Syn 8

"Good afternoon ladies and gentleman," Syn states, "I'd like to take over this week's announcements. This week the Reading brothers attempted to throw a brick at a hurricane. It missed. And please look up at the screen to see the results."

The congregation follows my lead and stares up at the screen. It's Marigold who has taken over the projectors. The first pic is a childhood pic of Edwin and Wesley Reading.

The congregation looks confused.

"Syn what is this?" Sampson whispers towards me.

My followers grab Sampson. They hold him back and restrain him in his own church. Wesley Reading is shocked. His eyes get wide. He surprisingly doesn't run out of there. He doesn't move. He looks like a statue. Maybe it's the shock. Maybe he's scared of all these men dressed in black. I have no idea why he is stupid enough not to get the fuck out of here.

But all the better.

He should have ran when he had his chance.

"I'd like to dedicate this weeks news to the Edwin and Wesley Reading. Edwin and Wesley Reading grew up right here in Briarswood to Idris Reading and Charlene Reading. A friend of mine decided to have a long drawn out talk with Charlene Reading who is now in St. Mary's Senior Luxury Housing just out of town. He story began with the story of two boys. One wanted to be a politician and the other wanted to a holy man. Edwin---the politician, always wanted to help society. Edwin went to the best schools. He married the beautiful Adrienne Reading. He has three beautiful young sons. Let's show a picture of Adrienne. Oh----I apologize to everyone that isn't Edwin's wife. That is Edwin in drag from two weeks ago."

Mouths drop.

It was a nice touch. I must say. The mayor of the town is standing in full blown drag in a picture taken in New York on a business trip. What Edwin Reading didn't know is that a man in that club named Ivan who was the gay best friend of a girl named Janet. Janet was the sister of Bridgette who was Briarwood's local call girl. Well Edwin Reading threw Bridgette in jail one too many times for selling her ass and Bridgette got a little cold. The bitch got a little nasty. She got a little petty. And Bridgette got on my team. Bridgette is standing on the podium right next to Wade. She smiles a little bit happy she was able to provide this small little bit of insight.

The crowd screams out this chorus of shock. No mouth is shut. Everyone hangs. This loud wave of gasps fill the room.

"Now. Now. Who are we to judge Edwin for how he feels on the inside? Well maybe it does matter I guess. Edwin did come out in the local newspaper saying gay rights were Satan's right. I mean that wouldn't be hypocritical right, especially since Edwin paid local gay men to suck his dick at a spot up North called Gloryhole Gambits. But that's neither here nor there."

Just for the extra proof there is a photo of Edwin Reading giving head to Bridgette's sister's gay best friend. Bridgette smiled. It was probably the most expensive 20 dollars Edwin Reading ever gave to anyone.

At this point people are getting up to leave. They are clutching their pearls. Some people are shocked. They don't get far though. They are blocked. They voted for this fucking hypocrite and got him in office. Now they were going to listen to all of the shit on the Reading brothers whether they like it or not.

"You're not going anywhere," I hear Wade scream out from the top.

The Syn followers are a lot more aggressive then I would like. I honestly think a fight is going to break out when they start pushing people back into the pews and forcing them to sit. Luckily these Southern people respect church so much that they don't fight. I think this is the first time they'd seen porn in church. It was definitely a learning experience for the kids in there.

Some people would assume I would feel bad showing kids this but in my defense I did put have a "Censor" sign blocking the giant dick that Edwin Reading was slurping on up in NYC. The kids were going to learn about sex sooner or later. It's best if they learned it in these sanctified walls, right?

That's my motto at least.

Fuck it.

"Anywho..." I continue, "I'm not done yet. On to Wesley Reading. Wesley, can you stand up? Wave to the crowd? I'm guessing that angry grimace you're giving me means no. That's OK. You can sit for this. Wesley Reading has always wanted to be a man of God. He is a glorified Deacon hoping to one day become a full blown priest. Maybe that is why he looks up so dearly to our beloved Pastor Sampson. He shares a lot in common with Sampson as a matter of fact."

"Syn..." Sampson warns me.

I ignore him. He's not on a microphone. I am. They can hear me. It feels good, being heard. Even if the Syn followers were a little rough these people were listening to truths whether they liked it or not.

