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Computer Guys, pt3

I was caught red handed. Holding my cock and having my fingers imbedded in my ass. On seeing Donavon I quickly removed my hands, but it was not quick enough.
"What the fuck," he said, and left the room.
My mind raced as I thought of whether I should follow him to his room, and explain. But then what was I going to say anyway - "Donavon, I couldn't stop thinking about your cock, and decided to get myself off". Well that would surely go down well. Eventually, I decided that the best course of action was no action. Besides I had probably frightened Donavon, and I did not want to chase him away.
Rising from my bed I headed for the bathroom. I did not bother to put anything on, as I reckoned that Donavon had already seen me completely naked, and stimulating myself. On my way to the shower I walked past his closed bedroom door. I put my ear to the door, but could not hear anything, and so I carried on to the shower.

It was not long and I had managed to create a great deal of steam in the bathroom. Standing in the shower I soaped my body - moving my hands tenderly over my nipples, and gently stroking the sensitive flesh of my sides. My hands journeyed down to my cock and balls, and I soaped them up. I closed my eyes and imagined Donavon's mouth over my cock. Aahh, the feeling was really intense. I came quickly. After I had jetted come all over the shower wall, I washed myself clean, and after drying myself I headed for my room. As I walked down the hall I heard a soft moaning sound coming from the room that Donavon was using. I put my ear to the door. The urge to open the door was great, but I decided that I would not confront him with my lust just yet. When I arrived at my room I had a raging hard-on, but decided not to attend to it. It was difficult falling asleep with a hard-on, but I managed.

Sunday mornings I always sleep late, and this morning was no exception. It was almost like my body had a built in alarm clock that told it that it could rest on Sundays. So it was around ten that I woke up to the aroma of something cooking. For a moment or two I was disorientated, and thought that my mother was still here, but remembered that she had left a week before. That could only mean that Donavon was cooking up some food. I was rather confused as to why though. My guess would have been that he would have been out of the house the first thing in the morning.
What was going on? Was he interested in me? God I hoped so!! I was just about to get up, and head for the kitchen to see what was up when there was a soft knocking on the door.
"Can I come in?" came the request from the other side of the door.
"Sure, you can," I said, not really knowing what to expect at this point.
Donavon entered the room with a robe on, and carrying a tray filled with what appeared to be a scrumptious breakfast. He moved over to the bed, and laid the tray down next to me. Then looking into my eyes, he said, "I am sorry about walking in on you last night, I had no idea..."
"..It is all right Donavon - don't worry about it," I said, trying to lessen his feelings of guilt.
"You really caught me off guard, I um..," Donavon stammered. I took his hand that was near to me, and pulled him towards the bed.
"Sit down, and lets have some of this wonderful breakfast before it gets cold." Donavon sat on the other side of the tray, but when he sat down I had a perfect view of his cock as the opening for his gown fell to the one side. He didn't seem to notice. However, my cock was beginning to swell, and I decided to put the breakfast tray on my lap to stem off any embarrassment that I might cause.
The breakfast was lovely - crisp bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sliced tomato, and some toasted bread. There was also freshly squeezed orange juice, that glided like velvet down my throat. We also made small talk, which helped to ease any possible tension.
> "This is really great - almost as good as my mother's cooking," I said taking the last morsel of food from my plate into my mouth.
"Well, I don't want to cook better than your mother," Donavon laughed.
I was naked under the covers, and was bursting to go to the john. My bladder felt like it was going to explode at any moment. Not sure of what to do I decided to just go about it as if it was an everyday occurrence. Damn, my going for a piss was an everyday occurrence.
I placed the tray on the bed beside Donavon, and proceeded to remove my sheets. This action caused me to expose a raging hard-on. Donavon's eyes moved down to my cock on reflex. And then he looked away. Out of shame? I was not sure. Not waiting to find out, I slipped off the bed and moved down the hall to the john. I needed to piss badly, but my hard-on would not let up, so I decided that the only way to alleviate the problem was to come. My hand gripped my cock, and began to masturbate. I shot jism all over the john. A little while after coming my cock surrendered to nature, and I was able to piss. It felt great.
When I arrived back in my room Donavon was gone, and so was the tray of food. I decided to get dressed, and pulled on a pair of jeans. While I was busy dressing - the phone rang.
"Kyle - be at my house at twelve", was all that the voice said, but I knew that it had to be Ross. I was so horny from being around Donavon, that I actually didn't mind the idea of getting off with Ross. He was simply a means to an end. At this point in my life I was immensely sexually frustrated. I finished dressing, and went in search of Donavon. He was still in the kitchen and had just finished packing the dishwasher.
"Donavon I need to go out for a little while - will you be all right here by yourself?" I asked questionably.
"Sure, no problem," his cute grin had returned, and I guessed correctly that the previous nights episode was ancient history.
"Well be sure to make yourself at home - consider everything in this house yours," I told him, and actually dared to pat him on his cute ass.
> He just grinned at me, and headed for the bathroom. It was already twelve, and I decided to head for Ross's house. I shouted good-bye to Donavon, and left.

