by Mickey S.

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Chapter 4

Having forgotten Declan's advice about aspirin, Tuesday morning I awoke with the bad big head that he had talked about. As soon as I'd taken care of the cows I went right back to bed and slept until almost nine. My schedule was definitely going to need some fine tuning. I felt better after a shower and some coffee and decided to do some cleaning. Downstairs wasn't as bad as my bedroom had been but it still took me all morning to get it looking even close to the way Mom had kept it.

I thought about how I was going to get into town to get the car. I looked out at Dad's Ford F-150 parked near the shed. It looked like it was only a couple of years old. There was really no reason for me to be renting a car if the truck ran okay. I found his keys on the hook by the kitchen door and went out to start it. It started right up and I let it run for a while. Everything seemed okay so I shut it off and went back in the house. I called the agency where I'd rented the car to see if there was someplace I could turn the Altima in locally. It turned out they had an agency near the dealership where I'd sold my car all those years ago.

I drove into town and swapped the pickup for the car. After turning the car in I walked the half mile back to the truck. As I walked past the Blarney Stone I thought about dropping in to see if Declan was there, but decided not to. After all, he'd said it wasn't his day job, whatever that was. Besides, I'd probably be as much a blathering idiot sober as I had been drunk.  

When I got back to the house I called Karen to report on my date the night before and to let her know I liked the Townsend scenario. I also suggested adding farmhand to my possible dream personas. She suggested I take some sexy farm pictures for my page of the website. I hoped she didn't mean something involving bestiality but I told her I'd work on it.

About one o'clock my cell phone rang.

"Mr. Willson? This is Dr. Patel."

"Yes, how did things go?"

"The procedure went well but your father's not in very good shape. He had quite a bit of blockage in his coronary arteries. We inserted stents in the two worst ones to improve blood flow. And the MI over the weekend did quite a bit of damage to his heart muscle."

"So what does that mean?" All I wanted to know was whether or not he would survive, and if he could return home on his own. I'd pretty much accepted that he wouldn't be doing any more farming.

"It means that if he takes medication and makes some changes in his lifestyle he can lead a limited life at home."

"Limited? How so?"

"Well, very little physical exertion, to start. No stairs, for example. He'll probably get winded just walking across a room. I'd suggest a walker or cane for balance in case he's unstable on his feet. And he should have oxygen nearby for use when needed, although that shouldn't be all the time."

"So he'll be an invalid."

"Semi-invalid is more like it. He should still be able to take care of most of his ADL's, that's activities of daily living, for himself. He's just got to take it easy and go slow."

"But can he live alone?"

There was a long pause.

"We'll have to see about that. When we send him home the discharge planning will include visits by a nurse to monitor his vital signs and medications, and maybe a home health aide as well. But until we see how he manages I would suggest someone on the premises all the time."

In other words, no.

"What about one of those medic alert things that he can wear around his neck and push a button to summon help if he has an emergency?"

"Those have their value, but I think he may need help on an ongoing basis, not just for a rare emergency. But we really don't know yet. I'd like to keep him here another week, let him recover from today's procedure and see how he is then. Are you sure you wouldn't like to visit him now?"

"If he can't come home to an empty house we may have to deal with one another but maybe that should wait until he's stronger and we know more. In the meantime I'll have my sister call him and see what he thinks about all of this. I assume you've told him all that you've told me."

"Yes, his mind is all there and he's capable of making his own decisions so I've given him all the information we have."

"Then he and my sister can talk it over and we'll see what they decide to do."

I was going to call Barbara right away but as I was hanging up from my call with the doctor the house phone rang. I'd left that number in my message to Livy so I thought it might be her. It wasn't but it was a female voice.

"Silas! This is Mary Perry. When were you going to call me?"

"I'm sorry, Aunt Mary. As you can imagine I've been a little out of sorts here, between getting used to the farm chores again and dealing with Dad's doctor. And I had to go to work in the city last night. But I was going to call you today. How are you?"

"Fine, but I'll be better once I've put some home cooking into you. I'll bet you're skinny as a rail living off take-out food and whatever in New York."

"I've been eating pretty well but haven't had anything like your cooking since I left. I'd love to come over sometime.'

"How about six o'clock? You should be done with the milking by then."

"That sounds great. I'll be there."

