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Chapter 10

Dangerous Times


The waiter and his friend were clumsy and amateurish. He knew they’d found him right from the start. Did they really think he’d be that easily caught? Still, Ryan thought, they needed to be dealt with before he left for Amsterdam. He couldn’t afford anyone screwing up his plans. Looking out the window of Gaspard’s small apartment, and across the street, he could see Emile and another man. They were hiding in an alley, between two storefronts, and looking straight up at him in the window. Ryan could’ve easily picked them off where they were standing. Two nice, neat shots. But that wasn’t his style. Any typical hit man could do that. Reaching over to the side, Ryan grabbed his binoculars so he could get a better look. The two men were getting bored now and he noticed Emile getting restless. A minute or two later later the waiter and his friends were making out and running their hands all over each other. It was time for Ryan to make his entrance and he just happened to know a back way into that alley. He left the apartment and made his way through back streets and alleys where he wouldn’t be seen by anyone that had been watching him. Finding the back way into Emile’s alley, Ryan quietly walked up to the two men from behind.

“Hello, Emile,” Ryan said. “Is there room for one more in the fun?”

Emile jumped and stumbled for something to say. “Ryan, I—I didn’t see you coming.”

“You weren’t meant to, Emile. Who’s your friend?”

“His name’s Marcel. He works with me at the restaurant. We were just out for a walk and felt a little sexy so we, um, well, you see.”

Ryan looked at the two and noticed the fronts of their pants were unzipped. When they saw him looking, the two men fumbled with their zippers.

“Well,” Ryan said. “I’m house sitting for a friend. I just happened to look out the window and see you two getting it on in the alley. Watching you two made me feel a little—how did you put it? Sexy. So I came down to invite you two up.”

“Oh, no, really,” Emile said. “We’ve got work in the morning and you’re probably very busy.”

“Nonsense,” Ryan said. “I must insist and you know when I’ve made my mind up about something I always get my way. Besides it’ll be fun.

Emile could hear the slightly veiled threat behind Ryan’s comment and he knew what it meant. They had no choice but to go with him or he’d gun them down in the street. He glanced at Marcel and then they followed Ryan across the street and upstairs to the apartment. Once inside, Emile looked around. It was more of an artist’s loft than an apartment. The living room and kitchen space were open and filled with artist’s canvases. Some of them had paintings, others were bare. There was an easel holding a canvas with a half finished landscape and the room was littered with scattered paint tubes, brushes and other art supplies. Pushed up against a back wall was a small wrought iron bed. There was a colorful comforter on it as well as a multitude of pillows.

“So where’s your friend?” Emile said

Ryan ignored him, instead turning his attentions to Marcel whose face he held in his hands before kissing him forcefully on the lips. He wrapped his arms around the man and held him close. So close he could feel his throbbing erection. With one hand he motioned for Emile to join them.

Emile was nervous but did as he was told and soon he felt Ryan’s warm mouth against his then his tongue inside his mouth. The three of them were kissing in unison.

Ryan was feeling satisfied, he liked this. He liked the fact that the two men with him were terrified and yet could still get it up and the fact that they were now his to command. Ryan broke free from the group and walked toward the bed, shedding his clothes as he did so. He lay back on the bed and, with a motion of his hand, told the others to stay where they were. The two looked at him unsure of what to do next.

“I want to watch you two a while,” Ryan said. “Put on a show for me.” He knew, thanks to one of his informants, that Emile and Marcel were alone. There would be time before anyone came to look for them. He found himself growing bored with these two very quickly. “Look around you grab some paint and have fun with it.”

Emile and Marcel looked around and finding some paint began to gently paint each other. “You two are making me lose my hard-on,” Ryan said as he grabbed the sheet from the bed and spread it out on the floor. He pulled the two men onto it and looked around.

Both of them looked lost and confused. Damn it, Ryan thought. This was getting to be too much work. He found a medium sized can of blue paint, opened it and tossed the paint into the air toward the men. He then did the same with a can of yellow paint and green paint.

“Roll around in it, spread it around. Make art!” Ryan said.

The two men started spreading the paint on each other’s bodies. Ryan walked up to them and with both hands started spreading the paint all over Emile’s back and ass. Then grabbing his, once again, hard cock he shoved it into the man’s ass. Emile groaned loudly but Ryan just started fucking him fast and hard with no mercy.

“Now this is the way you create art,” Ryan said. “Come here and fuck his face with that blue and yellow dick of yours, Marcel.”

“But won’t the paint mess him up?”

“Naw. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine, just do what I say.”

Marcel walked slowly and hesitantly up to Emile and moved his paint covered cock across the man’s lips.

“No need to be gentle cause I’m here. I saw how you two were downstairs. Show some gusto! Plow that mouth!

Marcel mouthed the words sorry to Emile and then shoved his cock into the man’s mouth and began pumping in and out.