The drive to Ross's house was quick. I pulled up his driveway, and headed for the front door. Before I could even ring the doorbell Ross pulled the door open. He did not say anything, but motioned for me to follow him. He was wearing a tight pair of black denims, and a burgundy golf shirt. His feet were bare as he climbed the stairs to the first floor. I followed, not really knowing what else to do. We passed the room, which had housed my fantasy experience on Friday night, and headed further down the corridor. Ross stopped outside the door to a room, and gestured for me to enter the room. Obediently, I followed. My gaze was still on Ross, as I entered the room, and I failed to notice that there was somebody behind the door. The door slammed shut. I turned around from fright. There before me stood a strapping young man. His muscles bulged all over his body, which showed hours of weekly workouts. The outline of his cock appeared very promising as well. Unconsciously, my mouth drooled.
"Kyle, meet Cameron, who you are going to get to know very well."
"Please to make your acquaintance, Kyle, I have seen that you are an expert cock-sucker, and I am in need of your services," said the young man. The glare that I gave Ross could have melted steel.
I just stood in the center of the room, and did not move. Cameron took the initiative, and moved towards me. He placed his strong muscled hands on my ass cheeks and squeezed. I yelped noticeably. As my mouth opened he placed his mouth over mine, and I could feel his tongue thrash into my mouth. He pulled me towards him, and I could feel the heat from his loins. Our cocks were mashed together as his powerful muscles pulled me forward. His tongue explored my mouth, and soon I responded - my pent up feelings of lust taking over. My tongue met his, and I tasted the sweetness of his mouth. He felt so strong. He kissed me along the neck, and nibbled my one ear. This drove me insane with desire. I have always loved it when guys nibble on my neck, and ears. His hands moved from my ass up to my shirt, and he ripped off the buttons on my shirt exposing my chest. He pulled my shirt from me, and I stood before him bare from the waist up. Slowly he lowered his mouth to my nipples, and took each in turn in his mouth. He sucked on my nipples, and his teeth teased the tips of my nipples. A moan escaped from my mouth. He took this as his cue to explore my body further, and sucked and kissed his way down towards my navel. Where his tongue circled the outer ring, and darted into the center. God this guy was driving me wild.
I was tempted to grab his head in my hands, but he was running short of my exposed flesh, and I did not want to stop his exploration of my body. However, he gave me a love bite just above my jeans, and rose to kiss me on my lips again.
"Remove, my clothes," he breathed in between a passionate kiss. He took a step back. It was the first time that I had actually taken notice of his body, and I was struck by the apparent perfection. He had curly brown hair that was cut short on the sides, and eyebrows that arched upward on his brow. His brown eyes seemed to glisten like dew fresh soil. The lips that had just favored my lips were full yet strong in appearance. My hands moved to his neck, and I stroked the developed muscles. With shaking hands I unbuttoned his shirt, because I did not have the strength to rip free his shirt. Each opened button exposed more, and more of his huge chest, which seemed to be as hard as steel to the touch. I stroked his chest, and tweaked his nipples. His stomach muscles formed a beautiful rippled quad. With the ridges of each of his stomach muscles being rather distinct. I pulled free his shirt, and slid it past his burly biceps. He did not have a stitch of hair on his body, not even under his arms. I brought my mouth down to his chest, and sucked on his nipple, and kissed the length of each of his lats. Going against my nature I also licked the smooth flesh of his armpits. My hands grabbed for his belt, and I unbuckled his jeans. The button on his jeans was tight, and I was battling to get it open, when Cameron brushed my hands aside. He knowingly opened the button. I lowered the zip. His cock sprung forth. Even constrained by his briefs it was huge. I pulled his pants down and off, and for the first time noticed that he did not have any shoes on either. "One less thing to worry about," I thought. All that stood between me and this studs complete nakedness was his briefs. His cock head was peeping over the elastic of the top.
I moved forward, and darted a quick lick on the tip of his cock. Cameron sighed. He wanted to pull off his briefs, but I brushed his hands aside. Instead I kissed him along the boundary of his underwear, and cupped his huge balls in my hands. Eventually, the desire to nibble on his cock was so overwhelming, that I pulled free his cock. It slapped my cheek, as I pulled down the briefs. I wasted no time to take the head of his cock in my mouth. It had the lovely salty taste of precum on it, and I sucked the mushroomed head - my teeth scrapping the ridge of his cut cock. Using my tongue I traced the vein, which ran along the lower side of his cock. His cock was not overly thick, but it was a full 10" long. I licked the length of his cock, and smelt the musky smell from behind his balls. I lowered my mouth further, and captured each of his balls in my mouth. Each ball was exposed to a good sucking.

"Wait, you are still dressed," Cameron said, pulling my head up. His breathing was rather deep, and I knew that he was getting rather hot from our foreplay. He lowered his hands to my jeans, and freed them from my body. My cock sprung free.
"No, underwear?" Cameron visibly grinned. He grabbed my cock in his hand and I felt him grip it tightly. The feeling was totally awesome. He began to stroke my cock back and forth. Squeezing on each down stroke. His one hand kneaded my balls, and he brought his one finger to my mouth.
"Suck my finger," he instructed stroking his finger across my lips. I took his finger in my mouth, and sucked it. He pulled it from my mouth after awhile, and lowered his saliva covered hand to my ass. Not worrying about teasing my ass hole loose - he plunged his finger into my ass. I gasped. He began to finger fuck me. While his one hand massaged my cock, and the other my ass - he kissed my shoulders, and neck. Cameron heard my breath stop suddenly, and in one deft move he dropped to his knees. He took my cock in his mouth, as I released an enormous load. I collapsed to the floor. Visibly exhausted. Cameron swallowed the come that filled his mouth, and licked my cock clean. Only after he had finished licking me clean did he pull his finger free from my ass. My eyes were closed from the intensity of my orgasm, and I felt Cameron's lips on mine again. I could taste my own come.
"Thank you, I needed that," I said stroking Cameron's cheek.
"Do you think that you could finish what you started awhile ago," Cameron asked.

[to be continued]

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com