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Computer Guys, pt1

I had been interested in computers all my youth, so it was not surprising that when I finished my schooling I decided to work for a computer company. The pace at which technology advances meant that I was constantly having to learn new programmes and hardware specifications. Our company was not big, but very prosperous and busy. Because we were so busy - during the local school holidays we would recruit one or two youngsters to help out. They were basically employed to fetch and carry. Some had the delusion that working for a computer company would mean hours of computer games. My boss did all the recruiting, so I was never sure who I was going to be working with during school break. I had already experienced numerous computer junkies, who were adamant to show me up. Understandably, I made their life a living hell. I would have them do meaningless tasks over and over. Oh it gave me such pleasure.

One school break Donavon was hired. He was seventeen years old, and had the sexiest backside I had ever seen. Donavon knew nothing about computers, or so he told me, which surprised me. He was apparently the son of one of my bosses friends, and my boss felt that he could handle anything. I soon developed a good rapport with Donavon. He was very much into his music, and we would talk about bands and singers. He even had his own band in which he played guitar. On one or two occasions he brought some recordings that the band had made, and we listened to them while working in the workshop.

Donavon used to drive me wild with the tight denims that he wore. They really showed off his full basket nicely. I had to restrain myself daily from ripping the denims from his body. His upper body was well-defined from swimming practice at school. The hourly long swimming practices had also ensured that he had a bronze tan, and sun-bleached hair. Two crystal blue eyes sparkled at you whenever he spoke through his crimson lips. I would find any excuse to bump up against him, or play fight with him. I dearly longed to see him outside of working hours, but at five sharp every night he would climb on his bicycle and head for home. Donavon was driving me wild with lust, and I spent many nights masturbating while thinking about him.

I found out early on that he was not interested in men, but women. A straight guy that I wanted so badly, but could never have. I therefore resigned myself to catching a feel here and there in passing. Luckily, I had more than enough work to keep me occupied, so it was only when Donavon came up to me and spoke to me that I had butterflies in my stomach. Many a time I would sit at my workbench, and not turn around as he spoke, or else he would see that I was sporting a huge hard-on. The moment he moved away I would quickly reposition my cock. One day Ross, a fellow worker, asked me if I would like to come to his birthday party that Saturday night. Naturally I said yes. Who was I to turn down free booze and food. I was working at my workbench as usual that afternoon when Donavon came up behind me.
"Kyle, can you give me a lift to Ross's party on Saturday," Donavon asked me.
What was I expected to say - No? Not a chance was I going to let this opportunity slip by.
"Sure I'll give you a lift. Just give me the directions to your house."
"Great, thanks I really appreciate it." Donavon jotted down the address for his home, and drew me a little map,
"Just in case you can't find it", he said.
I folded the little piece of paper like a treasure map and tucked it into my back pocket of my denims. The next three days until Ross's party were an absolute hell. All I could think about was that I would be driving Donavon to and from Ross's party, and could have a good hard stare at his basket.

It was lucky that Donavon had drawn a map for me, because many of the street names no longer existed - stolen or vandalized perhaps. I pulled up to a set of wrought iron gates, and pressed the intercom button.
"Who is there?" asked a voice in broken English.
Before I could answer I heard Donavon telling the woman to open up the gates. In front of me the two huge iron gates swung inward. I put my foot on the accelerator and headed up the paved driveway. The house was huge - a mansion by any standards. It could easily have been visited by Robin Leach at some point or another. I was just about to go to the front door and call Donavon, but he came bounding out the front door, and down the steps. He was wearing his characteristic tight denims, a pair of Caterpillars, and a button up Hawaiian type shirt. The shirt was very bright, but against his bronze skin it looked great.
Donavon opened the door to my red BMW convertible and hopped in next to me.
"Hi, are you ready to party?" he asked giving me a light punch on the arm.
"Yes, I sure am - let's get moving."

On the way to the party we talked about all sorts of topics, and I asked Donavon what his father did. He told me that his dad was a Computer Specialist, who often did freelancing for all the big names in the electronics industry. I asked Donavon how he could possible know nothing about computers if his father was so knowledgeable.
"Oh, I know the basics, which is a lot less than most - actually I'm more into outdoors activities than sitting in my room," Donavon explained.
I also commented on the house, and Donavon told me that that was one of his father's houses. They also had a flat in London, a house in Interlaken (Switzerland), and another in Munich (Germany). Donavon was very modest when he told me about the houses and did not brag about his families wealth. I had honestly never expected that he would be wealthy, because he did not have a car of his own. He told me that he had decided that he did not want a car just yet, and besides the bicycle kept him in shape for swimming. The drive from Donavon's house to Ross's was over half an hour. There was no mistaking the location of the party when we arrived as there outside Ross's home stood a fleet of red BMW convertibles. All the employees had a red BMW convertible as a company car. My boss liked the look of all the cars lined up outside the company. He was definitely a touch eccentric, but I thought it best not to argue with him when he gave me the keys to my BMW.
We parked the car and headed to the house. Ross met us at the door, and introduced us to those people whom we did not know. All the people at the party were young, with no one being older than 25. Ross was turning 22, and was just two years older than me. Donavon and I were soon socializing with the rest of the party-goers. The party continued until early in the morning, and it was around four when the party finally wound to a close. Donavon and I had been separated during the night, so I went in search of him to offer him a ride home. I found Ross passed out in a chair by the pool with a beer bottle tightly hugged to his body. I gave him a "Happy Birthday" kiss on the lips. Ross did not know that I was gay, as a matter of fact nobody at work did, and I preferred it that way. The house was a mess, and I systematically went through the different rooms looking for Donavon. I eventually found him passed out on a bed.

