the motorized scooter.

"So why are you calling?"

"Does there have to be a reason? We're family, and while we've had our problems, I thought you might like to know how he's doing. And I thought maybe we could bury the hatchet and try to get along again."

"So now the prodigal gay whore is trying to be the family peacemaker? I suppose this means you've weaseled your way into his will, so now that I'm not a threat anymore you're ready to make up with me?"

"Jesus! What is wrong with you, Barbara? You keep making this all out to be about money."

"Don't play innocent with me. All those years the old man was scraping by on the farm you stayed away. I was the one who called him regularly and made sure he was okay. I even dragged my family across the country three times to visit him, and let me tell you there were a lot of other ways we all would have preferred spending our vacations. But now that Dad's come into all of this state money you're back on the farm, playing the caring son, making nice."

"Barbara, have you forgotten it was you who practically begged me to come back here last spring? It wasn't my idea. And I came here for two reasons. One, to take care of the farm, and two, out of a feeling of obligation to the man who raised me. It was hell at first with him although we're getting along better now, and it's also been a lot of hard work. And for your information, I just found out about the farmland preservation money yesterday. So that has nothing to do with why I'm here."

"Yeah, like I believe that."

"Believe whatever you like about me. I really don't care. But the reason I'm calling is Dad. He's feeling hurt that you haven't called to see how he is."

"He said that?"

"No, you know he'd never come right out and say anything like that. He's mellowed a bit since the second heart attack but he's still an ornery old man who doesn't talk about feelings. That doesn't mean he doesn't have them, though. For someone who's so concerned about her inheritance I'd think you'd be trying to show some concern for his well-being, even if it is all show."

"I care about him, you know that. I've often thought of calling him but the last time we spoke he was so mean and made it clear he didn't want anything to do with me. I thought I'd give him some time to cool down."

"The last time you talked to him he was laying half-dead in Intensive Care and you kept harping at him that it wasn't your son's fault.  But it's been over a month. You could at least call him."

"Actually, I was thinking of bringing the kids out for a visit."

"You can't seriously be thinking of bringing Teddy back here. You want to kill Dad?"

"No, I couldn't get Teddy back there if he were drugged unconscious and packed in a trunk. I meant Jake and Lisa. I figure if Dad's doing poorly he might want to see his grandchildren one last time."

"Please don't put it that way when you talk to him. And I'd appreciate it if you put this trip off until after the harvest is done. I'm working night and day as it is."

"We'd be coming to see Dad, not you."

"Even so, I don't think I could handle having three houseguests when I'm already working 16 hours a day. It's not like Dad's up to helping much around the house, even if he knew how."

"Well, don't worry, the kids just went back to school last week so we won't be coming soon. They have a couple of days off near the end of October so maybe we can make it then. If that's all right with you," she added sarcastically.

"That would be fine with me, although you'd better run it by Dad. It's still his house, you know."

"I'm surprised you haven't talked him into signing it over to you. Or maybe you have power of attorney by now."

"Dad's still in complete possession of his faculties and he's the boss making all the decisions, as he'll tell anyone who will listen."

"Doesn't sound like he's mellowed all that much. Are you going to tell him to expect my call so you can take credit for bringing the family back together?"

"No, I was thinking it might be better to not let him know we've talked, let him think it was your idea to call."

"How generous of you." Again with the sarcasm.

"Not at all. I just thought he'd feel better if he thought you were calling because you cared."

Barbara's attitude puzzled me. She was obviously still pissed off at me, although for a second or two in our conversation she seemed to slip back into her old self, as if she forgot she was supposed to be mad. I could understand one point she made. After all, she had done her best to take care of Dad from across the country when I was living only 60 miles away. And she hadn't done it for money because he hadn't had any most of that time. I couldn't remember her ever being money-hungry or particularly concerned with my morals as a single gay man in New York so I didn't understand why she would be so down on me now. Maybe her family was having financial problems and needed money badly. That might explain some of it.

As annoying as her attitude was, I didn't obsess about it. By the time I was at work in the fields, my mind had slipped back into the subject of my usual daydream - Declan. Unlike my earlier fantasies about him which usually revolved around his tight little ass, lately I'd been dreaming more and more about his beautiful blue eyes and perfect smile. Yeah, I was still having sexual fantasies about him, although no more than a dozen times a day, but more often than not I dreamed about Declan the person rather than Declan the body.

