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Computer Guys, pt6

The warmth of the fire was infectious, and soon it had made me rather lazy. I fell asleep again in Donavon's arms. Not before I noticed a soft snore coming from him. The doorbell awoke me, but Donavon did not budge. I removed his arm from my chest and moved towards the door. Only when I was almost by the door did I realize that I did not have anything on. I moved over to the window by the door to see who was standing outside. It was Austin the pizza delivery boy. He was a cute 17 year old, who did deliveries to supplement his studies. We had met about two months previously - at the time he had been delivering something other than pizza. Austin had given me a good fuck one night when I was out cruising. The memory of that night was causing my cock to become a little erect. We had never repeated that one night, but I always made use of his Pizzeria even if it was from the other end of town.

Unfortunately, this had been the first time, that he had delivered in person. Often the delivery guy on the other end of the door was someone else. Deciding that it did not matter if he saw me naked I opened the door. Austin was a little startled to see me standing in front of him buck naked, but he regained his composure quickly.

"Hmm, look who is a little horny tonight," Austin said leaning forward and tapping my rump.

"Come in," I said, and he entered the house. I closed the door behind him. "Austin just wait here while I go and get some money for the pizza," I said heading towards my room to retrieve my wallet. I returned a while later to find Austin staring at Donavon's naked form on the floor. He heard me coming and looked in my direction.

"My, God, this guy is hot..." Austin said, and I noticed a growing bulge in his jeans.

"Hands-off, he is all mine," I said handing him the money for the pizza, and including a generous tip. Austin took the money from me, and with side long glances at Donavon he headed towards the door.

"Well, all I can say is that you are one lucky dude," he said leaving the house. I closed the door behind him, and went to the kitchen = divided up the pizza - opened a bottle of red wine, and headed back to the fireplace.

"Hey, you wake up. I could use a little help here," I said nudging Donavon's side with my foot. He sleepily opened his eyes and saw that I was balancing two plates, glasses, and a bottle of wine.

Donavon sprung to his feet. "Here let me help," he said taking the plates from me. He then proceeded to sit cross-legged on the floor. I mimicked his action, and soon we were sitting facing each other on the floor. Our hunger was soon apparent from the manner in which we devoured the pizza. The red wine helped the pizza go down. We settled down on the floor after eating and talked as we sipped our wine. The atmosphere in the room was almost on the verge of Parisian Romanticism. I took Donavon's glass from him, and placed it out of harms way. Moving so that our bodies touched I began to feverously kiss his wine stained lips. My tongue probed and was aloud entry into his mouth. We French kissed. I ran my hand through his hair. My other ran down his back. Placing my hand on Donavon's ass cheek, I pulled him into me. Our cocks met with familiarity and raised their weary heads in recognition of future duties. I rolled Donavon onto his back, and then proceeded to work my way down his body to his cock. Teasingly, I skirted his cock and sank my mouth around each of Donavon's balls in turn. Donavon groaned. My tongue explored further - tracing the seam that joins balls to ass crack. I hoisted up Donavon's hips a little and plunged my tongue into the area surrounding his ass crack. My tongue darted in and out of his ass crack - lubing up his love canal nicely for what I had planned next. Donavon was thrashing his head from side to side, and was moaning as I tongue fucked him. His hand had gripped his cock and he was stroking himself.

Suddenly a movement caught my eye from the area of the patio doors. Had I seen somebody peeping by the window? I was not sure. I decided to go and investigate.

