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Computer Guys, pt8

My fingers crept along Ross's neck until I felt a glimmer of a pulse. "He's still alive, if barely," I breathed out deeply. Donavon looked into my eyes, and I knew that he had the same question as me, "What to do now?" The relief of finding Ross alive seemed to lessen the urgency of getting him medical care.

Donavon and I carefully removed Ross from the trunk of his car. We then placed him on the kitchen table, and I ran upstairs and retrieved a blanket to cover Ross's naked beaten body. On returning I found that Donavon had taken a wet cloth, and washed away the dried blood from Ross's face. With the utmost care we wrapped Ross into the blanket, and then carried him to my car.

Once we had Ross in the car the gravity of the situation dawned on me, and I redlined the BMW on the way to the local trauma unit. Donavon called ahead on my cell phone, and notified the hospital of our arrival. We screeched to a halt in front of the trauma centre to find orderlies, nurses, and a doctor standing ready. The care and efficiency of those people is truly inspiring. In no time whatsoever Ross was being examined. Donavon and I were shown to a waiting room, and we sat studying the faces of the other people in the room. Everyone's face showed the same fear of the unknown. When ever a doctor entered the room the tension in the room trebled, and everybody hoped that he would be the bearer of good news. However, that was not always the case. One women who sat opposite us stared ahead like a Zombie, and had shown no emotion in the forty minutes that we had been waiting. This was shattered when a doctor entered with that look of "we did the best that we could", and headed straight for her. He knelt down in front of her, and told her that he was sorry, but that her husband and daughter were both dead. She reacted then - swinging a punch that connected the doctor on the cheek, and just started pummeling him with punches. He held her close as she sobbed into his jacket. Her 5 year old daughter, and husband gone to a drunken driver forever. The room erupted in soft sound of tears, and deep swallows as her pain was felt deep in the hearts of those present. I squeezed Donavon's hand, and bit back my own tears. The doctor eventually led the woman away. After an hour or so, of waiting, another doctor entered the room, and asked us to follow him.

He led us down a hall to were Ross lay in an intensive care unit. "Your friend will live - actually he was very lucky, because no vital organs were damaged. He does have a very bad trauma to the head, and we are keeping him on the machines just to monitor him for the night. Tomorrow I'll have him moved to a room on the 3rd floor." Donavon and I both let our an audible sigh of relief. "There is one other thing," the doctor said, "I have not notified the police yet of the incident - actually I am required to, but I thought that I'd like to hear from you first what happened."

I looked at Donavon uneasily. He merely nodded at me. I guessed that that meant he would be happy with what ever I said.

Clearing my throat I said, "He was beaten up by another guy. They had just had sex, and then he came into the room and beat him up."

"You saw this happen," asked the doctor, with a puzzled look on his face.

"No, but there is a video recording of the scene, which has been caught on a surveillance camera," I said, if a little hesitantly.

"Are you guys also involved with Mr. Tucker, um, sexually that is?"

"Why do you need to know?" I asked defensively.

"Because, I think that if I am guessing right you guys would prefer to keep this quiet, rather than having it broadcast on the local news," the doctor explained.

"We would, but how are we going to nail this guy for what he did to Ross if we keep quiet?"

"A friend of mine will gladly help you - if there is anything that he hates it is gay-bashing."

We talked for a while longer, and then Donavon and I left for home. We were silent in the car on the way home. That silence that breeds deep thought.


Our silence continued when we arrived at my house. Donovan went straight to his room and shut the door. I wasn't quite sure what emotions were running through his mind at the moment. To be honest - I couldn't even begin to speculate. I in turn was concerned about what was going to happen to Cameron. It really confused the shit out of me to think that someone who had been so sensual could be so destructive.

I realized that we had not eaten, so I grabbed some steaks from the freezer and nuked them in the microwave until they were ready to be cooked on my grill. Throwing some vegetables on the boil I went in search of Donovan. I didn't get to far, because just as I was walking past the front door the doorbell rang. It was after 10 so I wondered who could be calling so late.

A grin formed over my face just before I opened the door. I imagined Austin's face staring back at me, but my expression turned to utter horror when the door was fully opened. There was not even time for me to utter anything before I felt a searing pain tear through my upper body and another through my lower body. I collapsed to the ground with a crimson tide quickly spreading over my wooden floor, and then everything went black.


Donovan woke with a start. He glanced over at the clock. It was 10 o'clock. He had no idea that he had dozed off. Initially he had just come to his room to try and compose himself, because he had been on the brink of tears when they arrived at the house. Seeing Ross in that almost dead position, and then the poor woman at the hospital who lost her family had shaken him deeply.

Donovan heard shouting, and assumed that maybe Kyle was busy watching a movie or something. He jumped off the bed and went to Kyle's room, but he wasn't there. Wierd. Donovan was half asleep, but quickly woke up when he heard a gunshot from outside. He rushed to the front door, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Kyle's body lying in a pool of blood on the floor. He screamed and cried all at once. Grabbing the nearby phone he dialed 911, and screamed that he needed an ambulance before dropping the phone to the floor.

Donovan dropped to the ground next to his friend and lifted his head into his arms.
"Please don't die Kyle - please don't leave me - I think maybe I am falling in love with you," mumbled Donovan around a torrent of tears. He stroked Kyle's hair gently back and forth.

A shadow suddenly moved over his face. Donovan looked up, and a man stood in the doorway holding a gun. He was pointing the gun at Donovan, but lowered it when he saw the frightened young man looking up at him. The kid who he was holding looked dead, but he wasn't sure. Leaning forward he reached for the arm of the guy who had been obviously shot. There was no pulse. Fuck what a waste. When he looked up at the young man cradling his friends (lovers?) head he saw the horror on his face when he slowly shook his head.

It seemed almost unreal to Donovan when the man in front of him slowly shook his head to indicate that he could not find a pulse. Almost immediately he remembered the woman in the hospital. He heard a loud piercing cry fill his ears, and wondered were it was coming from until her realized that he was making it.

Paramedics suddenly appeared all around them, and the stranger - pulled Donovan away from Kyle, and led him into the kitchen area. Almost mechanically Donovan walked over to the stove and turned off the bubbling pots. He then turned to the guy who had led him from Kyle. The guy moved forward, and wrapped his arms around Donovan. Donovan started to cry, and hugged the stranger to his body. The tears continued until he felt a jab on his shoulder, and he felt himself drifting into a deep fitless sleep.

Donovan saw Kyle over and over in his dreams crying out for his help just before he took his last breathe and blood gurgled from his mouth. The scene played over and over in his mind. Eventually he broke free of the nightmare and sat up in bed completely drenched in sweat. A soft warm hand gently touched his arm. There was a voice speaking to him, and he recognized it, but who was it? Then an all to familar scent pricked at his conscious, as he felt the warmth of arms engulfing him.

"I am here baby - everything is going to be okay."

** to be continued **

Any and all correspondence can be directed to the author at: morgyle@iafrica.com