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Computer Guys, pt2

I had been so excited to see Donavon in such a vulnerable position, that I had omitted to lock the door behind me. Now I stood facing Ross. He still wore his jeans, but no shirt, and I could see every inch of his upper body. I had never fantasized about Ross before, partially because he was always wearing baggy clothes that hid his body. But this was not a body to hide. Two very pink nipples screamed out suck me from a nicely formed chest, and a treasure trail snaked down from his navel to his pleasure zone. Ross had not let up stroking his cock when I turned around. The cock held captive by his hand was short and thick, and had a foreskin which he was stroking back and forth over the deep pink head.

"Kyle, that was the best birthday present that I ever received, and you can make it even better," Ross said while grinning, and letting up on his stroking, but holding onto his cock like a prized possession. My first thought was that he wanted me to suck him off right away, but he walked towards me and took my hand. What was going on - I had never expected in my wildest dreams, that Ross liked other guys. Maybe he didn't, but the show with Donavon has him thinking that I'll do anything for him. Well damn right I would as long as he did not tell anybody at work, and especially not Donavon. Ross had me figuratively by the balls.
Ross's grip on my hand was firm, as he led me through the house. He stopped in front of a bookcase in a blind corridor.
"Pull on the hardback copy of War & Peace," Ross said, whilst not relinquishing my hand or his cock. An audible click sounded after I pulled the book part of the way out, and the bookcase began to sink into the floor. Soon the entire bookcase had sunk beneath the floor. There before me was a steel door. I was intrigued - what was the story with secret doorways. Maybe he was into S&M or something. God I hoped not. I was a real weakling when it came to pain.
Ross released his cock and took a plastic card - the size of a credit card - from his back pocket. He moved forward and inserted it into the door. An electronic voice announced that entrance was authorized.
"What is all this Ross," I asked experiencing both excitement and anxiety.
"This is my own little playground - the place that I can relax and cut loose," Ross said as he moved through the door that had just opened. No sooner were we in the room, and the steel door swung shut behind us.

Taking in the room at a glance I saw that it had an assortment of computer equipment in it, and this stuff was by no means cheap. Ross instructed me to sit down on a nearby chair, and then he sat down next to me. Freeing both his hands, his fingers moved across a keyboard in front of him with a blur. It was not long, and the four color monitors in front of me began to show the room that Donavon was sleeping in. He was still asleep, but now his hand rested on his covered balls and cock. Snow filled the monitors, and was then replaced by a repeat of the scene that I had just experienced with Donavon. My cock began to grow in my denims again. Ross lowered his left hand to my crotch, and squeezed me through me denims.

"Here is the deal," Ross said turning around to me, "I have this tape as evidence that you have sucked Donavon off, and I am not afraid to use it. Besides I have nothing to lose."

"What do you have in mind," I asked a little intrigued. Was Ross going to want me to suck him off, or did he want to stuff his cock meat up my ass? I was not sure what to expect from him.
"I want you to suck me off for starters, and I'll think of something later," Ross smugly said. Damn, it looked like I was going to be Ross's cock slave, and that was definitely not my intention. I had to think of something to get out of this situation in the future.
Ross stood up removed his pants and then sat back down. His cock was not the longest that I had ever seen, but was definitely the thickest. The thick veins circled its girth in an intriguing pattern.

"Get on the floor in front of me, and suck my cock like you just did for Donavon," Ross ordered. I went down onto the floor in front of him, and took hold of his cock. My hand just circled it. I looked up at Ross, and saw that he had closed his eyes in anticipation of my cock sucking. I licked the tip of his cock in the opening that his foreskin allowed. Rolling my tongue around in my mouth I could taste traces of precum. Using my lips and tongue I rolled back his foreskin, and exposed his highly sensitive cockhead. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I took his cockhead in my mouth. Ross let out a little moan, and grabbed the back of my head with his hands. He tried to push further into my mouth, but I used my hands and restricted the amount of cock that I was forced to swallow. My jaws had to get used to the stretching that was coming. Slowly I guided his cock bit by bit into my mouth. I managed to get it all the way into my mouth, but there was little that I could do, because it was so thick. Deciding that I could give Ross more pleasure by concentrating on his cockhead - I released his cock from my mouth. He sighed audibly, but soon I had him moaning with pleasure as I began to lick, and suck on his cock. My hands moved down to his balls, and I squeezed and kneaded them. Taking one and then the other big fleshy ball into my mouth.
His moans grew louder. I brought my one index finger up to my mouth and covered it with a liberal amount of saliva. Using the same finger I found his puckered ass and began to stroke it. He began making little gyrating motions, and I decided that I had better take this further. Pushing hard with my hand I inserted my index finger into his ass. It felt so warm inside, and I wondered what it would feel like for my cock. I had so wanted to fuck Donavon, or be fucked by him, but I was too scared to risk the chance of discovery by him, and face total rejection.
I stroked Ross's prostrate with my finger, and withdrawing my single finger I added a second and plunged the two into his tight ass. Ross moaned, and pushed down on my fingers. I pulled my fingers all the way out of his ass, and plunged them back in again. and again.
The attention that I was giving Ross's ass and cock meant that I soon had him ready to cum. I felt his balls tighten, and knowing that he was going to come soon I took his entire head into my mouth. I sucked once, twice, and then jets of cum shot into the back of my mouth. Ross had a hell of a lot of cum, and I had to swallow quickly to get it all down. When his cock stopped its spasms I licked every last drop of cum from his cockhead, and pulled the foreskin back into place with my teeth.