This time I was able to call Barbara as soon as I hung up the phone. I passed on all of the information Dr. Patel had given me.

"Maybe you should come out here next week when he's ready to come home and stay with him a while. You'll be able to judge if he'll be okay on his own. If not, maybe we can hire a babysitter of sorts, someone to help him out and keep an eye on him."

"I told you before, I have a husband, three children and a part-time job, Silas. I can't just pick up and leave them all in the lurch."

"Oh, and I can just drop my whole life?"

"You know what I mean. You're single, no kids and you apparently have a flexible job schedule. Why can't you do it?"

"Because he'd probably drop dead the minute he saw my face. And being around him wouldn't exactly be good for me either. You know the situation."

"Maybe it would work out okay if you just didn't bring up the whole gay thing around him." The whole gay thing???

"I don't have to bring it up. He knows. He'll be the one to bring it up, I guarantee it."

"Well, let me talk to him, feel him out. I could discuss his situation with him, make sure he knows he needs help, then suggest I could try to get in touch with you and ask if you'd be willing to help out. I'll see how he feels about that."

"Oh, I'm sure he'll be fine with it, Babs. He's probably joined a PFLAG chapter while I've been away and has spent all of his spare time lobbying for gay marriage in the hopes that I've met Mr. Right."

"You don't have to be sarcastic. Of course he hasn't changed his antigay attitude, but he might be willing to put a muzzle on it when he realizes you're his only option."

"It's not gonna work, sis."

"You don't know that. Maybe he's mellowed. Maybe this has scared him enough so that he realizes he needs you. And if it works out, great. If not, at least we've bought a little time to find some live-in help."

"You've forgotten something. He's gonna need round-the-clock supervision and I can't be here 24/7. I have to work for a living. I have rent and utilities to pay plus all of the usual expenses. Retirement at 32 is not an option for me."

"Finding someone to do a few eight hour shifts a week is easier than round-the-clock. We'll work something out. But first I have to talk to Dad. Just tell me you'll think about it."

There was no harm in doing that because I knew Dad wouldn't go for it.

After that stressful call I needed a shoulder to cry on so I called Livy. Once again it went to voice mail

"Olivia, dear, I don't mean to interrupt your trolling for free range pussy, but it would be nice if you'd return a call now and then. I've got no one to talk to but the cows out here. As punishment I've decided you deserve a weekend in the country. I'll be in the city for a date Friday night and will meet you at my apartment at midnight unless I hear from you otherwise. Pack a bag and call me, bitch!"

Aunt Mary had said I shouldn't bring anything except my appetite but I couldn't show up empty handed so I made a spinach quiche. What else would a gay man with a dozen extra eggs make? Besides, living alone I rarely had a chance to try anything I'd learned in the New School's Culinary Arts program a few years back. Not that it took any real expertise. The pie crust was more work than the quiche itself.

Uncle Frank was just coming in from the barn as I approached their house so we went in together. Aunt Mary was in the kitchen. She wiped her hands off on her apron and rushed over to me. I just had time to set the quiche down on the table before she gave me a hug.  She held on for a long time, then pushed me away and looked me over.

"My Lord, you've grown into quite a man. You were still a boy when you left. You look wonderful."

"Thanks, so do you but you haven't changed a bit. I've missed you both so much."

"Well, you could've come to visit. Frank says you've been in New York City all this time. That's not so far away."

"No, it isn't, but Dad is right down the road and I wasn't interested in running into him."

"I think it's so sad that you two don't get along. You're all the family each other has." She looked at my left hand. "You're still single?"

"Yes, I just haven't met the right person yet." I didn't plan to come out to them, at least not that night, but I had never switched pronouns and I wasn't about to begin.

"What a shame. I'm sure you'd make some lucky girl very happy."

I changed the subject by pointing to the quiche.

"You'd better put that in the refrigerator."

"It looks delicious. Wherever did you learn to cook, Silas?"

"You know I always spent a lot of time with Mom in the kitchen. And I took some classes in the city. A single man has to learn to fend for himself."

"Your father hasn't. Sarah was a wonderful cook but he never paid attention to how she made anything. I don't think the man can even boil water. If it weren't for those horrible frozen dinners he would have starved to death long ago. Frank and I have him over once a week to make sure he gets a good meal now and then."

"I'm sure he appreciates it."

