Co-Worker's Sales Pitch

This story is for adults only.

I had just toweled off when the phone rang. I jumped across the bed to pick-up the receiver before the 3rd ring.



"Yeah, hey Rigo, did you just get here?"

"Just checked in, and I'm not real happy."

"What's up?"

"They were all out of non-smoking rooms, and I'm staying in a room that smells just like a dirty ashtray."

"Not cool! You want to take a break from the smell, and go get some dinner?"

"That would be great, how soon?"

"10 minutes in the lobby?"

"See ya in 10, Ciao".

After hanging up the phone, I lingered for a minute to enjoy the feeling of my newly shaved groin and balls as they rubbed against the silky bedspread.

I didn't travel that much for business, so when I did, I liked to take advantage of the alone-time in my hotel room to groom myself thoroughly. At home, I just never seemed to take the time.

I had arrived at the hotel at 5:30pm, and after a quick shower, I was standing in front of the big hotel sink and mirror area shaving my balls and trimming the area around my cock and asscrack. My semi-erection had made it easier to get a close shave in all of the right spots. After a quick jack-off session and another quick shower, I had just heard from my co-worker who was working with me on a marketing pitch that we were delivering to new clients the next morning.

I finally got up off the bed and brushed my hair and teeth. I threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Birks and I headed to the lobby.

Rigo was already there, still in his work clothes, except that he had removed his tie and jacket.

"You look comfortable", Rigo stated as he stood up to greet me.

"You look like you need to get comfortable," I replied with a grin.

"You up for fast food or company-expense-account restaurant food?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

We headed to the hotel's restaurant for an expense account dinner. Of course, we were prepared for the pitch tomorrow, but the boss doesn't know that, and we needed a nice dinner to `finish up the details'.

Rigo and I had worked together for about 6 months. He had transferred from the Ohio office and been placed in my division. He was likable and we worked well together from the very first day. It didn't hurt that he was really handsome, but I was always brutally aware of the ring on his left ring-finger.

Since this was our first real out-of-the-office conversation, the hotel restaurant served as a good place to have a few drinks, and get to know each other more than the superficial office chat back in Maryland.

Rigo didn't waste anytime after the first drink, "So. . I hear that you're gay", he matter-of- factly stated after a short lull in the conversation.

"Yep, and I thought it was a secret" I replied laughing at my own joke. I knew that it was common knowledge around the office that I am gay, but nobody ever really talked too much about it. It just wasn't that big a deal.

After that, the conversation turned to our personal lives. Rigo said that he was separated from his wife, who was still in Ohio. They have 2 kids, and he seemed glad to talk to a sympathetic ear about how much he missed them.

I relayed that I was recently out of a long-term relationship, but that I had some hope that there would be a reconciliation, but I too, enjoyed sharing my hurts and pains with Rigo.

In no time, dinner was over, and we had already had 3 drinks each. It was time to go back to our rooms.

"I dread going back to that ashtray", Rigo stated as he finished signing the credit card receipt. " I bet my clothes will smell like smoke for the meeting tomorrow."

"That's not a good idea, since we're meeting with the Cancer Society to make a sales pitch", I replied with my mind turning quickly. "I've got a king bed in my room, why don't you go ahead and get your stuff and stay in my room with me?"

"You sure you wouldn't mind?" Rigo asked, looking as if he wasn't even sure himself.

"No problem, I'm in Room 311". I said as I headed back out to the lobby. "Do you need any help with your stuff?" I asked him as I hit the elevator button.

"Nope, I'll just grab my suit and head to your room in a couple of minutes."

"See ya then" I said as I got out on the 3rd floor.

When I got back to my room, I couldn't really believe that Rigo was going to be visiting. I looked around and saw that I had already made myself pretty at home, so I began straightening up around the bed, and luggage stand. I had to make some room for Rigo's stuff.

A knock on the door occurred before I was really ready.

I opened the door, and let Rigo and his suit bag in the door. "I needed to make some room for your stuff", I said as I continued to move my hang-up clothes to the side abit.

"I hope this isn't too much trouble", he said meekly.

"Not a bit, come on in and get settled".

Rigo hung up his suit bag. "This room is much better. I don't feel like I'm absorbing the odors around me."

