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Computer Guys, pt5

Donavon had spent the afternoon roaming around the house. He was not sure how he was going to handle this situation. The video that he had seen had made him so horny. He had tried jacking off, but for some reason he had lost interest while in the act. Deciding that his mind was just a little to unsettled by what he had witnessed on the TV screen - he had gone to his room and dressed instead. Donavon wanted to confront Kyle about the video, but he was not sure how he was going to do it. He had fallen asleep on the sofa, and was awoken by the sound of a car pulling up the drive-way. He jumped up to see who it was - peeping out of the window he saw that it was Kyle. Hurriedly he moved back to the sofa, and settled down on it with a magazine in hand.
Donavon heard the rustle of the keys outside the front door, and then I entered. In one glance I took in the room, and greeted Donavon.

"Did you manage to keep yourself occupied this afternoon?" I asked , throwing my keys in a large brass bowl located close to the front door.

"Well, I made myself at home as you suggested," Donavon said, simultaneously shifting his leg to hide his growing hard-on. Seeing Kyle in the flesh was making him, so horny again. Every time he looked at him he wondered what those lips would feel like around his cock. "By the way how was your afternoon?"
A small grin sneaked across my face before I answered, "it was most enjoyable. Do you want to do anything?"

"Yes, I want your mouth on my cock," Donavon thought, but instead he said aloud, "I don't know".

"Well, what do you say about a swim - my muscles are a little tender," was the best suggestion that I could make to get Donavon to strip down and display his body to me. I might have spent the afternoon in passionate sex with two guys, but I really wanted to make wild passionate love to Donavon.

"I'd love to, but I don't have a Speedo," Donavon said, dropping the magazine that he was reading into his crotch.

"I could lend you one, but why don't we just swim in the nude. You aren't embarrassed to swim naked are you," I asked hoping that he would answer correctly.

"No, you go ahead and get in the pool, I'll be there in a moment - I just want to finish reading this interesting article," said Donavon as he patted the magazine.

I walked passed him, and headed towards the pool. As I walked I removed my clothing, so that by the time that I reached the pool I was naked. The pool cover was off the pool, but that did not matter as it had been warm the last couple of days, and the water did not need heating. I stood on the edge of the pool, and then lunged forward into a dive. My body sliced through the water like a hot knife through butter. The initial contact with the water was chilling, but by the time my head emerged from beneath the water my body was beginning to adjust. I looked towards the house, but Donavon was not coming. It was a good thing that I was walking away from Donavon as I undressed, because by the time I had reached the pool I had a raging hard-on.

Donavon had hoped that he could try and quell his erection if he read an article, but he could not help sneak peeks at Kyle as he undressed. He wanted to see Kyle's cock up close. He wanted to touch it. Yes, he wanted to touch it - stroke its full length. He lifted the magazine, and began reading any of the articles that he could find. This was an erstwhile attempt to lessen his erection so that he could join Kyle.

I realized that I had forgotten to turn on the pool lights, so I quickly swam over to one of the override switches located around the pool area. This switch was located uniquely as a penis of a small gnome in a wooded scenario on the one side of the pool. An erection (up switch) signaled that the lights would be on, so I toggled the switch in the appropriate direction. The pool area flooded with light. There was not an inch of darkness around the pool. Just after I had turned on the lights, Donavon emerged. My God, he was gorgeous. His body was so nicely sculpted, his nipples brown and full. As he walked naked towards the pool, his bronze cock bounced from thigh to thigh. The 7" of man-meat was nicely off-set by a pair of low hung balls, and a washboard stomach. My cock twitched under the water. It would be clearly visible when Donavon drew closer.

Donavon was reciting anything and everything that he could think of to keep his mind off the fact that Kyle was naked beneath the water. As he drew closer he could see Kyle's cock beneath the water. It looked so large, but that was probably the distortion from the water. He lost control of mind over body at that time, as his cock rose to full attention. Donavon blushed.