"Wesley shares Sampson's love of God. Wesley has been fucking Sampson's wife. According to these blood tests, taken by Sampson's babysitter...Wesley is ACTUALLY the FATHER of Sampson's children to Dahlia. Hey girl!"

I wave at Dahlia.

She gets up. I think she's going to run up and charge me but instead Dahlia just faints right in church. I guess whores do get nervous in church after all...


We end up a local bar afterwards. My followers and I. It's weird when it is all over. I have to admit a sense of excitement comes over me. These people aren't wearing masks anymore. I don't think they are afraid anymore. They all look happy. I've gone against the Reading brothers and right now the Reading brothers were beyond scared.

"I can't believe you---you're amazing," Wade says.

I'm surprised when Wade grabs me at the bottom of my ass and lifts me up. He kisses me. We've been in this bar all night and Wade is drunk. It's clear he's drunk but I have to admit that the kiss feels kind of good. His tongue goes deep in my throat.

"Wow..." is all I can say.

He kisses really experienced for a young buck. Cheers break out when he does it. I'm surprised that even Marigold is clapping. Maybe she always knew her son was gay. Maybe she just found out and supported it. Maybe Marigold was so drunk off delight that she didn't give a fuck what happened.

"Sorry," Wade tells me with a smile before dropping me, "I carried away."

Wade stares me deep in my eyes. That look that makes me real uncomfortable. This guy likes me a lot. A lot more than I am willing to acknowledge. The crazy thing is that all of my so called "Followers" were in this room with me as well. They stare at me wanting me to give some great speech or something.

"Can we all kiss you?" Bridgette asks.

I don't think she's playing. They are all there. Marigold, Bridgette, Sister Agnes from the church, Joshua Carnes who was running for Mayor against Edwin Reading, Natalie and all the others.

"You know that the Readings are going to want revenge," Marigold warns me.

"We're not afraid..." Wade says grabbing my hand out of no where, "Syn showed us that we don't need to be afraid anymore."

His hand is soft and stern. This boy's touch kind of blows my mind. If he weren't so young maybe I'd really consider starting something with this guy. It's clear he adores me. I mean when I was with Sampson he adored me too but with Sampson it was always "I love you despite the fact that you are crazy as fuck." With Wade it seems like "I love you BECAUSE you are crazy as fuck." I don't know which one is better. I don't know which ones feels right. I just know the look that Wade is giving me is clear.

This boy is obsessed and I'm not exaggerating. He's looking at me like I am some sort of Messiah or something. It's kind of overwhelming. And honestly...a little...scary...

"Let's toast," Joshua Carnes says raising his glass, "Let's have a toast to Syn. Because today he showed us exactly why they named storms after people. And today Briarwood was just hit by Hurricane Syn. So this is for you Syn...Hurricane Syn..."

A chorus of Hurricane Syn starts.

I swear I feel important. For the first time in my life people are just not `dealing' with me. For the first time in my life people are just not hoping that I didn't come around. It felt like I finally found some place I belonged. All these people look at me as though I've really made a positive difference in their lives for a change. They are happy with me. I don't even know how to react when I see them raise their glasses.

I just smile when they repeat "Hurricane Syn" over and over and over again. I am probably the only one in the bar that isn't drunk out their fucking mind. We shut that church down and stormed off.

"Listen it's Bridgette who got the information about Edwin. It's Wade who was able to get the blood tests done on Dahlia's kids."

What we'd done was really illegal. Having blood tests done without the parents' consent on kids. I'm sure if the Readings could prove that I made this happen they would have me thrown UNDER the jail. Luckily Joshua Carnes also happened to be an amazing lawyer who was already working on a case if anything was thrown at us.

"But you gave us the confidence," Wade says.

He grabs my hand. He rubs the side of my face. He's so fucking delicate. What the fuck? This guy was really trying to seduce me. He's not even hiding it.


The voice is familiar.

I know the voice so well. I roll my eyes almost automatically when I hear the tone. It's the same tone as you hear when your mother calls you out for getting in trouble at school at the end of the day.

It's not my mother though. My mother is rotting somewhere. No. This is T-Boy.