He headed to the restroom as I finished straightening, and then it hit me.. . . . . I hadn't made it to the bathroom area to straighten.

I heard the toilet flush, and Rigo came out of the bathroom looking over at the sink and the hair covered hand towel. "You give yourself a haircut?" Rigo inquired as he began to remove his shoes and socks.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that", I said as I headed over to wipe the rest of the hair from the sink area and throw the towel under the counter.

Rigo grabbed a pair of shorts from his overnight bag and began the process of changing his clothes. I didn't want to stare, so I began brushing my teeth. I could still catch small glimpses in the mirror as Rigo slipped his shorts up over his white briefs. He left his undershirt on and sat on the edge of the bed neatly folding his suit clothes for packing.

When he finished, he hopped up and pulled out his laptop and went to the table to hook into the internet. "I need to check e-mail, do you want to check yours too?"

"That would be great, I didn't even bring my laptop, so I'd really appreciate the chance to check for new mail." I said, feeling more comfortable as we both settled in.

Rigo stayed on e-mail for about 4 minutes, busily responding to a few of his e-mails. "Its all yours", he said as he got up from the chair.

I sat down and opened up my e-mail account. To my surprise, the first message was from Rigo. I figured that I had missed one from him since I had left a little early to get ready for the business trip. I opened the mail anyway, and I'm glad I did!

<Stewart, I enjoyed dinner. I'd really like to get to know you better. I'd also like to see your new haircut. J Rigo>

I turned pretty red as I realized what his email was saying.

I slowly turned to face him, and he was coming out of the bathroom totally nude. He was beautiful. His dark skin was contoured in the most masculine ways. His cock and balls hung like a dark package between his legs.

He stood there facing me and I slowly got up. "This is a pleasant surprise", I muttered as I moved in his direction. "You are beautiful."

He began moving in my direction and he guided me onto the edge of the bed. He pushed me back onto the bed and began unbuttoning my jeans. His cock began to spring to life as he unzipped my pants. By the time he had removed my pants, he was sporting a full hard-on. His thick cockhead protruded from his foreskin as his cock ticked back and forth with his balls swinging loosely below.

I lost sight of his dick because within a second, he had knelt down beside the bed and was licking every area of my groin, balls, and ass that I had shaved. His tongue bathed me for what seemed like 10 minutes. My erect dick was rarely touched because he spent most of his time licking my balls and back toward my asshole. He had my legs up with my knees back beside my ears as he began tongue-fucking my hole. I had never had a tongue go up so deeply inside of me. My belly was covered by my own pre-cum. This guy was incredible.

I motioned for him to join me on the bed, but he seemed intent to keep working on my hole. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I knew I was enjoying myself. The mixture of good drinks, good food, and good sex was making my head spin.

My relaxed and wet hole began to play host to Rigo's fingers as he licked and then inserted one, two and then three fingers. After finger fucking me for awhile, he would remove his fingers and again, begin the tongue bath.

He finally pulled away from me and stood above me. His cock was still semi-rigid and a long string of pre-cum dangled from the tip of his cockhead. With just a couple of strokes, his foreskin had pulled back and his thick cock was fully erect. He leaned his body down towards mine, and without any hesitation, his stiff cock fed its way up my very relaxed asshole. He pumped in and out with real skill always trying to hit the right spots. My pre-cum kept coming, but he had finally moved me to the point where I had to start stroking my own dick. He tensed as he pistoned in and out, and as I began shooting my load up over my stomach and chest, I felt him release his load in my ass. He moaned as he slowly pulled his cock out of my hole.

I was flushed, cozy and totally fucked.

I smiled and sat up on my elbows as I let my legs fall over the side of the bed. "And I thought you were straight".

"I am", Rigo said.

"You could have fooled me, buddy", I said in my glow.

"I created the closest thing to a cunt that I could find. I basically worked your ass into a nice tight vagina." he answered nonchalantly.

"You've got to be kidding", I said, pretty much losing my warmth.

"The guys in my neighborhood used to do this with `interested boys' when the girls weren't around. I've used the technique a few times since my wife and I split, mainly cause guys are easier to get going than girls. You were pretty willing."

Rigo climbed into the other side of the bed, and turned over to go to sleep. I now understood why his wife had left him.