I almost leapt for joy when I saw Donavon sport a boner - he had obviously caught sight of my cock. Was he fantasizing about me? The thought intrigued me. I pretended not to notice, but I was watching his cock closely as it stretch and grew to its erect 9".

Donavon stood at the edge of the pool. My heart was beating in my throat, and I had butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My cock was aching as it tried to swell past its maximum size. There was no doubt in my mind that Donavon could see my throbbing member beneath the water. I could not take my eyes off of his body - it was as though the sight of him totally naked had hypnotized me. It was part of my dream becoming a reality.

Slowly Donavon lowered himself into the water. I ran my tongue over my lips, as I watched every muscle ripple with movement. His body sank beneath the surface of the water, and he emerged not far from me.

Donavon's cock was fully erect and he had seen beneath the water, that so was Kyle's. He wanted to swim over to Kyle, and touch his cock - feel his body. Yet at the moment he floated out of reach of Kyle.

"The water is very mice," I said clearing my throat.

The intensity of lust between the two was electric. (And we all know how dangerous electricity is around a pool:)). Donavon supplied the spark by deciding to take the initiative. He slowly swam up to Kyle, and held onto the pool's edge. His leg brushed against Kyle's.

I felt Donavon's leg brush against mine. The feeling was incredible. A slight touch, but so satisfying. My eyes locked onto his. An unspoken understanding passed between us, as Donavon moved closer to me. His hand stroked my side, and then his lips met mine. My body and soul were transported to a higher plain of ecstasy at that moment. I didn't hesitate for a moment to return his passionate kiss. My arms encircled his body, and I felt the hardness of him. Our erections pressed against each other. Donavon let go of the side of the pool, and embraced me also. We sank beneath the surface to a world devoid of sound, and became one unit of existence - each part sustaining the other. When the air began to scream for release from our lungs we rose to the surface. Together we moved to the shallow end of the pool. We stood facing each other. Donavon spoke first.

"Kyle, I want your mouth around my cock,": Donavon said without any form of ceremony. His fingers traced my lips, and circled each of my nipples. Exploring fingers migrated down to my cock, until Donavon took my cock in his hand. He held my throbbing cock for awhile and then let go.
I did not respond to his request, but took his hand in mine. I led him out of the pool water, and to the pool furniture - specifically one of the pool chairs.

Donavon took a seat on one of the chairs. He spread his legs open. The lovely bronze cock still wet from the pool looked so smooth, and shiny. I went down on my knees between his legs. One last time I looked into his eyes before I lowered my mouth onto his cock. His whole cock-head disappeared into my mouth. The unique taste of his cock was replaced by a straying odor of chlorine, but that did not matter. My tongue stroked the ridge of his cock-head, and the sensitive underside of his cock. Further and further my mouth descended until his damp pubes tickled my upper lip. His 9" cock felt so nice buried deep in my throat, that I didn't want to release it. I didn't want the moment to end. At this point I existed in a world of complete ecstasy.

Donavon's hands clenched at the sides of the pool chair as I began to thrust up and down on his cock with my mouth. After a few strokes a small morsel of precum presented itself to me. My tongue darted across the surface of his cock-head and captured the escaping come. Donavon pushed my head down on his cock - at the same time thrusting up. I felt his cock swell a little more, and his balls tightened in my manipulating hand. Not wanting Donavon to come yet I removed my mouth from his cock, and squeezed the base of his cock tightly.

"I was going to come - what have you done?" Donavon asked pulling hard on my hair.

"I want us to come together, and at the moment you seem to be getting all the attention - I think that it is time that you see to my needs," I said stroking Donavon's stomach, and running my thumbs over his nipples.

"But I have never sucked a cock before," Donavon said looking down at my face, and stroking my cheeks.