"Speaking of food, let's eat. I'm sure all of this farm work you're doing has given you quite an appetite. I doubt if you're used to such physical labor in the city."

No, the physical labor I did in the city was of a completely different kind.

Over a delicious supper of flank steak, mashed potatoes and green beans I told them about my conversation with the doctor that afternoon.

"I've been after Sam to see a doctor for years. He was slowing down but he insisted it was just old age. You know how stubborn he can be." Oh brother, did I.

"And that smoking of his. I don't know how Sarah put up with it."

"Now Mary, I smoked for years and you put up with me."

"Yes, but you never smoked in the house."

Dad had never smoked around the barn or in the fields - he wasn't about to risk a fire - but he seemed to have a cigarette lit all the time when he was in the house. Growing up in a smoke-filled house was one of the reasons I hated smoking.

Frank and Mary caught me up on news of the neighbors and the town. Most of the new housing being built were single homes on acre lots split off from large blocks of land, but there was the occasional farm like the Miller's that had been sold to a developer as a whole. One farm further up the road had been developed like that, which explained the increase in traffic I'd noticed.

"But enough about us hicks. Mary and I would like to hear all about your life in the big city."

"I don't know what to tell you. It's so different from this in every way. I have a small apartment in Chelsea, I work and still go to school when I can. I eat out a lot, go to lots of shows, concerts, museums. I keep busy."

"What about your work? Frank says you're in public relations. I've never understood exactly what that was."

Most people didn't so I had a stock answer for those who asked.

"It's all about image. Most people are concerned about the image they project to the world around them, how they're perceived. Famous people like celebrities and politicians are especially concerned and often hire someone to take care of their image. Companies do too."

"And so what do you do for them?"

"I'm sort of like an event planner. I figure out ways to present people as they'd like to be seen."

Actually, that wasn't so far off from what I did. Except I wasn't projecting my clients' images outward, but inward. I was finding ways for them to see themselves as they'd like to be. It was their self-image that I was concerned with.

"You must be very creative, dear."

"I suppose I am, Aunt Mary, but the real planning comes from my boss. He has the big ideas and it's my job to make them work."

Amazing how I could make it sound like a legitimate job.

After we'd cleaned up the dishes we sat out on the porch and talked for a while longer.
I'd felt oddly out of place in the empty farmhouse the past two days but here I felt comfortable and at home.

I had no date scheduled for Wednesday either so I had another day of nothing but farm chores. I got the roto-tiller out of the shed and dug up a patch of Mom's garden. It wasn't too late to put in some vegetables although I wasn't going to plant anything until I knew what was going to happen with Dad.

I didn't hear from Barbara all day but Livy finally called me back and agreed to come out for the weekend. She'd been born and raised in Queens so her only idea of what a farm was like came from TV and the movies. I spent the evening reading and turned in early.  

Because the date with Mr. Townsend on Thursday started with dinner I had to meet him at the restaurant at seven. That meant leaving the farm earlier than I had on Monday so I had to herd the cows into the barn early to milk them at three-thirty. They weren't too happy about that. Cows are creatures of habit and they train very well, but they like routine.

I got to my apartment at six, changed into my prep school costume and then spent some time getting into character. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull off the teenage act with a 23 year old in the room to compare me with. But maybe the comparison wouldn't matter so much since Mr. Townsend had been with me several times before and had accepted me in the role. I ran through Ed's scenario a few times. Mr. Townsend was 'Dad', I was 'Richie', and Dan was 'Dan'. Apparently Dan had wanted me to be Ryan, his old friend, but Mr. Townsend had already  named me. That was a problem when combining fantasies. I don't know how Ed explained it to Dan but that wasn't my job. I just hoped that both clients would stick to the script. It was hard enough when one wanted to change the rules but when there were two and they each weren't aware that the other wasn't an escort, well, it could be a mess.

'Dad' and I did our father-son school discussion over dinner as usual. The only major change was that I asked his permission for my friend Dan to come to the apartment to study with me. When we got to the apartment I went to my room and waited. A minute later the door opened and 'Dad' let Dan in. I could tell by the looks on both of their faces that they were pleased with each other. This was going to work out just fine.