Even so, I'd decided it was time we broke the ice and started having sex. We'd moved past our 'first date' nervousness and were seriously into each other. Declan was comfortable dating a man and I thought we were both ready to take the next step in our relationship. We'd done plenty of kissing and making out - hours in the car after our dinners out, and on the front porch after our Saturdays at home. Those passionate kissing sessions got me more worked up than any of my professional dates and it was torture not going any further. Usually as soon as Declan had left for home I'd go upstairs, strip down and sprawl across my bed, gently stroking myself while reliving the passion until I brought myself to orgasm. I knew Declan was affected just as strongly and I often wondered how he made it home before he was able to relieve himself.

I meant to talk to him over dinner that Wednesday but while the restaurant we picked wasn't crowded, four older women were seated at the table right next to us so a talk about sex was pretty much out of the question. It really didn't matter though because as soon as we were seated we fell into a very comfortable conversation, one that covered a wide variety of topics and lasted through the ride home in Declan's Jeep.

As we pulled in the driveway I remembered what I wanted to talk to him about. It was a beautiful evening and on nights like this we usually sat on the porch and talked, kissed and otherwise tortured ourselves. First, though, I looked in on Dad. As usual he was dozing in his recliner in front of the TV, which was tuned to the Yankees game. I got a couple of beers from the fridge and rejoined Declan on the porch. I sat down next to him but before I could say anything he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me.

A lot of my professional dates had involved kissing. After all, they were dates, usually, not just appointments for sex. Often, that had been the hardest part of my job. Strangely enough, I considered kissing to be a more intimate act than fucking. Sex was just an animalistic rutting, a primal urge being satisfied. But kissing ... Two faces right up against each other, eyes only inches apart, staring into the depths of one's soul - that was intimate. And I didn't much like doing that with strangers.

I loved doing it with Declan, though. His eyes were beautiful to begin with, and so clear I felt I could see right through to his innermost being. As we kissed I felt he opened himself up to me, sharing everything he had, keeping nothing from me. I hoped I gave as good as I got because that's how I wanted it to be between us. Our kisses always began so gently, our lips brushing each others', barely touching, our tongues flitting out in quick licks. Then little pecks, lightly kissing all around each others' mouths, nibbling a bit with gentle little bites. Then more forceful, pressing kisses, still close-mouthed but expressing some of the passion that was building. Finally our mouths would open slightly, allowing the other's tongue inside, and we'd return to the gentle, tentative exploration as we entered the other's mouth. Again, passion grew, but the kissing remained tender, not evolving into one of those tongue wrestling matches so often described in erotic writings. Maybe that would come later when we were in the midst of strenuous physical sexual activity. But for sitting on the porch kissing, it was all about soft, gentle tenderness.

That didn't mean our kissing wasn't sexual, however. Within seconds of starting, we were both boned up, our erections straining in their confined spaces. We both had to adjust ourselves more than once as time passed. As usual, my mind went blank, my only thoughts being Declan's mouth, his lips, his tongue. After who knows how long, he pulled away.

"Why don't we take this upstairs?"

"You mean it?" I was surprised. Happy, but surprised.

"Yeah, I think we've waited long enough, maybe too long. It's time."

It was a huge relief to know that we were thinking along the same lines, that I didn't have to take the lead and make a suggestion that might be rejected. Even so, I found myself hesitant. Declan immediately sensed the uncertainty in the few seconds where I didn't respond.

"You don't think so? You don't think we're ready?"

"No, I agree with you totally. In fact, I've been wanting to talk to you about it all evening, but haven't had the chance. It's just, I don't know, now that we've agreed it's time, something is holding me back. I've been fantasizing about you for so long, I want it to be just right."

"So do I. Maybe our waiting has backfired a little, making this out to be a bigger deal than it is. But we both know we want to take our relationship to the next level. That's what's important."

I thought about what I was feeling, trying to understand myself and see if I could find the words to make Declan understand.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but can you wait just a little longer?"

"I can't believe you're saying it either. How much longer do you have in mind?"

"Don't worry, just a few days. You see, I want our first time to be something special. If we went upstairs now, I'm sure it would be great and we'd both love it, but it would seem, I don't know, maybe a little sleazy."

"Sleazy? You think I'm sleazy for suggesting we make love?" He pulled away and I was afraid I'd blown it big time.