T-Boy is here. He just walks into the bar. I'm shocked to see him in Briarswood. He has on a shirt that is a little too tight that only T-Boy can pull off. His jeans perflectly trimmed. He walks in putting everyone---including Wade to shame. Wade was the sexy boy next door but T-Boy was goddam a God among men and I am pretty sure he knew that. His brown chocolate skin and his squinty eyes. He walks in looking like Donnie Blaylock Jr. I mean heads turn. I'm used to it though. It's kind of annoying. He would walk in and steal my spotlight as usual. I'm kind of annoyed by it.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"We're leaving," He grabs at my wrist.

"Whoa...who the fuck are you?" Wade stops him.

Almost immediately 10 people surround T-Boy. They surround my friend in a way that kind of shocks me. I mean I might have given them confidence but they looked like they were about ready to beat the FUCK out of T-Boy if he didn't let me go. I wasn't a big fan of violence in any form honestly and I'm kind of shocked at how aggressive they look.

T-Boy gives me a knowing stare, "Seriously Syn?"

I give him a half smile before turning to everyone us.

"Guys it's OK," I state, "He's a friend..."

They step aside. Wade doesn't seem too trusting though. He's still giving T-Boy this distrusting stare as T-Boy pulls at my wrist and drags me out of there.

T-Boy drags me out into the parking lot. It's kind of funny seeing a big city guy like T-Boy out here.

"Do you have goons, Syn? Please tell me you don't have goons now," T-Boy tells me.

"I don't' have goons."

T-Boy rolls his eyes. He's not listening to a thing I'm saying. He looks around the town. There's nothing really to look at. The bar is right next to a goddam farm that stretches on for what seems like forever. I am shocked T-Boy came here at all.

"I bring you to the fucking boondocks," T-Boy says, "Because I'm like, you know's boring AS FUCK out there. There is no way Syn can get in any trouble in a place that is barely on a map. He'll do some soul searching. He'll calm down a little bit. I'll come back for him and he'll be a little bit more CHILL. You are not chill! Syn. How the FUCK do you find trouble in the fucking Boondocks SYN?"

T-Boy sounds annoyed. I'm used to him going off on me at this point though.

"It's a long story."

"Long story, my ass," T-Boy responds, "Sampson called me and you know my brother does NOT call me unless he absolutely has to. He called me crying like a little bitch. When was the last time you seen Sampson cry?"

"He's just being dramatic."

"He said you ruined his life. He said you got a BLOOD test taken on his kids."

"They are not his kids."

"That's not the point."

"You wanted me to hide the fact that they weren't his kids?" I ask.

"Sampson wanted a fantasy. Syn. He wanted this fucking fantasy fucking life for whatever reason. Who knows? You should have respected that."

I shake my head. It's so easy for T-Boy to say. Him and Sampson never really talked. They had this beef going on forever---because of me. He didn't love Sampson like I loved Sampson.

"It's different..." Is all that I can say.

"Syn. Shut the fuck up and listen to me. This was not your place. Like I don't know what I'm going to do with you. Sampson is over you. This time I think you went a little too far. You pulled a lot of shit but I always thought me and Sampson were spared from your pettiness."

"T-Boy I get that you are upset, but you need to take that tampon out of your ass," I respond, "It's not that serious."

T-Boy rolls his eyes, "Well go tell your friends goodbye. We're leaving."

"To go where?"

"I don't know. Some place we can drive to. Maybe start over in Atlanta. Maybe Florida. God knows we can't fly anywhere because somehow you managed to get yourself on the No-Fly list," T-Boy shakes his head, "How the fuck does that even happen---"

T-Boy is walking towards his car.

"I'm not going..." I state.

"Excuse me?"

T-Boy looks a little shocked. He looked a little confused. He turns towards me and raises an eyebrow. I can tell that he's not amused.

"I'm not going. Since I was 16, you've felt like you needed to watch out for me and keep me out of trouble. You and Sampson felt like you were responsible for me," I state.

"I am responsible for you," T-Boy responds.

"'re not. The people here...they want me around. They actually like me here."

"Wait," T-Boy stops me, "You think I don't like you?"

"You want to fuck me."

"I'm in love WITH you, dumbass," T-Boy states shaking his head, "I've always been in love with you. You think I do the shit I do because I want to fuck you? You are the only person I ever loved...ever. And the fucked up thing is that you know that. You know damn well I'll follow you to the ends of the world and the fucked up thing is you would follow Sampson to the ends of the world. And on and on it goes. But you know what. Now Sampson is out of the picture. He's never going to forgive you."

