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The coffee shop boy: (M/M)

Christmas Eve

Devin rushed out of his dorm room, as he didn't want to be late for work. He needed the work, the money really. His single mother wasn't able to help much with the cost of his University education so it was student loans and long hours at the coffee shop that paid for it all. His first semester was over now, the work wasn't that difficult as Devin was a bright boy but having to work long hours on top of it, wore him out. Now that they were on Christmas break, Devin could work more shifts and mentally check out from school.

He could see that it had snowed last night as he left the dorm building. The crust of snow crunched under his feet as he trudged to work. Thankfully it wasn't a far walk to the cafe as he rushed in just on time. Devin was a good worker and everyone seemed to like him. He enjoyed the people interaction and well the tips mostly. Standing 5 foot 8 Devin was an attractive 18 year old with a round face and curly blond hair. His blue eyes and button nose made him look younger than he was, many people had mistaken him for a high school kid. I didn't bother him as much as it used to as he turned it into an opportunity to mention that he was in university. That and a bright smile usually increased the tip potential. Devin was slim but not skinny by any means, he'd played hockey in a rec league but didn't have any time for sports these days.

"Good morning Devin" A customer greeted.

"Morning Jack" Devin replied. Jack was a regular, same time every weekday morning on his way to the office grind. He was some kind of accountant Devin recalled. The forty something man had taken to him the day he started working at the cafe, calling him by name, the side effect of having to wear a nametag was that everyone knew your name. He was nice enough and always a good tipper. Working Christmas Eve right up to closing Devin hoped the yuletide spirit would put people in a more generous mood. He was a little disappointed when Jack handed over his usual five-dollar bill for an order that came to just over three. It was still way more than most people left him.

"Merry Christmas Jack" Devin chirped as he handed over the man's coffee

"Merry Christmas Devin, you're working all day today aren't you?" Jack asked

"Yeah?" Devin replied not understanding. He must have told the guy that he was earlier in the week during his typical chat. He kept it to a minimum when there was a line up but Jack seemed to have an uncanny ability to come in during a lull period.

"I'll see you later then," Jack promised as the next customer approached.

The morning was busy but the cafe slowed down in the afternoon as many people left work early. The other staff had taken off, they all had someplace to go but Devin was alone in the city, he had no family to rush home to. His mother would have preferred him home for Christmas but Devin wanted the work. He'd almost forgotten about Jack when the man strode in at a quarter to five.

"Left you all alone did they?" Jack said jovially. He was thankful that his dream boy was still there. He rushed from work to buy the boy's present and worried that he might miss him.

"Yep" Devin said smiling brightly

"This is for you" Jack said handing over an envelope.

Devin opened it, as expected a generic Christmas card was inside but along with it was a fifty-dollar gift card to the University bookstore. Jack looked pensively at Devin as he opened his gift. He hoped that wasn't too much, or even too little with the cost of books these days.

"Jack, that's awesome, thanks" Devin replied genuinely.

"You're welcome Devin" Jack beamed, it was silly of him to be nervous about the gift.

"Let me buy you a coffee" Devin said as he turned to make the man's usual order.

Jack accepted the cup and said, "I know it's just a coffee not a date"

Devin laughed nervously. Jack had asked him out a few weeks back but he turned him down saying that he didn't date older men. Devin didn't keep his sexual orientation a secret but he wondered how Jack had figured it out. Jack wasn't bad looking, taller and heavier than Devin, with a clean businessman look but he didn't think a guy twice his age would have anything in common with him. It wasn't like he could take Jack to a party or something and surely Jack wouldn't be taking him to the office mixers either.

"Plans for Christmas?" Jack asked thinking his `date' comment a stupid thing to say in hindsight.

Devin had turned to cleaning up in preparation for closing the cafe when he replied, "Sleeping, it'll be my first day of nothing in a long time"

"Yeah pretty much the same for me" Jack replied without being asked.

"No family in town?" Devin asked only mildly interested in the answer

"I'm not much into hanging out with relatives that wonder when I'll settle down, get married and have kids" Jack chuckled.

"Hmmm, my mom's boyfriend thinks this gay thing is a phase for me" Devin replied empathetically.

Jack watched as Devin emerged from behind the counter, having discarded his apron and hat. His tight fitting jeans left nothing to the imagination and his blond locks looked even sexier. Jack was taken by the boy's cherubic face, he wanted to touch it so badly.

"What?" Devin said as he caught him staring, lost in thought.

"Oh, I've not seen you without the coffee house uniform" Jack replied.

"I know, I'm beautiful," Devin said in a mock fashion model pose but to Jack it was intensely erotic. Why he wasted his time with this flirty boy he didn't know. He'd already been shot down and now here he was on Christmas Eve trying to do what exactly, impress the kid?