"No, not at all. Maybe I used the wrong word. It's just, it would be like we're sneaking past my sleeping father to slip upstairs for a quickie. It's already getting late and we both have to be up early for a long day's work tomorrow, so we couldn't take the time I'd want to. I was thinking if we waited until the weekend, we could plan things so you could spend the night. As much as I want to make love to you, I also want to wake up with you the next morning."

"You had me worried there for a minute. But when you put it that way, I agree completely. Because I want to do more than just have some good sex. I want to make love with you, sleep with you, wake up with you and then maybe make love again."

"You see, that's what I'm talking about. As you said, waiting has made this seem like a big deal, but it should be. Because it's not just two guys meeting in a bar wanting to have sex. It's two people who know each other well, who like what they know, and who want to pursue a relationship. That's a huge deal and we should make sure we get it right."

Declan had been smiling once he realized I wasn't hesitant about having sex, just making sure we did it the right way. But now he broke out into a laugh.

"What did I say that was funny?"

"Nothing at all, babe. But who would have thought the professional escort would be such a romantic?"

"Hey, I told you, that was just a job, it wasn't who I was. But even I'm surprised at how romantic I've been feeling. I've never been in a relationship like this so I've never experienced these feelings before. And I really like it."

Anticipation. The next few days were agony. All I could think about was Saturday night. I told Dad that Declan was going to spend the night, expecting some snide comment in response. But he just grunted and said nothing. I wasn't crazy about making love with Declan with Dad downstairs, knowing what we were doing, but there was no way around it. I'd thought about going to Declan's house, but while that would have put some distance between us and Dad, it would have been more inconvenient in other ways. No matter where I spent the night, I had to be in the barn at five in the morning with the cows. And while Dad was doing well enough to be left alone for short spells, I wasn't comfortable with the idea of leaving him alone overnight. Besides, Declan had never invited me to his place and had always managed to change the subject whenever I mentioned it. I was sure someday I'd see his home, but in the meantime it wasn't important.

Saturday finally arrived. Declan showed up just after lunch with the dogs. He was originally going to put them in a kennel overnight but I convinced him to bring them to the house. Dad could keep an eye on them while we were out riding. Not that they really needed to be watched. They would normally have been alone at his place all afternoon and evening.

We took our usual ride through the state park. I think we were both tempted to cut it short, but we forced ourselves to stay with our routine. There was an air of anticipation all afternoon, though, one we commented on and laughed about. By the time we returned the horses to the stables a little before four, we were getting giddy, teasing each other, laughing about anything and everything, slipping sexual innuendoes into every other sentence.

"Do you think Sam'll mind if we nuke him some leftovers and go to bed at six?" Declan asked as we got into the Jeep.

"As horny as I am and as much as I'm looking forward to being with you, I think that would be rushing it a bit. We have all evening, night and tomorrow."

"I'm not suggesting we rush. I just want us to take advantage of every minute we have together."

"We're definitely in agreement on that."

It turned out that dinner with Dad wasn't a problem. When we got back to the house the dogs greeted us as if we'd been away for a week. Declan assured me they usually acted like that when he came home although that was because they'd been alone. But it turned out they were alone. Dad had left a note on the kitchen table.

I thought you two might want to be rid of me for a while so Frank took me to his place for some of Mary's home cooking. I'd say don't do anything I wouldn't but I know that's exactly what you will do.

"Did you tell him about our plans, Silas?"

"No, but I guess it didn't take a genius to figure it out when I told him you'd be spending the night. I'm surprised he's being so cooperative. I'd expect him to be cranky about it, grumbling under his breath."

"Beneath that grumpy exterior you know he loves you."

"Yeah, I've come to realize that, and I know he's trying to be accepting of my being gay, but he's still not comfortable with it."

"Give him time. At least he's working on it."

Even though we had the house to ourselves, we stuck to our plan not to rush it. I took care of the cows while Declan kept me company. Then I fixed us a simple supper. It was a romantic meal, however, as Declan set the dining room table with Mom's china, silver and crystal while I cooked. We always ate in the kitchen but with Dad away we could make this really special. We shared a bottle of wine and ate by candlelight. While we took our time, by the end of the meal it was clear neither of us wanted to wait any longer. We skipped dessert, left the dishes on the table and went upstairs.