"You don't know that."

"You ruined his life."

"His fake life."

"Syn," T-Boy states, "I'm not leaving this city without you. I know what you are capable of. These people may be your fans. Hell they may like you but they don't know you like I know you. You need me. Syn."

"See that's the fucked up part. I don't want to be with someone who thinks I need them," I state, " I want to be with someone who feels like we need one another. I'm tired of you saving me. I'm making a difference T-Boy. Why don't you get that?"

T-Boy looks emotional at that moment. I don't think he's used to me not fucking shit up and leaving with him. How many times has he saved me with Sampson? How many times has he gone out of his way to make sure I was good.

I loved T-Boy in my own way. I wasn't in love with him, not like he wanted but I loved him. It hurt to admit to T-Boy that I didn't need him. I always needed him before. Right now I think he doesn't believe me but he's listening none-the-less.

"I'm not leaving here without you."

I shake my head, " might want to check in a hotel or something because I'm not ready to leave Briarwood. I'm...needed."

It's the first time I ever really had to say that. People needed me. I had a purpose. I wasn't about to just leave that shit and go.

Syn Clinton had a purpose in life and it felt good.

I wake up the next day. I'm a little hungover. I turn to my right.

"What the FUCK are you doing in here?"

It's Wade. Wade is butt naked in my bed in the pool house. I'm shocked by it. All I remember was getting into an argument with T-Boy and going back in the bar. I needed a drink and Joshua Carnes definitely seemed willing to supply them. We were all happy about the fact that the entire town saw the Reading brothers for exactly who they were. So we celebrated.

And then Wade kept getting closer. A touch her. A whisper in my ear. He sniffed my neck a few times. He brushes his torso up against me.

Then this morning.

He's butt naked in my bed.

"Last night was amazing," he says to me.

He has a perky little ass as he's laying on his stomach. He turns to me and smiles. The entire room smells like sex.

"Wait did me and you..." I start.

"You don't remember."

"No. What exactly happened?"

"Well, we started in the parking lot," he says biting down on his lip, "I started sucking on your lips. You would giggle and pull back. I pursued. I drove you home and started playing with my dick in my pants. You started playing with your dick. We stared at each other for a few seconds..."

"Holy shit..." I say.

"Then you pulled my pants down. You just started sucking my dick right on that road. It felt so good. Your mouth was so warm. You did this thing that made my dick vibrate. Fuck, man, I'm getting turned on by just thinking about it. I never had someone do it. I came right in your mouth and I was shocked when you swallowed it whole..."

"Ok, that's enough," I state.

"It's not over though," Wade states laughing a little bit, "I was still hard and when we got home, I ate your ass for almost an hour and a half. And I wanted to fuck you so bad but you wouldn't let me. You said you wanted some ass. I'd never done that but for you---I'd do anything. So I sat on your dick. No condom. But it's OK because I told you I got tested. And I rode your dick and then your body started shaking...slow as you clutch onto my ass cheeks and moan..."

I'm actually kind of getting turned on by this too. Wade's eyes are closed. It's almost like he's reliving everything that happened last night.

Wade turns over. His dick is hard. He has a nice fucking dick. The guy is sexy as fuck and he just licks his lips. He makes his way towards me as though wanting to start something off.

I throw myself off the bed so fast that I damn near hit the floor. Sex with this guy was one thing but Wade definitely wanted more than that.

"Listen Wade I don't really remember," I admit.

"I told you I loved you, Syn.

My eyes get wide. What...the...FUCK?

"You know you were really drunk last night," I say, "I don't really hold it against you. Honestly. We can just forget it ever happened actually."

Wade shakes his head. Even with his eyepatch he still looks amazing.

"Why would I want to forget? It was the happiest moment of my life. You told me that you loved me back and everything was perfect," Wade says, "I had no idea you felt that way back towards me."

He was really getting into this.

Wade was kind of freaking me out right about now.

"Wade I know that you're young."

"I may be young but I'm ready," he explains, grabbing his dick.

He squeezes his long dick. Precum oozes out of his dick onto my bed sheets. He catches a little bit of it, sucks it in his mouth and slowly jerks his dick. He looks at me with these tempting eyes as one finger starts playing with his sexy nipples. His tongue goes over his lips over and over wetting them.


