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Computer Guys, pt4

Donavon heard Kyle from the shower as he left the house. He wondered where he could be going to, but decided that it was not really his concern. He adjusted the taps in the shower until the water was a nice luke-warm. Shedding his robe he stood, and looked at himself in a full length mirror. He admired his well defined body. Hours of swimming had ensured that he had a washboard stomach, and nicely chiseled pecs. He ran his hand over his stomach. Often he wondered if he didn't push himself at swimming, because he loved the feeling of strength that it gave his body. His hand wondered further down to his bronze cock. Donavon had received many comments in the showers about his cock. All his friends wanted to know how he managed to get it quite so nice and bronze. Donavon loved this attention that his cock was afforded in the showers, and he amusingly told everyone that he had Indian ancestry. This seemed to suffice. The truth was that no one wanted to show to much attention in Donavon's cock lest they be branded a fag. In reality Donavon's cock was bronze from hours spent on the family sunbed.

His hand gripped his cock, and he felt the 7" member begin to grow to life. He had been so horny last night after he had seen Kyle stimulating himself that he had gone back to his room and jacked off. Donavon had actually wanted to stay and watch Kyle. He didn't think that this meant that he was gay or anything. At least he didn't think so. He had had his share of girls. His good looks and money had ensured the girls kept lining up.
Donavon began to run his fingers over the head of his cock. One of his hands took his full ball sac in-hand, and began to squeeze its contents. He closed his eyes, and he saw Kyle lying on the bed. Kyle's one hand on his cock and the other thrusting fingers in his ass crack. Donavon had tried the previous evening to stimulate his ass, but had chickened out. He squeezed his ass cheeks, and began to get a steady rhythm going on his cock. His one hand explored his body while the other stroked his cock. He tweaked his nipples and ran his fingers over his mouth. Come burst from his cock and splattered on the mirror in front of him. Donavon continued stroking himself until his cock began to feel very tender. He reached forward to the mirror, and salvaged a portion of his come, which he brought to his mouth. The taste of his come had always intrigued him. The taste was difficult to place - neither distasteful or nice. Donavon entered the shower, and washed his body clean. The water felt so refreshing and caressing. He took his time in the shower. When he was done he stepped from the shower, and dried his body. Glancing at the mirror he saw that there was a trail of come down its surface. Using the towel he wiped the mirror clean.

Donavon decided that he would not get dressed immediately, but rather pulled on his robe, and went to the living room to look at Kyle's many CDs. He was really amazed by the collection, but he soon grew tired of looking at the CDs, and decided to watch some TV. The only TV in the home was in Kyle's room, so Donavon headed for Kyle's room. He salvaged the remote from the bedside table and lay stomach down on the bed looking at the TV. He pressed one of the many channels available on satellite, and began to watch the program being presented. After a while the program lost interest, so he began flicking through the many different channels. Nothing seemed to catch his fancy on any of the channels. Donavon decided that he would watch the video in the VCR. He pressed the button on the remote that activated the VCR, and was met with a message that said the tape in the VCR was busy rewinding. So Donavon waited for the tape to complete its task of rewinding. On completion of its task the VCR automatically engaged the play button. Donavon's head was resting on his hands looking at the TV expectantly, but what he saw was not quite what he had expected. There before him on the screen, was himself lying apparently asleep on a bed. Then while he watched Kyle came into the room. Kyle's body blocked what he was doing, but he gasped aloud when he saw Kyle pull down his pants. The next thing Kyle was giving him a blow job. Donavon's cock began to bore into Kyle's bed. He moved slightly to reposition himself. Donavon could not believe what he was seeing. Mixed emotions surfaced. He longed to know what it felt like to have another man touch him like Kyle was doing on the screen. No Kyle had already touched him like that but he could not remember. Was that good or bad? His raging hard-on did not convince him of what he should really be feeling. Donavon turned off the tape after the static began to signal the end of the taping. He rolled over onto his back exposing his raging hard-on. What do I do now he thought...

Meanwhile, at Ross's house...

Although, I felt quite spent after being sucked off by Cameron, I could not deny him his request to finish what I had started. He lay down on the carpeted floor, and I slowly traced my finger down his chest and towards his waiting cock. His cock looked so proud, that I decided to give it a small slap. Cameron's eyes had been closed as he was savoring the pleasure of my caress, and he looked up when I slapped his cock. My fingers ran between his balls, and I traced the outline of his balls in each of his ball sacs. My fingers explored further, and traced the path from the base of his balls to the waiting ass. I sucked on one of my fingers, and gently circled the edge of his puckered ass. Continuing to do this I leaned over and darted my tongue over his right nipple, and then proceeded to do the same to his left nipple. A slight moan escaped his lips. I returned to the right nipple, and took it in my mouth. I began to nibble on his nipple. It grew erect with goose-bumps surfacing all around the edges. My mouth moved to the left nipple, and once I had elicited the same response I ran my one finger over the overexposed vein that trailed down his left arm. I traced the vein all the way to his hand, and then I took his hand in mine. My mouth sucked each finger in turn, just to make him aware of the softness and warmth that his cock would soon experience.
After I had finished with his hand I placed it on his stomach, and lowered my mouth to his tight belly-buttoned, which I fleeting visited on my journey to his twitching cock. My mouth passed his sparse curly pubic hair, and using my tongue I climbed his cock from the base to the waiting dome. On the pinnacle of the dome rested a drop of precum. I circled it with my tongue, and then I descended down the opposite side of his cock. My descent took me to the balls that I had sucked earlier, and I took each one of them in my mouth in turn. I rolled the covered ball in my mouth, and the smell of musky manliness filled my nose. Cameron's smell was intoxicating.