Once we were standing facing each other at the foot of the bed, I felt a bit lost. In all of my professional sexual escapades I knew in advance what I was supposed to do. I was playing a role, one that had been defined by my date. Even in my non-professional encounters I had usually let my partner take the lead. In the beginning it was because I had less experience. Later, I was just used to being whatever my partner wanted me to be. It wasn't that I didn't have explicit desires of my own, but I wanted to please the other. And I'd never wanted to please anyone the way I wanted to please Declan.

I don't know what Declan thought of my hesitation, but he didn't seem to have any uncertainty about what he wanted. He pulled me to him and kissed me, very lightly at first, but then more passionately. For a few minutes we remained standing, fully-clothed, making out the way we usually did on the porch. Soon, though, he let go of me long enough to tug my shirt out of my pants, then stepped back to pull it over my head. I followed his lead and did the same. In all of the time we'd been dating, I'd never seen his smooth, naked chest and the sight of those defined pecs made me lose any of the wavering I'd been experiencing.

As soon as our shirts had been tossed aside, I bent slightly and flicked his left nipple with the tip of my tongue. He moaned and I took that as an okay to keep going. Not that it mattered much because I really wanted that nipple and was going to go for it. I took it in my mouth and alternated sucking lightly and swirling my tongue around it. Declan must have liked it as much as I did because his moaning increased and his fingers dug into my back as he pulled me to him. Not wanting to play favorites, I shifted to the other nipple and after a few minutes Declan's moans had turned to groans. He started fumbling with the button on my jeans so I stepped back and unfastened his. While our jeans weren't especially tight we had to push them down as we both had bulges in our tighty-whities caused by our hard-ons.

We carefully removed our briefs and stood back for a moment to drink in the naked view in front of us. His body was even better than I'd imagined. Yeah, I'd seen him naked in the locker room in high school, but he was just a kid then. He hadn't grown any taller but he'd filled out and toned up. And his rock hard dick was something I'd never seen. It was beautiful, maybe a tad shorter than mine but a bit thicker, and looked smooth as silk. I stepped up to him and wrapped my hand around it, pulling lightly, letting it slide through my fingers. He did the same to me and we stood together at a slight angle, allowing space to play with each other. I reached around him with my other hand and grabbed his right ass cheek. It also felt smooth and soft though muscular. I made a mental note to turn him around as soon as I got tired of stroking him. I just had to see the beautiful ass that I'd been fantasizing about for so many years.

Before I had the chance, though, Declan turned me until the backs of my calves were against the bed, pushed softly until I fell onto the mattress, and then climbed on top of me. He lay on me, grinding his hips into mine, and resumed kissing. I ran my hands up and down his back, feeling his muscles flex and relax as he moved. Finally he slid down until his face was in my crotch and flicked his tongue across my cock and balls. I braced myself on my elbows so I could watch him work me over. He looked up at me, a devilish look in those deep blue eyes, and then went down on me, practically swallowing my rod in one movement. Now it was my turn to moan and groan. He may have spent most of his adult years bedding down women, but he sure knew how to take care of a man. I would have been happy just lying there allowing him to pleasure me with his mouth, but there was so much more I wanted to do.

"As much as I'm enjoying this, how about swiveling around so I can get in on some of the action?"

He lifted his head up and grinned at me. "If you insist."

He shifted around and lay on his side. I turned on my side and faced his rock-hard pecker. He went back to work playing sword swallower with mine but I took my time getting to know his. I examined it for a moment, running the tips of my fingers over it, becoming familiar with the feel of it. Then I began licking, up and down the shaft for a while, then around the rim of the head, before finally taking it in my mouth. I took it all in until my nose was in his neatly trimmed pubes, and I inhaled deeply, reveling in his light musky scent. All of this time he was slowly bobbing up and down on my dick, sucking lightly each time he pulled off. I got into rhythm with him and did the same.

After a few minutes he pulled off me and backed his hips away from my face.

"Ease up on that a bit. I'm not ready to come yet but I will if we keep this up."

"Same here. But I've got an idea that will keep us from cooling down too much."

I rolled over onto my back and pulled him on top of me. I pushed him down a bit so his balls, not his cock were in my face. I took one in my mouth, sucking it very gently, trying to roll it around on my tongue. He did the same to me as I switched to the other ball. I could probably have taken both in my mouth at once but I didn't want to squeeze them. While some guys liked that, even a little testicular pain could ruin the whole evening for others. After gently working over both orbs, I slid just a tad further out from under him and began to lick the area between his balls and anus. I reached both arms around his hips and grabbed his cheeks, pulling them apart so I could get a glimpse of what I'd always considered the holy grail, his tight little pucker.