"Just do to me what you would like me to do to you, and the rest will follow naturally," I said, and stood up. I lowered the back end of the pool chair, so Donavon was lying at a lower angle, and then I straddled his chest. His body beneath mine felt so nice. I moved forward on his chest until my cock was at his lips. He parted his lips, and I gently guided my purple head into his mouth. Donavon licked at my cock, and began to suck on my cock in small slurping sounds. The feeling was totally awesome. Here was the guy of my dreams sucking on my cock. His teeth scraped against my cock as I pushed it deeper into his mouth. I told him to use his lips, and beware of the teeth. After a while I could not penetrate him further. The position was all wrong, and I wanted my whole cock in his mouth.

"Turn around, so that your head is hanging over the end of the chair," I said pulling my cock from his mouth, and moving off of his chest. Donavon turned around so that his head was now in the same position that his feet had occupied. His head hung over the edge of the chair. I took up a position in front of his mouth, and pushed my cock into his dribbling mouth. It was not long before I felt my cock push against the back of his throat. I felt him gag, as I tried to push my last inch into him. In panic he was trying to push my cock from his mouth.

"Relax, and this will feel great," I said pulling back on my cock a little. Looking in front of me I saw that his cock had gone limp. Probably a result of being frightened of gagging. I leaned forward, and took hold of his cock with my one hand. It twitched at my touch, and then I lowered my mouth onto his cock. I began to suck on his cock again. It began to grow in my mouth. The feeling of it swelling inside my mouth was great. I pushed forward with my hips, and cock entered Donavon's mouth to the hilt. It appeared that my attention to his cock had relaxed him a little, because he did not gag on my cock. I began to thrust in and out of his mouth. The sweat warmth of his tight mouth over my cock meant that I was soon ready to come. Deciding not to warn Donavon I sucked harder on his cock, and played with his balls. My orgasm was nearing. I was fighting for control. I lost the battle, as I thrust down deep into Donavon's mouth and loosened a gigantic load. This pushed him over the edge as I felt and then tasted his come in my mouth. I sucked every last morsel from his cock, and then I released it. Donavon had not let up sucking on my cock, and as I pulled it from his mouth he moved upward to keep possession of my cock.

"Wow, there cowboy, you can have my cock back any time - just give me a chance to reload," I said in exhausted breathes. Donavon released my cock, and then I lay on top of him kissing him passionately on the lips. The taste of our man juices mixed. I nibbled on Donavon's bottom lip, and he looked into my eyes. His tongue snaked into my mouth again, and explored it for more come. He seemed insatiable. Had I awoken a monster - I really hoped so. We made ourselves more comfortable on the pool chair, and fell asleep in each others arms. My fantasy was now a reality.

The chill of late evening awoke me. I sucked on the nipple right by my mouth. This was how I wanted to wake up - with a gorgeous stud lying next to me. I didn't need to take advantage of Donavon while he slept, so I kissed him awake. He embraced me warmly, and smiled into my face.

"That was great earlier - I have never felt anything so satisfying," Donavon said running his hands down my back, and squeezing my ass cheeks.

"Let's get inside - it is getting rather cool out here," I said. Donavon released me, and we walked hand in hand into the house. With one flick of a switch I turned the pool area into darkness, but I knew that it would always be a bright spot in my heart and soul.

I was rather hungry, after not eating since breakfast, and suggested to Donavon that we get a bite to eat. We headed for the kitchen and I opened cupboards, and the fridge in search of something to eat. Finally, we settled on phoning for Pizza. I phoned the Pizzeria, that I usually use, and ordered a large pizza for supper. While I was ordering the food Donavon had moved into the lounge and started a fire going in the fire-place. A warmth soon enveloped the room. Donavon lay on a blanket on the floor when I entered the room. The fire bathed his bodies in hues of orange. His bronze complexion was accentuated by the rustling fire. He heard me entering the room, and held out his hand. I moved over to him, and took it as he pulled me down onto the floor.

[to be continued...]

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com