"Donavon, I'm going to get something to make this more enjoyable," I said and headed for my room. Donavon looked after me questioningly, and I am sure a little excitedly. However, my motives for leaving were different. I entered my room - grabbed a few condoms and a tube a KY from a draw - just in case I was wrong. Another entrance to the patio was from my room, and I grabbed my robe and put it on. At the same time stuffing the condoms and lube in one of the pockets. Deciding that I needed some form of protection I grabbed a small electric stun gun (guaranteed to immobilize a human for approx. 5 minutes by applying a small shock). Armed and dangerous - okay not really dangerous - I slipped through the patio door and headed towards the other set of patio doors. I saw a figure crouched, by the potted palm on my patio, staring into the lounge. Slowly I crept forward. When I was almost upon him. The intruder turned around and suddenly bolted. Like a frightened animal he tried to flee, but I lunged after him. Stretching to my maximum I managed to extend the stun gun, so that it came in contact with his body. I pressed the trigger, and a blue spark of current leapt from the device and immobilized the intruder's central nervous system. He was too close to the edge of the pool, and toppled into the water. I quickly threw off my robe and dived into the water. When I emerged with my unconscious captive in tow Donavon was standing at the edge of the pool.

"What the hell is going on", Donavon asked. He helped me pull the intruder out of the pool. I told Donavon to go inside and fetch some towels. He obeyed and went in search of the requested items. We had turned the intruder face down, in case any water had entered his lungs, and now I turned him over. I walked over to one of the override switches for the pool lights, and flooded the area with light. Returning to my captive I saw that it was no other than Austin. Donavon joined me, and I told him who our captive was - supplying him at the same time with some background information of past activities with the delivery guy.

We decided to undress Austin, as his clothes were soaked right through (a legitimate excuse?), and then we toweled him dry. After which we carried him inside to the warm fire. While lying Austin down on the blanket, I noticed that Donavon was inspecting Austin's body, so I decided to give him a guided tour.

Skipping the obviously noticeable attributes that Austin had I decided to point out the unique, which is in characteristic with most tour guides.
"If you look down at his cock," I said in a tour guide type voice, "you will notice that he has a very distinct birthmark running down the underside." Donavon peered closer. "Now if we explore his body further you will notice a small tattoo of an eagle with it's claws imbedded in the Earth," I said pointing to the tattoo located on his inner left thigh, close to his balls.

"Why does he have that?" Donavon asked running a finger over the tattoo.

"Well, his parent's belonged to a cult when he was born, and it was common practice, that all the babies of the cult members would be tattooed for easier identification. At least that is what he told me."

Austin's hand twitched. The paralysis was beginning to wear off. Soon he regained full consciousness and stared at the pair of us.

"We'd like an explanation, " I said in the sternest voice that I could muster, and poked the tender flesh around his ribs.

"I couldn't help myself. After I caught a look at this guy," he said pointing to Donavon, "lying on your floor, and you naked Kyle, I had to see what you guys were up to." Austin stroked back his sandy hair from in front of his brown eyes. Either he had noticed that he was naked and didn't care or he was afraid to broach the subject.

Donavon and I exchanged one of those communicative looks that says a hundred words.

"Well, seen as you are here - you might as well help me introduce Donavon to the pleasurable experience of male on male sex," I suggested. A huge grin spread across Austin's face. No doubt this is what he had hoped the outcome would be all along. I moved forward to kiss Austin's lips, and so did Donavon. Donavon and I kissed Austin in turn, and then each other, then somehow we all seemed to be kissing each other at the same time. The heat and wetness of their mouths was sending me to a point of erection, and it was having a similar effect on those in my company. Donavon began to kiss and nibble his way downward to Austin's waiting erection. Not wanting to be deprived of the sensual feeling of his Austin's cock sliding in and out of my mouth - I followed suit. Donavon explored the left side of Austin's body, and I the right. Our timing was good, as we both crossed the checkered flag, and wanted to claim our prize. Arriving at the winning post at the same time meant that we had to share our trophy, but that did not matter. Selfishly, I moved to take Austin's cock in my mouth, and Donavon proceeded to suck on Austin's balls.