"Closing time Jack" Devin announced as he put his winter jacket on.

"Oh, I thought you closed at six?" Jack replied.

"We close early on Christmas Eve but I'll still get paid til six" Devin answered pragmatically.

Devin locked up the store as Jack paused outside. He wanted to say something, find some words that would get Devin to come home with him but nothing came to mind. Devin too was pausing, he sensed Jack's tension and felt something. It wasn't pity but more like a kindred loneliness. Devin would be more socially active if he could but he just didn't have the money, nor did he want to waste the time not working.

"You know Jack, if someone wanted to take me out to dinner tonight I might just let them, it's that or macaroni and cheese for me" Devin suggested.

"Sure, I'd love to, but I'm not sure what'll be open tonight" Jack replied.

"Yeah, fast food I guess" Devin replied wondering if he was stupid to have suggested dinner at all.

"Would you want to come back to my place and order in pizza?" Jack said gasping nervously.

"Sure" Devin replied nonchalantly. He wasn't sure about going back to Jack's place but it seemed like a good idea, at least he wouldn't be alone, neither of them would.

It wasn't a long walk to Jack's building but it seemed so to Devin. He was having second thoughts and wondered how he might just remember he had something else to do when they arrived. Devin didn't find the words or the courage to say anything as they went up in the elevator. Jack opened the door and allowed Devin into his apartment. It was larger than he figured with a big screen TV dominating the living area.

"Make yourself comfortable and I'll order the pizza" Jack said.

Devin eased himself into the leather couch thinking he could get comfortable here, his fear evaporating. Jack returned and handed him a beer. It wasn't expected but Devin figured you couldn't have pizza without beer. The blond never overindulged, he couldn't afford too but he set a limit of two in his mind, he wasn't that comfortable just yet. They consumed the pizza in front of the TV as Jack rambled on about nothing. Devin excused himself to use the bathroom. On returning he paused at a picture on the wall of Jack with two young boys.

"Who are the kids in his picture?" he wondered.

"My nephews, get us another beer when you come" Jack asked.

"Why aren't you having Christmas with them?" Devin probed as he returned with their second beers.

"They're grown up now, with jobs and girlfriends, they don't want to spend time with their 44 year old uncle" Jack replied with a bit of an edge.

Devin sat back down, this time closer to Jack. Devin leaned his head on Jack's shoulder and playfully said, "that's ok Jack, we're two lonely pees in a pod"

"Or on a couch" Jack added.

"This is a nice place Jack" Devin complimented

"You'll be living in place like this soon enough" Jack advised. "You're making the sacrifices now, you'll get a good job once you're out of school I'm sure."

"I can't wait, the poor student life sucks" Devin spat.

"Well maybe you'll find a sugar daddy to take care of you" Jack suggested and then instantly wanted to take the words back. What the hell was he thinking, who said sugar daddy anyway.

Devin's head remained, resting against the man. He was comfortable this was nice he decided. He felt Jack's arm ease around behind him as the man put his hand on the boy's hip, pulling him in tighter. Devin didn't complain, he didn't move. Jack took his other hand and slid it along the face he had so longed to touch it was amazingly soft.

"You sure you're 18?" Jack asked jokingly.

"You wanna see my ID?" Devin challenged

"No" Jack replied softly as he touched heads with the boy.

Devin pulled away and put his arms up as though he were surrendering. After waiting for Jack to pull his shirt off Devin sighed and did it himself. The pale beauty before him stunned Jack. Devin leaned back on the couch as Jack's hands explored the expanse of smooth skin. It had been along time since Devin had been touched sexually and it felt great. He cooed as Jack's mouth moved along his neck.

"Ok, just to be clear here, I'm not going all the way" Devin blurted as though he were a schoolgirl.

"As far as you want to go is fine with me," Jack replied.

"Why is your shirt still on?" Devin asked.

Jack replied by pulling it off to reveal his less defined and hairier torso.

"You could stand to loose a few pounds buddy" Devin said as he patted Jack's belly. It wasn't large but it gave the man a diminished sex appeal.

"You want me to put my shirt back on?" Jack asked

"Naw it's fine" Devin replied.

Their lips finally met and passion ensured. Devin was surprised at how gentle Jack was as their tongues caressed. Jack couldn't believe what was happening, the boy of his masturbatory dreams was here in the flesh, swapping spit with him. Devin rolled his head back and allowed Jack to lick his neck. The man then moved down to sample each nipple briefly. Jack then kneeled down in front of his beauty and unbuckled his pants. Devin eased his pants down and out sprang his erection. It wasn't huge but was an ample six incher. The man teased the boy's cock head with his tongue and then slowly slithered it along the stiffened snake. Jack then took the cock back into his mouth and sucked it deeply. Devin was moaning as the man worked on him, it had been along time since his last sexual encounter, a brief roll in the hay with a fellow student that had left him wanting. Devin had a boyfriend back in high school but they went separate ways when he went off to university.