Emile tried in vain to spit the foul tasting paint out of his mouth. He held back a tear. There was no doubt that Ryan was playing with them and, unless the police found them soon, they wouldn’t survive the night. He bit his lip as He felt Ryan yanking and pulling on his hair. They could try to escape but it would be of no use. Ryan would always be able to find them. It was better to go along with what he wanted for now.

Ryan pushed Emile out of his way and stood tall swinging his large cock back and forth in front of Marcel. “Get on the bed.” It was an order he barked at Marcel who did as he was told. As Ryan watched him get on the bed he noticed something silver and gleaming on the shelf in front of one of the easels. He walked to it and picked it up. He then used the sharp artist’s knife to cut two strips of the paint covered sheet they’d been playing on. Walking to the bed, he pushed Marcel onto his stomach and tied his hands tightly and securely to the headboard. Carefully he hid the knife between folds in the bed sheet.

Marcel was scared but in shock to see he had a raging hard-on, despite the fear. He felt Ryan’s strong arm under his stomach lifting his body up and then he felt his hands spreading his ass open. Marcel braced himself for what might come. Instead he felt Ryan blowing on his exposed asshole before kissing it.

“Now that’s a work of art,” Ryan said. “But you know there’s just something not right about our last composition.” Getting up from the bed he picked up the knife firmly in his hands and walked to Emile who hadn’t seen it. Wrapping one arm around Emile’s waist and holding him tightly from behind, he began sucking on his ear and whispered: “I think we need a little red.” He kissed him and in one smooth, quick move slit his throat. Covering Emile’s mouth to stifle any noise he might make Ryan lowered his limp body silently to the floor. The guy was no good to anyone so Ryan eliminated him. The one on the bed might be an altogether different matter. He wasn’t as bright or experienced as Marcel which meant Ryan might be able to use him. If he played the situation right he could use Marcel to divert the police from his trail. Time for a little game playing. Face down on the bed Marcel could hear what was going on but not see anything.

“Okay, Emile, I’m done with you,” Ryan said. “I think I’ll spend some time with your partner here. Which means you can get the hell out! And don’t forget your clothes!”

Ryan smiled to himself as he rummaged around making noise for a few minutes before opening and shutting the front door.

“Emile! Are you there? Emile!” Marcel said.

Ryan walked over to Marcel and got on top of him straddling him. He gently kissed his back and nibbled on his ear. Then whispered in it. “Your friend has left you here alone. Why don’t you come with me to England? Be my boy and keep me happy. I’ll take good care of you.”

“Oh yeah,” Marcel said trying hard to keep from shaking.

“Don’t be scared,” Ryan said. “I won’t hurt you.” He turned on his side and traced the curve of Marcel’s back with one finger. After wiping paint off it, he put his finger in his mouth to get it wet. Once that was done he gently inserted it inside Marcels hot and tight asshole.

Marcel groaned.

“You like that,” Ryan said. “Can I keep going?”

“Yes I like it and yes, please keep going.”

Ryan continued, adding a second finger. “May I give you some advice, Marcel?”

“Yes,” he said groaning.

“Be careful who you trust. Even the so called good guys can do bad things. They used you to spy on me. Knowing the kind of man that I am and that I wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.” He felt Marcel’s body tense and tighten under him. “No, don’t do that, baby. I told you I won’t hurt you. Relax and everything between us will be fine. After tonight I’ll be in England far from here. I do wish I could take you with me. But the aforementioned good guys would probably keep looking for you. They wouldn’t allow you a nice life.” He climbed on top of Marcel with his entire body stretched out. He held him tightly and blew in his ear. Marcel was enjoying all this despite everything. If he had the time, Ryan could teach him a thing or two about life. But he didn’t. He bit Marcel’s ear softly as his cock slowly entered his ass.

Marcel groaned. He was mystified by the gentleness being shown to him and also unsure of it all.

“My beef isn’t with you, Marcel. Like I said you’re just being used by others. When this is all over be smart and run away from it. All of it. Don’t let yourself be talked into being used again.”

He was in a nice slow rhythm now. His hand had grabbed Marcel’s cock and he was stroking him to match his rhythm. It felt good and he knew he was indulging himself. It was five minutes til’ midnight. Ryan picked up pace and started going faster and faster. He also stroked Marcel faster and faster. In a somewhat rare move he allowed himself to groan out load when he got close to cumming. Finally he thrust with all his strength and right at midnight he erupted inside Marcel. At the same time he could feel the cum shooting out of Marcel’s cock. He collapsed on top of him then turned his head so with some struggling, he could kiss Marcel.

“Don’t be mad at me, Marcel. Look out for yourself and remember what I told you. Who knows, maybe one day if your ever in England—no, let’s say a year from now we meet and cum again at midnight. I’ll be in touch.”

He got off Marcel and went to the bathroom to clean up.

The next day the police found Marcel and untied him. He was completely unprepared for the sight in front of him.


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