Dan was a cutie, too. He was a little shorter than me and slim, with longish brown hair, parted on the left and swept over his forehead. He looked his age which meant I didn't look too much older. Neither of us passed for anywhere near 16, but we looked to be close to the same age. As soon as 'Dad' closed the door Dan dropped his bag and took me into his arms, kissing me deeply. If he fucked as well as he kissed it was going to be a hot night. Normally I would have prolonged the foreplay but with 'Dad' waiting in the other room we had to stay on schedule. Without seeming to rush too much I got both of us out of our clothes and on to the bed while still making out.

I'd already placed the condoms and lube conveniently on top of  the nightstand so while Dan knelt between my legs and sheathed his six inch rod I used my lubed fingers to prepare myself for his entry. I spread my legs even further and he scooted up until his knees were under my thighs, lifting my ass off the mattress a few inches. He slowly entered me, pushing in one long steady move, until he was buried to the hilt. I smiled up at him and he began to fuck. He'd only been at it two or three minutes when the door opened and 'Dad' stood there in his robe looking furious at the scene before him.

"So this is what you're doing in here when you're supposed to be studying. Well, if you're not going to study I guess it's up to me to teach you something."

With that he flung off his robe and lunged toward the bed. He'd never removed the robe before and I noticed he had an excellent body. And the dick that my body usually rubbed against through his robe was fat and at least eight inches. Lucky Dan.

Dan had his legs spread just a little as he lay on top of me, wiggling his hips a bit, moving his hardon around inside me. 'Dad' knelt behind him and reached for the night stand. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he only picked up the lube, not a condom. As he started lubing himself up I reached over, picked up the condom and held it up to him.

"A hundred more for bareback?" he asked.

Dan nodded eagerly, thinking he was being asked for an extra fee for an extra service. Barebacking was dead against our rules and Ed made that very clear to all clients so they both knew it. I didn't want to get into a business ethic lecture in the middle of a date, though. They'd already broken character by mentioning money.

"No way, guys, safe only." They both looked as if they were going to start arguing but I cut them off. "Talk to Ed about next time. No re-negotiation mid-date. Now do you want to fuck or not?"

They both slipped back into character and we resumed the act. Because he'd continued moving around inside me Dan was still hard. Because 'Dad' had taken a little blue pill earlier so was he. He put the condom over his huge schlong and pressed it up against Dan's hole. Dan's whole body stiffened and he gasped in pain as he was entered, but in a few seconds he was wiggling his butt even more than before. "Dad' started pistoning in and out of him with a great deal of force, muttering about teaching us boys a lesson we wouldn't soon forget. His force rammed Dan deeper and deeper into me. I was getting a little squashed with both of them on top of me but the ride was worth it. 'Dad was the first to blow his load. The feel of his big dick swelling and throbbing inside Dan must have excited him because he came right after that. I'd had enough warning so I was able to grab my dick and pump it in my fist several times to bring myself to orgasm as well.

'Dad' got up, put on his robe and stopped in the doorway on his way out of the room.

"Now I hope you boys have learned not to deceive me in the future because you know what will happen to you if you do."

"Yes, sir," Dan grinned sheepishly. He rolled off me, his dick leaving me feeling very empty as he pulled out. As we got dressed he came out of character.

"I don't know what you were so upset about. He was willing to fuck me raw for another hundred and I wanted it. It's not like you were even involved. No one was asking you to do bareback."

"It's against the rules. You were told that when you set this whole thing up."

"Yeah, well I told the guy in the office that my fantasy was bareback and he told me no. I figured he just had to give me the 'official' line but that rules were meant to be broken."

"That's one rule that will never be broken around me. If you want you can talk to Ed about it. He's the boss."

"Yeah, I'll do that." He stalked out of the room.

I quickly followed him, not that I wanted to have any more to do with him. It's just that Mr. Townsend thought we were co-workers so I wanted it to appear we were leaving together. Mr. Townsend stopped me at the door.

"I don't know what the big deal was back there, Richie. He was willing to go along and it was his ass on the line, so to speak."

"I'm sorry, sir. It's the number one rule of Dream Dates. Ed would fire any of us who violated it."

"Well you can be sure I'm going to talk to him about it."

"That's your prerogative. Good night, sir."

In the cab on the way back to my apartment I evaluated the evening. Three orgasms, no tips, two unsatisfied customers. Not my usual date. But at least my ass was happy. Whatever else I thought about him, that Dan could really fuck.