By Mickey S

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Chapter 8

Early Thursday morning after taking care of the cows and making Dad breakfast I went to the local office of a lab in my insurance network and had blood drawn for the tests Dr. Davenport wanted run. I wasn't supposed to have anything to eat or drink beforehand, not even coffee since I took milk and sugar in it, so even though I'd been up a couple of hours I was still pretty groggy when I got to the lab at seven.

Since I'd had to stumble through those few hours without caffeine and make breakfast for Dad without eating any of it, I treated myself to a meal at the Sussex Queen Diner on my way home. I sat at the counter and was thrilled when the waitress immediately poured me a cup of coffee. I ordered a cheddar omelet, bacon and home fries, then sipped my coffee and looked around the place. I was surprised to see Declan and a blonde sitting in a booth by the window. She had her back to me so I couldn't tell what she looked like but he was facing me and when we made eye contact he smiled at me. That made her turn and look in my direction. She was in her early twenties and very pretty. I'd just started eating when Declan and his friend got up to leave. As they passed Declan looked in my direction and said, "Be right back."

I watched them go to a red Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible where they engaged in a kiss that was way too passionate for eight in the morning, then she got in the car and drove off. As Declan walked back toward the building I imagined I saw a bulge in his khakis. He sat on the stool next to me and the waitress poured him a cup of coffee.

"Thanks, Maggie. So what brings you out so early in the morning, Silas? Who's watching your dad?"

"My nephew, although I'm sure he's still in bed. He's there, though." I'd bought a set of baby monitors that Dad strenuously objected to but I held firm. One was in his bedroom and the other on a small table in the upstairs hall. That way all he had to do if he needed help was call out and we'd hear him.

"You just needed to get away?"

"No, I was out anyway and hadn't had anything to eat yet so I was hungry." I pointed to the Band-Aid on the inside of my elbow.

"Ah, fasting for blood work. Nothing serious, I hope."

"No, just my annual physical."

"You've got a local doctor?"

"No, my regular doctor is in New York but since I was out here my boss recommended a guy in Wayne." I sometimes amazed myself how I could word the truth in such a way that it gave no picture of reality. Maybe I had a future in politics.

"Well, if you ever need a local doctor just ask. I know them all."

That made me glad Dr. Davenport hadn't been more local.

"So, was that your girlfriend?"

"Hardly. You'd think I'd know better by my age. I went to Hooters in Franklin last night for their buffalo wing special and had more beer than wings. She was at the bar with a couple of friends and ended up going home with me."

"And that was a mistake? She looked pretty hot to me."

"Oh, she's hot all right, and I've had more than my share of meaningless sex over the years. But I'm at a point in my life where I want more than that."

"Well, it has to start somewhere. Maybe this will amount to more than just sex."

"I don't think so. You know the expression, 'more than meets the eye?' Well, that's not her. From your seat here you pretty much saw all of her good points."

"That's pretty cruel."

"I don't mean to be. I mean, she's nice, she's pretty, she's good in bed. Ten years ago that would have been plenty good enough for me. But there was no chemistry at all. No fireworks, not even a spark."

"I know what you mean. Sex can certainly be good but if that's all there is it isn't very satisfying after a while." Again, a truth that didn't convey much real information.

"Well, I'd better get to work. I have a heart patient who gets cranky if I'm late."

"I can't imagine who you're talking about. I guess I'll see you a little later."

I watched his butt as he walked out of the diner. Even though she'd only had a one night stand with him, I envied that blonde from Hooters.

Since Teddy was more eager to baby-sit than to do farm chores I didn't worry about how much time I was away from the farm on dates. I was still limiting myself to two a week but if they were in the city that was okay. The next week I had one regular client for a standard evening date in Manhattan and a new client in Jersey. He was a partner in a large law firm in Roseland and wanted a massage in his office. Even though I knew from the email instructions that I wouldn't be wearing them long, I dressed in my Swedish masseur clothes, a tight white tee shirt and even tighter white jeans.