"Geez, am I the only one who has survived this party," I thought. Donavon looked so cute lying on the bed. I was buzzing a little from the evenings drinking, so I had the confidence to move forward to the bed. When I reached the bed I sat down on it, and removed Donavon's Cats. My heart was beating so fast. My mouth was dry. My cock was beginning to strain against my denims. I moved my hand up to just above Donavon's crotch.

"Touch it - you won't get a chance like this again," I thought. Hesitantly I lowered my hand down onto his crotch. His balls felt so big and powerful, and his cock felt gorgeously large. But that was not enough for me - I had to see his cock, taste it. With shaking hands I unbuttoned the one button and unzipped his fly. There before me was a pair of white briefs. The only thing separating me from a dream come true. I lifted up Donavon's body slightly, and pulled his denims down. I made sure that he was still asleep. Wringing my hands I licked my lips, and pulled down his briefs.
God, his cock was a beautiful bronze color. Obviously Donavon had been sunbathing in the nude. I pulled his denims and briefs right off, so that I could see his balls clearly. His cock was cut, and the head was a deep purple color. The entire 7" of cock meat lay asleep on Donavon's left thigh muscle. I gripped his cock in my right hand, and cupped his balls with my left. They were so warm. I felt his cock jerk in my hand. Nervously I glanced up towards Donavon's face. He was still asleep. I stroked my hand over his cock. His cock jerked again, and then began to expand. I wanted to feel his cock grow in my mouth, so I lowered my mouth down onto his cock-head.
My head was spinning. His musky smell met my nose as I lowered my mouth over his cock. It felt wonderful. So soft at first, but as I took more and more of it into my mouth it grew. I darted constant glances up towards Donavon's face. A small grin had formed on his lips. What was he dreaming about? Some beautiful girl giving him a blowjob. If only he knew. I went all the way down on his cock until his pubic hairs tickled my nose. It felt wonderful. My cock was straining in my denims, so I undid my pants and slid them down to my knees. Freeing my cock I began to stroke it as I pumped up and down on Donavon's now rigid cock. It had grown to 9". I left his cock for a moment, and sucked each of his heavy balls. Planting small kisses all along his inner thighs I moved back to his cock. I darted my tongue along his cock head, and was rewarded with a drop of salty precum. I savored the taste. Wanting more I began to suck on his cock again. After a little while of sucking Donavon's hips began to make small thrusting motions up into my mouth. I tasted more precum, and knew that I would get a load from this young stud pretty soon. The hand on my cock was moving up and down with quite a frenzy, and I didn't want to end the fantasy. I wanted to feel the rest of his hard muscled body, so I opened up his shirt, and ran my hands over his erect nipples and exposed pecs. His smooth skin felt so good. My hands ran over his washboard stomach, and moved back down to his balls and cock. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth before he woke up.

My lips encircled his throbbing erection, and I began to run my tongue up and down the lower side of his erection. I sucked on the mushroomed head. Tongued the small opening at the tip of his cock I moved my hand down onto my cock and began to frantically stroke it. The feelings that I was experiencing coupled with Donavon's lovely musky smell sent me over the edge, and I spewed cum all over his body. Globs of cum fell on his chest and arms. I increased my sucking on Donavon's cock and was rewarded with spasm after spasm of cum jetting into my mouth. Try as I might I could not swallow every drop, and some of Donavon's cum dribbled down my chin. Not wanting to leave a single drop of cum escape I began lapping up every last drop. After I had cleaned his pubes of cum I moved to his chest and arm, and licked all the cum from his body. I was on cloud nine. Lifting my lips to Donavon's I kissed him lightly.
"Thank-you Donavon - I'll never forget this," I whispered. I stroked back a lock of hair on his forehead. He was so beautiful. I carefully pulled Donavon's briefs, and denims back on. By the time I came to closing the zip on his denims he had a raging hard-on again. I was tempted, but decided not to try my luck. Rising from the bed I turned to leave the room, and there in the doorway stood Ross jerking on his cock.

** Continued in "Computer Guys" pt2

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com