Jack kept bobbing deeply on Devin's cock, bringing the youth close to climax. The man then moved to lapping at the boys' balls as he stroked the sensitive penis. Devin was lost in his own pleasures, moaning softly. Jack's tongue found it's way under the lad's testicles and was licking him in ways he'd never experienced.

"Devin, I'd like to rim you" Jack said as he paused his work.

"You do and that'll be the end of the kissing" Devin answered.

"Good point" Jack replied as he returned to slowly bobbing deep on Devin's young shaft. It wasn't long before the boy was thrusting his hips forward in rhythm. Jack knew that the boy was close so he backed off a bit and waited for his prize. Devin didn't disappoint as he gushed his load into the man's mouth. Jack swallowed as much as he could, allowing Devin to control the motion of his climax. The boy disengaged and slumped back on the couch.

"Fuck Jack that was awesome" He pronounced.

"You're welcome" Jack replied as he wiped the excess cum from his mouth. The man eased his own pants off, hoping that Devin would get the idea that it was his turn.

Devin looked over at the man clad only in his underwear now. He reached over and pushed them down revealing a hard cock about the same size as his but thicker. Devin leaned over and began to suck it. Its girth was unfamiliar to his inexperienced mouth but he managed it. Jack was moaning softly as Devin became more comfortable with his efforts, slurping and sucking on the cock. He put his hand down and massaged the man's balls at the same time. Devin's mouth was getting sore was this guy ever going to cum?

Finally Devin gave up and pulled off, using his hand to stroke the cock instead.

"We can take a break if you're tired" Jack offered.

"It's ok, you old guys take a while I guess" Devin complained. The truth was that Jack had been on the verge for a while but was doing his best to hold back, wanting the boy's efforts to last.

"You want me to rim you now?" Jack suggested.

Devin positioned himself on all fours and waited, soon he was rewarded with the warm wet feeling of a tongue parting his cheeks. Once it was against his hole Devin moaned loudly, the pleasure was intense, his former boyfriend had licked his ass a couple of times but nothing like this. Jack was throwing himself into it fully working Devin back into an intense state of arousal.

"Oh god Jack... Do you have a condom?" Devin asked.

"Yeah" Jack replied as he pulled his face from the work site "and I've got lube too"

Jack stood up and took the boy by the hand. Devin was expecting him to go and get the stuff but instead he pulled the boy to his feet and led him to the bedroom. Jack didn't turn the lights on as Devin resumed his position on the bed. He felt a lubricated finger enter, then after a slight pause he felt the head of wide cock pushing in.

"Easy" Devin warned, "You're thick"

Jack thrust in hard with a single motion causing Devin's head to snap back as he grunted. Jack held position as the boy got used to the intruder. He began pumping in slow gentle motions until his blond youth started pushing back. Jack quickened his pace working to give them mutual pleasure. He could hear Devin moaning as he pushed in deeper on each stroke.

Devin had never felt so full as the thick cock worked him. The initial discomfort had faded and now he was experiencing only anal joy. Jack was pumping in quickly and then would slow down, repeating the pattern. Devin looked over at the clock on Jack's night table. They'd been at it for twenty minutes at least and the man was showing no signs of slowing down. Devin braced himself against the headboard as the man returned to the deep quick pounding phase of their lovemaking.

Eventually Devin felt a hand on his cock, stroking him quickly as Jack draped himself over the boy. It didn't take long for Devin to release, he groaned loudly as he orgasmed with a thick hard cock inside him. The feeling was intense as the boy lifted himself up on his extended arms. Jack too was grunting loudly as he gave his last few pumps before unloading inside his boy. The man finally eased out as Devin collapsed on the bed.

Devin felt Jack holding him from behind as he regained his senses. The boy had never had such intense sex before. He rolled over and embraced his friend.

"Jack I have something to tell you" He announced.

"Hmmm" Jack replied as he nuzzled along the boy's neck, still in his post orgasmic bliss.

"I'm really fifteen and my mom will be mad that I'm out so late" He joked.

"Right..." Jack said disbelieving "Maybe I should spank you for her"

"You wish" Devin chided at the suggestion. "But it's late though I should get going"

"Ok" Jack agreed, "I'll pay for a taxi"

"You don't have to, I can take the subway" Devin advised.

"Or you can stay the night" Jack suggested, hoping that he'd get to sleep with the boy.

"I guess, I don't have any plans for Christmas" Devin noted.

"Yeah we can fuck all day long," Jack promised as he thought, Christmas wishes do come true.

The end.