His secretary didn't seem surprised at my appearance and I didn't have to wait more than a minute or two for my one o'clock appointment. My client greeted me dressed in a large white towel that was draped around his waist. He looked to be in his mid-fifties and was quite heavy with most of his weight around his waist and hips. Not a hottie by any means.  

"I have a bad back so the staff is used to my weekly appointments with a massage therapist. Since he's on vacation I thought I'd see if I could combine some therapy with some fun. The table is in the closet here."

He opened a door and a massage table was folded up standing on end against one wall. I pulled it out, unfolded the legs and set it up while he locked the door to the outer office. I noticed the table was a lot more substantial than most massage tables I'd seen. I helped him as he climbed onto the table and lay face down.

"While you look great in that outfit, I had something else in mind for the massage."

"Yes, sir, I received your instructions." I quickly stripped off all of my clothes. He wanted a naked massage so that was what he would get.

I started out at the head of the table, working on his neck and shoulders. As I worked my way down his back he lifted his head and took my dick in his mouth. He sucked me very professionally until I had to move to the side of the table to get to his lower back.

"You're very good at this, maybe even better than my usual guy, and he's a licensed therapist."

"Thanks, sir. I've taken a course and I try to keep in practice."

Among the many courses I had taken over the years was one in massage therapy and I'd passed the state licensing exam even though I'd then never had any real desire to work as a therapist. While knowing a lot about massage helped with some of my clients I never let on that I was a licensed therapist. I didn't mind using my knowledge on the job but somehow it only seemed ethical to give happy endings if the client thought I was an amateur.

After I'd worked my way down both of his legs, including foot massages, I got ready for the finale. I had to resort to my usual fantasy to get hard, that of Declan's naked butt in the high school locker room. Having seen so much of him lately made it an even hotter fantasy. Once I was fully erect I put a condom on, lubed myself and climbed up on the table between his legs. I prayed the table would support our combined weight.

I bent over and gave his ample ass cheeks a thorough massage, ending with a little hole play. I massaged his sphincter, working a finger or two into his hole, having a little fun popping my thumbs into him, one after the other. When I sensed he was ready I positioned myself over him, stroked myself a couple of last times and then slowly inserted my rod into him.

I fucked him gently, not wanting to have the table collapse under us. I still gave him a good pounding though, going in as deep as I could, changing angles to hit his prostate in different ways, stretching his anus as much as I could. From his loud grunts and groans he appeared to be enjoying every thrust. Usually when I was fucking someone in this position I liked to reach under him and work his cock with my hand, helping him along, but this guy was too big and too heavy for that, so I hoped the fucking would be enough to bring him to orgasm.

It was. He started to get louder as he neared his climax and I put my own fantasy into high gear, thinking about spreading those white muscular cheeks of Declan's and diving in tongue first. I felt my client's hole clench around my dick and seconds later I exploded, filling the condom in him with my load.

I gingerly climbed off the table, took off the condom and tied it before dropping it in a waste basket. Then I cleaned myself with one of several towels he had piled on a chair. I then took another towel and wiped him down, getting as much of the massage oil off him as I could. Then I helped him up off the table.

"That was one hell of a massage. I don't know whether I liked the first part or the second better, but I wouldn't have missed that ending for anything."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, sir."

"I did, and I hope we can do this again real soon. Now, I've got to take a shower and get dressed. If you could put the table away I'd greatly appreciate it. There's a little something extra for you in that envelope on the desk."

I put the table away and got dressed. As I picked up the envelope from the desk I looked around. There was a picture of the client with a middle-aged woman, a young man and two young women. A nice family portrait. I put the envelope in my back pocket and left.