"Yes guys, work on my cock, oh yes, suck that baby," Austin moaned, like the little slut that I remembered him to be. He took pleasure in vocalizing during sex. Well, I planned on making him hoarse. My mouth was pumping up and down Austin's cock - my tongue tracing the distinctive birthmark. Austin's hips were thrusting up to meet my face each time I swallowed him to the hilt. After a while deciding that I better give Donavon a chance on the 8" cock before it lost its hardness, I searched for Donavon's mouth, and whispered for him to take over the stimulation of Austin's cock. Greedily, he began sucking on Austin's cock.

Austin was in heaven. He had two gorgeous guys working on his cock and balls. The feeling of their bodies close to his was electric. Austin was no newcomer to sex with others, but this experience was somehow different. He felt his legs being lifted up slightly, and then the warmth of a tongue caressed the edges of the entrance to his love canal. The feeling was intense. A warm, wet feeling. The tongue began to dart in and out of his ass, while a mouth sucked on his cock. He wanted cock to - specifically he wanted that bronze beauty. Reaching his hand down to Donavon's head he pulled it from his cock.
"Give me your cock," he said to Donavon. Donavon turned around so that they were in a 69 position, and continued to work on Austin's cock. Austin licked his lips, as the bronze cock lay in front of him. He rapidly moved forward and took the cock in his mouth. The sucking on his cock stopped for just a moment and then continued. Now he was truly in heaven. The cock in Austin's mouth tasted so nice, and a generous helping of precum added to the taste. He sucked on the cock - using his tongue to explore every part. His hands caressed the ass cheeks in front of him, and his fingers probed Donavon's ass crack. He was surprised when he was able to push his finger easily into Donavon's ass. Donavon did not stop his manipulation on Austin's cock this time. Austin began to finger fuck Donavon's ass, while he sucked rhythmically on the cock in his mouth.

Donavon was in ecstasy the feeling of a cock in his mouth, and his cock in anothers mouth was great. It reminded him of earlier on the patio, but although the act was the same - the emotions that he had felt at that moment could never be repeated. He felt something exploring around his ass, and then sink into him. Kyle's tongue fuck from earlier had loosened him up nicely. He had so much wanted to feel Kyle's cock imbedded in him, but now it looked like he would have to wait a little longer. Donavon was disturbed in his sucking when Kyle moved away from Austin's ass, but he returned quickly to the task at hand.

I was so horny from having these two guys on my lounge floor, that I knew that although I had not touched my cock once - it would not take much to make me come. Deciding that Austin's ass was ready for my cock to penetrate it, I retrieved the condoms and KY from my discarded robe. I slid a condom onto my cock, and applied a little KY. Moving into a position that placed my cock at the entrance to Austin's ass I slowly eased into him. My cock met little resistance. Donavon was watching my cock push into Austin's ass, and he sucked harder on Austin's cock.

Releasing Donavon's cock, Austin said, "stop teasing me and fuck me - its in already now start putting it to work". He then resumed his sucking on Donavon's cock, and increased his fingers in Donavon's ass to two. Deciding that Austin knows best what he wants I began to pump in and out of him mercilessly. I felt my cock brush against his prostrate. Donavon removed his mouth from Austin's cock, and showed me the precum that was oozing forth. Austin climaxed first - shooting a huge load into Donavon's mouth. Donavon expertly swallowed everything. Austin deciding that Donavon should come also finger fucked his ass faster, and sucked harder. Donavon's eyes misted over as he orgasmed, and I was on my way to orgasm from Austin's ass muscles clamping down on my cock when he orgasmed. Seeing Donavon orgasm pushed me to the point of no return. I shot my load.

We all lay for a moment exhausted. Sweat beading our taut young bodies. However, we knew that the cleanup operation would be as exciting as the sex, and we hesitated no longer than necessary. I pulled my softening cock from Austin's body with a audible pop, and discarded the spent condom. Donavon's mouth soon found my cock and he cleaned the remaining come from it. Once all the cocks were presentable - our tongues met for a sensual embrace as before, and our sweat soaked bodies slid up against each other.

"Thank you guys - that was great," Austin said. He gave us each a passionate kiss. The taste of come lingered in all our mouths.

[to be continued...]

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com