I'd dreamed for so many years of diving face first into that pink hole and there it finally was, inches from my eyes. I lifted my head, letting my tongue lead me to paradise. I licked around the rim a bit then put my mouth over his hole and sucked on it, gently working my tongue against it, trying to push my way inside. I was so intent on achieving my dream that I'd been at it a couple of minutes before I realized he was doing the same thing to me. Over the years I'd had a couple of clients who were into rimming but most of the guys I'd dated didn't care for it so much, actively, at least.

After a while of trying to shift my attention back and forth from what I was doing to his hole to what he was doing to mine, I was the one who had to beg for a break.

"Time to cool down again, Declan. I'm gonna blow any second if we keep this up."

"I don't think we cooled down very much the last time, but why don't we try something where we can allow ourselves to explode if we feel like it? Make love to me, Silas."

"You sure you want that?"

"Never been more sure of anything. Fuck me, stud."

After years of being whoever my dates wanted me to be and doing whatever they wanted, I didn't have to be told twice. Especially since fucking that beautiful ass of his was maybe the one thing I wanted to do more than rimming it. So I rolled him onto his back, spread his legs apart and knelt in between them.

"There are condoms and lube in that drawer by your head."

He grabbed them and tossed them to me. I squirted a little lube on my hands, and worked some of it into his slightly relaxed pucker with my left fingers as I rubbed some onto my hard shaft with my right hand. I worked one finger into him as I unrolled the condom over my dick, then added some more lube. He had no trouble accommodating a second finger so after I'd worked them around a bit, making sure he was adequately stretched, I scooted up closer to him, placing the head of my cock against his loosened anus. I smiled down at him, my eyes asking if he was ready. He smiled back and nodded.

I pushed into him tenderly, not applying too much pressure. At first I didn't get anywhere, but then I popped through his ring and sunk in about an inch. He gasped and I stopped.

"I'm okay, just give me a sec to get used to it. It's been a while."

"Take all the time you need. I'll pull out if you want."

"No, I'm fine now. Keep going."

So I gave another push and slowly sank into him. He was smiling by the time my pubes were pressing against his skin. I pulled out almost all the way and slid back in again, thrusting a little harder this time. Each time I used a bit more force until we were rocking at a good solid rhythm. Our eyes locked and completed the circle. The physical sensations our loins were experiencing traveled up to our minds and were then exchanged again through our eyes. We were like one being, with exquisite pleasure moving through us in waves.

I tried all different positions, plunging my cock into him at different angles, lifting his hips until he was practically on his shoulders and I was fucking downward into him. He seemed to like that position so I stayed with it, thrusting into him like a piston, hitting his sweet spot every time. I could feel an enormous explosion building within me. He seemed to sense it, too, as he grabbed his cock and began stroking it. In no time I felt his hole clench around my rod and he started shooting ropes of thick, white cum across his torso. I'd been about to burst anyway, but the feel of his pucker milking me and the sight of the cum I'd fucked out of him pushed me over the edge, and I gave one final, forceful thrust as I blasted shot after shot of my load deep inside him.

I fell onto the bed next to him exhausted, panting and sweaty. When I'd caught my breath I got up and went into the bathroom where I disposed of the condom and cleaned up a bit. Then I took a warm, wet washcloth and a towel back to the bedroom and cleaned Declan. He lay there, still looking a bit dazed. I tossed the wash cloth and towel on the floor and cuddled up to him. I felt like I should say something but I was feeling speechless. The feeling I had was one of utter satisfaction, of pure happiness. No words could add to it or even express it.

"That was incredible, Silas. Amazing, awesome, breath-taking, stupendous. After all of the waiting I was afraid that we'd built our expectations too high and I was prepared for a letdown, but that was anything but."

I laughed.

"Here I was thinking there were no words to describe it and you came up with all of those."

"So you agree it was worth the wait?"

"That would have been worth waiting years for, although I'm glad we didn't."

The dogs had been sleeping on the rug at the foot of the bed all during our workout, but now they both sat up, their heads tilted to one side, listening. A few seconds later the back door slammed and they took off down the hall.

"The warden's back," I sighed. "Fun and games are over."

"No way! I'm here for the rest of the weekend and we're gonna spend a lot of it in this bed. I don't care if the whole neighborhood is downstairs."

"That would be a helluva way for you to come out."

"Yeah, but it would be worth it."