A couple of days later I saw Declan when he came to visit Dad. I wished I could thank him for how much he helped me in my job but I didn't think he'd appreciate it. While he was checking out Dad I got the mail in from the mailbox at the road. There was an envelope from Dr. Davenport. In it were my lab results. I was sitting on the front porch looking it over when Declan came out.

"You're looking very serious, Silas. Important mail?"

"Just my lab results. I think they mean I'm still alive."

"Let me see." He took the papers from me and looked through them. "You're in great shape. Everything normal. Good blood count, great cholesterol, good blood sugar, HIV negative. Even your boys seem to be great swimmers. Why did you have a semen analysis done? That's a little out of the ordinary for a young single guy."

Shit! I'd forgotten that test had been done.

"Um, well, I was thinking about going to a sperm bank to see if I could make a few extra bucks." A stupid lie but the only thing I could think of that might make sense.

"They'd do all of their own testing if you did that. Are you running a little short of money by having to stay here and miss work?"

"No, not really. It wasn't the money aspect so much. It's just that recently a friend commented that I had good genes and they should be passed on. So I thought, why not?"

"Well, there's something to be said for that and there are plenty of couples who need help getting pregnant. But I don't know if I could go through life knowing I might have a dozen or so unknown kids running around. When I have kids I want to know about it and be a father to them."

"Yeah, I'd probably feel the same way. Like I said, it was just a thought. One I obviously haven't thought through very well."

"I think you'd be better off finding someone to settle down with and starting a family. That's a much better way to pass on your genes."

Yeah, easy if that someone is of the opposite sex.

"Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck in that respect."

"I find that hard to believe. Just don't give up. Tell you what, as long as your nephew is here to watch your father, why don't the two of us go out one night? I'll show you the local hot spots, what there are."

"You mean like Hooters?"

"God no, I think I'd better avoid that place for a while."

I hadn't had much luck in years of cruising the gay clubs of New York so I didn't think I'd do well in the straight clubs of Sussex County, but the idea of an evening out with Declan sounded like fun. I was finally relaxed enough around him to enjoy his company and had discovered that he was more than a pretty face and hot ass. He was a great guy.

"Maybe we can at least do dinner sometime and you can catch me up on our old classmates. I assume since you're still in the area you've kept in touch with some of them."

"Sure thing. I'm gossip central when it comes to members of our class. You're one of the few I knew nothing about."

"You still don't know much about me."

"Another reason why we should hang out together."

Before Declan and I could coordinate our schedules with Teddy's full social calendar to arrange a night out, I had another date with Paul Ramsey, aka PDB. This time he wanted a casual dinner. Once again I met him on a street corner near my apartment. This time I felt much more at ease. Instead of full leather or the tuxedo, I was wearing dark blue slacks and a pale yellow polo shirt.

The variety of outfits I had to wear for these dates made things difficult for me when I left home. Since both Dad and Teddy thought I was going to business appointments I had to be dressed in at least business casual when I left the farm. If the date required different attire I had to stop at a gas station to change. The employees at the Amoco station in Franklin must have wondered what was up with me.

PDB picked me up in a stretch limo, not super-stretch, just the regular kind. That surprised me and made me wonder what we were going to be doing after dinner. Usually he was in a Town Car. He greeted me warmly, calling me Peter, the name I'd given him the last time. I kept a little pocket notebook with all of the names I used with various clients. I always referred to that before a date with a regular client. God forbid I ever met one of them on the street unexpectedly. I'd have no idea who I was supposed to be.

The driver took us to a small restaurant off Central Park West, just down the block from the Museum of Natural History.

Over dinner Paul asked me about myself. I tried to be as honest as possible but didn't want to give too much of my identity away. It was important to remain a little vague and mysterious. I told him about my apartment in Chelsea and some of my studies. I didn't want to overwhelm him with all of my educational experience.

"So, if you'll pardon the cliché, how did a nice young man like you end up in a profession like this?"