"That was fucking unbelievable - Donavon doesn't know what he missed - you are great," Ross said ruffling my hair. Looking up at his chest I could see that it was covered by a sheen of sweat. I thought that he would ask for something else, but he just rose from his chair, and pulled his denims back on.
"Is that it?" I asked questionably from the floor.
"Yes, that will do for the meantime, but I'll be sure to get you to do other tasks for me." Ross smilingly said, and then promptly headed for the steel door. My cock was rock solid after sucking off Ross, so I had to readjust it in my denims as I rose from the floor. Ross flipped a switch on the wall, and the steel door opened. There before us was the back of the bookcase, and he pushed a small red button on the back and the bookcase began to lower down into the floor again. Obviously the system had been set up that the bookcase would return to normal when the steel door closed.

As soon as we were out of the room and across the bookcase Ross turned to me and handed me a tape. "A little keepsake of my birthday party." I took the tape and went to look in on Donavon. He was still asleep. I shook him to wake him, but he was dead to the world. Wanting to get out of Ross's house before he thought of something else for me to do, and not daring to leave my fantasy in his care, I walked to the adjoining bathroom and poured some water into a glass. Returning to the room I threw the water in Donavon's face.

He startled awake. "What the fuck," he shouted.
"You passed out, and I tried to shake you awake, but you wouldn't budge. Come I'm going. It is almost six in the morning," I said walking out of the door. Naturally, I waited for him to emerge from the room, and he soon followed. We left the house and headed for my parked car. Looking back at the house I saw Ross looking out of a window like some sinister murder mystery character. He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it in and out. I ignored him, jumped into the seat of the BMW and kicked the engine into life.

It took me fifteen minutes to drive Donavon back home. I dropped him off at the main gates, and headed for my home. I was frustrated and mad when I arrived at my house. Frustrated, because I so much wanted to take Donavon home with me, and cuddle up in bed with him. Mad, because I was so upset that Ross had such a hold on me, and that it probably meant that I would never have a chance with Donavon. I headed for my room, and inserted the tape in the VCR. Watching the video made me so horny, that I jerked off as I watched myself suck off Donavon.

I must have fallen asleep, because it was around two that afternoon when the phone woke me up. Not even bothering to answer the phone, in case it was Ross, I let the answering machine pick it up.
"Hello, Kyle? God, I hate these machines," said Donavon's voice. I grabbed the phone.
"Hi, Donavon, I'm here - I must have fallen asleep."
"Kyle, I now that we haven't known each other for a long time, but I need to ask you something."
Donavon was making me as nervous as hell - did he have an idea of what transpired that morning. Clearing my throat, I said, "Sure, anything." Not really meaning it.
"I need a place to stay for awhile, and I was wondering if I could stay over at your place."
A lump formed in my throat. When I didn't answer immediately Donavon continued speaking.
"This may sound stupid, but my mother thinks, that she saw a rat in one of the rooms at home, and now she is having the whole place fumigated, " Donavon said laughing. I laughed with him.
"So when do you want to come over," I asked unconsciously stroking my crotch.
"Tonight if possible - shall we say around eight," Donavon asked.
"Yep, that's fine, I'll see you then, " I said hanging up the phone. It was then that I realized that I was stroking my crotch.

The closer it got to eight the more I thought that I was making one hell of a mistake. I was going to go crazy with lust having Donavon around me at home and work. He had phoned again around six and told me that he was staying with me for a week, and if I still did not mind. I reassured him that it would be fine and that he was most welcome. By eight I had showered, and rearranged the pillows on my living room chairs about six times. I was really nervous. Worse than I had felt the night before my first-time with my best friend Sean when I was 14 years old..
I heard a taxi pull up outside my house, and Donavon stepped out of it. He paid the cab fare, and carrying a suitcase he headed towards my front door. I wanted to rush and open the door for him, and shower him with kisses, but I restrained myself until the doorbell chimed.
"Welcome to my humble abode," I said opening the door for Donavon, and showing him into my house. My house was rather sparsely furnished, as I was not one for spending large sums on unnecessary objects. The living room had a lounge-suite, coffee table and throw rug. In the one corner mounted on the wall away from the fireplace was a CD player, with my large collection of CD's.
"This is a great place," Donavon said scanning the room. His gaze stopping on the CD's in the corner.
"Thanks, let me show you to your room, and then we can have a bite to eat," I said walking towards my guest room.
The room had been empty up until a month ago when my parents came to visit for a week. I had rushed around like a mad man buying furniture for the room. It therefore now had a double bed, matching bedside tables, and a chest of draws - plus an assortment of other odds and ends.
Donavon dumped his suitcase on the bed and then we went to the kitchen. I offered him a beer, and checked on my cooking.

During dinner a little later, Donavon complimented me on my cooking, although I kept telling him that anybody could cook spaghetti. After supper we loaded the dishwasher, and headed for the sitting-room. Donavon moved over to my CD player, and looked through my collection. My collection comprises anything imaginable. From Classical to Pop to Rock 'n Roll, etc. He chose three CDs that he liked and loaded them in the CD shuttle, and then he sat down on one of the lounge chairs. I watched his every move. A pillow lay on my lap covering my raging hard-on. Every time I looked at Donavon, I imagined his naked body. This was going to be one hell of a week.
We sat up chatting and listening to the three CDs until around ten, when Donavon said that he was exhausted. He had not slept the whole day, and now he was exhausted. We retired to our separate rooms. In my room I pulled off all my clothes and jumped onto my bed.
I stroked my cut 8" cock, and tweaked my nipples. I ran my hand over my body, and fantasized that it was Donavon's hand running over my body. While stroking my cock with my left hand I began to play with my ass. I licked my finger, and pushed it into my ass. The feeling was great. While pulling on the cock I began to finger fuck my butt. The feeling was great. Soon I increased my penetration to two fingers.
"Hey, Kyle can I..," Donavon said stopping short in his request when he entered my room and saw me naked on my bed.

[to be continued in part 3]

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com