"Right. You're ready. Honestly I don't think I am," I state.


"You know about Sampson, man," I explain, "I have to be honest with you---"

Just as I'm about to break the news to Wade that I really wasn't in love with him and probably said all of those things under some drunk stupor I hear a knock at the front of the pool house.

"Wait here..." I state to him, "We have to finish this conversation."

"Sure baby."

Baby? Was this guy serious?

I walk to the door at that moment. I open it.

Holy fuck.

"Sampson," I realize.

Sampson is standing there. He has this look on his face that tells me he must have not had any sleep the night before. He has tears in his eyes. His eyes are red. Sampson still looks sexy...don't get me wrong. He just looks like he's been really going through it right now.

I'm shocked when I look at him.

"I left her..." he says.


I feel like shit all of a sudden. I caused this. I mean I wanted this but I also caused this.

"I'm so sorry Sampson."

"How could you do this to me Syn?" Sampson asks.

"Let's go take a walk and" I start off.

I'm about to take Sampson away. I feel bad. I shouldn't have put Sampson on blast like that but he didn't leave me any other choice. Still it feels bad to know that I hurt the man that I loved more than anything in this world.

"Baby do we have company?" Wade calls out from the bedroom.


"Baby?" Sampson asks raising his eyebrow.

Just at that moment Wade walks to the door. He's completely naked. Wade walks over to the door. His dick is swinging. It's still even hard. He walks up behind me and holds me from the back. I'm shocked he's being so...aggressive.

What the fuck is wrong with Wade?

"Oh, Father Sampson? How's Dahlia and the kids?" Wade says.

For that moment I'm shocked. It's almost something that I would have said. I mean Wade knew damn well that those kids were Wesley's kids and not Sampson's. He was being SUPER petty. If he was being like this to anyone else it would be the funniest thing in the world but Wade was doing this to Sampson. My Sampson...

"You---you took that blood test, didn't you?" Sampson asks.

"And so what if I did?"

"You little piece of SHIT!" is all I hear when Sampson CHARGES at Wade.

Sampson knocks Wade down to the ground. He pins him there and starts PUMMELING him. Sampson's faith is completely out of the window right now. He is back to being strong ass Sampson who used to box back in the day.

I feel bad for Wade. He doesn't know what hit him.


"Sampson stop," I attempt to stop him.

Sampson pushes me off but then all of a sudden something happen. Sampson falls over without Wade even touching him.

"Sampson?" I state.

"I didn't touch him," Wade looks over at me.

"Sampson! SAMPSON are you OK?"

Almost immediately he has a loss of consciousness.

Immediately afterwards his body starts twitching as though having some sort of contraction.

What the fuck is wrong with Sampson?

The ambulance bring Sampson to the hospital. Whatever brought on his seizure kind of blows my mind. I'm a little scared sitting in the waiting room. Wade is there with me but he's not enough. I call T-Boy. I don't know who else to reach out to.

I'm not surprised when T-Boy not only shows up with Ms. Nicole but also Sampson's wife Dahlia and those kids that aren't even his.

"Him? He's here?" Dahlia asks T-Boy.

"He was with Sampson when it happened," T-Boy states.

I'm crying. I'm scared to death. All of a sudden all that petty bullshit doesn't mean anything. I'm a weak little bitch. What the fuck is wrong with Sampson?

"Please...the doctors aren't telling me anything," I panic.

T-Boy shakes his head, "I don't know."

"I do," Ms. Nicole says.

She crosses her arms. I'm so confused. Sampson just turned over and fainted. It was scary. It was beyond random. What the fuck happened to him? What was wrong with him?

"Is it serious?" I ask.

"The convulsions happened before. I guess they came back..." Ms. Nicole says shaking her head and staring at me, "Funny that they came back as soon as Syn came back into town."

"You're blaming me for convulsions."

"I sure do. I told Sampson. I warned him back then. I told him back then that he needed to find God," Ms. Nicole explains, "I told him that God would punish him if he continued to live this life of sin."

I'm not sure if she means sin or Syn.

"Listen bitch," I tell Sampson's mother, "You're going to stop beating around the bush and you're going to tell me what the fuck is wrong with Sampson."

"Sampson has brain cancer."