"Just lucky, I guess," I laughed. "I was young when I came to the city and didn't have any marketable skills. At the same time I discovered sex and how much fun it could be. I resisted when I was first offered money for sex but I was eventually corrupted."

"I don't think you're corrupted even now. You're still a sweet, sensitive young man from what I've seen. But it's occurred to me that you must have to have a pretty submissive personality to do the things you do for your clients."

"No, it looks that way but I don't think that's true. From what I've heard submissive guys get off on being told what to do whether it's what they want or not. It's the domination that turns them on. I have a long list of things I won't do. I probably turn down more dates than I accept. And I don't like guys who are dominating. Once I've agreed to the details of a date, just ask and I'll do whatever you want. But if you start demanding, it puts my back up and I can become uncooperative. So although I like to go along and be agreeable most of the time, I'm not submissive."

"So how much longer do you think you'll be doing this? I would imagine age can be a limiting factor in this profession."

"You'd better believe it. I'm getting to be a little old for this both from the client's point of view and my own. I've really got to decide what I want to be when I grow up." This was getting far more personal than I'd intended so it was time to turn the tables on him. "And now that I've told you my side, how about you? What's a nice married grandfather doing with a guy like me?"

All through the years I'd known that many of my clients had been married and I'd tried not to think about it, about being 'the other woman.' But when I did think about it it bothered me. Seeing that lawyer's family picture on his desk after giving him a massage and a fuck had been very disturbing. I wanted to know what these guys were thinking when they were with me.

"That's hard to say without sounding like I'm making excuses for bad behavior. It isn't something I've done all through my life. In fact, in over forty years of marriage you're the only person I've ever cheated on my wife with."

"Well, that makes me feel like crap."

"Please don't feel that way. You're just doing your job. I'm the one who's initiating it, who's doing the cheating.."

"But why now, after all these years?"

"You see, I'm bisexual. Yes, really. I know some gay guys think that's a copout, that it's just a stopping off point on the way to coming out, but I really am attracted to both men and women. I never had the balls to do anything about the gay side of me though, not even as a teenager when all the other guys were fooling around. I was too scared, so I stuck with women and fell in love with my wife. We've had a great life together. But I've always wondered what I'd missed. Last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and while I had successful surgery and am okay now, it made me realize that time was running out. So I decided to see what was on the other side."

"And that's why we've had such varied dates?"

"Yes, I always had a leather fantasy so that's why we met that way the first three times. That was going to be it but after looking at your picture on the web site I decided I wanted a formal gay date as well and then the opera opportunity came up. And I had such a good time that night I wanted to get to know you better. But tonight is the end. I've experienced a little of the other side of my desires, so I can close that door now. But I do have one more request for this evening."    

"Ah, something in the car, I'll bet. I was wondering why the larger car this time."

"Yes. It's not sex exactly, but when we get back in the car I'd like you to take off all of your clothes. I'd like to spend a little time with a gorgeous naked young man, looking at you, touching you, holding you. That's it."

"And that's fine with me. Just don't push me out the door as we're going through Times Square. I may be fairly uninhibited but I'm not a total exhibitionist."

So when we got back in the car I stripped down and we rode around Manhattan for about an hour, cuddling in the back of the spacious limo. We didn't have any kind of sex, I just lay in his arms and he occasionally ran his hands all over me. Even without any sex it was one of the most erotic dates I'd had in a while.

The next morning I took Dad to the hospital for some tests and a check-up with Dr. Patel. I felt Dad was doing pretty good and was hoping the doctor would say he was well enough to be on his own for short periods of time. That didn't turn out to be the case, though. He said there had been no improvement at all, in fact his heart appeared to have weakened somewhat. When Dad pointed out that he'd been able to do small things around the house and farm as long as he rested frequently, the doctor warned him not to overdo it. He said his heart was already working at maximum capacity just keeping him going at rest. Any overexertion could be very dangerous.

