Friendly Persuasion


Ryan had pinned Gaspard against the alley wall and was kissing him hard on the lips. He was rough but Gaspard was feeling lonely and desperate. Ryan’s hand reached inside the front of Gaspard’s pants and grasped hold of his hardening cock. 

“We’re in the alley, someone might see us,” Gaspard said.

“So fucking what, Frenchie,” Ryan said. “In New York where I’m from we have alleys. This narrow street in Paris is too beautiful to call an alley. You’re a beauty too my Frenchman. Now let’s see what you got.”

In one swift move he’d pushed down Gaspard’s loose fitting jeans and boxer shorts so they fell to the young Frenchman’s ankles. When Gaspard reached down for his pants and shorts Ryan grabbed his wrists and pushed him up against the wall roughly then while looking in his deep brown eyes he kissed him. Ryan then reached below and put his hand around Gaspard’s cock. 

“Nice and uncut too,” Ryan said. “Good I like that.”

Ryan then got down on his knees in front of Gaspard and took his cock’s full length into his mouth. He pushed back the loose foreskin with his tongue and tasted the head beneath it. Getting back up Ryan slapped Gaspard’s ass hard.

“Go on and pull your pants and boxers back up,” Ryan said. “We’re going to my hotel, c’mon.”

Gaspard quickly pulled up his pants and boxers then tried to adjust his throbbing erection so that it was less obvious. Ryan stuck his hand under the waistband of Gaspard’s pants and grabbing his cock he lead him out of the alley.

After a short walk they arrived at Hotel Saint Germain on the left bank of Paris. Ryan had his arm around Gaspard and was kissing his neck as they walked inside. He noticed Gaspard’s embarrassment when the middle aged woman at the front desk looked at them. Ryan decided he didn’t give a damn. He was just here a few more days and then he’d be back home in New York.

Gaspard wondered if he’d turned red when the woman at the desk looked at them. Ryan led him to the tiny elevator which barely held the two of them. They were in a tight space and Ryan was taking full advantage. He turned Gaspard so he was facing the elevator’s back wall and then he wrapped his arms around him while kissing the back of his neck through his long dark hair. Ryan then yanked down Gaspard’s pants and boxers again and began covering his smooth round ass in kisses before pulling both pants and boxers back up once they’d gotten to the third floor.

 When the elevator stopped Ryan grabbed Gaspard’s hand and led him out and down the hall to room 305. Ryan kissed Gaspard’s lush pouty lips as he reached in his pocket for the key and opened the door. When they got inside Ryan shut the door behind them and turned to Gaspard looking him up and down. He was a good looking guy, tall and lean with shoulder length dark brown hair. Ryan walked to him, then reached out and ripped off Gaspard’s shirt sending buttons flying everywhere, then he pushed him onto the bed that consumed almost all the space in the small room.

Ryan pulled his polo shirt off and threw it on the floor. After slipping out of his dress shoes he got on top of Gaspard and started kissing him passionately.

Gaspard felt Ryan’s tongue enter his mouth and seek out his. This all felt a little unusual but Gaspard decided to just go with the flow. He was lonely and Ryan was not shy about what he wanted when they’d met at the bar last night. Ryan made his way downward and started sucking hard on Gaspard’s nipples. Gaspard groaned and closed his eyes for a moment before reopening them. He found Ryan attractive even though he must be in his forties. The man had a nicely toned body, salt and pepper hair and green eyes. The green eyes were what first attracted Gaspard. He wanted nothing more than to please Ryan who’d gotten out of bed and was taking off his socks and stepping out of his pants and briefs. Gaspard sat up to get out of his pants but Ryan addressed him firmly. 

“I didn’t tell you to get out of your pants, did I,” Ryan said. “You know I don’t think you appreciate me. Maybe you’re just some French hustler who works the bars, eh?”

“No I’m not, honest,” Gaspard said.

“How old are you anyway,” Ryan said taking off his watch and putting it on a small, painted wood side table.

Gaspard watched Ryan’s large pale cock as he’d walked to the side table. He also got a glimpse of his small but nicely shaped ass and muscular legs.

“I’m twenty- four,” Gaspard said, “and I do appreciate you.”

“You’re a good looking guy, Gaspard, I want you by my side while I’m here on business. Plus I have a damn masquerade dinner this weekend at one of those fancy estates. Would you like to come with me as my date?

“I like the idea of spending more time with you no matter where it is,” Gaspard said.

“Well I didn’t feel very appreciated back there in the alley,” Ryan said. “How’s about you show me how much you appreciate me.”

Ryan got in bed and on top of Gaspard straddling him so that they were facing each other and his cock was right in front of Gaspard’s mouth.

Gaspard opened his mouth and slowly ran his tongue around the head of Ryan’s cock looking up to see if the man was pleased. Then Gaspard ran his tongue slowly up and down Ryan’s pale veiny and thick cock.

“Mmmm, nice,” Ryan said, “you’re good at that.”

Ryan grabbed Gaspard’s hair and started pumping his cock in and out of his mouth slowly at first then faster until he suddenly pulled out.

“I’m hungry for some fine French uncut cock,” Ryan said. “Now you can undress.”

 Gaspard did as he was told and soon the men were in a sixty-nine position hungrily sucking on each other’s cocks. Ryan liked to play with and nip at Gaspard’s foreskin then bury his nose in Gaspard’s dark and full pubic hair. No manscaping down there Ryan noticed as he stroked Gaspard’s cock with his hand.

Gaspard liked the taste of Ryan’s cut cock in his mouth and enjoyed the taste of his precum. Gaspard started breathing heavily, he was close.

“Not yet, baby,” Ryan said as he held the base of Gaspard’s cock tightly to keep him from cumming.

Ryan started breathing heavily as he sucked on Gaspard’s cock. Within seconds both men came in each other’s mouths and swallowed. Ryan turned to lie on his stomach and Gaspard went over to him and began kissing his back making his way down to his ass.

“Time to find you a shirt you can wear for dinner and then we’re off to meet some friends of mine,” Ryan said. “And if you’re really good we can come back here for more fun. I might even let you spend the night.”

Gaspard laughed and reached under Ryan to hug him. He was happy and not lonely.

Things would soon change as Gaspard would become find himself in a web of mystery and deceit he wouldn’t see coming.


* * * *


To be continued



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