"Stop your cock teasing," Cameron moaned. I finished paying attention to his balls, and then I traced the thick vein that ran up the underside of his cock. My tongue circled the ridge of his cut cock. The come at the opening to his cock was visibly increased, and I lowered my mouth over his whole head. My lips wrapped around the base of the cock head, and my tongue darted across the cock tip to salvage all of the precum. I began to lower my mouth further over his cock - paying attention to the more sensitive underside of his cock.

While I was busy seeing to Cameron's cock I felt a soft warmth by my ass cheeks, and taking a moment to glance around I saw that Ross was busy tonguing my crack. In all honesty I had forgotten about him. The attention that Ross was giving my ass meant that my cock was soon rigid. I moaned around Cameron's cock in my mouth when I felt Ross's tongue dart into my ass. My ass was still relaxed from Cameron's finger fucking, and Ross picking up on this removed his tongue from my ass. Next I felt Ross's weight on my back, and his hot breathe against my shoulder. His cock rested against my loosened opening for awhile, and then Ross pushed forward with his hips. I felt his cock head resting against my ass, and then a excruciating pain as his cock head pushed passed my ass muscles. A normal sized cock could easily have entered my ass, but Ross's was thick, and I sucked down harder on Cameron's cock to stifle a scream. A sweat broke out on my body as Ross drove his cock into my ass. He had the consideration to pause for a moment to let me get used the feeling of having a "baseball bat" up my ass, before he began to fuck me. I had gone limp from the initial pain of his penetration, but Ross began to kiss my shoulder as he gently pulled part way out, and then impaled me again. This in turn began to arouse me again. He moved his body so that he had access to Cameron's balls, and he began to lick on them as he slowly pumped my ass. A fire raged in my ass. Ross's strokes grew in speed, until he was fucking me mercilessly. I felt his body tense-up, and at the same time Cameron drove his cock to the back of my throat. At the same time I was filled with come in both my ass and mouth the feeling was so intense, that I felt myself orgasm again. The tightening of my ass muscles as I orgasmed milked every last drop of come from Ross's cock. I felt him grow soft in my ass. The relief was great. Cameron pulled his cock from my mouth after which I turned my head, and shared Cameron's come with Ross as he kissed me passionately. Ross pulled his cock from my ass with a pop, and helped me clean the remaining come from Cameron's cock. Then Ross lowered his mouth to my cock, and licked the come from my cock. Our three mouths met when Cameron, Ross and myself shared a kiss together. Ross's come was the only one missing, but that did not matter, because the taste of come lingered in all of our mouths.

"That was totally great," said Cameron, "I have never experienced something so sexy in all my life."
"I didn't think that you would take part Ross?" I said. Ross just smiled at me, and gave me a peck on the cheek.
"I have fantasized about you for a long time, but I was not sure if you were interested in other guys - hell, until the incident with Donavon I thought that you were as straight as an arrow - and even then I thought that I had to black mail you into sex, because you were straight, but just curious."

I felt differently about Ross now somehow knowing that he had longed for me as much as I had for Donavon, and I could understand his emotions. Cameron smiled at the both of us. A nice warm smile. Ross and I kissed each of his cheeks, and he hugged us in his strong arms to his body. We fell asleep like that lying on his broad chest.

When I awoke it was after six. I had enjoyed my afternoon's activities, but remembered that I had a house guest, and that I had better return home. I untangled myself from Cameron's arm, and went in search of a bathroom. My ass was a little tender, as I walked down the passage opening doors, and looking for the bathroom. Eventually, I found the bathroom. I headed straight for the shower and turned on the water. Toggling the taps I finally established a descent temperature, and began to wash my body. My fingers gently rinsed my tender ass crack, and I rinsed and then dried my body with a nearby towel. Toweling my body dry I returned to the room that I had shared with Cameron and Ross, and salvaged my clothes. I deposited a kiss on each of Ross's ass cheeks before leaving the room, and the house. Gently seating myself in my BMW I headed for home. Wondering the whole journey home how Donavon had amused himself during the day.

[to be continued]

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com