Dad and I were both pretty depressed when we left. I'd been hoping he was reaching the point where we could start thinking about my plan to keep him on the farm, retired with a housekeeper.  Then I could go back to my life in the city.  But as disappointing as the news was to me, it was far worse for Dad. He had still been in a little bit of denial about the whole thing. He thought as long as he could get to the barn and milk a cow or two he would be back to normal soon. To be told that not only wasn't that going to happen but things would gradually get worse was like being handed a death sentence. He didn't say a word all the way back to the farm, just sat and stared out the window. I tried to assure him that things weren't that bad, that we'd figure something out, but I don't think he was listening.

Dad's quiet depression didn't last long. When he got up from his afternoon nap he was his old cranky self. For the first time though, it didn't bother me. He had good reason to be cranky. I tried to talk to him about what the doctor had said but he brushed me off.

"The guy's a quack - doesn't know what he's talking about. If I take it easy I feel fine. I see no reason why I can't gradually build up my strength, as long as I don't overdo it."

That's what we'd been hoping for when we went to the doctor and that's exactly what he said wouldn't happen. Dad knew that but if it made him feel better to be in denial, that was up to him..  

After I'd established the ground rules with Teddy he seemed to be easier to get along with. Or maybe it was just because he wasn't around very much. He usually woke up between nine and ten, ate the huge breakfast I made for him and then did his chores until lunch time. If the weather was good I had him scraping old paint from the shed or hen house. I figured we'd be able to paint those two small buildings ourselves. For the house and barn I'd have to hire a contractor. When it rained I put Teddy to work cleaning up the barn which he complained about non-stop. All in all, I preferred sunny days..

After lunch he disappeared with his friends. He was usually back for supper but then gone again as soon as the dishes were done. At least now and then I got him to stick around to help with the dishes. When I had a date scheduled he cancelled his social plans and stayed home. He didn't warm up any toward either Dad or me but he wasn't quite as surly as he'd started out.

I actually preferred it when Teddy was out, but the downside to his social life was that it was a reminder of how pathetic my own life was in that respect. Since my return to the farm I'd fallen into an 'all work and no play' mode. When I wasn't out at work on a date I was working around the farm. It wasn't like I had much of a social life in the city either, but at least I saw Livy and sometimes her girlfriend du jour a few times a week. And I was able to go out on my own whenever I felt like it.

I decided it was time for me to have a little fun. The Fourth of July was less than two weeks away so I used that as a starting point. I told Dad we were having a cook-out. It wasn't going to be much as I didn't know many people, but it was a start. I invited Livy to come out for the weekend and also asked Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary. It turned out their family was having its holiday get-together on Sunday the fifth, so they were free on Saturday. And at Livy's urging I asked them to invite their niece Sandy as well. The only resistance I encountered was from Teddy. True to form, he wanted to hang out with his friends that day.

"I know at your age friends can seem more important than relatives, but holidays are all about family, Teddy. Believe me, I've gone through twelve years of holidays without family and I know what I'm talking about. We don't have a big family here, but we're all we've got. I'm sure if you were home you'd be spending the day with your parents."

"Yeah, but that's different. I've got Jake and Lisa there, not just old farts like you and Gramps. And I can have my friends over, too."

"You could invite a couple of your friends if you'd like. I've invited Livy."

"Nah, they'd be just as bored as me."

"How about we compromise? I've planned the cookout for early afternoon. Stick around for a while, have something to eat and try to enjoy yourself. When you get bored you can leave."

"Even if it's ten minutes into the thing?"

"Well, I don't want to schedule it down to the minute but it would be nice if you could stick around for at least an hour. Running out earlier than that would be rude to our guests."

"Your guests, you mean."

In spite of that attitude I was looking forward to a pleasant holiday weekend. Livy was going to rent a car and drive out on Friday, staying through Monday, so it would be a nice long visit. And Declan and I finally settled on Thursday for our dinner together. So my social weekend would not only be long but would be starting a little early.